Jan 30, 2012

Time Monk Clif High on Big Changes in March

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I've listened to this Time Monks Radio Network interview with Clif High a few times. I've found it hard to get through because it is long and much of it is really ponderous. There are some stunning revelations, though. It just isn't immediately obvious because they've buried the lede.

The big news is that dramatic happenings are anticipated for March of this year. This looks to be the long anticipated "hard wall" of the "data gap" which coincides with something High is calling a "breakthrough" point. There is an extended period of alternating release language and building tension language that ends with nothing but release language as far as the eye can see. This points to a fundamental change in the nature of society and possibly of reality itself. Whether or not High is aware of it, there are intimations of the kinds of changes the airy-fairiest of lightworkers have been talking about for some time. Of course it could also mean something cataclysmic and hideously destructive. And of course, it could go both ways. Within the lighworker paradigm, that dichotomy should be familiar. As light increases and the dark is disrupted, the purging process is awful. And I've found it to be axiomatic that whenever Karen Bishop, for instance, signaled a positive expansion, the fallout was horrible. It got to where I used to brace myself for the coming misery whenever she gave her sunniest predictions. To put that in more pedestrian terms, for something new to be built, whatever's in it's way has to be destroyed. And it could well be that in this case, what is set for demolition is the world as we know it.

In her last energy update, Lauren Gorgo announced that it was... wait for it... her last energy update. The reason? We're there. Gorgo, whose last 5 or 6 updates have been stunningly on the money for me, personally, says that we've reached the "promised land."

This is the year when all the proposed solutions to bringing our planetary systems to the next level will be met with great cosmic support, and all those who have sustained the visions of the future and held the pristine memories of home will be given the divine flow of perpetual grace to physicalize those visions of LOVE.  This year we begin to live our purpose (out loud) and finally make manifest the creations we have envisaged for what seems like forever.

So, it makes sense that we might see some rather dramatic expressions of change in the material world, some of which could get really uncomfortable. Gorgo says as much.

We will continue to exist between worlds (3D & 5D) for a while, using the 4th dimension as the bridge between the two, so the Pleiadians suggest a need to be more discerning with our energy & opportunities in order to maintain a sense of equilibrium during a potentially stressful time on the planet, especially for those (4D) bridgers working with more of the masses and those people yet to choose LOVE.

There is a fairly direct comparison to be made between that vision and High's explanation of the infinitely extended release language period he sees ahead. He explains, as he has before, that release language periods can be either good or bad in terms of experience. It can be like a giant keg party where the majority of the conversation is in release even though a few exchanges in the mix are building tension. It can also be people reacting to learning that they're about to be exterminated in a holocaust. The language pattern would look the same in his data. But here's what he says about the immediate future at around an hour and forty minutes into the interview.

I would hope that we're a smart enough species that when pushed to the brink -- because we're basically lazy butts and we don't do anything until we're forced to -- that we will get off our lazy butts, stop these idiots, and go right into perpetual, exponential renaissance, which I think of as giant party, where we all agree we're adults now. We grant ourselves the freedom to interact with universe the way we need to. We get out from under these parental institutions in a kind and gentle way -- because we wanna rehabilitate these poor souls -- and grab all the cool stuff and start go out and start inventing our future in a giant party mode. Because I sure don't want to live in the alternative.

After this period in March of a "crocodile teeth" pattern alternating and between release and building tension language, it's all release except for some very small subsets of building tension language which look to be amongst the "powers that be" and may have to do with solar flares. (Right around the 41 minute mark.)

High, for his part, seems ecstatic in this interview. He is very excited at the possibility that the game is afoot. I think this is the first time I've ever heard him sound upbeat and positive. He seems to be very much of the opinion that something truly huge is coming and that whatever it is, it will dramatically change the power dynamics on the planet. This looks to be the point at which the "powers that be" become, as he has been calling them for some time, "the powers that were." But, he says, this is a moment for decisive action.

