Jan 20, 2010


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

Listening to Voices

We all listen to voices in our heads. Some voices offer wise counsel or gut knowing while others are just an inner critic or frightened child. How do you learn which voices to listen to and which ones to ignore? How do you sort the voices after a spiritual awakening? For many the voice of spirit help is lost in the cacophony of voices in the head. The most essential gift shamanism offers each of us is direct revelation, which comes as visions, voices or experiences with our own helping spirits. While the shaman is a specialist in working with these spirits, everyone has spirit help and everyone can learn to communicate effectively with that help. How do you know you are listening to your helping spirits and not just making it up? What if you can't hear anything at all and feel stuck or lost and alone. What if you have the opposite problem? You hear too many voices and don't know who to listen to. The answer is simple. It comes from the heart and begins with our willingness to feel.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 2PM Pacific


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Awakenings with Michele Meiche

Dr. John F. Demartini -- The Healing Mind

Dr John Demartini was born on Thanksgiving Day in Houston, Texas. From an early age he wore hand and leg braces to correct a birth defect. At school he had difficulty reading, writing and speaking which was later diagnosed as dyslexia and a speech impediment. In first grade, his teacher announced to his parents that he would never read, write, communicate, never amount to anything, nor go very far in life. At the age of 14 Dr Demartini left school and headed for Hawaii where at 17 he had a near death experience as a result of strychnine poisoning. These early challenges set the scene for a remarkable transformation in his late teens.Dr John Demartini was 17, a high school drop-out, unable to read or write when he met a 93 year old man called Paul Bragg who was able to catalyze a profound transformation by assisting him to awaken to an inspired vision of becoming a philosopher and a teacher. Dr Demartini made a commitment to dedicate his life to the understanding of universal laws as they relate to maximizing human awareness and potential. With focus and determined effort, Dr Demartini broke through his dyslexia and mastered reading and writing. He wrote his SATs and attained entry level into the University of Houston where he completed his Bachelors of Science degree in 1978. He went on to study Chiropractic at the Texas Chiropractic College where he graduated in 1982 at the top of his class with Magna Cum Laude. As Dr Demartini states, 'When you believe you cannot read or learn and you then discover that you can, it awakens an insatiable appetite for knowledge'. He has spent a total of 36 years avidly researching over 260 different disciplines such as psychology, cosmology, economics, sociology, biology, theology. Just as Paul Bragg had inspired him to breakthrough his perceived limitations, he dreamt of being able to do the same for others. http://www.drdemartini.com/index.html

1/20/2010 3:00 PM ET


Dr. Jude Currivan --Cosmologist, Planetary Healer, Author, Visionary and Educator

Dr Jude Currivan PhD is a cosmologist, planetary healer, international award-winning Hay House author, visionary and educator. Growing up as the daughter of a coalminer, she is now based near Avebury, England. Jude has experienced multidimensional realities and researched consciousness, perennial wisdom and metaphysics since early childhood. She holds a PhD in Archaeology researching ancient cosmologies and an Oxford University Masters Degree in Physics specializing in cosmology and quantum physics. During a highly successful business career she obtained extensive experience in merging her intuitive gifts into practical and creative approaches for managing organizational and cultural change. Her corporate career culminated in her being the Group Finance Director of two major international companies and to her being in the early 1990s the most senior business woman in Britain. In 1996, Jude was guided to take her work beyond the corporate world. In a well-grounded and accessible way, her work reconciles leading edge science, frontier research into consciousness and spiritual wisdom to explain and experience the emerging awareness of integral reality and is a leading pioneer of this revolutionary and empowering worldview. Jude has also worked with the wisdom keepers of many traditions. She continues to lead groups on sacred journeys worldwide, including between 2001 and 2006 a series of pilgrimages to Egypt, South Africa, China, Alaska, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Easter Island, Hawaii, Britain and Israel. The revelatory and transformational experiences of these journeys are shared in her book The 13th Step (Hay House 2007). www.judecurrivan.com

1/22/2010 3:00 PM ET


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