Jul 25, 2011

Astrological Trends for July 25-31

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It may seem as though you just cannot make something happen, no matter how hard you try, the morning of Monday, July 25th, due to a challenging T-square. The moon in the fixed earth sign of stubborn Taurus squares Mercury, planet of communication, in arrogant Leo, and also squares Neptune, planet of ideals, conjunct healing Chiron in Pisces, while Mercury in Leo opposes Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. You may have to stand up for what you believe in now or fight to get what you want or feel you deserve. Persistence is the key to overcoming this temporary challenge. There are other planetary aspects that can support you today. The creative Leo sun gets an inventive boost of genius through a favorable trine between the sun and Uranus in Aries, indicating unusual solutions to problems can be found or there are such things as exceptions to rules. The sun also forms a quincunx to Neptune/Chiron in the mutable water sign of Pisces and still receives some beneficial support from nearby Venus in the late degrees of Cancer. Venus in Cancer conjunct the sun in Leo forms a supportive sextile to the moon in Taurus and a semi-sextile to Mars in the mutable air sign of Gemini. Use courtesy and kindness in your negotiations and appeal to people by presenting the common bond between you. Jupiter in Taurus is still involved in a favorable trine to Pluto in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, helping you to manifest material things when you need them. Pluto gets some supportive energy from a sextile to Neptune/Chiron in Pisces, but the difficult square between Pluto and Uranus in the cardinal fire sign of Aries is still in effect. Yes, there can be changes or breakthroughs that are ultimately healing or for the highest good, but they won't necessarily come easily. Many people have been reporting that material things in their lives are breaking. This is a good example of the Pluto/Uranus square releasing the old (Capricorn) and making way for the new (Aries), whether we like it or not! At midday, the moon enters the mutable air sign of Gemini, enhancing communication and lifting the general tone of the day to a more playful vibration. The T-square begins to fade early this afternoon as the moon/Mercury square dissolves. Your problems may be solved now or negotiations come to a satisfactory conclusion. The Leo sun now forms a quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn, locking a decision into place and activating an action or procedure. At dinnertime, the moon in Gemini also forms a quincunx to Pluto, enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and firm expression of emotions.

A much more agreeable day begins on Tuesday, July 26th, as the moon in the mutable air sign of Gemini trines Saturn in the cardinal air sign of Libra until early evening. This beneficial aspect encourages pleasant and polite conversation and a meeting of the minds. People are more willing to compromise and they are also feeling kinder, thanks to a semi-sextile between the moon and jovial Jupiter in mild-mannered Taurus. Another "make nice" aspect is affectionate Venus in nurturing Cancer conjunct the outgoing sun in friendly Leo quincunx Neptune/Chiron in peace-loving Pisces. Perhaps the stresses of yesterday's aspects, which could have put people on edge and made them sensitive, are still fresh in the memory and everyone is feeling apologetic and forgiving now. Make the most of this happy energy and get all your communication and transportation chores done now. The longstanding trine between Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn fades today. I hope it brought a blessing to be grateful for whatever area of life it affected in your natal chart while it was in place.

"Action" is the word of the day on Wednesday, July 27th, as the moon in the mutable air sign of Gemini joins Mars in Gemini. You may be in transit most of the day or on the phone, communicating to make plans and connections. The Leo sun is energized to its fullest creative and dramatic expression now as it forms a trine to Uranus in Aries, a quincunx to Neptune/Chiron in Pisces, and a quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. Creativity mixes with drive and imagination to bring something material into being. At lunchtime, the moon/Mars conjunction is activated further by a sextile to Mercury in Leo. This is an excellent salesperson, speaker, teacher, or politician aspect. You can motivate others to join you in your project, sell an idea or product, or teach a skill easily now. Today's positive aspects also enhance athletic performance and stimulate the love of competition. Early this evening, the moon conjunct Mars in Gemini exchanges a favorable trine with Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces. Time spent with a partner, friends, or family is mentally and emotionally satisfying now.

