Feb 13, 2011

Astrological Trends for February 14-20

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Tread softly on the morning of Monday, February 14th, while the moon in sensitive Cancer squares swaggering Jupiter in Aries and opposes controlling Pluto in Capricorn while Jupiter, in turn, squares Pluto, forming an emotionally volatile and defensive cardinal T-square. This tension-producing T-square doesn't engender romantic feelings at all on Valentine's Day. In fact, until the T-square wanes in the late afternoon, people may be more concerned with themselves and having things their way than they are with pleasing their partner. The T-square dynamics are likely to trigger the worst attributes of each planet and sign involved. You and everyone else could be feeling needy, greedy, and controlling to a certain degree today. Those most likely to be affected emotionally are the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn and anyone who has specific expectations of another person. Later this evening, when those aspects fade, an opposition from the moon in Cancer to Venus in Capricorn cools affections. Many couples could go through the motions of a Valentine celebration because they feel they should rather than because they feel amorous. The planets could create an atmosphere of something missing or falling short of the mark. Singles could be feeling sorry for themselves because they don't have a special Valentine to be with. A supportive trine between Saturn in Libra, the sign of relationship, and Mercury in independent, free-thinking Aquarius could be partly to blame for any Valentine upsets. Even though a trine is considered a beneficial aspect, in this case, it encourages personal freedom, independent thinking, and self-sufficiency even within committed relationships - hardly a romantic scenario! Hopefully, many Valentine celebrations took place this past weekend when the planets were more supportive of romance and cooperation. Jupiter in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn is a long-term aspect that will be felt by everyone until the middle of March. On the global level, I believe people are fed up with political misuse of power, excess spending on war, and corporate greed. There are already rebellions and uprisings and I am sure there will be more over the course of the next month due in part to this challenging Jupiter/Pluto aspect and the current lineup of Mercury, Mars, the sun, and Neptune in Aquarius, the sign of humanity, reformation, and the future. Civil unrest will continue. You may experience an unrest, as well, that precipitates a radical change or rebellion in some area of your life. Check your birth chart to see where the Aquarius planets sit now. Whatever house they are transiting will be shifting like quicksand.

The moon continues its course through Cancer on Tuesday, February 15th, forming a quincunx to Mercury in Aquarius this morning. A quincunx is generally a neutral or positive aspect; however, the basic differences between the moon being a feeling planet and Mercury being a thinking planet and the basic elemental incompatibility of the water of Cancer and the air of Aquarius can make this an awkward aspect. Should you reach out to someone with nurturing or help, or leave them to work things out for themselves? Are your own desires for closeness or emotional support too needy and codependent? Should you strive to be more self-sufficient and independent? Those questions feel even stickier as the moon in Cancer squares Saturn in Libra, the sign most concerned with the dance of relationship between people. As the moon moves along, it forms quincunx energy exchanges with Mars (planet of action), the sun (self-identification), and Neptune (higher ideals), which are all conjunct in Aquarius, for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. Examine your relationships to determine what is working and what is not. What are your needs? What is expected of you? What do you expect of a partner? What are your future plans together? How can you align your energy and lives to arrive at the same destination together? How can you nurture and support each other as an intertwined couple, yet allow each other personal growth as individuals? Discuss your feelings honestly rather than suppressing them now.

An energetic and optimistic start to the day begins on Wednesday, February 16th, as the moon in the feisty fire sign of Leo trines Jupiter in the headstrong sign of Aries and makes a quincunx to healing Chiron in idealistic Pisces. You feel like you can tackle big things and come out on top no matter what they may be. Venus, the planet of affection, in steady Capricorn enters a possibly difficult square to structured Saturn in discerning Libra until the end of the week. I say the square is possibly difficult because this combination of planets and signs can make or break a relationship. It will cause you to look at your relationships in the most practical, judgmental light and any weak spots or imperfections will be glaringly obvious. That light may be harsh, but it helps you to weigh things properly on that Libra scale and come to the point of decision where the highest and best good is chosen for both parties involved. Around lunchtime, the Leo moon forms a quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. Controlling behavior, finger pointing, belittling, or ridiculing is a big no-no now. Anyone looking for trouble will find it and emotions are running hot and strong, making this a good day to practice your deep breathing or counting to ten routine before responding to anyone who is trying to provoke you. Watch your own attitude with others, as well. The moon is getting riper and fuller, making this month's Leo lunar energy especially royal and strong. Think like a benevolent king, not a tyrant. This evening, the lunar aspects fade and the remaining squares between Venus/Saturn and Jupiter/Pluto, which are present all week, seem bigger and more present because there are no minor aspects acting as a distraction. As the Leo moon gains in full moon intensity, now may be a good time to sit with your problems, issues, or uncomfortable areas of life and give serious consideration to finding a solution or a way to remove yourself from the equation.

