Apr 11, 2011

Astrological Trends for April 11-17

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You may feel at loose ends emotionally, and even uncomfortable in your own skin, the morning of Monday, April 11th. The moon in the cardinal water sign of Cancer makes a challenging square to the sun conjunct Jupiter and Mercury retrograde in the cardinal fire sign of Aries. Your emotions could be resisting what your mind and body know you have to do. Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries is still creating tension and possible conflict between the new and the old through a square to Pluto in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. This problematic energy arrived last week, but finally dissipates this Saturday, so hang in there! If something needs to be reformed, by all means, charge head-on, but avoid stirring up trouble just because you feel like it. Also, remember that other people may be affected by this tension and you will be more tolerant when faced with difficult people. The square between the Cancer moon and the Aries trio of planets fades later this afternoon and the day becomes calmer. Your emotions may still be sensitive due to the Cancer influence, but you feel more self-contained now, with less resistance to taking care of what needs to be done. Love and romance may be in the air as Venus forms a parallel to Chiron and Jupiter forms a contra-parallel to Chiron. The chance to meet a lifelong partner or true soul mate is enhanced by this energy. Existing relationships can weather the stressful aspects and the Mercury retrograde with the patience and forgiveness this energy imparts. Later this evening, the moon in Cancer forms both a quincunx to Neptune/Chiron in Pisces and a scintillating trine to Uranus in Aries. Falling in love at first sight or some exciting, spontaneous romantic encounter is possible. The moon contra-parallel Pluto intensifies the feeling, nurturing Cancer energy and also helps you validate your own emotions. Trust your intuition and follow through on hunches.

What a difference a day makes! A dynamic and positive aspect pattern makes Tuesday, April 12th, feel like the complete opposite of yesterday morning. The moon is now in the fixed fire sign of Leo, where it makes a supportive trine to Mars, the planet of action, in the cardinal fire sign of Aries. The moon also forms two quincunx aspects: one to purposeful Chiron in the mutable water sign of Pisces, and the other to intense Pluto in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. Knowing your purpose and making big things happen is what this energy is all about. It greatly increases your stamina, creativity, self-direction, and follow-through, enabling you to succeed at almost any task. Late this afternoon, a sextile between the Leo moon and stabilizing Saturn in the cardinal air sign of Libra is like the final finishing touch to your day. If you utilized the power of today's aspects, you will be bringing something to a highly satisfying close by dinnertime. Leo loves to play and Libra loves to relate, so use the sextile between the Leo moon and Saturn in Libra to reaffirm a relationship by doing something fun, like dancing, playing tennis, or taking a walk together.

Another fine morning gets off to a good start on Wednesday, April 13th, thanks to the moon in the fixed, outgoing fire sign of Leo making a trine to the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter conjunct in the cardinal fire sign of Aries, giving you plenty of get-up-and-go energy. The moon also forms a quincunx to Venus in Pisces. Leo is an ardent sign that wears its heart on its sleeve and Pisces is a romantic sign that makes Venus soft and sweet. Together, the moon and Venus can make you strongly sentimental and romantic today. The amplified loving vibrations can also be used to create anything beautiful and moving, such as art, music, or poetry. Give someone you love flowers, a card, or some token of your affection. The sun in Aries semi-sextile to Venus makes people appreciate the personal touch and extra attention. If you want to make a sale or win someone's heart, use compliments and flattery and ask them what THEY would like. The Leo moon is at its finest today when it has opportunities to bestow blessings like a benevolent king. I know it is a work day for many of you, but if you have a personal day you can take for pleasure, this may be the perfect day to head outdoors with a friend or partner for adventure. The lunar aspects fade by evening and the moon in the late degrees of Leo is purring contentedly, like a cat who had cream.

A fussy Virgo moon says the playtime is over on the morning of Thursday, April 14th. The moon in the mutable, detail-oriented earth sign of Virgo forms a slightly crabby opposition to Chiron conjunct Neptune in undefined Pisces. The moon also forms a questionable quincunx to unsettled Uranus in arrogant Aries. Did your mother ever swoop down on your room after telling you a dozen times to clean it and toss some of your favorite, but useless, stuff out unexpectedly while you were away? That's what the moon feels like this morning. I'm not sure if you will play the role of the mother with the neat freak attack or the child caught off-guard, but you may want to get one step ahead of this aspect and clean some mess up before Thursday morning - if you are reading this in advance of Thursday - or warn slackers early in the week that Thursday is "inspection." Inspection, indeed! Mercury retrogade in Aries conjunct the sun and Jupiter in Aries are now all opposing critical Saturn in Libra until May 3rd. Like all longer-term aspects, you are likely to notice it most in the first few days, but as time goes by, you will integrate the opposition and adjust. But today, it puts us all into hypercritical overdrive. It is also likely that no two people will find it easy to agree on the same thing now, whether it's, "What should we have for dinner?" or what color to paint a room. It's a good thing the Aries sun semi-sextile to Venus in Pisces is adding a little kindness and inclusiveness to tone down the potential for arrogance and separation that this opposition may create. Just remember to get out of your head and into your heart. At lunchtime, the moon in Virgo is supported by a trine to powerful Pluto in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. If you were ambivalent about cleaning or organizing earlier today, now it's unavoidable! Might as well make use of a nice trine in productive signs, quit procrastinating, and roll up those sleeves. You should be able to recruit others to help, even if it takes threats or manipulation. No, I'm not kidding about threats. When the moon forms a quincunx to Mars in Aries this afternoon, activating the Mars/Pluto square, there may be a deadline to meet or some situation that must be handled a certain way or have an outcome as soon as possible, no matter what it takes. Be alert when driving or using machinery. When the planets indicate a call to action, perhaps in an emergency situation, and Mercury is retrograde, extra care needs to be taken to avoid creating an emergency. A semi-sextile between the Virgo moon and Saturn in Libra later this evening, while the moon is still in aspect to Mars in Aries, makes me wonder if some of you will still be at work, putting in some overtime or dealing with a situation that requires your personal attention, such as helping a partner. Extra work, self and another, is the key theme right through your day until bedtime.

