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A Little Bit Culty

The NXIVM Extravaganza | Moira Kim Penza, Robert Gavin, and Vanessa Grigoriadis

Hey Listener, you asked for a greatest hits medley of all our NXIVM related guests in one or two meaty episodes.And hear ye, hear ye we have delivered. This is our second NXIVM extravaganza, and we hope you dig it. We’ll be back soon with all new episodes, and until then you can always hang out with us on Patreon at if you can’t get enough of our culty, culty content. But now…let’s dig into the main course shall we?

Keith Raniere’s trial was at the center of The Vow Season 2 – and this episode is taking you even further into the courtroom circus.

We’re featuring insights from three people who had as close a look as one could get.

First, you’ll hear from Moira Kim Penza – the prosecutor who brought Keith Raniere to justice. Her accomplishments are mighty: Like Keith’s conviction on all counts including racketeering and sex trafficking and a brisk 120 year sentence. Moira’s groundbreaking approach to the case has been credited with paving the way for other sex trafficking prosecutions against powerful individuals. In other words: She’s a total badass. In this episode, Moira sits down with Sarah and Nippy to talk about what it’s like to take on a world-class dirtbag (our wording, not hers) and what really chaps her ass about NXIVM’s Voldemort. More about today’s guest: Moira is now in private practice as a litigator, and a partner at Wilkinson Stekloff. Crain’s New York business named her in the 40 under 40 list, she’s been ranked as one of Bloomberg Law’s 40 under 40, and her legal analysis has been featured in The NY Times, CNN, ABC, NPR and Daily Beast.

Next you’ll hear from Robert Gavin. Robert has been a news reporter for 28 years, having also worked for two years as an editor. Originally from Staten Island, Gavin began his career by covering the New York City police and fire departments, the NYS Capitol, State and Federal Courts, various murder trials, and cases involving terrorism, the mafia, street gangs, and political corruption. And eventually, Robert’s role in the NXIVM trials and their coverage would play a crucial part in bringing down Keith Raniere.

Finally, you’ll hear from Vanessa Grigoriadis, who is an award-winning longform journalist and podcaster, having published profiles on the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Lady Gaga, and Arianna Huffington. So how did she get tied up in NXIVM’s bullshit while also reporting on the cult? Well, the short answer is: anyone and everyone is susceptible to coercive control and persuasion, even members of the press. The long answer? Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out.

Without further adieu. Here’s our NXIVM medley part two.

Episode available since September 18, 2023

Herbal Radio

Plant Stories | Featuring Doug Elliott (Rerelease)

There may be no better person that embodies the vision of “Plant Stories” like herbal troubadour and Appalachian naturalist, Doug Elliot. A gifted storyteller, Doug recites both wisdom and whimsical through spoken word and song. We’ve compiled some of our favorite songs that Doug has recorded with us and are releasing them together, in this delightful and heart-warming episode. Our host, Thomas, gives a brief introduction in between Doug’s sets, offering context for each of the four botanical tales & tunes.

Today’s episode also comes with a special visual bonus! We had the pleasure of visiting with Doug in the summer of 2022 at his Appalachian homestead.

. . .

Doug Elliot is a naturalist, herbalist, storyteller, basket maker, back-country guide, philosopher, and harmonica wizard. For many years made his living as a traveling herbalist, gathering and selling herbs, teas, and remedies.

He has spent a great deal of time with traditional country folk and indigenous people, learning their stories, folklore and traditional ways of relating to the natural world. In recent years he has performed and presented programs at festivals, museums, botanical gardens, nature centers and schools from Canada to the Caribbean. He has been a featured storyteller at the National Storytelling Festival. He has lectured and performed at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and conducted workshops for the Smithsonian Institution. He has led ranger training sessions for the National Park Service and guided people on wilderness experiences from down-east Maine to the Florida Everglades. He was named harmonica champion at Fiddler’s Grove Festival in Union Grove, N.C. He is the author of five books, many articles in regional and national magazines, has recorded a number of award winning albums of stories and songs, and is occasionally seen on PBS-TV, and the History and National Geographic Channels.

In recent years, he has received a variety of honors. The National Storytelling Network (the largest storytelling membership organization in the world) inducted him into their Circle of Excellence for “exceptional commitment and exemplary contribution to the art of storytelling.” The International Herb Association presented him with the Otto Richter Award honoring his work with herbs and useful wild plants. The National Association for Interpretation (the professional organization of park rangers, naturalists, museum curators, etc.) gave him the Master Front Line Interpreter Award for his “mastery of interpretive techniques, program development, and design of creative projects” celebrating the natural world and our human connection to nature.

