Jan 24, 2010


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New WINGS Update from Karen Bishop

New and Different Outcomes...Believing Again

From the onset of the earthquake in Haiti until it completed its core purpose (but there will still be more beautiful tendrils to come) on January 22, the energies were crying “distress!” or “SOS!,” or “911!” , or “I need help right now!” or even simply “I feel empty and drained” and “where am I anyway?” These energies were felt by all of us, no matter if we were aware of the situation in Haiti or not.

Many souls were sending out a distress signal because of the insecurity they were feeling. And this insecurity could feel downright uncomfortable, unstable, and for many, excruciatingly fearful with a powerless slant as we may not have been sure how and where to move forward or what to hold onto. Add to this the lower level interpretations of the Haiti earthquake, and it is no wonder that many souls were experiencing a new insecurity, instability, and exhaustion from all the surrounding energies.

This is an unprecedented time for us for several reasons, of which I will describe below. It is also a very precarious one, as things are indeed still a bit unstable now, even though we are making great progress in embracing the new shifts and allowing them to set the tone for our very new reality. We could still very well go into a time of a new unpleasant and dark reality if we are not careful, and if we are not mindful of what is now occurring. Even so, I personally trust that things will unfold quite nicely if we remember who we are and remain at the helm as the powerful creators that we were intended to be, as we turn the tide from the old reality experience to the new.

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