Oct 25, 2010

Astrological Trends for October 25-31

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It truly feels like a fresh start on Monday, October 25th. Now that the energy of a full moon is subsiding and your emotions have stabilized as the moon transited through the earth sign of Taurus this past weekend, you are ready to take on a new week. The sun is now in the perceptive water sign of Scorpio. You may suddenly notice how quickly darkness arrives in the evening and how bare the trees are beginning to look. The Scorpio sun activates an energy of paring down to the core. It is a good time to examine what is necessary or essential in your life on the mundane and the spiritual level. Pay particular attention to things or people that feel draining and find ways to change your relationship with them or let them go. The moon is in the lively and curious air sign of Gemini today where it exchanges beneficial energy with the Scorpio sun and Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto and the sun are also in harmony. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio, so this wonderful aspect pattern amps up the best qualities of Scorpio and allows you to use them wisely and creatively when you communicate with other people and put your deepest feelings into words. If writing or speaking play a key role in your chosen work, make the most of this highly creative configuration. As the day progresses, the moon also touches off Venus and Mercury, both tightly conjunct in Scorpio. There couldn’t be a better time for you to talk about love, seek a partner, or share your thoughts and dreams with someone you love. If you have shopping, errands, or phone calls to attend to, this is an excellent day to do it. You know what you want, you can easily make your desires known, and you will get what you ask for now.

A Gemini moon continues to highlight ideas, travel, and communication on Tuesday, October 26th. The sun, Mercury, and Venus are all conjunct now in Scorpio. The retrograde Venus feels central to the energy of the day because it makes you feel more affectionate and kind. Its conjunction to Mercury may also incline you to pay attention to how you relate to others. In matters of romance, old relationship patterns or mistakes can be recognized and healed now. If you are single and thinking of love, this trio of planets may be the energy you need to get back in the game. Venus is also parallel Mars and Pluto and the sun is parallel to Neptune. A strong sexual and romantic energy like this can be difficult to ignore. Last week’s Mars/Neptune square, which could have thwarted desires, is losing its strength and influence today, allowing the full effect of Uranus trine Mars to be felt. Mars and Uranus in favorable aspect to each other are also considered a sexual aspect. Together, they can spark an instant attraction or the decision to take action and risks. Sexual energy is powerful manifesting energy – it does make babies, you know – so it is possible to channel the energy of today into your other projects or activities and expect wonderful results.

Plans or projects set in motion the past two days generate more activity on Wednesday, October 27th. Mars in the last degree of Scorpio sparks a late-degree Gemini moon and Uranus in Pisces. You may feel an urgency, as though you must absolutely get something done now. The moon encourages your dreams by supporting Neptune, but makes a challenging square to retrograde Jupiter and Uranus. On the one hand, action, change, and a new direction are good things, but on the other hand, throwing all your caution to the wind or having unreasonable expectations can have disappointing repercussions. The urgent feeling will pass, so slow down a bit and take your time. The sextile between Pluto in Capricorn and the sun/Mercury/Venus all in Scorpio is mostly to blame for the feelings of life or death, all or nothing, you may be experiencing – it can make your perceptions of things swing from the exquisitely sweet to the darkly dismal. When the moon moves into the sensitive, protective water sign of Cancer later today, it trines the sun and Venus in Scorpio, but opposes Pluto in Capricorn. You enjoy sharing your feelings and time with others, but at the same time, you may be protective of your emotions and core beliefs and could get defensive if you feel you are being pushed or controlled in any way.

The moon in emotional Cancer forms a supportive trine to Mercury in Scorpio on Thursday, October 28th, while it simultaneously activates Saturn in Libra with a difficult square. Combined, these energies suggest you examine or talk about uncomfortable or painful emotions. The person on the listening end will be open and supportive. Your heart and mind will both be lighter after you let your feelings flow. Mars has moved from introspective Scorpio to expansive Sagittarius. You may notice the shift from water to fire and the accompanying call to get ready for more physical activity in the week to come. Now is a good time to rest a bit and integrate this new energy. The late afternoon and evening are subdued, but a Venus/Pluto parallel adds passionate overtones. A Cancer moon is always a good time for comfort foods, hot baths, candles, and cuddling. Stay home this evening, indulge and pamper yourself. Turn off the phone and watch a feel-good movie.

Did you go with the flow and indulge last night? If so, you will be well rested and ready for the action on Friday, October 29th. If you and your partner have the time this morning, the planets may incline you to rekindle last night’s flame of passion. The moon in nurturing Cancer is enhanced by both Neptune, the planet of romance, and Jupiter, the planet of more fun. Perhaps a shared shower to start your day? Venus, moon, and Pluto are all adding passion and pleasure through parallels and contra-parallels with each other. Artistic, creative juices will be flowing readily today. Have you put together a Halloween costume? Do you have a house to decorate for a Halloween party or Trick-or-Treaters this weekend? Today is an excellent day to decorate if you wish to create a special spooky atmosphere. This evening, the moon enters the ardent fire sign of Leo and ignites Mars, the planet of action, in the enthusiastic fire sign of Sagittarius and Pluto, the planet of potency, in determined Capricorn. This is like a bonfire of planetary power. It encourages physical activity, competition, and endurance – and dare I say it again – sex. Use this power in any area of your life to help you get what you want.

On Saturday, October 30th, Mars in Sagittarius encourages you to play with others, as does the moon in Leo, but square aspects from the moon to the sun in Scorpio this morning and moon to Mercury in Scorpio this evening can mean you won’t always play well with others. There is an ornery, defiant, perverse, immature energy tied up in these aspects. I see an image of a child at the playground telling all the other children how to play and feeling upset when the other kids go off and do their own thing without him. This doesn’t mean you will be like that kid when you are with your friends and loved ones today – I know you are more grown-up than that! But now that you understand the speed bumps in today’s energy, you can choose to be less controlling or more considerate of others should you find yourself getting carried away by your own enthusiasm. A green-eyed monster called jealousy could be at your Halloween party if your beloved is attracting too much attention as a sexy Superman or Cleopatra. The sun contra-parallel moon and parallel Neptune, moon contra-parallel Neptune, Venus parallel Pluto, and Mercury parallel Venus this evening keep the flirtation factor strong. The costumes and role playing of a Halloween party are the perfect romantic props that can assist you in staging a seduction.

“Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys popped into my head when I looked at the moon in Leo quincunx Jupiter in Pisces on Sunday, October 31st. If you partied a bit too much last night, this aspect may actually work a bit like a hangover cure – it brings a good mood and a sense of well being. This is also a wonderful gratitude aspect, making this a good time to be thankful for the blessings in your life. As the day unfolds, the moon activates Jupiter and Uranus, the planets of growth and change. A Leo moon is full of fire and courage, so the added support of Jupiter and Uranus may have you excited over some big things. You want to go full steam ahead and envision a successful outcome, but the moon is also opposing Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius. There is an unknown factor, a distrust or possibly the big question “how?” is present. Maybe you are ready to do something you have tried many times before with mixed results and you wonder if you really can succeed. The energy flowing between the moon and Uranus and Neptune activates the mutual reception of these two strong outer planets. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is in Pisces and Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is in Aquarius. It’s kind of like two kings deciding to swap crowns. Currently, they are also involved with each other through a mild but supportive semi-sextile. Moon in Leo is usually decisive and direct, but while it stimulates both Neptune and Uranus, an emotional swinging back and forth may occur. To move ahead could mean you may succeed but possibly fail, but to not move ahead means you will most certainly not succeed but you will know what you’ve got. This Japanese proverb may help you, “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” If you need more encouragement, listen to the Smash Mouth song, “All Star.”

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