Aug 25, 2011

More Earthquakes and Weirdness

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Someone George Ure refers to as "Deep Source" did some unusual calculations on the Virginia and Colorado earthquakes. Ure describes the dialogue:

Did you notice the Colorado quake was 111-miles from the border of Mineral County, Colorado? he began.

No, I hadn’t.

Notice it…it’s important…”


And what was the first Virginia landmark referenced in the USGS report?”

“Well, the quake was 5 miles from Mineral, Virginia. So what?”

And how far is it between the quakes?” he continued.

Uh…1,460 miles, or so, I guess, just eyeballing it on Streets & Trips.

“Add up all those numbers.”

Hold that.  And how far from the Colorado quake to Mineral Well, Mississippi?”
“841 miles.”

“And from Mineral Wells, Mississippi to Mineral, Virginia?”

“About 700.”

“So here’s something to think about then:  Doesn’t it strike you as a synch-wink that the quakes happened approximately equally spaced from Mineral Wells?”
“Hadn’t really thought about it.”

“Then look 111 miles North and slightly East of Mineral Wells, Tennessee.  Tell me the name you see up there…”
New Madrid.

“Must I do all your work for you, George?”  Click.

I really have no idea if the calculations are significant or if this is just someone torturing mathematics to cosmically tie Tuesday's quakes to the all-important New Madrid fault line. It caught my eye primarily because I have been seeing 111 and 11:11 coming up constantly now for weeks. So has my husband and we always seem to experience these upticks at the same time. I don't really know what to ascribe the 11:11 phenomenon to. I read Solara's book years ago and I'm very aware that the sequence of numbers has taken on a range of meanings in new age circles. I'm agnostic on the various explanations for it but I've been observing and enjoying the phenomenon for years. I don't really need to know exactly what it means.

Likewise, I don't read a lot into synchronicities except in as much as they are a reminder that we are not really separate from what we observe. I don't think they're God or the angels pointing at anything or that they're necessarily significant in and of themselves. But like the 11:11 phenomenon, they seem to increase in periods of high weirdness. Periods like now, which was feeling very surreal for a week or two before the quake. They're happening constantly.

I did find it interesting that a quake affected DC just as I'm reading The Lost Symbol; a book that's been on my list for a while. I'm reading it now because I enjoy a light read when I'm sitting by the pool. Hours after reading that the National Cathedral in DC was damaged in the quake, I opened to the chapter that begins:

Washington National Cathedral is the sixth-largest cathedral in the world and soars higher than a thirty-story skyscraper.

The damage to the cathedral is a bitter pill for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is my Episcopalian upbringing. But there was a lot of damage to DC landmarks and I read this morning that the Washington Monument was more seriously affected than they'd previously thought. It's a deeply significant piece of architecture, owing more to the ancient obelisks of Egypt than George Washington the man. For more on the significance of DC and the Capitol Building specifically, I'd point you to earlier posts on some William Henry's research here and here. But to appreciate the Washington Monument, you have to consider the pyramidion, or benben, sitting on the top.

I continue to be amazed that we, personally, had no damage. A few things fell off of shelves. The Capitol, which is farther from the epicenter, really took some hits. Of course so did the Target near our house. I went there Tuesday night to pick up a box of Chai and a lot of the ceiling tiles had fallen out and taken the metal slats with them. Big areas were roped off. Pier One was closed. I wonder what that looked like with all that glass and pottery.

We're also still feeling aftershocks. My daughter was awakened last night by the rattling of the mirror on her vanity. It was a 4.5.

Despite the minimal damage, there's a weird, war-zone feeling in the air. There are cops everywhere. I've never seen them out in such force. People are being pulled over left and right and not just on the main arteries. They're being very proactive; about what I have no idea.

There's just a strange charge to the air lately. It's been like that for a while and it seems to be building. I mentioned a while ago that our atomic clock lost its mind. We're still using it until we find a suitable replacement. It keeps accurate minutes even if the hour is, um, not. And it still gives the temperature inside and out. But it tells time in another dimension. It's barfing up things that aren't even numbers. It's just weird.

What I didn't mention is that shortly after the clock went off the deep end, my credit card terminal started acting strangely. I went to ring up a SALE and the L was backwards. I cleared it and hit SALE again. It came up normal and then the L flipped again right before my eyes. The next day it was destroyed when lightning hit the phone line. When I was setting up the new machine I asked the tech if he was familiar with such problems. I don't think he even believed me.

These things come to mind, in part, because in reading through Ure's blog, I'm seeing other people have written in about clocks and the like acting in a completely aberrant fashion. How much of this is that everything is made in sweat shops in the third world these days (I'm tired of returning malfunctioning electronics), how much of it is electromagnetic interference from all the solar flares, and how much of it is that we're crossing over into greater... surreality, I can't say. But things feel incredibly strange.

Meanwhile, I just keep dreaming about trees. The other night I dreamt that I ran into Bloomingdales to pick up a gift. (I don't really shop at Bloomies, ever.) The store was just so strange. Most of it was big, wide hallways made of wood, with wood sculptures of nothing but shapes; one was just a kind of curl. Barely visible from the halls were small showrooms of merchandise. It seemed like an odd way to design a retail establishment. At a certain point, I realized that the whole store was in a giant tree and the halls went through the branches. Then I woke up.


  1. This post, btw, was published at 1:11. And no, it wasn't intentional. I noticed it just as I was preparing to hit publish post. Weird.


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