May 30, 2010

Astrological Trends for May 28-June 3

Here is your energy lookout for the week ahead. Like checking the weather to know how to dress, it makes good sense to check the planetary energy patterns to know how to plan your days. This forecast looks at the current transits of the planets in relation to society as a whole. Your own natal, or birth, chart is also impacted by the current transits, and your own experiences this week will also be affected by your own unique chart pattern. I am available for general readings by phone or text chat at LivePsyche or you can make arrangements for in-depth chart readings here.

Anything seems possible on Friday, May 28th, while the Moon is in enthusiastic Sagittarius. Now that the full Moon energy is waning, you can turn your attention away from endings and look toward new beginnings. Mars in creative Leo and Saturn in perfectionist Virgo are in harmony today and you can use this to tweak something you've been working on and introduce it to others. Added harmony between Mercury in practical Taurus and Venus in nurturing Cancer encourage feelings of well being and you feel supported right now in all that you do. Strong currents between the Sun and Pluto intensify today's good vibrations and you should feel content and satisfied with your accomplishments today and still have energy left over to have an adventure later this evening.

Saturday, May 29th, has some distinctly awkward energy.The Moon has moved into serious and reserved Capricorn and joins Pluto, indicating the chance for some dark feeling or intense emotions to surface. The Moon/Pluto conjunction is being challenged by Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus.Perhaps someone is expecting something from you that you are not ready or able to give? Perhaps you are the one expecting something from another and they are not able to meet expectations. Either way, there is the possibility for an emotional shakeup. Fortunately, Venus and Mercury indicate that words will be tempered with kindness and Mars and Saturn should keep any negotiations brief and to the point. The Capricorn Moon may help to keep things restrained and cool. You can release those pent up emotions through physical labor or exercise.

The Capricorn Moon is now aspecting Mercury in Taurus, making today a much better day for you to express your emotions in a manner that is acceptable, but the Moon also opposes Venus, indicating you may not get the results you desire. Mars in dramatic Leo is activated by both Neptune and Jupiter. In the case of Neptune, it forms a "war clash" - advancing your cause may lead to a battle of wills. Although Mars and Jupiter are happy with each other, and this aspect normally promotes enthusiasm and harmony, I believe there is a possibility for it to just add energy to drama or clashes, creating a lust for battle. Mercury is parallel Mars, increasing the desire to be vocal, which may feed an argument or give you the guts to speak your mind. If you are looking for love, please avoid doing so today. The first time two lovers meet, becomes a chart unto itself that can set a pattern for the rest of the relationship. A first time date or first time love session on Sunday, May 30, may initiate a relationship this will be haunted by emotional dissatisfaction and frequent arguments. Rather than creating sparks in the boardroom or the bedroom, why not shoot off some real fireworks or have a campfire? You can get away with it now - it's Memorial Day Weekend!

Whew, a truce is called on Monday, May 31st. You won the battle or someone surrendered and allowed you to be right. The Moon is in harmony with Leo Mars and Saturn in Virgo, saying, "I'm King - or Queen - and this is how it's going to be!" If your conflicts were internal, rather than with another person or organization, then today you will feel that you are back in control again. Today has a greater degree of accepting and tolerant energy. Use the energy of Mars and Jupiter in harmony with each other to play and explore. Any sport that increases your speed and takes you somewhere, like horse back riding, bike riding, or water skiing is more thrilling and enjoyable today.

On Tuesday, June 1st, the Moon is in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, whose ruling planet is Uranus. Uranus is a planet of change, science, technology and invention. The belligerent Mars/Neptune aspect is still in effect and Neptune is also being energized by saturn. Neptune is associated with the ocean and oil. Mars is exchanging positive energy with Jupiter, growth, and Uranus, change. Uranus has moved into the initiative, take charge sign of Aries this week and I have the feeling that all the planets are positioned to force an original and effective solution to the oil spill situation. It's as if the planets are saying, "Enough is enough! Now do something about it!". The focus of today's energy will be directed more toward our planet than toward our own personal lives. You can add your positive thoughts for change today on the Internet or send them directly to the planetary grid through prayer or meditation.

The Aquarius Moon favorably aspects Venus in Cancer on Wednesday, June 2nd, and a strong gathering of parallels between Moon, Neptune, Mercury and Mars may indicate that a solution has been found for the oil spill crisis. In your own personal life, you may find solutions to problems of your own. Tonight is a good time to connect with friends or your romantic partner for some comfortable relaxation. Venus and the Moon will increase your desire for affection and pleasure and other people will be charming and on best behavior.

A Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron sets the tone for Thursday, June 3rd. This configuration is engaged with Saturn and Mars. You may be feeling keenly driven to feel more secure in some area of your life today. On the mundane level, the solution may be as simple as reviewing and increasing insurance policies, or asking your mate or children to check in with you when they are away from home. On the spiritual or psychological level, you may be seeking answers to questions, possibly from your past - or you may be looking for ways to clear past emotions or beliefs that you suspect might be standing in the way of your happiness and success. This spiritual and emotional Moon cycle favors insight and healing and speaking with an intuitive adviser can facilitate that healing.

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