May 17, 2010

Karen Bishop Says Goodbye... Again

Crossposted from Reflections Journal.

I can tell by my stats that people are freaking out about Karen Bishop. Yes, my stats. Hit after hit on Karen Bishop oriented posts; especially this one. Because, once again, Bishop has pulled the plug. I was less surprised this time. Her previous post was rather ominous. But also, I'm right there with her. Something (???) has ended abruptly. I've been describing it as "hitting the wall." For example, I've been wanting to write about her farewell post for two days but I've been too tired. And by tired I don't mean I need some sleep. I mean I'm completely, totally, exhausted on every level, and sleep doesn't help. I mean that I don't have an erg of mental, emotional, or creative energy.

I've also had the sense that a lot of things are ending. I keep feeling like I'm moving but we have no plans to move right now. And that feeling of having the rug pulled out from under -- of having nothing solid to stand on -- is palpable right now. Bishop nailed if for me in her April 30 post.

The old world as we know it is coming down more rapidly now. We may find that it is more difficult than ever to interact and become involved with much of anything. Nothing may feel “right” or good, we may wonder where it is that we are meant to be, and in addition, may feel that we are lost in a space of no space, as touching the remnants of the old reality are like forced habits of survival that we must endure for a while longer.

As if we have been ousted into thin air, floating around in outer space with no anchor, and holding our own personal center within ourselves alone, we wait as the old world continues with its dismantling and demise of energies and creations that can never begin to fit in a new world reality.

The alignments of the new, the preparation of the earth for the new, and the shake-ups that will continue to unfold for many months to come, have created an instability around us that is forcing us to scramble for something to hold onto…something that we may hope and pray will feel remotely good and loving.

I got the sense in looking at her last three posts that she is just fed up with the constant delays and redirects that keep us in the "old world," so she's chosen to really retreat. But I may be reading into this. Maybe because I'm completely fed up with a world that has, as I said recently, NEVER made any sense to me. We live in a world where Murphy's and Sturgeon's laws predominate. And according to Bishop, we've chosen the slower and more difficult path to letting it go.

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