"Truly, we are at a point of commitment. If you are not taking action to thwart the powers that be in February and March of this year, there may not be a point to it in April or May."

High is still unclear -- though he engages in some wild speculation -- as to what causes the data gap. This is the time period that has shown up in report after report where-in his system is no longer able to gather data for these reports from the internet. Whether that means the internet will go down, the power grid will go down in a Carrington event, or we'll all lose our mental faculties, is anyone's guess. That there may be a mental component to this is bolstered by High's contention, at about an hour and a half in, that Russian parapsychologists are anticipating a "consciousness event" early in 2012.

In the first ten minutes of the interview, High postulates that our mental state (much like our electronics) is being affected by the changes on the sun. He also described in a number of interviews (and about the 43 minute mark in this interview) a mental state in which people just shut down and are basically standing in the middle of the street, drooling on themselves. I noticed that Denise LeFay has noted a similar phenomenon associated with the increasing solar flares and says she's seen the beginning stages of it.

This morning (Nov. 28, 2011) I had to go to two stores to grocery shop and it was as usual physically and psychologically painful, but there was something different that happened and that’s why I’m writing this. What I saw today while shopping was an eye-opener for me and gave me a sense of what 2012 is probably going to be like for many, many, people.

While in these two stores grocery shopping this morning (Nov. 28, 2011) my Mom and I kept running into other shoppers in the isles which is normal, BUT, every one of these people was totally unaware, confused, dazed, incapable of responding with any sort of normal reaction to their being in the way of other shoppers and so on. The first few times this happened I ignored it and pushed on past them all. But isle after isle we kept encountering this same mentally dazed, brain-dead, zombie-like state in 99% of all the shoppers...

These shoppers were not all seniors either but a good mix of society both in age and sex so this can’t all be blamed on the old people having a senior moment. Isle after isle we kept running into small groups of shoppers behaving like zombies who’d gotten themselves—and everyone else who came upon them—stuck in a zombie cluster-fuck traffic jam pile-up where none of them could even figure out how to solve the problem and escape the congestion. It really was unbelievable.

At about the 30 minute mark, High discusses psychic predictions that an off-planet entity may prevent a nuclear holocaust here on earth. After discounting much of it as a "savior myth," High allows that that doesn't mean it isn't true. There may be off-world entities that would prevent that because the damage would affect more than our planet but severely impact the rest of the solar system or farther out into the galaxy. I'd just like to point out that this is precisely what Bashar claimed in the eponymous channeled book. After first explaining that there was collective agreement not to destroy ourselves at some point in the early 1980s, he goes on to explain that we would never have been allowed to do so by nuclear means anyway.

Because you have made that decision, we can also tell you the following: that you never would have been allowed to annihilate yourselves through nuclear means anyway. It is your world: you can do with it what you will . . .  as long as what you do remains in your own back yard! Nuclear annihilation would have torn through the dimensional fabric of other space/time continuums, and affected other civilizations that have nothing to do with you. That is not allowed.

Another curious possible correlation to some of the more out there predictions I've heard through the years comes about the 2 hour and 17 minute mark. He describes a change in the "photonics" in which we begin to perceive colors that we didn't previously perceive. He suggests this may be due to changes in the magnetosphere and which affect our consciousness. This is something I remember Drunvalo Melchizedek talking about years ago regarding the pole shift -- that we would suddenly see colors that never existed in nature before.

I do think the entire interview is worth listening to, even though it's long and lacks narrative structure. I've tried to pinpoint the juicy bits by noting the times. Also, in the player below is a set of clips some helpful soul collected.

Also of note: High's newest report was just posted on High's site but it comes with some important caveats.

Future Recent History:2020 is specifically NOT a Shape of Things to Come report, although it has some element similarities. However, there are no immediacy, nor shorter term values used, thus much of the Shape report is not there, and a huge unreliability factor is present.

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