Oct 4, 2010

Astrological Trends for October 4-10

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Mercury leaves Virgo and enters the air sign of Libra on Monday, October 4th. After experiencing a lengthy stretch of practical, earthy Virgo energy affecting your thoughts, you may find the air element of Libra a bit intoxicating, like sipping bubbly champagne that makes a fast track to your brain. Mercury is in a difficult square aspect to Pluto, the planet of power and control, in strict Capricorn. The urge to break away from rules and tradition can be strong. Your thinking may not be logical or reasonable, but you may act impulsively for the sheer delight of witnessing an effect. The Moon in late degrees of dramatic and creative Leo exchanges favorable energy with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in dreamy Pisces, which is an additional instigating force that creates an urge to see some kind of spectacle. You may be wondering what will happen if you chase that wild hare. The Moon opposing far-out Neptune in Aquarius indicates any decisions, plans, or actions you take today are like trying to shoot at a target blindfolded. However, the high luck factor generated by the Moon/Jupiter/Uranus energy might cause you to hit the bull’s eye anyway. Libra rules the realm of relationship. Mercury in Libra is making you more aware of the influence of the Sun and Saturn, also in Libra, in your life. For some, these planets are now bringing relationship front and center for serious consideration. Today’s devil-may-care attitude may prompt you to stir up an established relationship or take a romantic risk. Later today, the Moon enters Virgo and makes a favorable trine to Pluto. Whatever you decide to do – or not do – you will feel emotionally secure in your decision after you have made it.

All the energy on Tuesday, October 5th, supports precise and focused examination of your emotions, especially in regard to relationship. The Moon in methodical Virgo will have you sorting through and picking apart every aspect of a relationship. This does not apply to just romantic relationship, but the Moon sextile to Venus and Mars, the planets of sexual chemistry, in Scorpio indicate your primary concern is an intimate relationship. The Sun, which represents self identification and Saturn, which represents commitment are in mild but favorable aspects with Mars/Venus in Scorpio and the Moon in Virgo. Facing relationship issues may be the most significant work of your day. Mercury in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn indicates you have a desire to transform a situation. The Moon contra-parallel Uranus creates the emotional desire for a radical change or the awareness that your feelings may be completely different than what you thought they were.

The Moon is still in the late degrees of Virgo on the morning of Wednesday, October 6th. Your emotions are supported by the inspiration of Neptune, but agitated by the retrograde Jupiter/Uranus. The lunar opposition to those two planets of growth and change does not last all day, but its effect on your feelings can be strong enough to cause hesitation and second thoughts. Come evening, the Moon enters Libra and joins Mercury and Saturn while it takes a jab from Pluto. This energy may bring weight and seriousness to your thoughts and possibly some trepidation. It is time to make an important relationship move, but the idea of doing so can be frightening. You may become open to seeking love, move toward a deepening of bonds, or choose to sever ties. All relationships and your personal balance of who you are and what you do with your time and energy are being crystallized and condensed to a single point emotionally as the New Moon energy sets you up for a new cycle of experience.

Thursday, October 7th, ushers in the New Moon in Libra. The masculine Sun and feminine Moon join in the sign of relationships and are just close enough in orb to be considered conjunct Mercury and Saturn, too. Wow, how is that for a big dose of Libra? I advise you to check your natal chart to see where you have Libra. No matter what house, or area, of life these planets are activating for you, the main theme of relating and finding an equal balance of your own energy shared with that of a person or a way of life is key. On the level of society as a whole consciousness, I feel there will be an initiation of new laws or ways of thinking that uphold equality and personal integrity. The Libra Sun and Moon in a positive semi-sextile aspect to Venus and Mars in Scorpio may indicate that gay marriage or any other issues that have to do with gender or sexuality will figure prominently in the courts and in the news.

Venus in Scorpio enters a retrograde period on Friday, October 8th, which lasts until the middle of November. Venus and Mars, which have both been together since September in the intense water sign of Scorpio, are now parting ways. As Venus retrogrades, Mars progresses ahead. If you have been obsessing about attaining a love relationship or have been involved in an obsessive or intense relationship, you may find the passion or the angst cooling slightly. A few weeks from now, after Mars enters adventurous, jovial Sagittarius, you may look back at all your personal drama and wonder what you might have been thinking. Indeed, the combined energies of Venus and Mars in Scorpio may have felt like a possession of passion in whatever area of life these planets activated within your natal chart. So, now the decisions have been made and a new program put in place. The Moon in the late degrees of Libra this morning is completely supportive of Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius and Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. You are off to a fantastic new beginning. The image of Columbus embarking upon his voyage to America enters my mind. A big dream, a healthy dose of faith, and the urge to disappear into a wild blue yonder and discover something new are in place for you. The Moon enters passionate Scorpio and activates Pluto in Capricorn this evening. This energy makes me think of just-poured plaster of Paris hardening. Did you make your handprint in it when you were a child? It generates a heat as it hardens. Your feelings will generate a heat within you now – a burning urge to establish new foundations for relationships in your life. The Sun parallel Chiron brings a high vibration of love and well being to your day.

Emotionally intense energy continues on Saturday, October 9th, when the Moon in Scorpio joins Venus and Mars. Those planets of emotion, affection, and physical action make a semi-sextile to Saturn/Mercury/Sun in Libra. The Libra planets of commitment, the mind, and self identification in harmony with the Scorpio planets can make for some wonderful romance. You can also apply their energy to creating a masterpiece of some kind. Artists, musicians, performers, and writers can achieve great heights of creativity and excellence now. All this week, the minor semi-sextile flow of supportive energy between Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius and Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces has been like soft background music that affects society as a whole. The combined energy of these planets has been helping you and everyone else look at the bright side of the future. You may have already aligned yourself with a group that is doing something to make the world a better place or perhaps you have made more conscious choices in your spending and daily habits. Keep thinking good thoughts and doing good things, no matter how minor they may seem. All the combined good thoughts of everyone can change our collective future.

On Sunday, October 10th, the Moon remains in Scorpio but moves away from Venus and Mars. It’s not easy to stay in an emotionally passionate state of intimacy or creativity for an extended period of time. The Moon in square aspect to Neptune and trine to Jupiter/Uranus indicates the afterglow has faded and you need some space between you and the recipient of your desire so that longing and yearning can build again. Late this afternoon, when the Moon slips into the adventurous fire sign of Sagittarius and the challenge of the square energy disappears, you and your partner may join your energy again in an activity you can share in the great outdoors or with others. Taking part in team or competitive sports or attending an event or a movie can be enjoyable. Tonight, the Moon semi-sextile to Pluto in Capricorn can make you feel deeply grateful, which is a wonderful feeling to take to bed with you on the cusp of a new week.

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