Feb 13, 2011

Horoscope for February 14-20

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Aries (March 21st - April 20th)
Finding balance between home, family, relationship, career, and time for yourself will be the work of your week, Aries. You have all four burners going on the stovetop now and the aspects between the planets are increasing the chances that one of your pots will boil over, but I'm not sure which one. Most likely, the area you have been paying the least attention to will be the one where you encounter some difficulty. It is possible you have been emulating a powerful individual at work or unconsciously projecting an image that is not really you, but someone you think you should aspire to be. By striving to be a certain way, you are neglecting your own authentic self, which is a much easier role to play and more accepted by your peers. The full moon brings you back to your own script and reconnects you with your true tribe.

Taurus (April 21st - May 20th)
Laying new groundwork for your career is the theme this week, Taurus. Communication regarding career or education plans figures strongly or you could be making calls or short trips related to sales. You may be considering working or going to school at home or changing your home location because of school or work. Somewhere in the mix, there is a friend or organization that is open to seeing things in a different way who can give you some unusual suggestions or help you bend or rewrite rules so that you can make your changes easily. The full moon brings changes in your home life or changes in how you view your position in the grander scheme. You may have to roar against the establishment in order to follow your purpose.

Gemini (May 21st - June 21st)
Remember the Burger King commercial that said you could have it your way? The planets are encouraging you to believe this now. Or they are going to force you into logically proclaiming to the Universe and anyone else listening that any way other than the way you want to live your life is the wrong way. If you ordered your burger without pickles and onions, would you sit meekly eating it with pickles and onions? No! You would go to the counter and ask for another burger to be made as you wish. Getting verbal, particular, and a whole lot more "me"-oriented will bring the opportunities, tools, or skills to do your best work and serve more people with your unique talents. Leave no stone unturned when looking for the perfect situation. The full moon brings new ideas or an entirely new way of seeing situations that blows through your life like fresh air.

Cancer (June 22nd - July 22nd)
The beginning of your week could feel like an emotional hurricane, Cancer. The moon transiting your first house of self makes you hypersensitive now, especially on Monday, when you could be pulled between career and relationship. Perhaps you have been giving too much time to work or feel that your partner hasn't had enough time for you lately. Personal values, money, investments, and shared resources can come to a point of needing immediate attention when the moon reaches its fullness. Any sacrifices or changes that are made now are ultimately for the best, including putting money that was marked for other purposes into expanding a business. The planets support a courageous leap of faith in an idealistic future now. Unspoken money concerns can get in the way of intimacy, but addressing the financial situation and needs of the family can open the door to further communication that can put you and a partner back in harmony again.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)
This week, you experience your power full moon, Leo. I recommend you look at your natal chart to see what area of life this energy affects. Because the moon opposes multiple Aquarius planets now, the main message for you is that your life will become radically different as this year unfolds. In some area of your life, things will never be the same again. All Leos will be tested in some way to be bigger, better, more creative, expansive, and purpose-driven than they already are. Most of you are already kings and queens in your own right and can't imagine how you could do more or be more. The Universe will give you many opportunities for expansion that you never thought possible, and not just through challenges to be overcome. When you receive something you have wished for, it can offer you a whole new range of exciting and inspiring experiences to be had.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)
Perhaps it is the mutable quality of Virgo or perhaps it is your ruling planet that makes you prone to disintegration, Virgo. Your traditional ruler is Mercury, which also rules changeable Gemini, but there are other planets that have been suggested as alternate rulers of your sign. I am willing to agree that Mercury doesn't do enough to explain your constant gathering, then casting out, pulling together, then falling apart that I see you do. It's as if there is only so much your basket can hold, so after you pull in the harvest - the complete crop of information on a subject or all the work a project requires - you let it all go or lose interest and must find another thing to harvest. Sometimes you are forced by your own sense of what is right to be a gatherer for others, but after they have carelessly taken from your basket, you are left with an empty basket and a sense of loss. Now is an empty basket time. Fill it with quiet solitude, self love, and saying no to those who have gotten used to you always being there with that basket. The full moon requires a full restoration of your physical energy and self-esteem through service to yourself first before you care for others.

