Jun 14, 2022


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A Little Bit Culty

Trust Fall: Dr. Natalie Feinblatt on Trauma, Addiction & Cult-Informed Therapy

Finding a therapist can be mission critical when you’re recovering from a culty situation, but the process of finding a clinician with basic cult awareness can be a total cluster. In this episode, Sarah and Nippy chat with Dr. Natalie Feinblatt about why more therapists need to get cult-informed and the Venn diagram overlap between trauma and addiction. She also chats with Sarah and Nippy about tangible techniques for getting unstuck when fight/flight/freeze mode takes over.

Episode available since June 13, 2022

Circle Sanctuary Network Podcasts

Nature Spirituality with Selena Fox - Crafting Summer Solstice Rites

Working with chants, rhythms, movement, herbs, symbols, and ritual tolls for creating personal and househould ceremonial celebrations of Summer Solstice.

Wed, June 15, 2022 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Moon Magic with Jeanet and David Ewing - Summer Solstice Stone and Crystal Magic

Summer Solstice is a time when the Sun is at its zenith in the Northern Hemisphere and the days are the longest. For many, the brightness and heat of the Sun is associated with the element of Fire. In this show, we will discuss gemstones and crystals associated with the element of fire, and how to incorporate them in spellwork, rituals, and meditations to connect with the energy of Summer.

Thu, June 16, 2022 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Blue Marble w/ Rev. Char Bear - What Everyone Needs to Know About Global Warming

Circle Sanctuary ministers, Rev.s Andrew and Charlotte Bear provide a nuts and bolts existential overview of what is global warming, how it is caused, what is the crisis, how it impacts all life support systems on the planet, and what we all need to do about it now.

Fri, June 17, 2022 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Nature Mystic with Selena Fox - Summer Solstice Around the World

Celebgrating Summer Solstice with customs, symbols, sacred stories, and festivals across cultures and through time.

Encore of Nature Spirituality from June 16, 2021

Sun, June 19, 2022 07:00 pm [Eastern]


Desperate House Witches

Storm Faerywolf - "The Satyr's Kiss"

Storm Faerywolf is back with his much anticipated latest book, "The Satyr's Kiss".

Please visit https://faerywolf.com From the author's website:

With a name gifted by vision and dream, Storm Faerywolf is a professional warlock. He has studied and been initiated into various streams of practical witchcraft, most notably the Faery tradition, where he holds the Black Wand of a Master. He is the chancellor of Modern Witch University, co-founder of Black Rose Witchcraft, and a columnist for The Wild Hunt. He has given lectures, taught classes, and led rituals all across the US and Europe, in a career spanning over three decades.A Master/Teacher in several lineages of Reiki, and a trained folk magician, he is also a published author having penned several books including “The Stars Within the Earth”, “Awakening the BlueLotus”, “Betwixt & Between”, “Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft”, “The Witch’s Name”, and the forthcoming “The Satyr’s Kiss”.

Fri, June 17, 2022 07:00 pm [Eastern]


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