Nov 15, 2015

Fullmetal Plagiarist – UPDATED

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Update: Spiritually Bypassing Citations (see below)
Update: How Many Cheneys on the Cooks Source Scale is This? (see below)
Update: Addicted to Plagiarism (see below)
Update: Plagiarizing Hay House (see below)

In this recent post on Teal Bosworth Scott Swan, I wrote about what I'm calling her "originality gap." I cited a number of examples of recycled material – numerous blog posts which rely on word for word lifts from her own previous articles. As stated, this is called self-plagiarism. I also touched on her propensity for relaying ideas, words, and images that strongly resemble work from other sources. I have noted a number of these parallels in the noncasts.

For instance, in the noncast entitled "The Bottomless Rabbit Hole," I referenced a rather striking similarity between her painting called Alchemy and art from the series Fullmetal Alchemist. Imagine my surprise at seeing that image, once again, heading her recent blog post.

 photo fullmetalfear_zpsy40cqlms.jpg

The image in question is called the "circle of transmutation." It is the unique construction of Fullmetal Alchemist. It is, therefore, proprietary material.

 photo transmutationcirclesearch.png

This is not, I should point out, a blog post about the symbolism in Fullmetal Alchemist or its, perhaps, broader implications. It's not an exploration of how either the manga or the anime series convey the principles of Alchemy. That's something I might enjoy reading. I love analyses of how mythology is expressed in popular culture, which is why I write so much on the topic. But, no, this new post is about how unhappy and afraid teal is and how this is somehow reflected in the principles of Western Alchemy.

More to the point, there is almost no original material in the post. Instead, it draws from a number of previously published works of hers: an article and video on feeling like the universe is against you, a video, and a poem about Alchemy.

Worse, much of this recycled material is also plagiarized from Wikipedia. The following block quote is the text on Alchemy as it appears in this recent blog post and in the previously published text from which it is taken. I have highlighted in green any phrases, words, and partial words, that are direct lifts from the Wikipedia entries on the same topics. (Some words are in different tenses, have been changed from verbs to gerunds, and so on.) I have highlighted text in rose that I have deemed to be paraphrases of those Wikipedia entries. It's not just the highlighted material that is plagiarized, however. To plagiarize content does not simply mean ripping text word for word or paraphrasing it. Any content that conveys "information that is not common knowledge or self-evident," from an un-cited source, is considered plagiarism.

... The Great Work of Alchemy is often described as a series of four stages, which are represented by colors…

Nigredo, a blackening or melanosis. [sic]  It is putrefaction or decomposition. Ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively.  Internally, this represents a kind of spiritual death ["dark night of the soul"] and the confronting of one’s shadow aspect.

Albedo,a whitening or leucosis. [sic] The washing away of impurities.  The physical subject (such as an ingredient) is to be purified and divided into two opposing principles.  Internally, this represents regaining the original purity and receptivity of the soul.  Washing away the ashes to find the soul.

Cirtinitas, a yellowing or xanthosis. [sic] This refers to transmutation.  The actual turning of a subject (such as an ingredient) into its highest state such as silver into gold.  Internally this represents awakening. Becoming a manifestation of the soul.  Becoming a walking embodiment of the soul, rather than a muted reflection of it ["dawning of the 'solar light' inherent in one's being, and that the reflective 'lunar or soul light' was no longer necessary"].** It is a process of turning.

Rubedo,a reddening, purpling, or iosis. [sic]  Rubedo refers to the end state ["culmination"]Alchemical success.  The achievement of the perfected state.  The final state of perfection of a subject (such as an ingredient).  It can be interpreted as achieving enlightened consciousness and the total fusion of spirit and matter. ["wholeness"]  This stage is often represented by the symbol of the phoenix.

**If you doubt my analysis of the paraphrased section, see her stanza on Citrinitas:

We can see now
That the moon’s light ["lunar or soul light"]
Is not sun light, ["solar light"]
It is just a reflection.
We are just a reflection of what we really are.
When we decide to turn from moonlight to sunlight

To begin with, each of the sentence fragments with which she begins her definitions of the "stages," is a word for word lift from this Wikipedia post on the Magnum Opus – Great Work – of Alchemy. The little numbers in brackets, in the Wikipedia posts correspond to footnotes, because Wikipedia, for all its faults, cites its sources.

... It originally had four stages:[1][2]
  • nigredo, a blackening or melanosis
  • albedo, a whitening or leucosis
  • citrinitas, a yellowing or xanthosis
  • rubedo, a reddening, purpling, or iosis

Here is the source text for the definition of Nigredo. 

