Jan 2, 2018


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

Bridges to Earth's New Era with Will Taegel

Walking with Bears: On Bridges to Earth's New Era, by Will Taegel, PhD,completes a trilogy including Wild Heart and The Mother Tongue, that addresses a human return to Earth-based consciousness as a response to the shuddering crises of our times. In this third groundbreaking book, Taegel takes us to the confluence of modern science and ancient wisdom to a bridge that links us from where we are in the Old Story to where we are going. Join us this week as Will Taegel and host, Christina Pratt, explore what it will take within each of us to walk across the bridges that lead into the New Story. In the tumult of climate change, nuclear threat, traumatic distress, and political chaos we can find prophetic hope in our intimacy with the flow of Nature, capacity to heal, and to love.

This week's guest:
Will Taegel, PhD

Will Taegel Will Taegel walks in two dimensions. One reflects his lifelong connection with the Indigenous Mind/Heart and the other his psychological and scientific research. While both his doctorates concentrate on the synergy of ecopsychology and the matrix of field physics, he counts his shamanic training described in Walking With Bears: On Bridges to Earth's New Era as the most important of his life. This book completes a trilogy that includes Wild Heart and The Mother Tongue, all address a human return to Earth-based consciousness. Will Taegel and his wife Judith Yost are co-founders of a 35-year-old eco-spiritual community called the Earthtribe, which hosts many spiritual and Earth-based events. You can learn more about the Earthtribe at http://earthtribe.com/.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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