Too many energy shifts to integrate on Thursday, July 28th, can put you into emotional overdrive. Your emotions could become overstimulated as the moon in the cardinal water sign of Cancer opposes Pluto in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. The worst thing you can do now is judge yourself or another person for the expression or repression of emotions. A Pluto aspect can have the harsh feeling of immovable, eternal forever, but the moon moves quickly, so how you feel this morning may be serious now but forgotten later. Indeed, the moon/Pluto opposition is gone by lunchtime and things will feel less intense, but feelings still matter a great deal, as the moon in Cancer sextile Jupiter in the fixed earth sign of Taurus shows. It is best to get those feelings out or you may indulge in emotional eating or spending. Energy shifts noticeably as Venus leaves Cancer and enters the fixed fire sign of Leo, and Mercury leaves the sign of Leo to enter the mutable earth sign of Virgo. You may get one of those "I have the feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" moments. Funhouse, crooked-floor confusion is possible as you struggle to take in the new energy on top of an already-sensitive Cancer moon. People prone to crying may cry for what they think is no reason, but it is really just energy getting cleaned out so new energy can come in. Later this afternoon, the Cancer moon makes an ornery square to Saturn in the cardinal air sign of Libra. A critical attitude and defensive, hurt feelings are the most likely manifestations of this square, which will set the tone for the remainder of the day and into the evening.

The moon continues to move through the cardinal water sign of Cancer on Friday, July 29th. Except for two weak semi-sextiles that develop during the day between the moon and Mars in Gemini and the moon and Mercury in Virgo, which stimulate mental and physical activity, no other major aspects to the moon occur today. It is best to keep treading water now and not launch new endeavors just yet. A square develops between the sun in Leo and Jupiter in Taurus, which remains in effect until August 8th. This square can make obtaining money or other resources difficult. Venus in Leo, loosely conjunct the sun, forms a quincunx to Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces. This quincunx can stimulate creativity, but it can also give rise to unrealistic dreams or reckless behavior that could be harmful, such as overindulging in alcohol or beginning a romance for the fun of it while leading the other person to think they are the love of your life. Later this evening, the moon draws to the end of its Cancer transit and joins energy with Venus in Leo, increasing the desire to play, have fun, or seek romance. Be careful playing with hearts - they break easily.

A dynamic new moon arrives on Saturday, July 30th, as the moon in Leo joins Venus and the sun in the creative, dramatic, ardent fixed fire sign of Leo. Your month began with a new moon in Cancer and now it ends with a new moon. If you feel like you have lived life at double speed this past month, the doubling of new beginnings brought about by the lunar cycle may have something to do with this. The power-packed Leo trio forms a trine to Uranus in Aries, a quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn, and a quincunx to Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces. The planets are supporting the creation of dreams now. Mars in Gemini favorably supports Neptune in Pisces with a flowing trine, indicating that it is not just a good time to dream - it is also a good time to act. Early this evening, the moon and the sun in Leo form a supportive sextile to Saturn in Libra. "Plays well with others" is what this aspect says. This is a perfect time to have a new moon gathering, where the sharing of dreams and intentions with positive-minded friends can help you bring your dreams into reality faster.

On Sunday, July 31st, the day begins with the moon in the creative and playful fixed fire sign of Leo. No major aspects between the moon and other planets occur until the evening, indicating you should maintain things as they are and not begin anything new just yet. Mercury in the mutable earth sign of Virgo sextile to Mars in mutable Gemini can enhance critical thinking, helping you make the right decision that gives you the best potential for forward motion as you look at ways to implement the creative plans formed during the new moon. Venus in Leo trine Uranus in the cardinal fire sign of pioneering Aries indicates that the road less traveled or any unproven path is the most desirable now. The excitement of new beginnings is practically an aphrodisiac now. I recommend that couples take the energy of their relationship and direct it outward into the world - explore, play, and create new projects or friends together. The Venus/Uranus aspect is like an itch that needs to be scratched and I'm sure you would rather be the one having fun with your partner than someone new. If your partnership has a strong King/Queen energy where you and your mate honor each other, then this aspect can enhance your union. If you are already on rocky ground, this aspect can change the relationship - for better or worse - depending on choices and actions. If you are looking for love, you may find a potential partner with charisma and a sense of fun, but only chart comparisons and the passage of time will be able to tell you if it is a lasting love. Later this evening, the Leo moon forms a supportive sextile to Mars in Gemini. Rather than winding down and relaxing tonight, you may want to stay up late playing or partying with others. This has been a week of shifting energy followed by a new moon of optimistic fresh starts. Before you launch into a new cycle and a new work week where you must apply your energy to tasks, have some summer fun tonight and celebrate life.

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