Jan 17, 2010


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New WINGS Update from Karen Bishop

The Shift of January 15 and the Meaning of the Haiti Earthquake

Over the many years that I have been writing energy alerts, and now WINGS posts, there have been but a handful of significant shifts that have occurred. The ascension process was designed to move us, expand us, and raise the consciousness of the planet through ourselves, one step at a time, in order to alleviate as much discomfort as possible. In this way, for the most part, it has been a slow and steady process. None-the-less, at specific times, more dramatic and pivotal shifts have also occurred, but these shifts were far and few between.

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Leading up to January 15th, in which there occurred a new moon, a solar eclipse, and when Mercury resumed its forward movement, some manifestations occurred as well. Crying for no particular reason, or at least feeling like it (because of the Haiti heart opening…see below), feelings of a severe lack of self-confidence, feeling acutely vulnerable and fragile, feeling a loss of support or lack of anything in our spaces, feelings of wanting to be alone, or that being around others was irritating, massive and frequent hot flashes, being cold with an inability to get warm, panic, anxiety and depression, and sleepless nights along with daytime fatigue were but a few of the many symptoms of the impending shift.

During the day of January 15th, the energy was beginning its shift, and this created movement which commonly manifests as feeling jittery and rattled for no apparent reason. During our sleep time on the night of January 15th, a massive release occurred. This created some interesting and revealing dreams for many. What happened, was that we were now ready for our move forward… for our new directions to finally take hold, and for a massive and intense release of the past. This release and final decision making at our soul levels was greatly experienced through our dreams, or at our higher levels.

News for the Soul

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