Elliot’s passion for the natural world developed in early childhood roaming the woods and waters around his home. His dad used to say, “That boy knows what’s under every rock between here and town.” He still roams the woods today. He has traveled from the Canadian North to the Central American jungles studying plant and animal life and seeking out the traditional wisdom of people with intimate connections to the natural world. And he still looks under rocks. These days he uncovers more than just a few strange critters; he brings to light the human connection to this vibrant world of which we are a part.

Episode available since Sep 15, 2023

Navigating Narcissism with Dr. Ramani

Extreme Post-Separation Abuse with Jo Fonda

Less than 48 hours after obtaining a restraining order and fleeing with her young daughter, Jo Fonda’s husband climbed into the cockpit of a tiny plane and flew it directly into their home. In this shocking episode, Jo reveals the extremes of post-separation abuse and reminds us that ending a relationship doesn’t end the danger.

. . .

Guest Bio:

Jo Fonda’s memoir, Twenty Years to Life, reflects on over two decades of her husband's coercive control and mental / emotional abuse, hidden behind the screen of a picture-perfect successful life. She was systematically isolated from family, but finally recognized the reality of their dysfunctional marriage and the warning signs of a dangerous reaction to ending the relationship. Despite depression, anxiety, and fear, she and her daughter safely escaped. The death and destruction that followed was international front-page news.

Jo is an advocate on domestic violence awareness and served on the Board of the NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Episode available since September 14, 2023

Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Ecosomatics: Embodiment Practices for Healing w/Cheryl Pallant

Cheryl Pallant, author, poet, energy healer, dancer, meditation teacher and faculty member at the University of Richmond shares the wisdom of her most recent book, Ecosomatics: Embodiment Practices for a World in Search of Healing. She is also a contributing writer for Spirituality and Health Magazine and is a Reiki and Healing Touch practitioner. Many of us have probably heard the term Ecosomatics bandied about but weren't quite sure what it was or how it might be important. Well, today we get those answers as Cheryl explains ecosomatics, why its important during this period of climate crisis and she'll share how this practice might be used to support health. She'll reveal her findings of how embodied most people are, what is somatic listening and if all important intuition can be learned - and how.

Wed, Septeber 20, 2023 02:00 pm [Eastern]

Circle Sanctuary Network Podcasts

Circle of Nature with Selena Fox - Equinox Magic

Monthly explorations in Nature Spirituality and practices to connect with Nature through study, ritual, discussion, and more!

Explore and experience rituals and meditations for celebrating Equinox time.

Wed, September 20, 2023 08:00 pm [Eastern]

The Journey of Mabon

The Journey of Mabon. Celebrating the God of the hunt and season of the harvest. Featuring music by Murphy’s Midnight Rounders, Lisa Thiel, Belthain, etc.

Fri, September 22, 2023 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Lunatic Mondays ~ Phyllis Curott ~ Author

Why should Fridays have all the fun?

Go crazy on Mondays with Laura González on 'Lunatic Mondays'..... Anything can happen!!!

On this episode author, Phyllis Curott will be chatting with Laura González about dispelling negative stereotypes about Witches in the media, courts, and culture, fostering community and re-indigenizing our spiritual practices; and her new Ara "The Witches' Journey Masterclass".

Mon, September 25, 2023 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Desperate House Witches


Coby Michael and Ivo Dominguez, Jr. come on to discuss book #5 of The Witch's Sun Sign Series!

Ignite your witchcraft with the mighty roar of your Leo sun sign. Featuring eye-opening insight and numerous spells, exercises, and stories, Leo Witch reveals what strengths and weaknesses this sign brings to both your practice and everyday life. Ivo Dominguez, Jr. and Coby Michael, along with a variety of Leo contributors, teach you how to best connect with your sun sign energy.

This book deepens your relationship to yourself, providing many ways to channel your natural tendencies into stronger witchcraft. Explore your moon and rising sign traits, discover what correspondences are best for Leo, perform a ritual to meet the spirit of your sign, and cleanse and shield yourself. This book in the Witch's Sun Sign Series helps you light up the night with your warmth, strength, and showmanship.

Contributors include BronxWitch, Jaime Gironés, Fio Gede Parma, Gwendolyn Reece, Lady Rhea, David Salisbury, Dawn Aurora Hunt, and Sandra Kynes.

For more about Ivo Dominguez, Jr., please visit and for Coby Michael, please visit

Fri, September 22, 2023 06:30 pm [Eastern]

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