Feb 27, 2011

Astrological Trends for February 28 - March 6

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The moon in Capricorn gets your morning off to a productive start on Monday, February 28th. Capricorn is a grounded, success-oriented, cardinal earth sign. If you have a list of things that must be done, this is the best morning of the week to tackle the biggest tasks on your list first. Venus, the planet of pleasure and affection, is in Capricorn, favorably supported by a sextile to impulsive Uranus in dreamy Pisces and Venus semi-sextile inspirational Neptune in intellectual Aquarius. These Venus aspects can help you take some crazy dreams and turn them into real-life situations or you may be anchoring a highly improbable, but Divinely perfect, relationship or creative idea to earth. The longer-term challenging influence of expansive Jupiter in initiating Aries square to potent Pluto in rigid Capricorn is still with you this week. It can be felt in your personal life as inner or outer resistance between new versus old or personal sovereignty versus established systems or authority. Globally, any groups of people feeling oppressed will still be pushing for old regimes to step down. The sun and Mars, the planet of action, are conjunct in the mutable water sign of Pisces and form a supportive sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Despite the diffusing nature of Pisces, this sextile enables you to take action and follow through on your plans. Even if you may sometimes feel like you are moving through thick fog, the sun and Mars act like lighthouse beams to follow and Pluto provides a grounded willpower you can tap into. The current lineup of Pisces planets is Chiron, Mars, sun, and Mercury making conjunctions with each other in a tight row, like a conga line. Check your own natal chart to see what house, or area of life, these planets will be activating and you will know where most of your attention is focused this week. Some Pisces words are dreams, prayers, inspiration, devotion, illusion, deception, fog, mist, ocean, nebulous, gentle, intuitive, deep, sensitive, healing, healer, victim, savior, and martyr. With so many diverse planets expressing via the Pisces influence, it is difficult for me to summarize the myriad possible effects you may experience now. The simplest way to make the most of Pisces is to be receptive, pure, and heart-centered. Some of you may have a fairly uneventful week and others may feel like they have slipped into an extremely altered dimension - it all depends on your own natal chart. When it comes to Neptune/Pisces energy, no two people perceive it in quite the same way. Around lunchtime on Monday, the moon in Capricorn cozies up to Venus, stimulating the Venus/Uranus sextile. A lunch date could turn suddenly and excitingly romantic under this energy. If your romance has been moving slowly, give it a nudge now. Later this evening, Mercury in Pisces forms a quincunx to Saturn in Libra. Flirting and hinting that took place this afternoon could turn into some serious pillow talk at bedtime. Mercury and Saturn continue to aspect each other until March 3rd, and then Mercury moves along and passes the quincunx baton to the sun. The sun in Pisces will then be quincunx Saturn in Libra for the remainder of the week. Serious relationship talks will settle into a solid mode of relating. Any area you are mentally thinking of bringing to balance in your life will become balanced through your intentions.

A tingle could be in the air on Tuesday, March 1st, as the moon in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn, creates an urge to make something happen. Anything presented as a dare will be eagerly accepted. The impossible will be proven possible. If your profession involves invention or technology and requires you to solve problems or look toward the future, today may be a highly effective day for you. At midday, the moon in Aquarius, sextile to Jupiter in Aries, sparks a desire for innovation, adventure, expansion, and new beginnings. For those of us who are not Einsteins, we can use today's aspects to finally learn how to use a new electronic device or try something challenging that has always scared us, like rock climbing or skydiving.

Brotherly love and tolerance is the primary emotional tone on Wednesday, March 2nd, as the moon in humanitarian Aquarius forms a favorable trine to Saturn in diplomatic Libra. You may notice a new feeling today as Venus leaves the cardinal earth sign of grounded Capricorn and enters the fixed air sign of independent Aquarius. Love's focus can shift from the traditional picture of relationships to the more detached, friendship-first patterns of relating. Today, a bigger gap develops between the sun and Mars in Pisces. People will be less reactive now and more introspective as the heat of Mars lets up off the sun and the intellect of Mercury exerts more influence on the solar energy of self-expression. For the past few weeks, people have been acting first in response to stimuli, but now they will slow down and think before acting. Some uncertainty and confusion is possible due to the Pisces mutable energy. The question to ask is not whether it would be better to act or be passive, but whether action or passivity is the most appropriate choice in the given situation. There are no hard and fast rules to be followed now. Each question or situation you encounter now must be treated individually. Later tonight, the moon in Aquarius approaches Neptune in Aquarius. Your dreams may be lucid, colorful, and unusual due to this aspect or your sleep may be erratic or interrupted. Before heading to bed, set your intention to receive messages relevant to your life now through your dreams, and you will.

