Apr 25, 2023


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A Little Bit Culty

Into Quicksand: Kate Amber on How Cults Pull You In

Landmark Worldwide is a corporation that offers personal and professional development programs with a total of over 2.4 million (!) past participants in 21 countries. Yikes on bikes—that sounds a bit like NXIVM on steroids. Well, while Landmark isn’t technically a cult, it certainly is “A Little Bit Culty”, with no shortage of spirit-stomping coercive control and intimidation in order to create “A world that works for everyone by 2020.” Wait, is that how 2020 went and we’re just misremembering it?!

Today’s guest, Kate Amber, survived Landmark and went on to become a badass expert on violence and abuse prevention after receiving her education from UPenn and the University of Salford. She’s also gone on to create the PsychoSocial Quicksand Model™—take a listen to learn all about it, as well as the time she challenged a Landmark leader, and how she eventually got out, even if she didn’t 100% want to (at the time).

Oh, and would you believe she has a Keith Raniere overlap? What a small, culty little world we live in.

Episode available since April 24, 2023

Herbal Radio

The Enchanter’s Green: Vervain, Wood Betony, and St. John’s Wort | Featuring Kiva Rose Hardin

This podcast episode is the presentation that Kiva Rose Hardin gave for the Fall 2022 Free Herbalism Project. This was a virtual event that took place over Zoom on October 14, 2022. Kiva states, Vervain, Wood Betony, and St. John’s Wort were some of my earliest herbal allies when I took my first steps on the plant healer’s path. These three herbs are nervines, but so much more! They have a long history as sacred and magical plants across many cultures. Medicinally, all three are often categorized as calming but also have profound tonifying effects and myriad healing actions that are not always as well-known as they should be. In the class, I will cover my personal experiences with the herbs, including specific indications, application, medicine making, dosage, folklore, and more! Watch Kiva’s presentation and find her slides and resources on our YouTube channel.

. . .

Kiva Rose Hardin is an herbalist, mythologist, author, and poet whose work is rooted in her relationship with plants, fungi, and the more than human world. She lectures and writes on the subjects of mythopoetic plant medicine, folk magic, folklore, animism, and psychology with an emphasis on fairy tale motifs, embodied enchantment, and the forest as archetype. She lives off grid in a remote riparian canyon deep in the Gila Forest of southwest New Mexico with her beloved husband, Jesse Wolf Hardin, and their children, Inga Winter and Ælfyn Thorn.

Kiva’s first book, The Weedwife’s Remedy: Folk Herbalism For The Hedgewise was published in December of 2019 and her next book, Thorn & Thicket: Woodland Herbalism For The Hedgewise is forthcoming from Plant Healer Press in Winter of 2022, and more of her writing can be found at The Enchanter’s Green http://enchantersgreen.com - She also co-directs the annual Plant Healer’s Herbal Confluence in Durango, Colorado, each May and is co-editor of Plant Healer Quarterly with Jesse which you can find at http://planthealer.org

Episode available since Apr 21, 2023

Navigating Narcissism with Dr. Ramani

Assaulted by Bill Cosby with Lili Bernard, Part 1

For the first time, actress Lili Bernard reveals devastating details of the grooming, manipulation, torment and abuse she experienced at the hands of disgraced icon Bill Cosby.

. . .

Guest Bio:

Lili Bernard is a Los Angeles-based actor and interdisciplinary visual artist born in Santiago de Cuba. Her artwork has been favorably reviewed in multiple mainstream art periodicals and exhibited widely, including in a 2017 solo show at Museum of African Diaspora in San Francisco. A graduate of the American School in Japan, Lili received her Masters in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and did her undergraduate studies at Cornell University and City University of New York, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in German. Her acting credits include The Cosby Show, Seinfeld, Stephen King’s Golden Years and the BBCs Murder in Oakland. A mother of six, Lili is also a writer, independent curator, community organizer and founder of BAILA: Black Artists in Los Angeles. A public-figure anti-rape activist and victims advocate, Lili helped abolish the statute of limitations on rape prosecution in California.

