Jan 10, 2010

Hollow Earth and Sonic Boom

Lately I have been noticing the odd synchronistic doubling that happens from time to time. Some people notice it with numbers, seeing double and triple digits repeatedly. That happens for me, too, but I also see the same words, expressions, or pictures pop up. I still haven’t figured out quite what this means. I think I am in a flow state, or where I should be, or it is a message of energy alignment, like breadcrumbs on a path guiding my attention so that I can find the way. I first noticed I had stepped into this kind of energy a few days ago when my family and I watched G-Force. One of the Guinea pigs was named Darwin. That same evening, Charles Darwin popped up in a novel I was reading and again while I was online.

Today I found a comment in my e-mail from a blog reader that was full of links to videos about a Crystal Child. Most likely, they found me based on a search, because I have written about having a Crystal Child. I began to open some of the links and discovered a series of videos featuring a young woman named Jessica Schab. The videos are in a series and the main topic is 2012, something of interest to almost everyone. I was curious to hear what she had to say, so I began listening. By the beginning of the second video, I began to get a bit restless and considered moving on (My, how high-speed information has jaded me – it takes something really good to keep me on any site past 10 minutes.) when the phrases “tip of the iceberg”, “sonic boom”, and “earth’s core” and “hollow earth” came up. The other day, for no reason I could think of, I remembered a time about 24 years ago, when my daughter’s father and I were walking around a park with our daughter in her stroller. We experienced what must have been the aftereffect of a sonic boom, although I can’t recall hearing any sound – just feeling and seeing a freight train of energy that moved through and past us quickly. I shared the memory with my daughter and it prompted me to do a search on sonic booms, where I learned what we had felt and seen is known as a boom carpet. Something inside me has always felt it was related somehow to UFO and ET experiences that began during that time period. In the last few days, my daughter and I had a discussion about the earth’s core and I had expressed the feeling that it is probably hollow and filled with people. And yesterday I posted “the tip of the iceberg” in my blog post. So, when all these repeated themselves, my spidey senses tingled and I decided to listen further. I got to the end of the fourth in a series of videos and couldn’t find the next, so I followed the link on YouTube to Jessica’s website, which has me sidetracked now from watching more video content while I explore her site a bit. Then I decided to type up this post before my attention wanders further. Here’s Jessica Schab’s site – enjoy!

Thank you to Congreso de Ciencia y EspĂ­ritu for sharing the videos of Jessica Schab.

Originally posted to Dunnea.net

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