May 24, 2010

Drunvalo: Birth of a New Humanity

Crossposted from Reflections Journal.

I'm feeling pulled to this video conference. I've been having intimations for weeks now that there is some information I need from Drunvalo. Then I was reminded that this event is happening this Wednesday. So I've registered for it. It's very reasonable at just under a tenner.

Now that we understand the immense changes we are about to undergo in the 2012 period which the Maya call THE END OF TIMES, I shall present some information that is known only to few,” says Drunvalo Melchizedek to his Hungarian fans. “We know from the last broadcast that the Maya, the Hopi, the Kogi and the Arjuaco all say that they are descendants of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Although 200 years ago Plato spoke about this continent, the world does not know what to think of it, since no material evidence of its existence has been found.

During the next broadcast we shall enter the ancient continent of Atlantis, because this is where our story starts. All our problems today originate from here. A long time, over 13 thousand years ago the grids of human consciousness started to collapse and humanity began to lose its higher consciousness. This is what the Bible calls “the Fall”. Something had to be done otherwise humanity would have sunk to the level of animals. As the axis of the Earth shifted and Atlantis sank into the ocean, the Maya, the Kogi and the Arjuaco set off in their ships to find new lands.

For more information on Drunvalo and why I keep coming back to his work see here. If you're interested in registering for this event, the form is here. If you include my referrer number (#53537), you can help me become a VIP. (Oooooh!) It's one of those I told 4 friends and they told 4 friends and they told 4 friends things. Just look at the form. It's all there. Anyhoo, I'm recommending this one sight unseen because I just love this guy. My work with him has been absolutely life changing.

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