Jun 20, 2011

Astrological Trends for June 20-26

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A day of mental and emotional ups and downs is possible on Monday, June 20th. On a high note, the moon in the later degrees of the fixed air sign of intellectual Aquarius joins Neptune in the mutable water sign of Pisces this morning, where it makes a happy trine to the sun in the mutable air sign of Gemini. Imagination and inventive genius combine to bring tangible results. On a low note, the moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces squares Mars in the fixed earth sign of stubborn Taurus. This square aspect is emotionally challenging because it deepens jealousies, attachments, and the tendency to believe in the negative rather than the positive. Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation, in the cardinal water sign of Cancer is trine the moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces, enhancing intuition and encouraging romantic or nostalgic thoughts. This happy, watery aspect can make a trip to the beach pleasurable. Being near water or looking at soothing pictures of water can actually help you keep your emotions under control today. Mercury may make people peevish or manipulative today because it is challenged by an opposition to potent Pluto in reserved Capricorn as well as a square to stern Saturn in the relationship-minded cardinal air sign of Libra. In general, people have a vested interest in having things go their way and may use guilt or withdrawal of attention in order to protect their own interests. Pluto in Capricorn is still being annoyed by a square from Uranus in Aries - the young, wet-behind-the-ears upstart prodding the old patriarch, energetically. News in the world will continue to be shocking and the established order will continue to heave and break apart. But Pluto, the planet of transformation, is also making a sextile to Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces, indicating there is healing potential and increased spirituality amidst the present upheavals, both in your personal life and in society. You are still under the grace and protection of Jupiter in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces, so stay positive and thankful for what you already have and you will continue to receive more. Around dinnertime, the moon leaves detached Aquarius and enters the sensitive mutable water sign of Pisces, where it joins Neptune and Chiron and deepens the emotional effect of the square between the Pisces planets and Mars, the warrior planet, in stubborn Taurus. Feeling put-upon, attacked, or being belligerent can lead to tears, but if you examine the root fear that lurks behind negative emotions, you may have a cathartic emotional release. Keep your focus on the kindness of the sun in Gemini trine Neptune in Pisces. It is like a sea breeze that helps you sail quickly through the choppy waters of today's difficult mental or emotional challenges. Be kind to others and be kind to yourself.

The emotional waters are calmer than yesterday on the morning of Tuesday, June 21st, because the moon in the mutable water sign of psychic Pisces is making a supportive trine to Mercury in the cardinal water sign of Cancer. With both the moon (emotions) and Mercury (mind) in the same element, equilibrium is restored between how you feel and what you think. There still may be some confusion, however, due to a square between Mercury in Cancer and Saturn in Libra. Do not assume other people will behave as you expect them to, or feel as you do, with this aspect in place. If you do have any expectations of another person and want to avoid disappointment, spell it out. Wishing or assuming they will match the mental image you may hold of them is a recipe for unwarranted complaint. The moon in Pisces quincunx Saturn in Libra basically says the same thing the square between Mercury and Saturn is saying, but the quincunx can swing toward happiness and fulfillment if you share your feelings and let others know what would make you happy. Mars is still challenging Neptune in Pisces with a square, but some of the weight built into this square lifts as Mars shifts today from the fixed earth sign of Taurus to the mutable air sign of Gemini. Your challenge now will swing from having to curtail anger or stubbornness to needing a tether for your imagination. Mars in Taurus didn't take no for an answer and could beat a dead horse, but Mars in Gemini will find it difficult to sit still and work at one task - even the task of choosing what to focus on. You may find that your attention span is shorter than usual or people just aren't patient with each other. The aspects of the morning hold steady through the workday. Early in the evening, some new energy comes into play as the moon in Pisces forms a square to Venus in Gemini. You may have stars in your eyes for someone scintillating and witty, but they could be too busy flitting about to notice. In all relationships, this aspect makes one person crave depth and closeness while the other person wants to keep things light and friendly. An extremely fortunate and potent aspect forms tonight that has a long range of effect. From now until July 27th, Jupiter in the fixed earth sign of material-minded Taurus forms a trine to powerful Pluto in success-oriented Capricorn. Favorable Jupiter/Pluto aspects always increase money. They can also increase greed and a desire for power, but I tend to think the two earth signs involved will keep things grounded, well-structured, and in integrity. If you have been planning a business or considering any kind of financial move that would become a birth moment with a natal chart, then this is a very favorable aspect to have in that chart. Perhaps we will all see an upswing in our income and in the economy in the month ahead. You may feel a surge of power now, or in the immediate days ahead, as you integrate this new expansive, powerful, material aspect. "Make hay while the sun shines," - and while Jupiter trines Pluto! The sun moves from the mutable air sign of Gemini to the cardinal water sign of Cancer. Summer has arrived. The sun has a train of semi-sextiles linked to it, adding a quiet planetary harmony and sense of continuity. Sun in Cancer semi-sextile Mars in Gemini semi-sextile Jupiter in Taurus semi-sextile Uranus in Aries semi-sextile Chiron in Pisces. Just a skip and a jump from one planet to the next! Symbolically, it reminds me of a bride walking down the aisle with a string of attendants behind her carrying the train of her gown. Perhaps the next week will have an extra emphasis on whatever house, or area of life, Cancer occupies in your own natal chart as the sun receives extra support from the locomotive effect of the interconnected planets.

The day begins quietly on Wednesday, June 22nd, with the moon in the mutable water sign of dreamy Pisces. Rest and reflect today while the moon makes no major aspects to any planet and winds down its transit through the deepest of the water signs. Allow the new energies to settle and attend to tasks that are nurturing, healing, or inspiring. If you can take the day off and spend time near water to welcome in the summer and the new solar cycle, do so. The square between Mercury in Cancer and Saturn in Libra fades now. Worry and indecision fade with it to be replaced by the robust trine between Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for a productive and lucrative time period where optimism, perseverance, and discipline can bring big growth and wealth.

