Jan 16, 2012

More William Henry: 2012 and Sion

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In this very recent Red Ice Radio interview, William Henry discusses his increasing discomfort with some of the factually challenged hype around 2012. He is also becoming more outspoken in his challenge of conspiracy theories about "the illuminati" and the like.

The major takeaway from this interview is Henry's illustrative tale of how the "the gods" hid the great mysteries from humanity.

The body is absolutely the machine. And that's the diversion to me. Because if you're lookin' for a machine out here -- I mean everybody's lookin' for the Ark of the Covenant. Where's the Ark of the Covenant? Is it in Ethiopia? Or is it? Where is it? Well, according to this tradition, the Ark of the Covenant is your first three chakras. And the reason why archaeologists can never find the Ark of the Covenant is 'cause they're always sitting on it. I mean, that's the old joke isn't it? Oh, the gods got together. They have this secret. They wanna hide this secret from humanity. Should we bury it in the ocean? No. They'll create a submarine. They'll be able to find it. Well, let's put it high up on a mountain. Oh, no, no. They'll be able to climb that mountain. Well, we should bury it in the desert. No. Someone will find it. Oh, I know. Let's put it inside them. They'll never think to look there.

If there is a "dark side of the illuminati," the biggest psych op they're running is planting conspiracy theories that demonize the very information that could set us free. As Henry points out, we're told that there are secret technologies that only the elite have access to, when the human body itself is the technology. We've just forgotten how to use it. And the key symbols and archetypes that serve as a reminder of how to activate that technology -- such as the "all seeing eye" -- are inverted and recast as symbols of oppression.

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