In alchemy, nigredo, or blackness, means putrefaction or decomposition. The alchemists believed that as a first step in the pathway to the philosopher's stone all alchemical ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively to a uniform black matter.[1]

In analytical psychology, the term became a metaphor 'for the dark night of the soul, when an individual confronts the shadow within'.[2]

Here is the source text for the definition of Albedo.

In alchemy, albedo is one of the four major stages of the magnum opus; along with nigredo, citrinitas and rubedo. It is a Latinicized term meaning "whiteness". Following the chaos or massa confusa of the nigredo stage, the alchemist undertakes a purification in albedo, which is literally referred to as ablutio – the washing away of impurities. In this process, the subject is divided into two opposing principles to be later coagulated to form a unity of opposites or coincidentia oppositorum during rubedo.[1]

Titus Burckhardt interprets the albedo as the end of the lesser work, corresponding to a spiritualization of the body. The goal of this portion of the process is to regain the original purity and receptivity of the soul.[2] Psychologist Carl Jung equated the albedo with unconscious contrasexual soul images; the anima in men and animus in women. It is a phase where insight into shadow projections are realized, and inflated ego and unneeded conceptualizations are removed from the psyche.

Here is the source text for the definition of Citrinitas.

Citrinitas, sometimes referred to as xanthosis,[1] is a term given by alchemists to "yellowness." It was one of the four major stages of the alchemical magnum opus, and literally referred to "transmutation of silver into gold" or "yellowing of the lunar consciousness."[citation needed] In alchemical philosophy, citrinitas stood for the dawning of the "solar light" inherent in one's being, and that the reflective "lunar or soul light" was no longer necessary. The other three alchemical stages were nigredo (blackness), albedo (whiteness), and rubedo (redness).

Psychologist Carl Jung is credited with interpreting the pseudo-scientific alchemical process as analogous to modern-day psychoanalysis. In the Jungian archetypal schema, nigredo is the Shadow; albedo refers to the anima and animus (contrasexual soul images); citrinitas is the wise old man (or woman) archetype; and rubedo is the Self archetype which has achieved wholeness.

Finally, this is the source text for the definition of Rubedo.

Rubedo is a Latin word meaning "redness" that was adopted by alchemists to define the fourth and final major stage in their magnum opus. Both gold, and the philosopher's stone were associated with the color red, as rubedo signalled alchemical success, and the end of the great work.[1] Rubedo is also known by the Greek word, Iosis.

. . .

The symbols used in alchemical writing and art to represent this red stage can include blood, a phoenix, a rose, a crowned king, or a figure wearing red clothes. Countless sources mention a reddening process; the seventeenth dictum of the 12th century Turba Philosophorum is one example:
O Turba of Philosophers and disciples, now hast thou spoken about making into white, but it yet remains to treat concerning the reddening! Know, all ye seekers after this Art, that unless ye whiten, ye cannot make red, because the two natures are nothing other than red and white. Whiten, therefore, the red, and redden the white! [3]
. . .

In the framework of psychological development (especially with followers of Jungian psychology), these four alchemical steps are viewed as analogous to the process of attaining individuation. In an archetypal schema, rubedo would represent the Self archetype, and would be the culmination of the four stages, the merging of ego and Self.[4]

The Self manifests itself in "wholeness," a point in which a person discovers their true nature.

What is arguably more troubling than teal's obvious plagiarism of Wikipedia as a source on Alchemy, is that Wikipedia's material is more informative and better developed. It also offers references to source material, for further study.

Aside from the blatant ethical violation that is plagiarism, not providing references disempowers readers. This is and always has been my larger problem with teal. By not citing her sources, she positions herself as the cosmic answer lady. She closes the loop. When you refer the reader to other sources, you offer them the opportunity to read and evaluate those sources and expand their own learning. But, teal has a lot of her followers convinced that she is an authority on Alchemy and other spiritual disciplines, as if she never needed to read any of it. This encourages dependency. Anything you'd ever want to know about anything at all: just "Ask Teal."

No thanks. I can read Wikipedia for myself.

This post has 20 paragraphs and 1 poem of 4 stanzas, so we'll call that 24 paragraphs. Out of that, roughly 7 1/2 paragraphs were not directly traceable to older material, some of which was directly traceable to Wikipedia. Some of that new text is transitions in and out of the previously published material. In other words, a little over a quarter of this post is actually new.

So, what do we learn in those seven paragraphs? That teal is afraid, therefore everyone is afraid. That she went for a run in a sports bra and shorts and has the photographic evidence to prove it. That she's a victim who is being "scapegoated" and has been since childhood. That, for some strange reason, being a homewrecker has earned her some hostility and that this is mystifying to her. Basically, this post boils down to self-pity, self-plagiarism, and some plagiarized Wikipedia stuff about Alchemy.

