Jul 16, 2010

Astrological Trends for July 16-22

The Moon joins Saturn in the last degree of Virgo as it transits into the early degrees of Libra on Friday, July 16th. While it is in conjunction, you are able to assess your feelings in a rational and detached way. An area of your life where you have been applying your sheer force of will and experiencing an almost obsessive desire to control an outcome is the subject of your emotional examination. A T-square pattern between Saturn/Moon and Jupiter/Uranus in willful Aries, and Pluto in authoritative Capricorn is the energy responsible for this frustrating blockage of power. The Moon and Saturn are quincunx Neptune in Aquarius conjunct Chiron in Pisces. These four planetary energies are nudging you to the precipice of a leap of faith. Your logical mind understands now that your solutions to material problems can only be found through a spiritual source.

You can really feel the weekend vibe on Saturday, July 17th. The Moon in Libra enhances mental stimulation and an appreciation of visual beauty, making it an ideal day to do some sightseeing or begin a home beautification project. A pleasant mild aspect between the Moon and Mercury in Leo increases imagination, attention, and delight in anything new, novel, or entertaining. Mars in Virgo is beginning to come into alignment with Saturn in Virgo. From now until the end of July, this planetary duo encourages taking care of business and details; clearing closets and clutter; making plans and budgets; and initiating and maintaining a new health, nutrition, and exercise regimen. That’s because Mars is action, Saturn is duty and resolve, and Virgo is method and practicality. It will give you the strength to cut negatives from your life.

A mix of unusual, enjoyable, and possibly romantic aspects is present on Sunday, July 18th. The Moon shifts from relationship-minded Libra to psychic, sexy Scorpio and is stimulated by dreamy Neptune in eccentric Aquarius, as well as Jupiter (the planet of optimism) and Uranus (the planet of the unexpected), which opens a conduit for quirky emotional impulses to follow. What you do with those impulses is up to you, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that you involve someone a little bit crazy in your plans. There is an increased chance for synchronicity and serendipity to guide your day. An aspect between the Sun in sensitive Cancer and the inspirational planet of Neptune tunes you in to the flow of life today. Put your intellect aside and let your feelings take control.

Monday, July 19th, is all about feelings. A contra-parallel between the Sun and Moon makes you acutely aware of your emotions now. Aspects passing quickly between the Moon in secretive Scorpio and Mercury in bold Leo and Venus in practical Virgo tell me you may be working up the courage to tell someone you’ve been admiring how you feel about them. Venus in Virgo and the Moon in Scorpio emphasize inner scrutiny and self preservation, and you may be afraid to appear too open or vulnerable. “Fortune favors the bold,” is a good expression to heed now. Follow your heart – it won’t lead you astray.

A positive change may take place on Tuesday, July 20th. The actual change may happen suddenly because the Sun in Cancer is now trine to Uranus in Aries, which loosens some of the restriction Saturn has been placing on the Uranus call to change – like a strong solar beam melting ice. Additionally, Saturn and the Sun are in a supportive sextile. This increases the strength of the Sun, making it possible for a new you and a new direction in your life to solidify. The Mars/Saturn conjunction indicates the nature of the change may be a cut or elimination of something or someone restrictive from your life. The Sun in Cancer, however, can create attachment issues, and it may be that the change is bittersweet or you are tempted to hang on to the safe and familiar. Hanging on may not be an option; nor are all losses a bad thing. Honor what was, but let go and allow yourself to imagine how great your life can be. The energy flow between the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Aquarius encourages inspired dreams of the future.

The theme of change from Tuesday continues on Wednesday, July 21st. The Moon in adventure-loving Sagittarius trines Jupiter and Uranus, converting your reluctance or regrets to eagerness and excitement. If you aren’t feeling butterflies in your stomach or your hair standing on end as a result of something new in your life, then you will probably be seeking a thrilling experience outside of yourself. Bungee jumping? White water rafting? An adrenaline rush feels delicious now.

The Moon in jovial Sagittarius makes Thursday, July 22nd, a social day as it activates a loquacious Mercury in Leo. It also exchanges energy with Venus in Virgo and Mars/Saturn in Virgo. Whether you are at work or at play, you exchange conversation and ideas with others and are able to achieve constructive and harmonious results. Today is the best day of the week for any team activities or meetings, so plan accordingly. If you have been considering joining a gym or taking a class to learn a new skill or hobby, now is a good time to sign up. You’ll feel confident, comfortable, and satisfied with your investment.

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  1. exactly what i needed to read. explains ALOT> gratitude and appreciative attitude to you and the Universe always.


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