Jul 1, 2011

Kissing the Sun

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With today's partial solar eclipse, we will complete another of what Lauren Gorgo calls sandwich cycles; two solar eclipses on either side of a lunar eclipse. And I agree with Gorgo that the lunar eclipse was a doozy.

How are you faring?

We did come up for a quick breath of air after integrating that noxious lunar eclipse, but only for a hot second before the solstice energy waves started to pull us under again.

This lunar eclipse was a doozy for many…in some cases it successfully cracked open core blocks and forced us to take a solid look at our foundations before we begin to build upon them. If your foundation was slightly damaged, most likely you spent the last 7 days repairing it. If the damage was severe or irreparable, you may have been suddenly forced to begin again…to dig up the existing foundation and lay an entirely new one. If you are one who is experiencing the latter, no worries...this is not a race. Everything is always exactly as it should be.

For all of us, the lunar eclipse provided a massive opportunity to release some deeeeeeep feelings of lack/unworthiness…we were given the chance to coddle those remaining loveless parts which, unfortunately meant revisiting some dark places in our past so that we could illuminate and reclaim those aspects of ourselves that we unknowingly left behind.

No argument. It's been intense and I've been awash in memory, nostalgia, and icky, toxic goo.  It has definitely been a time to face hard truths about ourselves and undertake the difficult work of loving them back into wholeness. And, at the same time, there's been a feeling of tremendous movement, shifting, and expansion. I've had the feeling for weeks that thing are about to kick into high gear and that many of the changes will be unexpected and surprising. It would seem Karen Bishop concurs. I got this in my email last night.

The energies have really kicked in of late and are creating massive amounts of movement within. Symptoms? You may feel like crying for no apparent reason, have a racing heart, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, and feel short-tempered. You may feel like you are losing it, feel acutely overwhelmed, or even as though no one is remotely making any sense.

Hectic, hectic, hectic, and busy, busy, busy are results of this fast moving energy which pushes most of everything in its path along at a very steady and rapid pace. We absolutely cannot keep up with the rapid creations now, and hence, may continually feel overloaded. Add to this the pushing of the energies themselves, and head pressure, neck stiffness, and overall PRESSURE all around are common results.

People we encounter may cut us off abruptly with a need to move away (not a very high level response with connection and unity the desired reality! --- creating even more confusion and sad hearts!), or continue to ramble on about their personal situations with a near hysteria at the core, if even so subtly (can't blame them...this energy is intense!)

Guilty as charged! I know I have been both weepy and bitchy -- not an attractive combination.

So, here's some information on the "stealth eclipse" of today, which will complete, at least, that cycle of strangeness.

If you miss the partial eclipse of the sun on Friday (July 1), don't feel bad; everyone else on the planet will likely miss it, too. But a touch of skywatching trivia makes it a rare event.

Friday's solar eclipse will occur over an extremely remote part of the world — an uninhabited region in the southern Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Antarctica. You could even call it a "stealth" eclipse since it will probably only be seen by a few penguins and leopard seals.

. . .

On June 1, a more impressive partial solar eclipse occurred over Earth's northern polar region, stunning skywatchers across Europe and Asia. Then, on June 15, a total lunar eclipse (the first of two in 2011) occurred, with the moon turning a blood-red hue for skywatchers across the Eastern Hemisphere.

And now we have a third eclipse, and the second partial eclipse of the sun. This trio of eclipses is possible because of the mechanics of the moon's phases, according to SPACE.com's skywatching columnist Joe Rao. [Infographic: How Moon Phases Work]

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