Jul 24, 2010

Astrological Trends for July 23-29

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The Sun is strong in the heavens on Friday, July 23rd. It has just entered the fixed fire sign of Leo and is actively exchanging positive energy with Jupiter/Uranus in Aries, Neptune/Chiron both retrograde in Aquarius, Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn in Libra. If that isn’t amplified solar energy, I don’t know what is! The Sun rules Leo, so it has just come home to its throne and expresses its energy in a creative and exuberant manner. You may be some other Sun sign entirely, but today you can’t help feeling like you’ve stepped into the role of a Leo. The Moon/Pluto conjunction brings a potent “do or die trying” energy now, and a mild aspect between the Sun and Saturn in diplomatic Libra early in the day helps you communicate your focused intentions in a no-nonsense way that lets others know you mean business. Mars in practical Virgo is quincunx the retrograde Neptune/Chiron. You may exert energy toward resurrecting or reconditioning something old or worn out, be it an idea, relationship, or object. You just can’t throw something away today that still has potential. The Moon/Pluto conjunction squares Jupiter/Uranus in Aries and, for today, you may be unwilling to consider any other viewpoint or possibility other than your own. This emotional resistance fades as the day ends and the Moon travels on.

I’m humming an old tune, “Words of love, soft and tender, won’t win a girl’s heart anymore.” And another song is competing for attention, “Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.” Have you guessed that Saturday, ,July 24th, is leaning toward romance? Venus in Virgo is trine the Moon in Capricorn. Although grounded and stable, those earth signs can have a healthy appetite when it comes to physical pleasure. Hugs, holding hands, and more make them calm and content. You may plan a day or night of pleasure with your partner now or get to flirting in a serious way with a stranger. However, this Moon/Venus aspect is short-lived and won’t cause you to lose your head or your heart over a few moments of pleasure – you want to see love expressed in deeds now, not just words. Venus contra-parallel Chiron creates a Cinderella affect and it is entirely possible to find true love, but a Mercury/Neptune contra-parallel and Mercury in Leo square Neptune in Aquarius advise caution when it comes to words of love. This energy can be extremely seductive, yet impulsive and deceptive. Bring that proverbial grain of salt with you on your hot date.

On Sunday, July 25th, the day begins with the Moon in the later degrees of Capricorn. During the afternoon, the Moon moves into Aquarius as it approaches fullness. The Moon bounces energy off almost every planet today, but it is the flow between the Moon and Mercury in Leo that is responsible for you blurting out your every passing feeling to anyone. You are not alone in this spontaneous emotional outburst phenomenon. Everyone else seems to be emoting wildly, too. It’s not easy to stay calm and centered now, so I advise you stay open to the flashes of creative genius that are pulsing now and be open to meeting a crazy new friend, or more. Venus, the planet of pleasure, and Mars, the planet of action, in discriminating Virgo should prevent you from doing anything you will regret later.

Monday, July 26th, the Full Moon in humanitarian Aquarius turns your attention toward global events and the world condition. A strong pattern of volatility and resistance to new ideas and change is pictured by difficult aspects between Pluto and Mars/Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter/Uranus. It seems there is no middle ground that is comfortable now. It is just not logical to put time, money, or attention into old or established things that do not serve the future well-being of our planet and future generations. But for the time being, the something that’s got to give and let go, won’t. The positive aspects between the planets now indicate that new ideas that can change things do exist, that faith and hard work can offset much that is negative. Truth cannot be hidden anymore and lies will not be tolerated. The same may be applied to your personal life, but I advise checking to see what house in your natal chart is activated by this lunation to get a clearer idea of what to expect for your month ahead.

A Full Moon hangover is in effect on Tuesday, July 27th. You are not yet clear of the emotional intensity of this Full Moon and most of yesterday’s aspects remain in place today. Now the Moon joins Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius and you may be meditating or praying to receive direction in your own life that will guide you toward a more conscious lifestyle. On the one hand, you may feel that your small lifestyle changes may not have any discernible effect in the grand scheme of things, but on the other hand, you realize that if everyone began living a more conscious life, the world could change radically. Spend some time today working on creating a more balanced life and commit to at least one change, such as buying a water filter instead of bottled water. Taking action moves you from a sense of hopelessness to renewed hope.

Mercury is now in the sign of Virgo on Wednesday, July 28th, and busily engages Pluto, Mars/Saturn, and Jupiter/Uranus. Whenever Mercury shifts signs, we get a new take on things and today will give you just that. You will be able to gather various pieces of information or connect with many people now to get the facts that you need to make things happen. A new growth cycle begins today. The Sun in creative Leo supports Jupiter/Uranus in initiative Aries, the Moon in idealistic Pisces, and Pluto in steady Capricorn. Now is an excellent day to formulate plans, collect resources, and enlist help. The more difficult long-term aspects hide in the background and are eclipsed by the strength of the Sun and Mercury. Enjoy a day of productive activity and accomplishment.

An obsession with details and perfection may be evident on Thursday, July 29th, while Mercury in persnickety Virgo is trine controlling Pluto in Capricorn. This is actually a good influence in your life now. The recent surge of creativity that various aspects to the Sun triggered this week should have produced at least a few viable projects for you to work on. Now that the Sun is relatively devoid of aspects, Mercury, which represents the mind, is free to tweak and tune your projects to perfection. Your salesmanship abilities are strong now and while the Moon is still in sentimental Pisces, you can sell more by presenting the emotional benefits your goods or services provide. A Moon/Venus opposition later today hints that you may have a brief romantic disappointment. Someone may not live up to your expectations or lets you down somehow. This provides you with an opportunity to learn a lesson in unconditional love.

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