Oct 11, 2010

Astrological Trends for October 11-17

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Your week gets off to a good start on Monday, October 11th, with the Moon in the cheerful fire sign of Sagittarius. The Moon is in harmony with Saturn, Mercury, and the Sun in Libra, the sign which rules relationships. Weak but positive aspects are in effect between the stellium of Libra planets and the planets Venus and Mars in the perceptive water sign of Scorpio. All of this indicates that Sagittarius energy will be on its best behavior. Saturn in Libra takes politeness seriously. While it exchanges energy with the Moon, there can be none of the practical jokes, bawdy or off-color humor that a Sagittarius Moon transit can trigger. Instead, you will find people agreeable, considerate, upbeat, and eager to apply reason and fairness in any situation. Today is a good day for you to make a decision or follow through on activating plans you have already made. If you are in need of cooperation or support from others, you should easily receive it.

This is not a week of significant change astrologically, but you may feel some subtle shifts in energy on Tuesday, October 12th. Venus and Mars in Scorpio are moving away from each other as Mars travels on and Venus continues to retrograde. Passions may be less extreme and consuming as they may have been for you these last few weeks. Also, Saturn is slow-poking through Libra, but Mercury and the Sun in Libra are now leaving old Saturn behind as they move away from the conjunction pattern of last week. The joining of the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn along with the New Moon last week may have brought you to a point of deciding on a new beginning in some area of life. Now that the Moon and Saturn have done their job of bringing you to that point, Mercury and the Sun are in tandem and favorably supporting Mars in Scorpio, allowing you the mental power and physical drive to follow through on your plans. Today, the Moon is in the late degrees of eager Sagittarius, but a challenging square from the Moon to Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces indicates you may bite off more than you can chew in your urge to pursue the dream or unrealistic vision a sextile from the Moon to Neptune may activate. The Moon moves into conservative Capricorn late tonight where it joins powerful Pluto. It continues to challenge Jupiter and Uranus, the planets of growth and change. This aspect can bring a feeling of being blocked or thwarted. Your dreams may be emotionally intense if you are experiencing this feeling.

Purposeful work and powerful production may be your objective on Wednesday, October 13th. The morning begins under the emotional strength of the Moon in capable Capricorn conjunct intense Pluto. As the day progresses, the Moon sets off a clash of energy with Saturn in Libra. This is plain old pain-in-the-butt energy that will force you to do tasks you might not want to do or deal with people you would rather avoid. Because this clash involves ordinal, boss-like signs, you may deal with conflicting opinions or a case of too many cooks in the kitchen spoiling the soup. Fortunately, a sextile from the Moon to Venus in Mars later tonight indicates some pleasure or romance can round off the day and make up for any inconveniences. In the soft glow of Venus, the end results of your day look better than the process that got you there.

Honesty is the best policy on Thursday, October 14th, when the Moon in stern Capricorn exchanges difficult energy with the Sun and Mercury in Libra. The air sign of Libra can see the two sides of any situation and can sometimes use subterfuge or little white lies as a means to an end. This particular aspect today increases the likelihood that you and others may seek ways to bend rules, prevaricate, rationalize, or go vigilante. At the same time, the Moon is being held in check by a sextile to Mars in Scorpio. Scorpio can see through almost anything. If you happen to be tempted to use the Dark Side, the Force will expose you. If you suspect someone of acting from their Dark Side, just call on the Force to put things right. This evening, the Moon exchanges positive energy with Jupiter/Uranus and Neptune. A workout, a swim, a long walk on a beach can help you physically unwind from a day where you may have felt like a Jedi warrior under pressure.

TGIF for sure on Friday, October 15th! The Moon lingers in the late degrees of Capricorn early this morning, but enters freedom-loving Aquarius by lunchtime. As it does so, it forms a pleasant semi-sextile with Pluto. The end of the workday can’t come soon enough for you and, if you are able to start your weekend early, you just might close up shop after a morning of concentrated effort, thanks to some support from Venus semi-sextile Saturn and Mars semi-sextile the Sun and Mercury. These aspect patterns are not for launching new projects, but they can help you stick to the work at hand, prioritize, and get things done in a timely fashion with a good outcome. This afternoon, the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Libra is jazzed up by a quincunx to Jupiter and Uranus. You will want to find a few good friends or a partner and head outdoors for some adventure. Today is an excellent day to take a trip or to make reservations for upcoming holiday travel.

The freedom urge continues on Saturday, October 16th. The Moon in independent Aquarius squares retrograde Venus in intimate Scorpio. When it comes to your relationship, you may be feeling like too much of a good thing has become too much this morning. A little time and space while this very short aspect plays out should put you back in the mood for companionship by this afternoon. With the Sun and Mercury in Libra, it is difficult not to think of relationship. Today, the Sun and Mercury share some expansive and uplifting energy with Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces and Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius. These larger outer planets are in signs which have to do with humanity and society as a whole. You and a partner may direct your shared energy toward serving others through volunteer work or learning about other cultures or philosophies together through travel, education, or joining in group activity. If you are single and still looking for a partner, you may find that one of your criteria for your perfect match is that the person has a global awareness and the desire to be of service in some way.

A brief Mars/Moon clash in the morning, which can make for a bit of flaring temper, is the only thorn on the extraordinarily beautiful rose of a day on Sunday, October 17th. Enjoy a day of beauty, harmony, romance, friendship, inspiration, imagination, enthusiasm, and joy – and maybe some more wonderful adjectives that I haven’t listed! The Moon is in dreamy, idealistic Pisces where it joins Neptune and Chiron and exchanges supportive energy with the Sun and Mercury in Libra. That energy alone is enough to put stars in your lover’s eyes and make any loving encounter almost mystically magical and memorable. Now let’s add a Mars/Jupiter trine and the Sun quincunx Jupiter and Mercury quincunx Uranus and you have an afternoon and evening made for declarations of love, dreams of a future together, marriage proposals, or wedding vows. You don’t have to be in love with someone, though, to ride the wave of love today. Dream big dreams, create your vision board, or merge your soul with some beautiful music, art, or nature.

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