Jul 30, 2010

Not All Gloom and Doom

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Many astrology forecasts and energy reports I’ve been reading recently have been emphasizing the intensity and seriousness of current transits and aspects. While I do feel we are experiencing an intense time period, I do not feel it is all gloom and doom. Here are my thoughts on the current state of things.

For some time now, we have been feeling the opposition of Saturn and Uranus. These two planets, which are oppositional in their very essence, have been opposing each other by transit, as well. They are both larger, “transpersonal” planets with a slower journey and a deeper effect on our emotional and spiritual lives. They impact society as a whole in a more profound way than a transit of a fast-moving “personal” planet, such as Mercury, does. Envision these two big boys playing tug of war with a rope. Jupiter, also fairly “heavy,” came along not so long ago and joined Uranus, adding the urge to expand to the desire for change, which Uranus represents. Now Jupiter and Uranus are in the cardinal, initiative, “I am” energy of Aries, pulling on the rope which, until just a few days ago, opposed Saturn in Virgo. Saturn is form, authority, established structure. Virgo is an earth sign with the cerebral ruler, Mercury, and is concerned with needs and means. The positive thing I see in this opposition is that while Saturn in Virgo may resist changing old programs and paradigms, Virgo is a mutable sign. Mutable signs are actually open to change because they are circumspect in their approach to things. I believe, despite the opposition, the seeds of change were planted and began to germinate in the ground of the old ways of thinking and being. Have you ever noticed how plants can take root and grow in places that seem logically impossible? There is an abandoned factory I drive past that has a small tree growing on a ledge! Now Saturn has left Virgo and entered Libra and I feel the scales will swing toward truth in all things. What is true and fair to all will remain and what is not will break apart and fall away. When you clean a closet, do you keep what is old, worn, or no longer useful? No. The energy of change and growth necessitates a good cleaning of closets now. Recently, Mars, a small but scrappy fighter, grabbed the rope alongside Saturn. Together, they will assist in the sorting and cleaning process. Libra is known to vacillate and swing between two sides. Mars and Saturn will shorten the cut and burn process and make it (sometimes painfully) clear what remains and what goes. Now benevolent Venus will be pulling that rope with Mars and Saturn for a short time. Venus will add grace, peace, acceptance, and even joy to the process. Even though Mars and Venus are lighter in cosmic, spiritual, and social weight than the other planets in the tug of war, I feel they can manipulate the energy of Jupiter and Uranus in a way that can aid Saturn to build new and better form and structure. Meanwhile, controlling and potent Pluto in Capricorn is going to be hurtling stones at both tug of war teams – the nasty T-square energy pattern so many astrologers are presently analyzing.

From an intuitive perspective, I see this energy as something old and powerful, like a king on a throne, that plays two groups of people against each other because either group threatens his security or status in some way that will require him to relinquish the throne and, in essence, die. Feelings and energy that swirl around this Pluto transit and the aspects are fear, rage, feeling controlled, feeling too small or ineffectual. All I can suggest on the personal level for everyone to do is to release resistance – do not attempt to fight in an accusatory way with any person or establishment. Stand in your own power and make your statements in a way that communicates how you plan to do things and why it is best for you. Pointing the finger of blame or saying, “Because of you, blah, blah, blah,” still gives the scepter of power to the one with whom you are in conflict. Any attention that IS given to the old established order or controlling faction can be respectful or benign, such as, “Thank you for this system, it served me well in the past,” or, “Thank you for all the work you have put into this.” On a global level, I believe this energy signals the old ways of using/buying/selling resources/material goods/money being pressured into a change that will bring what initially appears to be a great deal of destruction because of our trust in, and habitual use of, systems that are no longer in our best interests. A dethroned tyrant can still be a tyrant and that is the biggest fear many have now. There may have to be a complete destruction or death of an established order in order for real change and forward motion to take place. There may be no letting go otherwise. Hence, the fear. If there were no more oil, then what? If there were no more money, then what? Well, we may just get to see that and find out for ourselves. I bet we’ll be OK without both.

On the mundane level of the planet as a Being, I feel there is more possibility for fires, volcanic and seismic activity, especially when the Moon transits the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, or at the New or Full Moon. In your own life, pay attention to the transiting Moon and lay low, slow your pace, and be aware of the now moment at those times.

There is Divine Grace present and Higher Guidance available during these trying times that flows along the quincunx of Saturn with Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius. Your positive energy and thoughts, prayers, and requests for protection and guidance DO have an effect and the higher vibratory rate that spiritual discipline produces in you opens your heart to other people and to the highest and best choices and decisions. Changes will be for the best and work out for the best, because we will refuse to believe it can be any other way.

Time has been speeding up, technology and information growing and expanding exponentially. Society as a whole is caught up in a consciousness revolution. We are unfolding and advancing along the same Fibonacci spiral course that all life unfolds along. Our spiraling loops are getting tighter and shorter now. In the past, the spiral had bigger time loops and we weren’t as aware of the motion and we had a longer pause at each turn of the spiral. Now we are seeing both the backward and forward loops of the spiral simultaneously. We are seeing the past, present, future all at the same time as we move to all time/no time/one time and the Unity of All That Is at the center point of the spiral. These are not my own ideas, but my interpretation and expression of similar thoughts expressed in many places by others who are experts in the fields of science and spirituality. I resonate with it and see it reflected in what I know of astrology.

Now, more than ever, how we choose to feel about things makes all the difference in how we experience things.

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