Mar 22, 2010

William Henry on the Barque of Millions of Years

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This ten minute snippet of a William Henry lecture is surprisingly dense. In it he explores his theory of the correlation between the ancient Egyptian Barque of Millions of Years and the modern depiction of a wormhole. There are more images and some explanation of this theory on his blog here. This theory makes perfect sense to me. Like so much of Henry's work, speaks to images I've been seeing in dreams, meditation, and journeys, for years.

What struck me in particular about this presentation of the theory was the Barque image he chose; the Mesektet, or night, barque used by Ra.

What captures my imagination in that image is the shape of the doorway to the stars depicted. It is a shape that my guides have directed my attention to repeatedly. It's all over my journals. It's the shape of the classic tombstone.

My theory is that the cardinal shapes used for tombstones don't represent death at all. They represent a portal between death and new life. They are a little symbolic key, or memory trigger, to our immortality.

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  1. I'm right there with you. There are few theories around nowadays that I can say "I totally agree". Something deep down in my gut has been saying "YES!!" since the first time I read or heard any of his material.


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