Arguments and differences of opinion may be unavoidable on Friday, April 15th, when Saturn in Libra is opposed to both Mercury retrograde in Aries and Mars in Aries. The good side of this opposition, or the best way to use this debating energy, is to apply it where you need to debate something. Unfortunately, it's not about who is right or wrong or what is fair. The winner may be the one who has the least amount of fear or who can accept that they might lose but chooses to fight, not to win, but to uphold a principle or truth. There are no guarantees. All relationships, romantic or otherwise, may be challenging. Challenges bring growth, and the moon in a quincunx to Jupiter sandwiched between the sun and Mercury in Aries this morning seems to underline the need for personal growth on the mental and emotional level. New thoughts and truths are often met with violent rejection before they are accepted. I do not specialize in political astrology, but I can speculate that differences between political parties, as well as disappointment or outrage toward certain politicians, will be in the headlines more frequently now and in the month ahead. At midday, the moon in Virgo opposes Venus in Pisces. Moon/Venus oppositions are less uncomfortable than some other planetary mixes, but this one makes me feel a bit sad because it carries the energy of criticism or disappointment. Some people may burst bubbles by saying critical or negative things to others rather than being supportive or kind. Now that you know in advance, you can follow that old rule, "If you can't think of something nice to say, don't say anything at all." Then again, maybe some constructive criticism or tough love is warranted. The Virgo moon will help you know what is correct in any situation.

People, especially people with whom you are close, may not behave predictably on Saturday, April 16th, when the moon in the cardinal air sign of Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. The relationship-minded Libra moon is also quincunx empathetic, sacrificial Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces. Because a quincunx can be either supportive or challenging depending on the planets involved and the exact situation, it is not easy for me to know how this may affect you personally. Whether you deepen ties with someone or move apart for some space, I know it is ultimately a good thing. Because of the mutable quality of Pisces and the tendency of Libra scales to tip back and forth, I don't expect any relationship decision made now will be written in stone. More likely, it will be written in damp sand, and we know what happens when the waves roll in to shore. The full moon tension is beginning to build, which can make the lunar opposition to Uranus and the Saturn opposition to Mars and Mercury feel extremely ripe and heavy. You may feel that something should be decided - but what? A new beginning - but how? The paradox stares you in the face. You want something permanent with a promise of forever and you want something new in the now moment, all the while knowing that nothing does last forever. The square that occurs this afternoon between the Libra moon and Pluto in Capricorn intensifies thoughts on things like mortality and commitment and multiplies the weight of a decision. And it can feel heavier still early this evening when the Libra moon joins Saturn and opposes Mars conjunct Mercury in Aries. These signs are relationship-oriented, representing self and another, but you must look at your own birth chart to see what area of your own life is being affected. A decision and a full moon culmination is about to be reached.

Sunday, April 17th, can feel very much like a carry-over of Saturday's energy, with the moon approaching total fullness in the cardinal air sign of Libra. If you have your own chart, check to see where Libra is and you will know what house, or area of life, the full moon is asking you to bring into balance. Read my horoscope for your sun sign and also read for your rising sign for the most accurate information. Before the moon opposes the sun in Aries, it opposes Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury in Aries. Because Mercury is retrograde, some of you may be getting a second chance at something. No matter what your situation, personal growth is the best choice. A semi-sextile between Venus in Pisces and the sun in Aries helps to remind you that you must love yourself first. Later this afternoon, the theme of love continues as the Libra moon makes a flowing trine to Venus in Pisces, and Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces forms a supportive sextile to the sun. Venus in Pisces has now moved close enough to Uranus in Aries to be in a loose conjunction at this full moon culmination point. The planetary aspects involving the moon and Venus and the sun and Neptune/Chiron are saying that love is a healing force that can change your life. This is a potent full moon opportunity to get heart-centered and find the highest and best path to take in any area of your life.

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