Apr 19, 2010

Graham Hancock on Lost Things

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This is a really compelling discussion of Graham Hancock's fascination with historical riddles and how it has evolved. He discusses how his research into the possibility of the Lost Ark of the Covenant being in Ethiopia opened the door to his discovery of other historical anomalies and anachronisms. I read The Sign and the Seal some years ago, less out of any interest in the Lost Ark than because I just really enjoy Hancock's writing. It's a great read. Here he discusses some of the most interesting elements of the book; the practices of the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia, the plausible historical record that points to the Ark moving to Ethiopia, and the evidence that the Ark itself was an advanced technological device  and probably radioactive. It is this last that segues Hancock into the study of these bizarre technological anomalies that point to an ancient, lost civilization; the vestiges of which we keep tripping over.

Hancock really lays out his thinking here on some of the larger possibilities of an earlier, advanced civilization that is referenced in myths from around the world. He also articulates something I think quite profound about how the "amnesia" to which he so often refers is part of a deep, psychic wound we have around this past cataclysm. I find this a very intriguing idea. There is much more in this fairly brief interview. Enjoy.

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