On Thursday, March 3rd, the moon in Aquarius conjunct Neptune in Pisces may give you some dream hangover this morning or cause you to sleep through the alarm. At lunchtime, the moon leaves the intellectual air sign of Aquarius and enters the intuitive water sign of Pisces, where it also joins Chiron. The moon/Chiron conjunction can bring painful emotions to the surface for healing or could cause you to worry a bit about your family and the present social, economic, and planetary woes. The best way to handle any vague physical or emotional discomfort arising now is through meditation and the use of gratitude. When you are in a state of gratitude, you have no room for worry, fear, or disappointment. This evening, the moon joins Mars in Pisces and makes a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Emotions can become extremely strong and tense. You are not feeling deliberately confrontational, but you will not back down on any issue for which you hold strong convictions. If you took time to meditate and examine your thoughts and feelings earlier today, you may have had insights as to what you can do personally in your own life to make yourself and your family feel more secure. This evening's aspects can help you act on those insights and develop a concrete plan to follow.

The new moon in the mutable water sign of Pisces on Friday, March 4th, activates the quincunx between the sun in Pisces and Saturn in Libra, which has already been in place since the beginning of the week. The sun and moon in Pisces are sandwiched between Mars, the planet of action, and Mercury, the planet of thought. Mars in Pisces is sextile to Pluto in Capricorn and semi-sextile Jupiter in Aries - both favorable aspects that are poking Mars by encouraging some form of new growth. "Don't just think it - do it!" the planets seem to be saying. Pisces is the last sign in the yearly zodiac wheel. This new moon may signal a new lunar growth cycle, but it also feels like an end to me - the beginning of an end. Certainly, we are looking at the end of winter and feeling hopeful about the spring season standing just off to the side now. Examine your life for things that are coming to their own natural end and decide if now is the time to wrap things up and bring them to a close. Mutable Pisces energy can be diffuse, scattered, everywhere at once, but nowhere exactly. Cardinal Libra energy can swing back and forth indecisively. As soon as Libra analyzes, chooses, and announces a choice, the option left behind seems better than it did before the other option was chosen. Why the craziness? Libra fears the possibility of making the wrong decision or causing someone to not like them. The Pisces/Libra quincunx being activated by this new moon requires you to pull all scattered pieces and loose ends of your life together so that you can weigh each and decide which to let go and which to keep, or at least find a balance of all the parts you can maintain. Even the most experienced jugglers have a limit to how many balls they can keep in the air at one time.

Personal expression and imaginative creativity are enhanced on Saturday, March 5th, as the moon in inspirational Pisces joins Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, in Pisces. Poignant is a word that describes the energy of this conjunction. Any activities or events you attend today have the potential to become some of those special memories that take on that nostalgic, suspended-in-time quality later in your life. Plan to do something memorable with someone you love. The moon in Pisces joins Uranus in Pisces at dinnertime. "The times, they are a-changing," you could be thinking as you look back in history and your own life and ahead to the future. Your emotions are on a higher intuitive and spiritual wave due to today's planetary influences. You can plainly see the "real" material world, but you are not caught up in it - you feel the presence of what is essential to your soul and understand that nothing else matters.

The early bird does get the worm, or at least more hours of playtime, on Sunday, March 6th. The moon in the cardinal fire sign of Aries joins Jupiter in Aries and there will be no sitting still or dragging your feet with this energy! You could do almost anything with that combo, but you will feel most satisfied at the end of this high-energy, productive day if you include something adventurous, outdoorsy, or do something new for the very first time. Together, the moon and Jupiter are sextile Venus in Aquarius, which tells me you will feel excited, energized, and optimistic all day. For those looking for love, take some chances and make bold moves today under this great first date influence. Whether you connect with your life mate or not, you can still forge a good friendship and have fun together. The sun in Pisces quincunx Saturn in Libra is still highlighting the issue of finding balance in partnership, making today the perfect day to do things as a team. If you already have a partner, enjoy the friendship aspect of your relationship. Mercury in Pisces conjunct Uranus in Pisces, semi-sextile Neptune in Aquarius, feels like an aspect pattern that will be affecting the economy, especially oil and gasoline prices. Expect oil, and perhaps the stock market, to swing wildly, with oil climbing high. Pluto in Capricorn sextile Mars in Pisces and semi-sextile Venus in Aquarius makes me think that some of the economic things we are seeing now are manufactured situations and people are being played. The Mars/Pluto influence smells like greed, fear, control, and manipulation of the masses. The way out of the whole situation is shown by the sun in Pisces quincunx Saturn in Libra. A more balanced, rational, and fair path must be found politically and economically and more people need to express their feelings to their elected government officials. In your own personal life, you will find peace and balance when you can get down to what is essential and wean yourself away from mental negativity, too much media influence, and the message that you must have the next new material thing. The current Pisces planets encourage turning away from the material, which is the world of effect, and looking instead at the spiritual inner life, which is the realm of cause.

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