Oct 18, 2010

Astrological Trends for October 18-24

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Feeling your dreams are impossible or your hurdles are too big to jump over is possible on Monday, October 18th, due to a square aspect between Mars, the planet of action, in Scorpio and Neptune, the planet of faith and inspiration, in Aquarius. I have noted that Mars in Scorpio often chooses the path of most resistance as a test of personal strength. Neptune in the mental air sign of Aquarius reaches for some lofty ideals. Your reaction or expression of this challenging energy pattern this week may swing from dramatic despair to blustery belligerence. An examination of your natal chart to determine which houses Mars and Neptune are transiting can give you a better idea of how this affects you personally. It will affect everyone strongly throughout the week. Globally, it may trigger unusual events that require us to suspend fear or disbelief. With Neptune favorably aspected by the sun conjunct Mercury in Libra and Mars, Mercury and the sun all supporting Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces, you will be able to weigh the pros and cons and compute the odds of any situation. The planets are giving you the support to overcome opposition and doubt. The moon in Pisces exchanges beneficial energy with Saturn in Libra today. This aspect can help you to keep your emotions from flying in all directions and to take anything you hear with a grain of salt until you can verify information for yourself.

Your emotions intensify on Tuesday, October 19th. The moon in the super sensitive water sign of Pisces joins Jupiter, the planet of growth, and Uranus, the planet of change. Elementally, this trio makes me think of a Moray eel – fire, electricity, and water. Have you ever seen how fast they can move? The interplay of energy between moon/Jupiter/Uranus and the Mercury/sun pair in Libra may be just the energy you need to move from a point of waiting and watching to swift and sudden decision. Action will follow the decision quickly since Mars supports the trio, as well. Although the moon is still a few days away from being completely full, its conjunction to two heavy planets, which are both being activated by other planets, is potent enough to make this a day of pivotal thinking and action. I suspect you may surprise yourself or find yourself being surprised by outspoken people doing unpredictable things. If you feel that you have jumped off the plane without a parachute, consider that the immediate shock of having made a jump is the source of the unease – not the question of a parachute.

A new cycle begins on Wednesday, October 20th, as the moon enters Aries around lunchtime after schmoozing with Jupiter and Uranus. Now that those two big boys have gotten you all worked up over something, they are pushing you to get on with it, pronto. The moon, your emotions, in Aries and Pluto, your power planet, are locked in a struggle with each other. Now that you have initiated something, you may feel a bit frightened. You might be thinking, “Help! What do I do now?” This challenging aspect can actually help you to harness the intensity of your emotions and direct them toward taking constructive steps. The only way to deal with this kind of discomfort is to move through it, work with it, and overcome it. The combined effect of all the planetary energy patterns now may have brought you to an awareness of your addictions and excesses. You may see just how much control they have over you and how you have allowed them to be bigger than you. It can take courage and resolve to look at an addiction directly and reclaim your power. The main theme today is emotional commitment to a decision and following up with affirmative action.

The perfect dance of the planets never ceases to amaze me! On Thursday, October 21st, the moon in “I Am” Aries opposes Saturn in “Should I or shouldn’t I?” Libra while it gets an assist from Venus in Scorpio. Venus smiles at Saturn with a semi-sextile. What does this say? “When in doubt, choose the most loving option for yourself.” The sun and Mercury are still energizing each other, but today Mercury has entered the intense, determined sign of Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio is being powered up by a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. You can choose to love yourself and tap into hidden reserves of willpower, too. The combination of Mercury in Scorpio and the building full moon energy can help you to examine or discuss volatile or painful emotions. The final step before embarking on a new cycle may be the release of old rationalizations or justifications you use as an excuse for self-destructive or self-defeating behavior.

The moon moves into the late degrees of Aries on Friday, October 22nd. It will be at 29 degrees of Aries when it reaches fullness this evening – the very end of the sign, which represents beginnings. I have a feeling that the retrograde Venus in Scorpio, the Libra sun poised on the brink of Scorpio, and Mars in Scorpio quincunx the moon will activate dormant passion and any repressed emotions. Mars is also trine to Jupiter and Uranus, encouraging action. The sun, which opposes the moon, is also quincunx Uranus. The emotional pressure may build until it feels unbearable and then the sun and Mercury sextile to Pluto will step in and yell, “Enough!” directing the energy to Uranus for sudden release. A “now or never” feeling presides over all. Please be careful when traveling. The risk of accidents is higher now due to the sun/moon opposition. The moon is also exchanging energy with nebulous Neptune. With Mars, the planet of physical energy, in psychic Scorpio, aspecting Uranus and Neptune, your body is like a tuning fork vibrating to the tune of these planets. It would be much better to share your heightened emotions, psychic and physical sensitivity with a lover or in quiet solitude at home than be overly stimulated by too much sensory input on the road or in a public setting. The possibility of being misunderstood or getting your signals crossed with strangers is high tonight.

Integration is the theme for Saturday, October 23rd. You may wake up with a lunar hangover, which isn’t too unlike a drinking hangover. Speaking of alcohol, I recommend you avoid it this week due to the Mars/Neptune square, which can amplify the negative effects of drinking. Neptune rules alcohol and Mars rules the physical body. The square is literally saying that alcohol is not good for the body now. Aries rules the head. With the lunar energy building in the fire sign of Aries most of this week and emotions “coming to a head,” you would be wise to avoid any headache triggers. The moon is now in the stable, fixed earth sign of Taurus, encouraging you to ground yourself in the new solar energy of the sun in Scorpio. This morning, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio oppose the moon. You may want to get your day off to a slow, relaxed start, taking time to think, feel, and mull over any actions you have taken as a result of the full moon. The moon in Taurus and Saturn in Libra are in harmony later this evening. Both Taurus and Libra share the planet of affection, Venus, as their ruler. Saturn can make you feel need and tonight you need affection and physical comfort. You feel calm and secure and you may want to spend time with your partner while the sun, Mercury, and Venus, all in sexy Scorpio, are being intensified by Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury parallel Neptune brings thoughts and words of romance. Venus contra-parallel the moon and parallel Mars increases the emotional and physical desire for intimacy and the moon contra-parallel both Mars and Pluto makes sex intense. Make the most of this potent and passionate energy.

Taurus tranquility reigns through most of the day on Sunday, October 24th. A Taurus moon is always wonderful for taking care of physical needs and material things. This evening, a difficult T-square aspect pattern takes place involving Neptune in Aquarius, moon in Taurus, and Mars in Scorpio. These are all fixed signs – and fixed means stubborn! The squares and opposition of the T-square will bring out the worst faces of the planets. If you live alone, stay that way this evening. The worst you might experience is annoyance over a television program that offends you or aggravation over a material object. If you live with others, you will want to watch for moods, drama, resistance, and that phenomenon of not being listened to, especially after you say, “Are you listening?” Fighting over stupid things, like the TV remote or who said what, can cast a shadow on a lovely weekend and send everyone off to bed feeling out of sorts. If you happen to be a Taurus, Scorpio, or Aquarius or live with one, it may be best if you all agree to do your own thing and stay out of each others’ way. Thankfully, the moon is making a pleasant sextile to Uranus, which encourages independence and freedom, so you have a good excuse for creating some space. Just make sure people know where you are headed and don’t slam the door behind you on your way out. This energy will be short-lived, but possibly loud like a thunderstorm. Tomorrow, all will be forgotten.

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