Jul 27, 2010


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

The Initiation Series: John-Luke Edwards

This week we resume our Initiation Series: Curing our Cultural Sickness with out final guest, Reverend Shaman John-Luke Edwards, MA, PhD. It is our hope that in hearing the stories of a diverse range of contemporary initiation experiences-that have functioned to truly transform individuals into shamans-that we will come to remember what initiation truly means. John-Luke explains that initiation changes the quality of ones relationship with spirit, forging an intimate relationship that is part remembering what already exists and part noticing in oneself what no longer exists. Sharing stories from his many initiation experiences, we will explore degrees of initiation, the importance of being empty, and the need to sacrifice to allow any initiation to run its full course. John-Luke is an ordained shaman of The Wolven Path, which is a rebirth of an ancient Celtic/Druidic form of shamanism. Shamanic Clergy illuminate the path for others by setting their own hearts and souls aflame; they share, teach, and proclaim the Shamanic way of living. We will discuss the uniqueness of this path, the power of ritual to transform, and the dangers of social niceties along the path of the contemporary shaman. John-Luke's website is www.circleofgreatmystery.com. John-Luke can be contacted at wolfindark@telus.net

This week's guest:
John-Luke Edwards

Reverend Shaman John-Luke Edwards, MA, PhD is an ordained shaman of The Wolven Path, which is a rebirth of an ancient Celtic/Druidic form of shamanism. Reverend Shaman is a title of, both, self reverence; related to the sacrifice of continuous and selfless journey, of learning and shamanic service to the Sacred Earth and Her Children; and of a focused visible reverence for the Sacred Journey of all our relations no matter how they or their journeys manifest. Shamanic Clergy illuminate the path for others by setting their own hearts and souls aflame; they are light bearers and song carriers. Shamanic Clergy learn in order to share and teach; to proclaim the Shamanic Way of living; to be principal agents of the aims and mission of The Society and it ministerial work and officiate at public ceremony.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Awakenings with Michele Meiche

Robert Wilkinson- Futurist, Metaphysician & Astrologer July 28, 2010, 3:00pm EDT a dialogue with world renown astrologer and metaphysician. Using Astrology, Spirit, and Archetypes to move and groove through the intersections of fate and free will. http://www.aquariuspapers.com


Just Energy Radio

Bases On The Moon, Mars Anomolies & More...

Two Hour Show Special

John Lear
Bases On The Moon, Mars Anomolies & More...
John became interested in UFO's after reading Budd Hopkins book “Missing Time'. His research into UFO's led him to many different and varied conspiracy subjects. He is recently known for his writing on 911, life on moon and the errors in Newton's second law and Einstein's General and Special Theories which John calls total nonsense.

Friday July 30, 2010, 3:00PM EDT/2:00PM CDT

Awake: Now What?

Interview with James Tyberonn, Visionary and connection with Earth Energies

James Tyberonn's awareness of Earth energies began at a very early age, in the crystal fields, mountains and lakes of his native Arkansas, and has remained his passion. He has in recent years studied earth energies through many modalities and has completed four five-day vision quests in the mountains of Arizona and Mexico, as well as Shamanic Plant Journeys in the Andes of Bolivia and Peru. He has lived and worked outside the United States for 32 years, visiting sacred sites in over 60 countries. Tyberonn has been a student of the living energies of Mother Earth, sacred sites, grids, crystalline energies and portals for over three decades. He has authored 3 books and is working on his fourth. He is a geologist and gemologist and channels Archangel Metatron. For more about James "Tyberonn" Tipton go to http://www.earth-keeper.com/

Sunday August 1, 2010, 6:00PM EDT

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