Aug 1, 2011

Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation, which recently entered the mutable earth sign of Virgo, turns retrograde late in the evening of August 2nd and backtracks into the fixed fire sign of Leo by the end of the first week in August. Virgo is an analytical and methodical sign that likes to do things purposefully. Virgo's mutable quality may make it run through several possibilities before deciding which option is the most effective, but the desired result is always function. Leo, on the other hand, is highly creative, playful, and dramatic. Leo can work as hard as Virgo, but the process of creation is half the fun and the bigness of the effect is sometimes more important than function. Why have plain and practical when you can go for fun and extravagant?

As you enter the Mercury retrograde period this week, use the Virgo energy at the start of the retrograde period to analyze, itemize, and prioritize the things that you would like to go back over. Mercury retrograde's finest attribute is the opportunity it affords you to pull out old plans and projects, collect more information, or revisit an issue in order to clear it. Mercury retrograde can bring second chances. When the energy begins to shift on August 7th, you will have a list to burn through with that creative Leo fire.

Just as Mercury turns retrograde, Mars, the planet of action, leaves the air sign of Gemini and enters the emotional water sign of Cancer. Mars happens to aspect Mercury with a supportive sextile and also aspects Neptune in Pisces with a favorable trine until August 7th. I see these aspects as dream incubators. You can use these favorable aspects to help you get in touch with your emotions and identify your desires before you take any action. I do have to add a "however" here, though. Mercury retrograde traditionally causes misunderstanding, delays, and breakdowns with travel- and communication-related things. Mercury happens to oppose Neptune, which increases the possibility of confusion. Mars can enhance the potential for fire, accidents, and arguments. Cancer, Pisces, and Neptune are all water- and ocean-related. Please be cautious when traveling in the rain or on water. Safety first at all times.

Whatever area, or house, in your chart that has Leo energy: get ready to re-create something during the Mercury retrograde period. Based on a solar (sun sign astrology) chart, these are the houses and their concerns. Read for both your sun sign and your rising sign, also known as your ascendant. There are links on this site where you can get both your ascendant and your natal chart for free.

Aries (5th house)
Creativity, theater, dance, music, art, film, gardening, cooking, gambling, pets, children, love affairs and romance, pleasure trips and entertainment, competitive sports.

Taurus (4th house)
Home, family, core beliefs, property, psychological foundations, possible past life carryover.

Gemini (3rd house)
Communication, sales work, neighbors and neighborhood, politics, local travel, early childhood education, imagination and formative ideas, siblings.

Cancer (2nd house)
Money, income, self-worth, self-esteem, personal values.

Leo (1st house)
Your sense of self, how you present yourself and how others see you, image, physical vitality.

Virgo (12th house)
The subconscious, prisons, hospitals, monasteries and other types of alternative communities or institutions, dream state and meditation, connection to Spirit and the collective.

Libra (11th house)
Friends, groups, organizations, the stage, gallery, or audience, wish fulfillment.

Scorpio (10th house)
Career, reputation in the outer world, authority, success, what feels like home to you in the outer world, recognition and titles.

Sagittarius (9th house)
Higher education, foreign travel, philosophy, search for truth and expanded horizons, writing and publishing.

Capricorn (8th house)
Sex, intimacy, death, taxes, metaphysics, investments, inheritances, insurance, divorce, business partnerships, other legalities involving shared resources.

Aquarius (7th house)
Marriage, relationship, the hidden part of yourself that you may not acknowledge.

Pisces (6th house)
Dharmic work, service, purpose, health, healing, habits, hygiene.

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