Apr 25, 2010

Astrological Trends for April 23-29, 2010

Here is your energy lookout for the week ahead. Like checking the weather to know how to dress, it makes good sense to check the planetary energy patterns to know how to plan your days. This forecast looks at the current transits of the planets in relation to society as a whole. Your own natal, or birth, chart is also impacted by the current transits, and your own experiences this week will also be affected by your own unique chart pattern.

Friday, April 23rd, appears to be a challenging day for relationships. A T-square energy will be activated involving the Moon, Venus, Neptune, and Chiron. Additionally, an arrogant Mars in Leo is square to a retrograde, obstinate Mercury in Taurus creating the perfect conditions for two scenarios – dissatisfaction with a partner or aspects of the relationship and the urge to tell them everything THEY do wrong and how they aren’t making YOU happy. Stop, in the name of love, and ask yourself if you are prepared to fight a battle just to lose the war. This energy will not last long and when it passes, you may regret sharp words. Two things can help ease the day. The first is to step outside yourself and pretend you are the other person – really feel them. The second is to remember the commitment you have and think beyond this day. A Saturn/Venus trine will remind you of the benefits of commitment.

With the T-square subsiding and a cooler, more intellectual Virgo Moon in effect on Saturday, life seems more settled. There may still be some discontent, but less emotional challenge as a Venus/Neptune square and the Mars/Mercury square are still active. It may be best to make it a chore day and run errands or organize your closets or desk. By taking control of your material world, your mindful state will allow your emotions and nerves time to reboot.

A Moon/Saturn conjunction on Sunday is in a wonderful energy pattern with Venus and Neptune/Chiron. I see the energy of this day as pleasure to be gained and shared through rituals or spiritual disciplines. Meditation, church, communing with nature – whatever activities make you feel connected to something greater than yourself will have a deeper meaning today and set your emotional energy for the rest of the week. Enjoy this day to the fullest.

Monday the 26th is a day of tunnel vision and single focus. A Sun/Pluto trine will bring an intensity to the day. Combined with Neptune and Chiron receiving some added stamina from Saturn, this intensity may be directed toward work projects and completing your own “Mission Impossible.” Just for fun, act out a superhero persona for the day. You may not notice the skipped lunch or the overtime if you are busy being Kim Possible or Iron Man.

If Monday was a day of hard work, you’ll be pleased to learn that Tuesday’s planetary energy offers some opportunity for romantic surprises. If you are single and looking, get out there and smile. The energy pattern playing between the Moon, Saturn, and Neptune hints at a chance of meeting your forever mate. If you have a honey, plan something new and unusual while the Moon is in Libra, the sign of relationship, in harmony with Uranus, the planet of electricity and excitement. Venus and Pluto are sparking, too, and lovers will enjoy that “can’t get enough of you” feeling.

On Wednesday, you may find yourself talking far more than usual and mostly about feelings. The Sun/retro Mercury conjunction opposes the Moon in Scorpio. Mercury and Venus in harmony with Pluto add power and passion to your expression. A Moon/Mars square adds passion, as well. It is a good day for you to express your feelings or ideas in a constructive way, outlining your own wants and needs and establishing the ways and means for those needs to be met. Now that the Mars/Mercury square has faded, challenge and contention fade, too, and it’s safe to state your point of view. Also, you will be able to do so from a place of self-responsibility and without accusation toward others.

The aspects of Thursday highlight physicality. A pleasant Moon/Jupiter aspect brings enthusiasm, confidence, and the urge to get up and go. Pluto is still charging Venus with passion and Mercury with desire. Any time Mercury comes into play, the urge to travel or move may be present and today’s Moon energy hints of an adventure on the horizon. A Sun/Mars square feels like an itch that needs to be scratched. You may find it difficult to sit still today, and why should you? Take a walk at lunch or stop by the gym and get a good workout. That Sun/Mars energy can be a blessing if you burn it off through physical movement or a burden of added stress if you choose to sit the day away.

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