Aug 15, 2011

Astrological Trends for August 15-21

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A polite and sensitive mood sets the tone for the morning of Monday, August 15th, as the moon in the mutable water sign of Pisces forms a quincunx to Saturn in the cardinal air sign of Libra. This combination of mental refinement and spiritual sensitivity enhances social interaction, romance, and all forms of artistic expression. The moon sextile Jupiter in the fixed earth sign of Taurus helps bring plans into being and creative ideas into material form, as well as improves overall optimism and attitude. Mars, the planet of action, in the cardinal water sign of Cancer sextile Jupiter in Taurus gives the power of material manifestation another boost. With Mars and Jupiter supporting each other, you have the energy to act and the stamina to follow through. Mars in Cancer also opposes Pluto in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn until noon, indicating there may be some resistance to overcome or difficulties to work out as you move through the morning, but a supportive sextile between Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces means that where there is a will, there is a gentle or fruitful way to be found. Unfortunately, the long-term square aspect between volatile Pluto in traditional Capricorn and unstable Uranus in the cardinal fire sign of original Aries is still creating strong resistance and reaction whenever something new attempts to replace the old. The effect of this square aspect may be more noticeable on a global level, but if you would like to know how it affects you personally, you must look to see what houses, or areas of life, Pluto and Uranus are transiting in your own natal chart. Neptune has left the water sign of Pisces and re-entered the fixed air sign of Aquarius while it is retrograde. I feel this may bring spiritual or religious issues to the forefront in the news. Mercury retrograde in the fixed fire sign of Leo is joining Venus and the sun, exactly conjunct in Leo. This creative, energetic, passionate fire can make old things new and bring renewed joy into whatever area of your chart Leo resides. Second chances and trying again are especially likely to be happily successful under this influence. The moon/Saturn quincunx is gone by early evening and a peaceful, unaspected Pisces moon continues to shine on your evening. Pisces loves to dream and escape. Everything takes on a rosy glow or is felt more deeply. Spend the evening rekindling romance with a partner or indulge in your own favorite special treat - a glass of wine, a movie, a good book, a massage?

Imagination meets creativity and romance meets passion on Tuesday, August 16th, when the moon in the sensitive water sign of Pisces forms a dynamic quincunx to the sun, Venus, and Mercury in Leo until mid-afternoon. If it feels good, do it! If you can imagine it, create it! Sometimes too much of a good thing can be great, so let your cup runneth over and worry about other things later. Everyone needs to feel young again sometimes. Early this evening, the Pisces moon forms a mild semi-sextile to its planetary ruler, Neptune, in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, stimulating romantic thoughts or the writing muse. Energy shifts noticeably when the moon enters the cardinal fire sign of Aries later this evening, joining erratic and electric Uranus. After the peaceful vibe of the Pisces moon, a jolt of Aries fire mixed with some electrical tingle feels like a double shot of espresso. You may need to burn off physical energy through exercise before the evening ends or you will toss and turn in bed tonight.

Expect the unexpected the morning of Wednesday, August 17th, when the moon in Aries joins Uranus in Aries and forms a challenging square to both Pluto in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn and Mars in the cardinal water sign of Cancer. Emotional responses to change or new ideas could be dramatic or extreme. At midday, the Aries moon forms a gentle semi-sextile to Jupiter in Taurus, which brings the Jupiter/Mars sextile into play. I see this aspect as "right makes might" in any potential conflict. The integrity of Jupiter in Taurus cannot allow any negativity or wrongness to win. Early this evening, the moon draws away from unsettling Uranus but enters an opposition to Saturn in Libra, which can put a strain on relationships, especially with the moon/Mars square creating a feeling of neediness or a tendency to quarrel. The Aries moon may lead some couples to have a finger-pointing session full of criticism now. The ornery square between the moon in Aries and Mars in Cancer fades by later this evening, but the moon/Saturn opposition suggests that you still tiptoe cautiously around other people, especially your partner. People may be more polite and less defensive, but they may still need time to cool off if their temper has flared.