The lull of yesterday is nothing but a fond memory on the morning of Thursday, June 23rd. You may find yourself up and out the door very early, eager to begin your day, as the moon in the cardinal fire sign of pioneering Aries joins Uranus, the planet of genius and change. Together, the moon and Uranus in Aries form two challenging squares: the first to the sun in Cancer, and the second to Pluto in Capricorn. This in-your-face energy is itching to topple some people off their high horses or confront evasive or apathetic people into taking affirmative action. This aspect pattern can make almost anyone a rabid activist today! The moon and Uranus in Aries also form a supportive sextile with Mars in the communicative air sign of Gemini. You may actually enjoy a challenge if it stimulates your mind or gives you the opportunity to speak about a cause, concern, passion, or innovation. Later tonight, the moon conjunct Uranus in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra. A quick lover's spat may ignite sexual attraction and lead to a nice episode of kiss and make up with your partner. If you are single and looking, you may come on too abruptly or too strong and repel, rather than attract, a potential partner. You can burn off stress and steam through physical sports this evening, but competitive sports may turn from friendly to fierce unless you strive to keep it light.

Watch your attitude on the morning of Friday, June 24th. A problematic square between the moon in arrogant Aries and Mercury in touchy Cancer can make people easily take offense. Think of your mother saying, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all," if you are tempted to mouth off. Thankfully, a semi-sextile between Venus in friendly Gemini and Mercury in Cancer, and a sextile between Venus and Jupiter in kind Taurus can keep things from turning nasty and even help you smooth any ruffled feathers. The square finally fades this evening and pleasure seeking, triggered by a strongly-aspected Jupiter in Taurus, seems like a natural way to wind down the day. With the moon in "me-first" Aries supporting Venus in playful Gemini, I recommend you choose activities or people who are entertaining or mentally stimulating. Jupiter in Taurus would love a special meal this evening and the Aries moon would appreciate the attention received by being served in a restaurant. The ambiance of fine dining is the perfect backdrop for tonight's planetary energy.

The expression, "Forewarned is forearmed," applies on Saturday, June 25th. The day begins with a martial Aries moon getting in its last licks of fire energy before it enters the fixed earth sign of Taurus early this evening. A cardinal T-square pattern settles into place this morning and will be felt until the 29th of June. The planets involved in this T-square are Uranus in Aries square the sun in Cancer and square to Pluto in Capricorn, with the Cancer sun opposing Pluto. You may feel this T-square more profoundly today because it is a new energy for you to integrate and it is ushered in under a hot-headed Aries moon. The T-square will be activating strong responses to change. Gnashing of teeth, hand wringing, and predictions of doom and gloom may dominate the scene wherever something new is introduced to replace the old. Please limit your exposure to mass media while this drama-laden T-square is in place. As any parent will tell you, the best way to handle a tantruming child is to walk away. People may be inclined to usurp power or do negative things to get attention. The best way to handle this T-square is to avoid drama and do nothing to deliberately make someone feel powerless. If you have to be the bearer of bad news or enforcer of rules, do it with firmness and compassion. At midday, Neptune in Pisces is trine the sun in Cancer, sextile the moon in Aries, sextile Jupiter in Taurus, sextile Pluto in Capricorn, conjunct Chiron. All this energy pointing to Neptune makes it your safety net and escape hatch. Indulge in whatever brings you peace and calm - music, art, meditation, massage, reading inspirational quotes. When you consciously choose to be at peace, no amount of nasty T-square energy can ruin your day. In the early evening, your emotions become more grounded and optimistic as the moon enters the stable, sensual earth sign of Taurus, where it joins jovial Jupiter. It feels good to be in a body under this influence, which stimulates all your senses and expands your appreciation of good things. Sounds, aromas, flavors, sights, and textures are all more beautiful and delicious. The moon and Jupiter in Taurus are also sextile to the sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, enhancing romance, sex, and creativity. This is powerfully fertile energy, so if you are trying to conceive, make love tonight. Cancer rules the mother and the womb. Pisces rules angels and beings in the realm of spirit. Jupiter is the god principle, and when it is joined by the moon in Taurus, emotional desire can make things manifest on the earthly plane. A ceremony or ritual before making love, or focused toward whatever you would like to conceive and bring into being, will help you harness and direct this benevolent aspect pattern. On the material, mundane level, tonight can simply be a night of indulgence and pleasure. With conscious intent, and by inviting spiritual forces in, you can make it an evening of powerful creation and manifestation.

A promise, commitment, or decision is possible on Sunday, June 26th. The moon in the fixed, stable earth sign of Taurus is still sharing the vibrations of optimistic Jupiter in Taurus while they both form a quincunx to stabilizing Saturn in the cardinal air sign of relationship-minded Libra. This aspect makes me think of the marriage vows, "For better or for worse." Whether you are deciding on a person, an action, or a material object, you are emotionally ready for the growth and prepared for whatever your decision may bring in the future. Later this evening, the quincunx fades, and the Taurus moon appears to be unaspected. Behind the scenes, in the declinations, the moon is actually contra-parallel to Pluto. Five other planets are exchanging energy with Pluto, the planet of transformation, so I think it would be safe to say that although things appear calm on the surface, you may be sitting quietly, integrating the powerful emotions that came as a result of the transforming decision you may have made. Jupiter is contra-parallel Neptune, which tells me that whether your decision was romantic or financial, it was wise and will have long-lasting beneficial effects in your life. To sum up a week full of busy aspects and shifting energy, I leave you with this - intense, but it's all good.

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