Aug 21, 2011

Horoscope for August 22-28

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Aries (March 21st - April 20th)
Mental and creative pursuits are more appealing than the emotional side of life this week, Aries. You may find yourself wishing your partner or family members were less needy, dramatic, or emotionally expressive and gave more of their energy to looking at things from a logical perspective or were more open to change and flexibility. Currently, the planets are stimulating your mind more than your heart and you are excited by the potential for fresh ideas or new social contacts that can advance your career and earning potential. The people close to you may feel insecure, unsure, and even threatened when you choose new activities or new friends over them. Reassure them that your own personal growth simply allows you to be more of the person they would most want you to be - yourself!

Taurus (April 21st - May 20th)
The planets support you in personal growth and attracting what you need or want, Taurus. However, there can be an easy path or a difficult path to follow. Neither one is right or wrong. The more difficult path of fear, worry, and emotional angst over work or health issues looks like the classic case of making mountains out of molehills, but you will learn just how powerfully you can build those mountains. It may not be easy to look away from those issues this week, but you have even stronger planetary energy that suggests using mind over matter, imagination, ingenuity, investigation, and communication to affect things on a very material level. List your problems or worries. Next to each one, write down solutions or other possibilities that you think would be good, better, and best. Creative life-scripting is a much better waste of time than fretting, isn't it?

Gemini (May 21st - June 21st)
Did this past weekend feel a bit slow and did you feel tired or languid, Gemini? The moon transiting your 12th house of the subconscious and dream state is to blame for the lethargy and dreaminess. Now the moon enters your 1st house of self at the beginning of the week and Mercury, the ruler of your sign, is about to turn direct after a retrograde period that may have kept your creative plans on hold. Yee-haw! Forward motion at last! But it seems you are not completely satisfied with how your money is flowing. Or you have not enough time to handle way too many tasks that both home and work require. Rather than beating yourself up over things, use your dissatisfaction to help you sort, eliminate, and prioritize on all levels. Despite your best attempts to micromanage your time, there may still be things that cut into your schedule, which are not personally productive. Be grateful for the time away from work, which is not ready to kick into full speed yet, anyway.

Cancer (June 22nd - July 22nd)
Balancing home, family, work, and an intimate relationship is the work of your week, Cancer. Pause and rest at home on Monday if you are able to do so. The planets indicate your energy is low then and a day to plan your week ahead and prepare for a fresh busy personal cycle would be wise. Some Crabs may have a radical change in work or career that upsets the entire flow of home life. A work-at-home job could take off now or you and a partner become workmates and business partners. There are more possible scenarios than I can write in this limited space. Increased physical activity, increased creative brainstorming with others, and a shifting of established work/family/home relationships and routines are the common themes. Energy picks up and flows out with much shifting and sometimes some confusion, but it is all pulling together by the end of the week.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)
Changes in business or your investments and future plans can increase your income potential significantly, Leo. Do your research and when Mercury goes direct at the end of the week, make a fresh start or try something new. You may have some worry over the unknown factor, but "nothing ventured, nothing gained" is worth remembering when anxiety rises. You have one particular skill that you could master now that becomes a primary source of increased income for you. Advertise yourself as a specialist and see what happens. While the planets have their focus on you, it can be easy to lose sight of your partner or take them for granted. In your mind, everything you are doing to improve yourself and your business benefits them; therefore, you are expressing love through your actions. Make an effort to be verbally expressive in romance, as well.

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)
Connecting with friends as well as networking for business reasons can take a lot of you at the start of the week, Virgo. This may be the kind of week where you feel you have things you must get through before you can be by yourself or do the things you want to do. Instead of feeling put-upon and letting resentment build on the inside, it may be better to declare your intentions and put your own needs before the needs of others. A tired, cranky Virgo is not a pleasant Virgo to be around, so putting your own happiness first benefits everyone close to you. A friend, group, or organization may ask for your assistance, but then ignore your wise advice. Don't take things personally, but do remove yourself and reclaim your sovereignty. Unexpected money or some other material gift may have a string attached or have to be used as soon as it arrives.

