Jul 30, 2010

Astrological Trends for July 30 - August 5

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Moon in Pisces on Friday, July 30th, increases the possibility of confusion or negative emotions arising as a result of the stressful T-square between Mars/Saturn conjunct in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter/Uranus in Aries. The basic issues involved in the T-square are self-growth and freedom, working at commitment and balance with a partner or your inner self, establishing control and power in your career or outer world. Your own natal chart will indicate what houses, or areas of your life, may also be affected now. Generally, this is a tough transit time in some way for everyone. The Pisces Moon advances toward Jupiter/Uranus and you may feel an overwhelming urge to be free of all that currently is. I suggest you escape from the tension by choosing things that elevate your energy or keep you positively focused. If you escape into TV or a movie, stick with humor, inspiration, happy endings and avoid violence, conflict, or sad dramas. On the plus side, a nice Moon/Venus parallel, Mars parallel Jupiter, and Sun contra-parallel Pluto can help to align with your affectionate side, increase your physical energy and stamina, and boost your self esteem. You may find more enjoyable distractions available to you than the TV that both lift your heart and satisfy your need to burn off physical energy.

Saturday, July 31st, is a day that emphasizes personal expression and working things out in a logical and mutually beneficial manner. The Moon in “I am” Aries exchanges supportive energy with the Sun in “I create” Leo. Mars, the planet of action, enters equalizing Libra today and conjuncts Saturn, the taskmaster, in Libra. Mars conjunct Saturn can best be thought of as fire meets steel. When combined, they are cutting, determined, precise, exacting, and they “get-R” done. Many of the finest minds and most accomplished individuals in history had this conjunction in their natal charts. You may not be born with this kick-butt aspect, but you can deliberately focus this energy now in your own life during this transit. Mars and Saturn now sit in the sign that has to do with balance, equality, and relationship. Check your own chart to see where you can best utilize this energy. Mercury in discerning Virgo supports Jupiter and Pluto today, indicating you are able to analyze a situation and find ways to implement steps toward constructive and empowering growth.

Dedicate Sunday, August 1st, to activities that make you happy. Romance may be tops on your list while Venus is contra-parallel sentimental Neptune. This afternoon, Moon in Aries tickles Venus in Virgo. Venus is also parallel practical Saturn. You may find yourself attracted to a grounded, stable individual or you may find pleasure in doing projects with a purpose, such as mowing the grass for someone, giving a lover a massage, painting your bedroom, or pampering yourself in ways that support your physical health and emotional well-being. The heavy stuff hasn’t gone away yet, but it can be set aside in favor of a well-deserved break.

“I’m taking the bull by the horns,” is your mantra on Monday, August 2nd. The Moon moves into earthy, purpose-driven Taurus and trines Mercury in practical Virgo and Pluto in determined Capricorn, creating a potent flow of energy that makes me think of a bulldozer moving piles of dirt. While you have this piece of mountain-moving machinery in the energetic form, put it to good use. Even better, the Moon is quincunx Mars/Saturn in diplomatic Libra and semi-sextile Jupiter in Aries, telling me you have the chutzpah and finesse to emotionally sway other people to your side. When they see your energy in motion, they can’t help but support you now.

With the Moon still in dutiful Taurus on Tuesday, August 3rd, you may find yourself quietly attending to each task as it arises now. There is a general lull in distracting energy today, making it easy to stay on task. A mild pleasant aspect between the Sun in Leo and Mercury in Virgo enables you to actually enjoy each small accomplishment and you gain satisfaction today by tackling a to-do list and crossing off each item faster than you thought possible. Procrastinators – make this your catching-up day. Yesterday, a sweet new energy slid into place as Venus and Neptune conjunct Chiron became quincunx. If you have a partner already, your relationship takes on a glow and you can create some memorable moments together now. If you are single, you may now meet your happily-ever-after partner.

Venus enters the sandbox now with Mars and Saturn on Wednesday, August 4th. In the days ahead, work becomes what you love best or, because of the Libra energy, relationship is what you love to work at most. If your relationships have been stressed due to the T-square mentioned previously, the additional support from Venus now can impart an energy of peace, tolerance, and acceptance in all your dealings with others. Today, the Moon in talkative Gemini trines Venus in Virgo and also stimulates Uranus, the planet of change. You may find yourself thinking of or discussing a new stage in your love life that requires taking an action or making a commitment. The Moon is square to Neptune/Chiron, which may create some uncertainty, fear, or apprehension when the proposed change is considered. Even though love is certainly present, avoid making life-altering decisions in matters of the heart today. Take time to think about things.

An irritating square between the Moon in Gemini and Mercury in Virgo tends to bring out the worst potential of both signs on Thursday, August 5th. Mercury happens to be the planetary ruler, or boss, of both these signs but expresses through the element of air in Gemini and the element of earth in Virgo. When behaving badly, Gemini is immature, irresponsible, and disrespectful. Virgo, behaving badly, may delight in being overly opinionated, contrary for no good reason, or a stickler for unnecessary rules. Both signs and the planets involved in the energy pattern today relate to the mind, communication, and feelings. Consider them to be arguing siblings riding in the back seat of the car of your life today and plan a preemptive strike against needless argument. This upsetting mental/emotional ride is over at the end of the day and, hopefully, you behaved like an adult and were able to maintain grace under pressure.

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