Jul 10, 2011

Astrological Trends for July 11-17

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An invigorating start to the week is promised on Monday, July 11th, as the moon in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius forms a favorable trine to electrifying Uranus in the cardinal fire sign of impulsive Aries. However, the moon is also square to Neptune conjunct Chiron in the mutable water sign of Pisces, which indicates that it may rain on your parade today. The weather could be wet, hot, and humid, which could affect work or recreation plans and make people feel uncomfortable physically, no matter how much they want to get a move on. Mercury in the fixed fire sign of dramatic, creative Leo is sextile to both Saturn in Libra and Mars in Gemini, stimulating creativity, physical activity, and competition, and enhancing mental precision and physical performance. Venus in the cardinal water sign of Cancer forms a challenging square to Saturn in Libra, possibly producing some indecision around romantic feelings or clingy, needy behavior in yourself or a partner. Venus is stabilized and supported, however, by Jupiter in the fixed earth sign of Taurus. On the negative side, some people may be attached to the material aspects of love, but most of us are simply appreciating the sensual side of romance now. Jupiter in Taurus also forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, which is a powerful force for increasing income or building wealth. The sextile between Jupiter in Taurus and Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces can also bring financial gains or create easy access to assistance or opportunities for beneficial growth. A semi-sextile between Jupiter in Taurus and Uranus in Aries hints that some money or an opportunity for growth may come as a surprise or as a unique situation. Pluto in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn is still making a square to Uranus in Aries, continuing to make friction between old and new, as it has done for several weeks now. The effect of this square aspect will be felt more on the level of society and political issues, especially between conservatives versus liberals. In your personal life, you may want to avoid locking horns with people over their personal convictions. Pluto in Capricorn sextile Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces is helping you adapt to changes or challenges and to stand strong in your faith or positive mindset. At midday, the enthusiastic Sagittarius moon adds on a quincunx to Jupiter in Taurus and a semi-sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Another quincunx forms in the early evening between the Sagittarius moon and Venus in Cancer. The afternoon can be highly productive on the material level, bringing personal satisfaction over a job well done or a service being performed or delivered properly. Later this evening, the sextile between Mercury in Leo and Saturn in Libra fades and the sextile between Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Taurus fades, as well. Now, a sextile between the Sagittarius moon and Saturn in Libra is active. Relationships will feel more friendly and equal and less needy, clinging, or dramatic. This expansive, social moon encourages the friendship aspect of all relationships.

On Tuesday, July 12th, the moon in the mutable fire sign of jovial Sagittarius forms a mentally-creative trine to Mercury in the fixed fire sign of playful Leo. The Sagittarius moon opposes Mars in Gemini, indicating your spirits may be running a bit too high for some people, who could view your sunny, creative ideas or lighthearted humor as frivolous or immature. You will have ideas or jokes come as quickly as you need them thanks to the sextile between Mercury in creative Leo and Mars in quick-witted Gemini. At lunchtime, a quincunx forms between the devil-may-care Sagittarius moon and the sun in worry-wart Cancer. Guilt over the fun you have been instigating today may catch up with you now and you could decide to pay attention to what needs to be done this afternoon. The moon/Mars opposition is gone by mid-afternoon, which makes you feel less guilty for not taking life as seriously as you may think others think you should. Do you see the tendency to be thinking too much about what others think? Enjoy the rest of the day. Let the upbeat moon guide you in pursuits of happiness, but be considerate of other people's feelings and practice the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Some people who are addicted to their negativity and feel threatened by too much happiness could be rattled by your cheery disposition now because the soon-to-be full moon is beginning to exert pressure on emotions.

The ripening moon leaves the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius and moves into the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn on the morning of Wednesday, July 13th, where it joins Pluto, intensifying your emotions and shifting your energy from happy-go-lucky to focused and serious. This activates the trine between moon/Pluto and Jupiter in Taurus, as well as the sextile from moon/Pluto to Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces and moon/Pluto square Uranus in Aries. These aspects are locked in tightly all through the day, making it a day of intense single focus on one particular area of your life. Take stock of your feelings now and look closely at what you have created in your life. Your thoughts and emotions have created what you see and experience. Look at your current situation as if it were a play. The approaching full moon is about to drop the curtain on a present scene. What script and props will you use for your next act? Your imagination is your most powerful tool for healing and transformation.