Libra (September 23rd - October 23rd)
You may have asked for increased business or more money, Libra. It could arrive now, but the downside is that the extra output of physical energy required to work harder could be taking a toll on your emotions. Your partner, family, and friends may be aware that you are extremely sensitive now. Some may be understanding and supportive, but others could get a bit of delight from seeing your image of perfection looking flawed like the rest of us mere mortals. I suggest you let go of your own high expectations of others and yourself this week and take things lightly if they go wrong or you become forgetful. The sterner and more controlling you try to be, the more resistant others around you become. Shifting energy this week affects you more strongly than most. By the time the weekend arrives, you will welcome a quiet time for your nervous system to recalibrate. Something you want to be perfect needs some more practice or polish before presentation next week.

Scorpio (October 24th - November 21st)
A lover or something you have been passionate about could come down off the pedestal this week, Scorpio. The feeling that no one or nothing is as perfect as you had believed can be especially sharp or poignant. What usually happens when you experience extreme emotions is an extreme outpouring of work or creative energy that is almost laser-like in its intensity. Now is no exception. The work arena currently looks like a place to show how unique and powerful you are. Even Scorpios who are not natural performers or artists may seek an impromptu audience to receive their emotional masterpieces, whether presented in words, music, or images. If you invite friends into your home, be sure to set clear boundaries. You may not know beforehand how much sharing of space you can tolerate, so be sure to have an escape plan or an agreed-upon departure time.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)
Boundaries are shifting in business and friendships this week, Sagittarius. You may have grown too familiar or friendly with an employer and find yourself wondering just who the boss really is when your creative eagerness jumps in to take the wheel. It may be time to move beyond apprentice level at something and become a master. It may be time to risk self-employment in order to grow beyond an earning limit. You may be disappointed if you rely on a friend or organization now, but it could be your expectations are too great. The driving desire you have to increase your income may not be shared by others to the same degree. Being a self-employed person or a business owner might mean less freedom and play time and more responsibility and work, so be sure you are loving what you do.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)
Be careful when it comes to money at the beginning of the week, Capricorn. You may want something so badly that you are willing to believe anything or overlook some glaring pitfalls, especially if a home or property is involved. You have a planetary aspect right now that would make timeshare salespeople and shady realtors move in for the kill. Take time to think twice, explore other options, and put off making a decision until after Mercury turns direct on the 26th. Your personal presence and strong persuasive speech can make wishy-washy people tremble. Stay in integrity when dealing with people who are affected by your power now. If you are married or have a steady romantic partner, be sure to include them in your plans. Asking their opinion before making decisions that they should be a part of is a gesture of common courtesy that can help keep the peace in an otherwise hectic week.

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)
How you want things to be and how they are might not line up neatly this week, Aquarius. Part of the problem is timing. You may have to wait for the retrograde Mercury to fully be behind you and the sun to get settled into Virgo before things crystalize. Another reason for the delay is that you are either not sure about what you want or you don't feel you deserve it. Getting it might mean work you aren't willing to be tied to just yet. You may have to learn new things or have to become more effective in making business decisions. You may feel naive and inexperienced and not sure if you are up to the task of yet another round of changes. Putter your way through these dilemmas by taking care of mundane chores that need to be done and taking one step after another as they present themselves.

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)
Your intuition and psychic guidance system is being colored by what you want to believe this week, Pisces. You may be right-on when it comes to things you have no emotional connection to, but if you have an outcome you desire, it will take a strength of will to release your attachment to it. There are potent manifesting lessons for you this week, as you observe that attachment pushes things away and non-attachment allows you to receive. Some other manifesting lessons involve learning how to be precise in your intentions through words or images and determining if you are wanting to manifest an actual thing or the emotion you think the thing will deliver. Some Pisces may have a windfall related to a partnership or have a change in personal values or tastes so profound that they find themselves attracted to a "type" they never were attracted to before.

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