May 16, 2023


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A Little Bit Culty

Murder, Faith & End Times: Leah Sottile on Lori Vallow & Chad Daybell

f you still manage to read the news, good job. You’ve then no doubt heard that “Doomsday Mom” Lori Vallow was just convicted of murdering her 16-year-old daughter Tylee and seven-year-old son J.J. This judgment will be an end to this harrowing yet enthralling story, which turned 49-year-old mom and Mormon, Lori Vallow into an international media fixture, seemingly entangled in a web of infanticide, zombies, escapes to Hawaii, and a trail of mysterious deaths that remain suspicious as hell.

On today’s episode, we’re joined by freelance journalist and author Leah Sottile, whose book When the Moon Turns to Blood: Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell, and a Story of Murder, Faith, and End Times, illuminates the story of the former beauty queen and her grave-digger turned doomsday novelist slash extremist douchebag husband, Chad. Take a listen to learn more as Sottile breaks the case down, explaining how Vallow’s tale is just symptomatic of something larger.

Episode available since May 15, 2023

Herbal Radio

Interviews on Herbal Radio with Thomas Dick | Featuring Ryland Engelhart of Kiss the Ground

We first met Ryland Engelhart and Finian Makepeace, co-founders of Kiss the Ground – a nonprofit raising awareness for regeneration through storytelling, education, and advocacy – at Natural Products Expo West in 2022. Since our initial meeting, we knew that we shared foundational values with these inspirational leaders, such as the importance of soil health and sustainable agriculture, sparking our interest to want to get to know them and the organization better.

We’re thrilled to release today’s episode featuring Ryland Engelhart, focused on the importance of farmers, supporting beneficial farming practices, and the task of creating balance where an imbalance has been.

Ryland and Thomas discuss Ryland’s path of becoming a soil evangelist, along with regenerative, organic, and biodynamic agriculture, what Kiss the Ground has been up to since releasing their groundbreaking film, and the power of storytelling. Ryland’s educational, inspirational, and solution-oriented interview has us feeling exponentially motivated and optimistic about supporting local farmers, organic agriculture practices, and continuing to spread these transformational messages.

Ryland Engelhart - Chief Mission Officer and Co-founder of Kiss the Ground

Ryland Engelhart co-founded Kiss the Ground in 2013 and plays a leadership role in the organization as the Chief Mission Officer; he is a producer of the Kiss the Ground film released on Netflix and host of the Kiss the Ground Podcast. As a 15-year entrepreneur, he is also the co-owner and prior Mission Fulfilment Officer of the nationally recognized plant-based restaurants Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre, located in Southern California, and co-creator of the documentary film, May I Be Frank. He is a passionate speaker on the topics of sacred commerce and regenerative agriculture, tools for building community, food is medicine, and the practice of love and gratitude. Ryland is also a dedicated husband and father and lives on a 17-acre regenerative organic farm in Fillmore, CA, where he is learning to practice what he preaches.

Episode available since May 12, 2023

Navigating Narcissism with Dr. Ramani

Abandoned at Age 13 by His Mother: The Sam + Reed Harkness Story

Sam Harkness opens up about his decades-long journey to find his mother who abandoned the family when he was just 13 years old. His half brother Reed chronicled the entire process in the critically acclaimed documentary Sam Now.

Watch SAM NOW Streaming Now on PBS Independent Lens from June 6. For more info visit:

. . .

Guest Bio:

Reed Harkness, Director  / Producer /  Cinematographer

Reed attended film school in his backyard and garage. At age 18, he began making a series of short films starring his younger brother Sam. This was the beginning of a project two decades in the making: SAM NOW, a coming-of-age film that follows his brother from age 11 to 36. Reed also directed the award-winning 30-minute documentary FOREST ON FIRE and the documentary series for Topic, HOUSE ON FIRE. See more at

Sam Harkness

Sam is currently doing independent contract work providing gender based violence prevention presentations to high school health classes, high school sports teams and college classes. The presentations raise awareness and provide info about dating violence, red flags in relationships, bystander intervention, survivor allyship and resources on how to get help if you're experiencing domestic or dating violence. His Meyers Briggs is Ginny Weasly and his enneagram is type Frodo with an Aragorn wing.

Episode available since May 11, 2023

Circle Sanctuary Network Podcasts

Circle Talk - Music of Maevyn Stone

Take a step out of reality and into the mystical, magickal world of Maevyn Stone. This year's Pagan Spirit Gathering featured musician is classically trained in both harp and voice. Join us on Circle Talk as Maevyn uses those abilities to reach back into her roots to create beauty with deep history, heritage, and myth.

Tue, May 16, 2023 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Circle of Nature with Selena Fox - Flower Power

Monthly explorations in Nature Spirituality and practices to connect with Nature through study, ritual, discussion, and more!

Sacred work with flowering plants and flower imagery and symbolism for home blessing, healing, remembrances, meditations, and ceremonies.

Wed, May 17, 2023 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Blue Marble: The Future of Food

Blue Marble: The Future of Food. Rev. Char Bear shares insights about manifesting good magic for the planet through sustainable living and eco-activism that makes a difference. This month focuses on the future of food undergoing transformation. The continued pandemic(s), climate change and rising hunger are tied to fragile food systems that degrade the environment and undermine public health. Learn about what food transformation means, why it matters and what you can do about it.

Fri, May 19, 2023 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Lunatic Mondays ~ Chris Allaun ~ Author

Why should Fridays have all the fun?

Go crazy on Mondays with Laura González on 'Lunatic Mondays'..... Anything can happen!!!

On this episode author, Chris Allaun will be chatting with Laura Gonz├ílez about his book “The Black Book of Johnathan Knotbristle”

Mon, May 22, 2023 08:00 pm [Eastern]

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