May 3, 2010

Rest in Peace, Lynn Redgrave

Crossposted from Reflections Journal.

Tomorrow night they will dim the lights on Broadway to honor the passing of Lynn Redgrave.

I find myself deeply saddened and somewhat startled at my own sadness. I did not know Lynn Redgrave well, but I spent a good bit of time with her when I handled publicity on her book "This is Living." She was a lovely, gracious, and unpretentious woman. It was that genuine, down-to-earth quality that so distinguished her work as an actress.

I was only a child when I first saw "Georgy Girl" on television. The warmth, vulnerability, and accessibility Redgrave brought to the character of Georgy made the film an instant classic. But that was Lynn Redgrave; sincere, open, and unabashedly honest. She brought that incredible presence and integrity to every project she undertook.

Shortly after wrapping the media tour for her book, I had the opportunity to see her perform in Henrik Ibsen's "The Master Builder" at Tony Randall's National Actor's Theater. It was a thrill to see her perform live and it was an honor to have known her.

You left us too soon, Lynn Redgrave, and you will be missed.

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