Apr 12, 2022


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Nature Spirituality with Selena Fox - Greening Death

Sacred work with Nature imagery in end-of-life counseling, meditations, crossing over rituals, funerals, and burials. Considerations for Green burial and Green cemeteries.

Wed, April 13, 2022 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Moon Magic with Jeanet and David Ewing - The Magic of Trees

April is a time when many trees have begun to flower in North America and Europe. This can be a wonderful time to reconnect with our favorite trees after a long winter. In this episode, we will discuss common trees native to the northern hemisphere, their magical properties, and how to incorporate tree spirit helpers into magical workings, rituals and more.

Thu, April 14, 2022 08:00 pm [Eastern]

The Blue Marble with Rev. Char Bear - Climate Justice & Pagan Spiritual Practice

Why and How Climate Justice Activism is Key to Pagan Spiritual Practice Today

Senior Ministers and Founders of Circle Sanctuary, Rev. Selena Fox and Rev. Dennis Carpenter join Rev. Char Bear in breaking down why climate justice activism is key to pagan worldviews, beliefs, values and how we can incorporate it into our various pagan spiritual practices.

Fri, April 15, 2022 08:00 pm [Eastern]

PDM ~ Harwe Tuileva ~ El Inframundo en las culturas semitas

Paganos del mundo con Harwe Tuileva desde España nos comparte temas de interés como mitología, magia, devoción e historia.

El Inframundo en las culturas semitas. En este programa vamos a hacer un viaje por las antiguas culturas semitas, desde Babilonia hasta Palestina. ¿Por qué es tan importante el concepto de Más Allá de estas culturas para nuestra sociedad? ¿Qué tenemos de semita en el ideario actual occidental? Acompáñanos, una vez más, en una aventura apasionante a través de los siglos, desde el creciente fértil hasta el Israel actual, y su influencia en la creencia en los infiernos tan popular en el Esoterismo que practicamos ahora.

Sat, April 16, 2022 07:00 pm [Eastern]


Desperate House Witches

Author Debra DeAngelo - "Pagan Curious" - April 13th, 2022 at 5:00pm

Author Debra DeAngelo joins me to discuss her book, "Pagan Curious - A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO NATURE, MAGIC & SPIRITUALITY".

From the publisher's website:

Explore the many facets of the Pagan community with this delightful guide for the complete beginner. Debra DeAngelo teaches you the ABCs and 123s of Paganism with introductions to spiritual practices and magic as well as skills like grounding, centering, and meditation. Become reacquainted with your true, natural self, learn to work with plants, animals, and the stars, and discover the tantalizing mysteries of magic and mysticism.

Join DeAngelo for a tour of the colorful, diverse garden that is Paganism. With thoughtful self-reflection exercises, this book gives you a deeper understanding of your personal beliefs so you can orient yourself in that garden. You will learn how to celebrate Pagan sabbats, develop your intuition, create an altar, and meet Pagan deities. With dozens of activities, spells, meditations, affirmations, and more, Pagan Curious will enchant your spirit and help you create the magical life you've been seeking.

Debra DeAngelo is a garden-variety Pagan, with many eclectic spiritual interests and pursuits, in particular, endlessly studying tarot and facilitating small tarot workshops. After twenty-six years as a managing editor in the field of print journalism, she turned her focus to books and freelance writing. An award-winning, formerly syndicated columnist, she now writes feature stories and book reviews for SageWoman and Witches & Pagans magazines. She is additionally a lifelong horse lover and Mama to a spectacular old Hanoverian gelding.

For more about this wonderful author, please visit: http://debradeangelo.com/

Wed, April 13, 2022 05:00 pm [Eastern]

Artist/Author Mickie Mueller

Artist and Author, Mickie Mueller comes back to discuss art, life, and post-lockdown creations!.

To learn more, please visit:



Fri, April 15, 2022 07:00 pm [Eastern]


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