Episode available since April 20, 2023

Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Healing Sounds for Health & Happiness w/Jonathan and Andi Goldman

Jonathan Goldman, author of Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics and The Humming Effect: Sound Healing for Health and Happiness, which he co-wrote with Andi Goldman, are the topics of today's show and they are both my guests. Jonathan, an international authority and pioneer in the field of sound healing, also a musician and teacher as well as Andi Goldman, a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in holistic counseling and sound therapy will share their knowledge with us regarding how sound actually heals as well as the methods of using sound for healing. We'll dig deep into frequencies and harmonics as well as the importance of intent when using this modality of healing. The Goldmans will share with us the most important healing instrument and why they think sound can be used for planetary healing. I plan to shake things up a big and ask about the ancient sistrum and how it was used as well as their thoughts on if sound can move large stones in ancient times to build temples.

Thu, April 27, 2023 at 02:00 pm [Eastern]


Desperate House Witches


Authors Vincent Higginbotham and Martha Kirby Capo discuss their latest book - THRIFTY WITCHERY - MAGICK FOR THE PENNY-PINCHING PRACTITIONER

Learn the secrets to practicing magick on a budget with this empowering guide. Featuring more than forty exercises and practices, Thrifty Witchery shows that intuition, wisdom, and intention are more important to your magick than expensive trinkets. With these three skills, you can turn everything you touch into a magickal tool.

Vincent Higginbotham and Martha Kirby Capo teach you how to see the world with a witch's eyes and mind. Discover how to safely forage for supplies, find specific items you know you need, and fabricate separate components into something new and full of magickal intention.

Vincent Higgenbotham is the author of How Witchcraft Saved My Life and coauthor of Thrifty Witchery. Mostly self-taught, Vini is not initiated in any traditional form or witchcraft practice. He follows his gut in all things magic but spends plenty of time researching to be sure his intuition is informed by wisdom before setting his intentions. It is Vini's goal to empower others the way he wishes he had been empowered in his early years. He has a dedicated practice with the goddess Hekate and lives in the South East with his husband, youngest son, and dogs.

Martha Kirby Capo (Miami, FL) is the editor of The Agora on Patheos Pagan and a member of Circle Sanctuary and Covenant of the Goddess (CoG). She has presented at Pagan Pride events, Mystic South, and Florida Pagan Gathering, and she can be heard on KPPR Pure Pagan Radio.


Fri, April 28, 2023 05:00 pm [Eastern]

Conjuring with Cannabis: Spells and Rituals for the Weed Witch - Kerri Connor

Short and Sweet Ways to Enjoy Weed Witchery

Sharing dozens of spells, rituals, and blessings, Kerri Connor introduces you to the fun and accessible world of cannabis witchcraft. This book covers everything from growing your own plants to using weed in your shadow work, making it an essential resource for taking your practice to a higher level. Kerri, with the help of Tyler D. Martin and Krystle Hope, teaches you how to bless and protect your tools, celebrate the sabbats, enhance your intentions through flowers and herbs, and more.

Conjuring with Cannabis provides clear, concise information that practitioners of all levels and paths can use. You'll learn how to unite magic and cannabis for greater focus, stronger energy, better empowerment, and a deeper connection to spirit. A companion to Wake, Bake & Meditate, this book offers you a mind-opening experience.

Kerri Connor is the High Priestess of The Gathering Grove (a non-profit family-friendly, earth-based spiritual group) and has been practicing her craft for over 35 years. She is the author of ten books, with the eleventh releasing in April 2023.

A graduate from the University of Wisconsin, Kerri earned a BA in Communications. She has been published in several magazines and newsletters including The Blessed Bee, Sage Woman, PanGaia, Circle Magazine, and New Witch.

Kerri is a cancer survivor and lives with her family in northern Illinois.

Please visit her website: https://www.kerriconnor.com/

Sun, April 30, 2023 11:00 am [Eastern]


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