Begin your own outstanding tasks and delegate work that needs to be done by others on Thursday, August 18th. The moon in the cardinal fire sign of Aries is free of any major aspects until lunchtime, when the moon forms a favorable trine to Mercury in Leo, which can help you stay on-task and communicate well with others. This is an excellent time to look at projects that have been lingering and get them done with the help of others. As the afternoon progresses, the moon also aspects the sun and Venus in Leo - even more support for creative endeavors and cooperative projects - as long as people follow the leader. This evening may be extremely passionate for lovers, exciting for adventurers, lucky for gamblers, and successful for athletes who compete to win.

The impossible can become very possible, or at least highly probable, on Friday, August 19th, as the moon in the fixed earth sign of materialistic, practical Taurus forms a supportive sextile to inspirational Neptune in futuristic, inventive Aquarius. Believe you can do something and put one foot in front of the other. Keep it up until you get the results you want. Affectionate Venus in ardent Leo opposes distorting Neptune in detached Aquarius now, which can make romance squirrely. Too much ego/too little attention, too many demands/too little independence, misunderstood meanings/hurt feelings are all possible combinations. Now may not be the best time to demand a state of the relationship talk with your mate, nor is it the best time to look for a new partner. At noon today, the productive Taurus moon forms a favorable trine to powerful Pluto in success-oriented Capricorn and a supportive sextile to healing Chiron in Pisces. Practical solutions, profit, and a sense of security and safety prevail. The moon in Taurus joins abundant Jupiter later this evening, making the afternoon and evening an excellent time to shop for major appliances, furniture, or property. You will receive good value, durability, and pleasure with your purchase, but please wait until the end of the Mercury retrograde period at the end of August before buying a vehicle of any kind.

Family activities are favored on Saturday, August 20th, as the moon in the pleasure-loving earth sign of Taurus joins generous Jupiter. Together, the moon and Jupiter form a supportive sextile to Mars in the family-minded, emotional water sign of Cancer. The moon and Jupiter are also quincunx to steady Saturn in the relationship-minded sign of Libra. A picnic or dinner with friends and family is one of the best ways to make use of this energy, which says "food, family, friends." Mars in Cancer does form a challenging square to Saturn in Libra, which means not everyone present at a gathering shares the same opinion about everything (when do they ever?), but Saturn in Libra keeps people polite and the Taurus moon keeps them kind and tolerant. Later this evening, the moon/Saturn quincunx fades and the Taurus moon squares Mercury in Leo. Send your guests home or leave the party before the Taurus moon/Leo Mercury square takes effect tonight. Guests who overstay their welcome or overindulge in food and drink may become belligerent or offensive. Please don't increase the risks of a Mercury retrograde period by drinking and driving this evening.

Sunday, August 21st, may be the most uncomfortable or difficult day of the week due to a T-square aspect pattern that dominates most of the day and a shifting of the planet Venus from the fire sign of playful Leo to the mutable earth sign of "just-so" Virgo. The morning begins quietly with the moon in the late degrees of Taurus making no major aspect to another planet until lunchtime, when it enters a square to the sun in Leo. A T-square is in place for the remainder of the day involving the moon in Taurus, sun and Venus in Leo, and Neptune in Aquarius. You may feel thwarted in any attempt you make to see your ideas manifest on the material plane and you may have too much attachment to things being done your way to even consider any other options while this T-square is in effect. Early in the afternoon, Venus moves from Leo to the mutable earth sign of Virgo while still locked into the T-square. You may develop tunnel vision as you look for loopholes and ways to get what you want or begin to collect detailed reasons why it has to be done your way. This evening, the T-square continues, but the moon leaves the earth sign of Taurus and enters the mutable air sign of Gemini. This is the beginning of the breakdown of the locked horns, stuck situation, or impasse. A Taurus moon is stubborn and unyielding, but a Gemini moon is open to new ideas and creative possibilities. By tomorrow morning, the energy of today will be forgotten as the moon in Gemini brings new ideas and opportunities.

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