Feb 28, 2010

Full Moon in Virgo

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A look at this full moon in Virgo, in opposition to sun and Jupiter conjunct in the sign of Pisces, made me think how cranky and disoriented this moon feels. Virgo likes to analyze and discriminate and compartmentalize things. Jupiter and the sun are both expansive and all over the place in nebulous and ethereal Pisces. This opposition can have us all feeling emotionally disoriented and destabilized. Hmm, almost like experiencing an earthquake. Concerning actual earthquakes, I feel we may be experiencing ever-increasing earth adjustments at each new and full moon as the months go by.

Squares and oppositions are not bad things, in my way of thinking. Nor are trines and sextiles purely positive. Most of our productive growth and change comes from the challenge of working out a square or opposition. An opposition is the most challenging energy to deal with because we must try to be or to do two things at one time.

My first thought surrounding this lunation was to check the Sabian symbol for it. “Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows” and I immediately knew that the way to balance the moon/sun opposition (the two heads, indeed) was to put them to work at looking beyond the “shadows” (Jupiter expanding beyond the Piscean/Neptunean fog) through the use of divination methods. By coincidence, the site I found to look up the Sabian symbol features a wonderful oracle option where you can ask a question, a numerology option where you can analyze your name through the combined methods of numerology and Sabian symbols, and a feature that allows you to see the Sabian symbols for each of your natal planet degrees. What a perfect blending of a Virgo detail-oriented system and a Pisces image-rich intuitive method of divination!

Spend some time at this site and you may feel less off-kilter.

Originally posted to Dunnea.net

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