Apr 9, 2010


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New WINGS Update from Karen Bishop

The Next Wave of the Cosmic Tsunami Arrives

So then, what are some of the symptoms that we may feel during these times of massive energy movement?
  • Difficulty breathing or lung soreness due to the “fairy dust” arrival.
  • Heart pain, palpitations, chest pain, and upper back pain from the heart opening energies.
  • Having the sensation of a lump in the throat, from the opening of the heart.
  • Leg pain and foot pain from the earth movements and new grounding.
  • Over-all body pain, headaches, bladder or kidney pain, and muscle aches from detoxing in order to align with the new energies.
  • Feeling as if you are hyper-ventilating as the higher vibrating energies hit our systems.
  • Acute fear and anxiety.
  • Depression and low energy for some, heightened energy for others.
  • Feeling very “off,” as of nothing fits or is familiar, and feeling jittery and frazzled, almost as if a trauma has occurred.
  • Becoming very emotional and crying about everything….when love and caring is experienced, and when it is not when it should have been (the heart energy again.)
  • Sleeplessness and stress, even if there is really none present in our lives at the moment.

Awakenings with Michele Meiche

Paolo D'oro --- Psychic 4/9/2010 3:00 PM EDT Paolo D'oro has been a psychic since his first breath and he has collected visions throughout his childhood sharing them from Europe to India where he has had the opportunity to study many rites and attend many rituals from the Yoruba in Africa to the Candoble in Brazil. He believes it is time to meld all cultures and join in the dance of life, and as Ama states "We're all in service". He has known many spiritual leaders and galactic travelers that continue to break through the old patterns and assist in de-mystifying ancient dogmas to use in our daily lives. Allowing others to grow and activate which will help each other. http://www.whatisyoursound.com


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