Libra (September 23rd - October 23rd)
Libra, if there are things you do not like about yourself, they will show up this week as things other people are not liking about you. And if there are things about other people that annoy you, you can be sure you display some of those qualities, too. The old relationship mirror is getting a polishing this week. The full moon will shake up your house of friends and groups. If you have been aligning yourself with certain people or organizations simply to be with people or get attention, then you could have a falling out when the moon encourages you to express your individuality. Once you begin dancing to your own music, you will make new friends. If you are an artist who has been busy creating, but hesitant to make your work public, now is the time. Like the other cardinal signs, some tightrope walking between relationship, self, career, and home will keep you on your toes. You pull yourself together with a clearer sense of self at the end of the week.

Scorpio (October 24th - November 21st)
The power of mental concentration when applied to your job or a health issue can be totally transforming. There have been times in my life where I have been able to do impossible things, like get a piece of furniture too wide for a doorway and too big for my vehicle both through the door and into the vehicle. That is your special kind of super power this week. The biggest problem you have to wrestle is the home and family versus career and time away from home dilemma. You have both the willpower and the mental investigative powers to find a way to have your income and be at home, too. It could involve computers, the Internet, investments that involve technology, or something structured like an MLM program that allows you to collect residual or recurring income from many people. Don't allow worry or memories of past failures to limit you while you have enormous creative genius at your command.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)
It's time to turn your favorite playtime activity into your life purpose and paying job. There are two kinds of Sagittarians. One kind is amazingly funny and talented, but wasting his/her time at a boring on-the-clock job every day, eager to party with friends after work. The friends secretly wonder why Sagittarius doesn't do more with his/her life. The other Sagittarius has found a passion that never bores him/her and rarely thinks of the paycheck or time clock. This Sagittarius is too busy getting paid to be a river raft guide, a travel magazine photographer, or a stand-up comedian. You may seek funding for a game change early this week and first hear "no." When you ask again, you may hear "yes" if you can present your new plan as a means to pursue your purpose rather than escape your old routine. The full moon pressures you to use your imagination and intelligence sincerely and for a higher purpose.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)
Some Capricorns may take on the duties and responsibilities of home ownership this week thanks to the full moon energy. For the last few weeks, you have had opportunities to increase your income and may also have climbed another rung of the success ladder in your career. Now it is time to examine your finances and see where you have been spending with no thought given to tomorrow. If you have been a renter, it may be time for your own castle. Some ups and downs and back-and-forth in relationship is the norm this week. Listen to your partner and be prepared to change your mind. Trying things their way may be the right way. Even if they are proven wrong, they will love you for being open to possibilities and forgive you when you are preoccupied with the demands of your job. It does look as though work will be demanding or give you things to think about when you are off the clock this week. Don't take work frustration out on your partner or family, but it is alright to tell them why you are preoccupied. Maybe if you let your separate worlds dissolve at the borders, solutions will appear.

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)
The full moon this week is almost as significant for you, Aquarius, as it is for your opposing sign, Leo. The relationship axis is highlighted for both signs. If you have been single and independent for a long time, you may come to the realization that you want a monogamous relationship. If you have been in a relationship where the balance between you and your partner is unequal or you have given up too much of your individuality and personal freedom, you will feel the need to broaden your horizons or assert some independence. The week also presents a chance to examine fears surrounding committed relationships and issues of power, control, and vulnerability. You may not be able to trust in the future or anyone else fully yet, but you can believe in yourself now. Consider the possibility that past failures were failures only because you doubted yourself. Communication concerning work, travel, or school is possible during this week of positive self-assertion.

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)
Please curb your spending on entertainment, art or luxury items, and social times with friends at the beginning of the week, Pisces. The planets could tip your wallet open and you could lose track of how many times you swipe that plastic debit card. The excess spending may be an emotional drive to show other people that you are successful and have no scarcity issues or to impress a certain person or group, but it just isn't necessary or in proper alignment with the laws of attraction. Pay special attention to your dreams and hunches - lucky numbers, a lucrative creative idea, or the vision of a significant person you are meant to meet could occur now. The full moon focuses on the area of service-related work and attention to your physical, mental, and spiritual balance. The planets indicate that to succeed now, you must step into a leadership or teaching position. You must be forward and proactive rather than Pisces passive. Spend some time in meditation or ask your guides and angels how you can be a strong leader and maintain your gentle sensitivity without being perceived as weak.

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