You may take a serious look at your relationships on Thursday, July 14th, as the moon in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn opposes Venus in the cardinal water sign of Cancer. Venus in Cancer forms a square to Saturn in the cardinal air sign of Libra, completing a T-square that highlights relationships. Your needs and desires versus those of another may require examination and it could be a true emotional stretch to find a satisfactory compromise. Like Goldilocks, you could see one side as being too soft and the other as being too hard, but while the T-square is in effect, there is no "just right" to make you comfortable. At midday, the square between the moon and Saturn dissolves and the T-square begins to fade. Now the moon in Capricorn forms a quincunx to Mars in Gemini. With Mars in Gemini sextile to Mercury in Leo, it is possible that you will make a bold announcement following the conviction of your emotions that built up yesterday. Emotions that normally would be controlled under the influence of a cool, Saturn-ruled Capricorn moon may boil over and have to be expressed in order to be cleared. In the early afternoon, the moon in Capricorn forms an additional quincunx to Mercury in Leo. If you practice any sport that requires mental and physical control, such as martial arts, you can burn off some of the planetary energy by moving through the paces of a rigorous workout. If you are a couch potato, watch an action-packed thriller to get a similar effect. This evening, the moon in Capricorn moves into an opposition with the sun and the full moon tension builds. Sleep may be difficult now. If you are restless, build future plans in your mind while a Capricorn moon supports structured growth.

The full moon in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn arrives early in the morning on Friday, July 15th. At midday, the Capricorn moon forms a semi-sextile to Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces, indicating there is a flow of healing energy and a peaceful calm following the full moon. Simply rest and be present in your body and spirit now. Some of you may need a good long nap this afternoon. At dinnertime, the moon enters the fixed air sign of Aquarius and you are ready to emerge and connect with friends socially or maybe catch up on the world news online. For the last two days, your attention has been focused inward and now it shifts outward. Later this evening, the moon in Aquarius forms a supportive sextile to Uranus in Aries and also a mild semi-sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. These aspects at bedtime serve to remind you that you came to some conclusions or formulated plans at the peak of the full moon and now you are ready to get things started bright and early tomorrow.

A social and intellectually-stimulating day is in store for you on Saturday, July 16th. The moon in the fixed air sign of friendly Aquarius forms a favorable trine to Saturn in the cardinal air sign of relationship-minded Libra. "How may I help you?" is what this aspect seems to ask. People will be eager to connect and just as eager to please, making it an excellent time to network for your business or just catch up on your friendships. The moon square to Jupiter in Taurus makes materialism matter less than principles, so if you are in sales, emphasize perceived benefit over actual product to entice customers. In the early afternoon, the moon forms a quincunx to Venus in Cancer, indicating people may be feeling a bit cozier and sentimental now. Spend the afternoon doing something adventurous with your partner or attend a group event. Both of you will like showing the crowd that you have each other. If you are single, you may meet a kindred soul at an event or activity where people gather. Later this evening, the moon in Aquarius forms a trine to Mars in the mutable air sign of Gemini and ideas and words pop like popcorn. Play Trivial Pursuit with friends or have a long gab fest with a friend who thinks like you do. Writers who can discipline themselves well can use this aspect to do their best work.

A so-so, partly moody morning arrives on Sunday, July 17th, as the moon in the fixed air sign of reasoning Aquarius forms a quincunx to the sun in the cardinal water sign of emotional Cancer. A quincunx is rarely all-good or all-bad, but in general, water and air do not blend well, which makes this aspect problematic. You may experience conflict between what you feel and what you think or what you want and what you know is right or logical. To compound confusion or uncertain feelings, the moon opposes Mercury in Leo until the early afternoon. Like the song says, "You can't always get what you want…" and, unfortunately, you may have to try very hard to get anything done at all. Why not do what the big cats do when it is just too hot to expend any energy and be indulgently lazy? No one will fault you for it on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of summer. The quincunx fades this evening and the mood shifts as Mars in Gemini makes a semi-sextile to Venus in Cancer. You just might get a small second wind to see you through a pleasurable activity this evening. The moon in the late degrees of futuristic Aquarius joins Neptune and Chiron in inspirational Pisces, indicating the late evening hours are a perfect time to rest, dream, and think of the week ahead in a positive, hopeful way.

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