Mar 16, 2010

New Moon

Today the new moon energy is particularly strong. Some of us may have been experiencing extreme dreams over the last few days as the new moon in Pisces was approaching. With sun, moon, Mercury, and Uranus conjunct in Pisces and all quincunx to Vesta, our attention is directed toward hearth and home, as represented by Vesta. Vesta may also represent Gaia, our shared home. Sun, moon, and Mercury are also trine to Pallas, which rules logic. In our individual lives, as well as collectively, this may be a time for initiating positive and practical change. There is a fullness, ripeness, and readiness to the current planetary energy. The image I see is a flower bud about to open. Pisces energy when it expresses its highest vibration is compassionate and spiritual. Vesta sits in the creative and fixed fire energy of Leo. Pallas is now placed in the water fixed sign of Scorpio.

Perhaps higher thought and ideals will bring about a real change now in how our world makes things happen and current blocks to initiative and implementation will be removed via a dissolving of previous harmful or illogical restrictions.

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