Jul 22, 2011

The Look On Her Face

Crossposted from Reflections Journal.

Think of a woman who spent the previous evening contemplating the works of William Blake, Gustave Moreau, and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, who awakens the next morning to read a news item about how James Franco sold a piece of "non-visible" art for $10,000. This woman learned that the work conceptualized by Franco instructs the observer to imagine "Fresh Air" and was sold by the Museum of Non-Visible Art (MONA) which specializes in purely conceptual art -- pieces of paper that tell people to imagine various things. Now imagine the look on the woman's face.

This original work is offered free for contemplation on this blog. But for $10,000 I will print this out on a piece of paper and send it to you so that you can appreciate it in your home. Makes a wonderful conversation piece!

I'm currently working on my next non-visible piece called "Very Bored Rich People" but it's not quite ready. 


  1. huh??? I was sitting here waiting and waiting for the image to appear. ha! I think I will go stare at a wall now, if I can find one free of other art. ;)

  2. @katiecoollady Too funny. My husband did the same thing. He kept staring at the blank space waiting for the picture to resolve.


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