Some seesaw energy is in place on Thursday, February 17th, as the day begins with the moon in Leo sextile Saturn in Libra and quincunx Venus in Capricorn this morning, creating a peaceful energy that benefits your relationships and adds emotional stability to your day. This afternoon, the Leo moon forms an opposition to Mercury in Aquarius and, later this evening, opposes Mars in Aquarius. Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs. All the fixed signs are masters of resistance. I feel this opposition speaks of the pain and discord we are feeling now that is a result of the world condition, societal unrest, and economic worry. Leo will do whatever it takes to care for the "pride" - the family. This opposition may trigger intense feelings of powerlessness and a faltering of courage. The perceived enemy is just too big and broad for any one person to adequately battle it as an individual. To balance this opposition, we must unite as individuals to make a composite whole that is bigger than the threat. We must come together as a "pride" that puts our needs as a family first.

The royal Lion energy roars on Friday, February 18th, as the full moon in Leo in the very early predawn hours opposes the sun in Aquarius conjunct Neptune in Aquarius/Chiron in Pisces. The full moon also makes a quincunx to Uranus in Pisces. Enforced changes may come about or sacrifices for the greater good are made. I have the image of an amputation of limb to save a life and the image of a king or leader being overthrown by angry subjects. Leo rules the heart and circulatory system of the body and Aquarius rules the electrical/nervous system of the body. World events could be shocking now. Take care of your own body today by avoiding overstimulation of any kind. The less physical stress you create the better. As the morning progresses, the moon moves into the detail-oriented earth sign of Virgo and exchanges a quincunx with Jupiter in Aries. First things first, as this aspect pattern encourages a new beginning and the sorting of priorities. A pleasant trine between the Virgo moon and Pluto in Capricorn is touched off at lunchtime. The energy of crisis has passed now, a new direction has been chosen, and this practical and grounded earth trine moves you forward toward accomplishment and success.

A new energy pattern is set in place on Saturday, February 19th, as the sun leaves the fixed air sign of Aquarius and enters the mutable water sign of Pisces. This fertile and dreamy sign can be seen and felt now as the bulbs dormant in the earth begin to send green shoots up and bird song begins to increase a little bit each morning. Healing, hope, and potential are all tied in to the Pisces sun energy. Check your own natal chart to see where you have Pisces. That is the area of life where you can plant some seeds and see what beauty a little daily time and attention will create. The moon in Virgo is involved in a pleasant trine to Venus in Capricorn. Love is practical and best expressed through presence and actions now. Taking care of little chores with your partner or putting your home or office in order are satisfying activities. Early this evening, the moon in Virgo is quincunx Mercury, Mars, and Neptune all conjunct in Aquarius. Mercury, Mars, and Neptune in Aquarius are all semi-sextile Aquarius' ruling planet, Uranus, now in Pisces. This is an excellent problem-solving and healing energy pattern. The planets enable you to transcend difficulty and access the plane where the answer, solution, or perfected state already exists, waiting to be found. Allow yourself to be a receiver or channel of Divine inspiration.

Potential conflict could present itself on Sunday, February 20th, as the moon in "you and me" Libra opposes Jupiter in "me, me!" Aries. The Libra moon likes to make nice and share, but Jupiter in Aries is just too selfish when opposed, making you and everyone else behave a bit like kindergartners arguing over a favorite toy. The moon is also quincunx Chiron conjunct the sun in Pisces, so we know we should be acting like mature adults, but our sore spots could be pushed or we are more sensitive to perceived slights. At lunchtime, a T-square pattern forms like an echo of the T-square of Monday. The moon in Libra, which opposes Jupiter in Aries, also squares Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto squares Jupiter in Aries. On Monday, the sensitive water sign of Cancer was involved, but today the reasoning air sign of Libra is setting the emotional tone. Monday may have been full of angst, tears, hurt feelings, and passive-aggressive behavior. The scenario today is likely to be arguments, bickering, opinionated speeches, judgmental attitudes, or maddening peevishness. Very late tonight, the moon will join Saturn in Libra. The last effects of Saturn in Libra square to Venus in Capricorn may be felt tonight as the moon/Saturn conjunction encourages retrospection and a view of the glass as half empty. Although February is the shortest month of the year, it often feels like it drags on forever. The planetary trends this week certainly added to the slowing effect. Thankfully, the full moon energy and the difficult square between Saturn and Venus will be gone next week. The road smoothes out and the emotional climate feels less dire when you wake on Monday morning. It is partly your own analytical mind, stimulated by a challenged Libra moon, which is generating the dark shadows of this evening. The sun will rise tomorrow and the planets will continue on their merry way. Watch a movie with a happy ending to escape from the stresses of the week. The Libra moon always deepens the enjoyment of a good book or movie.

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