Mar 1, 2010


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New WINGS Update from Karen Bishop

Preparing for the Cosmic Tsunami

More excitement is on the way. There is a restructuring of the cosmos about to occur. Just as the earth moved into a new space in the cosmos a few months ago, it is now time for other celestial bodies to move into very new energetic spaces as well. Thus, there will be a restructuring of the cosmos. This enormous mass movement will create a massive wave of energy, or rather, a cosmic tsunami. This massive wave of energy, or wave of light, will then wash over the earth. Being that we are now in much higher vibrating energy than we were only a few months ago, the wave then, will be comprised of higher vibrating energy, or light… and this light will then envelope all of the cosmos.

The Haiti earthquake signaled a massive heart opening for the planet. It was the precursor for the energy of the new earth… the heart energy. In this way, it jump-started the creation of our new reality. The massive earthquake that occurred in Chile yesterday was for very different reasons. And it will not be the last earth movement on the planet, as there will be more.

The Chile earthquake was a precursor for the wave of light. This earthquake and others are preparing the palette for the wave of light to enter. The earth is formulating a new “bed,” or restructuring itself so that she can better receive the new light that is soon to arrive.

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