May 13, 2010

Astrological Trends for May 14-20, 2010

Here is your energy lookout for the week ahead. Like checking the weather to know how to dress, it makes good sense to check the planetary energy patterns to know how to plan your days. This forecast looks at the current transits of the planets in relation to society as a whole. Your own natal, or birth, chart is also impacted by the current transits, and your own experiences this week will also be affected by your own unique chart pattern. I am available for general readings by phone or text chat at LivePsyche or you can make arrangements for in-depth chart readings here.

On Friday, May 14th, the Moon leaves Taurus and enters social and communicative Gemini. An array of aspects is triggered as the Moon exchanges energy in a helpful way with Mercury, Chiron, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto. Your tempo will increase as the day goes on and it seems as though everyone you know is calling, texting, or wanting to visit. The Sun is aspecting both Venus and Jupiter, also known as the Lesser and Greater Benefics because they bring goodies, so why not put work aside and be social. If you must work, find a way to make a work activity, like a meeting, an enjoyable social event. It’s a nice time for sharing a sweet treat, like ice cream or watermelon, with friends and talking about your summer plans.

The Moon is still in chatty, social Gemini on Saturday, May 15th; however, the aspects to the Moon that made yesterday’s energy feel like popcorn have diminished. The predominant energy you will feel today may be one of frustration as you turn your attention away from your personal life and become more attuned to the effects of the current aspects to the planet Saturn. Saturn represents duty, responsibility, authority, and restriction. Two slower moving planets, Uranus and Jupiter, are opposing Saturn. Uranus calls for change and Jupiter for growth, but Saturn is pulling back on the reins. When more personal planets like the Moon, Venus, Mercury, or Mars are “popping,” you are too busy taking care of the activities they trigger to notice the effect of the bigger, transpersonal outer planets. Saturn is also positively aspected right now by Chiron and Neptune, supporting stable foundations, nurturing, and healing. This combination of energy makes me think of the Charles Dickens line, “It was the best of times and the worst of times.” You may be feeling hopeful about the potential for your future, yet repressed and thwarted in your manifesting abilities or uncertain about the world situation as it relates to you. Creating a vision map and applying faith and an optimistic attitude now can help you move through blocked energy and draw your ideal future toward you faster. The best you can do for this world is to live a life that is true to your purpose and that makes you happy.

Can you give without a thought to receiving today? Are you willing to make sacrifices and put other people’s needs before your own today? Sunday, May 16th, has some interesting energy patterns. A kindhearted Moon/Venus conjunction engages Neptune and Chiron, and the Sun favorably aspects Saturn, telling me you may be asked to share some of your time, money, or other resources for the benefit of others. That same Moon/Venus has a challenging energy exchange with Jupiter/Uranus and Saturn. The Sun is in a square, or difficult, aspect to Neptune and you may feel backed into the corner or imposed upon. You may perceive you are the one doing all the giving without receiving anything in return. The lesson to be learned today is that when you give unconditionally and operate from your Higher Self rather than your lower self, your heart is its own reward.

May 17th is definitely not a day for first dates, weddings, or important relationship discussions – unless you’ve been waiting for the right time to break up. While Venus, the planet of affection, is in a touchy T-square with Saturn (restriction) and Jupiter/Uranus (growth and change), and the Sun is square to Neptune, the planet of romance, it’s better to lose yourself in People magazine and focus on the trials and tribulations of Brangelina than look too closely at your own beloved. You may also be feeling vague or insecure about love now due to an overly emotional Cancer Moon. In fact, you might want to stock up on the tabloids or romance novels – this configuration will have an effect until the 21st. Take the time to examine your own side of the relationship and discover what behaviors or reactions to your partner you may have that affect your relationship. If a relationship is not in your life, but you would like it to be, consider how you might better love yourself.

On Tuesday, May 18th, the energy pattern mentioned for Monday is still in effect. However, Venus, Moon, and the Sun are all playing happily with each other and some of the bigger planets, causing an increase in your outward activity and less time for depressive introspection or obsessive thoughts about love, or the lack of love. You can accomplish many things today and may feel like you are in the flow as you glide through the day. A Venus/Neptune trine tells you not to give up on love and romance – it is still there in your life, even if it is sometimes overshadowed. The Moon trine to Jupiter today will give you a good shot of faith and optimism.

How can Wednesday, May 19th, feel so much like Monday? Is this deja vu? The not so good news is that today is almost an astrological carbon copy of Monday – see Monday, above, or pull the blanket over your head! The better news is that the Moon is now in the fire sign of Leo, and we all know how lions behave when they’ve had too much aggravation. So instead of moping and crying, your response to the indignities or uncertainties of life will be dramatic, loud, and much more likely to get noticed. The passivity of Monday is gone and you have better certainty of what you will or will not tolerate. Next, you will be able to act on your certainty. Anyone left still standing after you roar is a keeper.

If you have been thinking of asking for a raise or someone owes you money, Thursday, May 20th, is an excellent time to follow through and cash in. The Moon in Leo conjuncts Mars, giving you a boost of emotional courage and an extra bit of bravado. Sing your own praises to the interviewer, boss, or client while the Moon is also supported by generous Jupiter. Venus is in harmony with Neptune and Chiron, adding more opportunity for a better cash flow. Moon parallel Mercury helps you express your needs clearly and be acknowledged. Mercury is also supported by Pluto, enhancing the salesmanship skills you must have to sell your service or product. Set your money intention goal this morning in writing as soon as you wake up. Better yet, write a list of what you plan to do or receive, but write it as if it is already accomplished, and so it is!

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