Feb 17, 2010


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

Tom Pinkson: Medicine Teachings for Modern Times

The practices of the Huichol of the Sierra Madre in Mexico focus on living life in harmony with all living things. Their traditional ways of living include the ceremonial use of the sacred peyote plant and offer a path to a truly sustainable future. This week author and shaman, Tom Pinkson, PhD., joins us to discuss his new edition of The Flowers of Wiricuta, The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol: Medicine Teachings for Modern Times and to explore that possible future. In the book Pinkson shares his 11-year apprenticeship in the medicine teachings of the Huichol. Pinkson has successfully infused these sacred teachings into his work as a contemporary psychologist. He is uniquely positioned; having walked this path of integration for decades to look at the many challenges we face together, culturally, socially, and environmentally. Pinkson believes that the wisdom of the Huichol offers us a path to live spiritually grounded lives in intimate relationship with nature and each other.

This week's guest:
Dr. Tom Pinkson, Ph.D

TOM SOLOWAY PINKSON, Ph.D., is a psychologist, ceremonial retreat and vision-fast leader, sacred storyteller, and shaman. For 32 years he worked with terminally ill children at the Center for Attitudinal Healing in California, successfully integrating the wisdom teachings of the Huichol and other medicine teachers into the world of the practicing psychologist. His most recent work includes training in the Hardiness Factor (training for emotional resilience) and A New Vision of Aging (working consciously with the challenges and opportunities of the elder years). The founder of Wakan, a nonprofit organization committed to restoring the sacred in daily life, he lives in northern California.

The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol is the autobiographical account of Pinkson's decade-long immersion in the shamanic traditions of the Huichol tribes of the Sierra Madre in Mexico. From his first Huichol pilgrimage to Wiricuta (their sacred homeland) in 1981 to searching the desert for the heart medicine of peyote, Pinkson's account of his initiation into the medicine teachings of the Huichol brings new life to this ancient eco-centric tradition. Providing a guiding light for those who seek to become part of the solution to our planet's ecological challenges, Pinkson empowers readers to choose their own path toward healing both on a personal and a planetary level.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 2PM Pacific

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New WINGS Update from Karen Bishop

The Emptiness and the Wave of Light

Not only have we been removed from much of late, or rather “sequestered,” but there is an emptiness present as well. Feeling blank, hollow, singular, or even experiencing a loss of identity, are common sensations of this new emptiness.

We are preparing to receive an immense wave of light. This light will wash over the planet and create many changes…all in relation to creating a planet that is more in alignment with the light, or a higher level way of living and being. Feeling empty, then, is part of the preparation…a precursor to being filled up with the beginnings of a new reality.

. . .

Feeling empty, hollow, strange, restless, alone, or dis-connected, are feelings that accompany one who is at the door to the new. Yes, waiting for that door to open, standing before it wondering with anticipation what may lie behind it, or even waiting breathlessly in a strange and isolated position while a massive wave of light prepares to wash over us, is a space that is temporary at best, but here none-the-less.

Awakenings with Michele Meiche

Amanda Dowel -- Psychic and Medical Intuitive -- 2/17/2010 3:00 PM (ET) Amanda stated: My first psychic experience occured at the young age of 7, when my grandmother passed away. After her death, she appeared to me and "spoke", telling me that I would see things more clearly, going forward. Although I did not really understand her message at the time, I did begin "seeing" things that others did not see, as well as hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and touching when others could not. Since then, I have learned to use energy as both a healer and a psychic. I am a psychic and a medical intuitive and I work with deceased loved ones, do mediumship, and am a skilled tarot card reader. I am also an angel communicator and one of my greatest joys is working with and teaching about healing and communicating with angels. I focus on a broad range of spirituality, including shaminisim and animal communication. My mission is to empower people and coach them, giving them a road map to aid in their journey in life. To accomplish this, I combine a holistic approach with psychic messages. I particularly enjoy helping children that are psychic and/or indigo, as well as working with both living and passed on animals (the innocent's of life). Using light work and energy, I am here to help you on your path of self-discovery. I prefer to have specific questions so that I may activate the strongest connection with you. I look forward to reading for you. www.ancestoroflight.webs.com

Denise Lescano -- "The Messanger" -- 2/19/2010 3:00 PM (ET) "Denise Lescano is a world renowned Professional Spirit Medium, Intuitive Consultant, Metaphysical Teacher and Author. She is well known and widely respected, for the groundbreaking and unprecedented work that she does with non-profit Grief Support and Addiction Recovery groups. She specializes in working with those who have lost loved ones by sudden or accidental death and suicide. Denise is recognized and sought after for her highly developed intuitive gifts and her ability to deliver very detailed, personal and evidential messages from loved ones on the spirit side of life. Her penetrating insight and abilities are like no other. She teaches seminars and reads for clients all over the world and maintains an office in Naples, FL" www.deniselescano.com


News for the Soul

NEW BI WEEKLY SERIES FOR THE SOUL - PASSION FOR LIFE WITH GEOFF AYI-BONTE! Start your Mondays with Geoff (open lines and positive talk to start our week together!) - FEBRUARY 22, 2010 at 11am PST - Geoff Ayi-Bonte is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. He also helps govern hundreds of psychotherapists in British Columbia, Canada, as a delegate counsel member of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. Geoff lives out-loud and is passionate for life. It is his heartfelt desire and his mission in life to bring Passion-4-Life to others in their life and their work, through his office and through his day-to-day life. The “Passion-4-Life” program 2010© was developed by Geoff Ayi-Bonte as a systemic approach to achieving fulfillment in an array of life venues including personal relationships, families, work/career, spirituality, belief in self and others, assertiveness and finding the key to being motivated, enlightened and connected…to mention a few. Although life times are limited, “Passion-4-Life” helps people to tap into unlimited, life-changing, attainable and sustainable resources. It uses a unique system called T.I.M.E. {2010© Geoff Ayi-Bonte} that provides people with the knowledge and tools to move beyond life challenges, minimize the odds of future challenges and actualize life’s potential as it relates to feeling fulfilled and connected. It is designed to enable people to learn quickly, retain knowledge and apply their skills across their life. They say the we should make the most out of life…”Passion-4-Life” makes that possible. www.betterbalance.ca

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