I know I'm looking forward to teal's "energy diagnosis" of Paris. My husband suspects the "dominant negative vibration" will be something like "booming." My "energy diagnosis" of the smattering of new material in this post, though, is fear and victimhood. If I were a law of attraction person, I'd say it's not surprising that she was "a match" to multiple coordinated terrorist attacks. Her explanation of the timing is a little different, though.

 photo tealparisbeacon.png

 photo tealtribetoureiffel_zpsqs0bw9j4.png

Yes, she and her tribe are there to be beacons of light in this difficult time. It's funny how the mass murder by that poor, unfairly maligned boy Elliott Rodger was the reason she didn't move to Santa Barbara, but terrorist attacks in Paris are the reason she did go there. Well, either way, now that she's coordinating these "high frequency" sit-ins, I look forward to hearing about her taking the tribe into Syria.

In the meanwhile, if I want to hear about depression and Alchemy, I'll just watch Strindberg and Helium.

Update: Spiritually Bypassing Citations (12/19/15)

A comment from blairgilbert on this post tipped me to another instance of blatant plagiarism in teal's body of work. She noted word for word pilfering, in the Ask Teal video called "Spiritual Bypassing," from a Collective-Evolution post on the topic, written by Vanessa Petronelli.

The first thing I notice, in looking at Petronelli's article, is that she properly attributes the term "spiritual bypassing" to psychologist John Welwood. Surprising no one, teal does not.

I took a look at the article version of teal's spiritual bypassing video and strongly suspected that still more of it was plagiarized from sources in addition to the Collective-Evolution article. My husband and I did a bit more digging. We found that there were phrases and even entire blocks of text that could be traced to other sources. Some is paraphrased. Some is lifted verbatim.

As I did above, I will attempt to illustrate this using green highlights for identical words and phrases and rose for obvious paraphrasing. I am doing this by hand, so I'm sure I'm missing a lot. I shudder to think what would happen if these documents were compared using plagiarism detection software.

In her comment, blairgilbert identified two glaring examples of plagiarism from the Collective-Evolution article in the video.

Starting at the 13:25 mark, she states nearly word for word the author's third tip to avoid spiritual bypassing (near the end of the article).

And beginning at 15:00, it's glaringly obvious that she just re-phrased the author's ideas presented in tip number 1.

To do this analysis, I used the article version, which has roughly identical text to the video, and pulled out the grafs that correspond to the 13:25 and 15:00 marks. I also found another graf that strongly resembles tip number 2 from the CE article.

Text from teal's article:

In order to avoid the trap of spiritual bypassing, we need to apply what we learn to our life. Spiritual and Self help information is relatively abstract. Attending workshops, talks, reading books, going to yoga and meditation classes, etc. are good tools. However, tools are of no use if they aren’t used. Take action by applying what you are learning from these modalities consistently. Integrate them into your life daily.  If these ideas remain abstract and merely intellectualized, they aren’t going to help you to create long lasting and permanent change.

Similar text from CE article:

Here are some other Tips to Avoid Spiritual Bypassing:

1) Spiritual and Self-Developmental information is abstract. Attending seminars, workshops, reading books, going to yoga and meditation classes, etc. are fantastic tools, however, the most important thing you need to ask yourself is if you are taking action and applying what you are learning from these modalities consistently, by integrating it into your life daily. If it remains abstract and is simply intellectualized it really isn’t going to help you to create long lasting and permanent change.

Text from teal's article:

If we are to avoid the trap of bypassing, we need to let go of the idea that something must be terribly, “wrong,” or dysfunctional about us if we have problems of negative beliefs or negative feelings or negative thoughts. Everyone has personal, “struggles,” to work through. I mean EVERYONE. When we judge our problems or feelings or negative-ness as wrong, we suddenly have a motive for spiritual bypassing. We make where we are “not ok”. We want to be good and right but we can only achieve that goodness or rightness by being inauthentic. We put on a false façade because of it.

Similar text from CE article:

2) Many people believe that something must be terribly, “wrong,” or dysfunctional in their lives to see a Life Coach, Therapist, Counselor or Healer. This is absolutely FALSE. Everyone has personal,  “stuff,” to work through. When you see a professional you move into a vulnerable state of expression and opening; something you cannot always do alone or with friends or family members. These professionals are objective and are invested in only seeing you thrive and grow beyond your limitations and boundaries in a safe setting. They can offer you a different perspective as to what is going on inside of you. They will also hold you accountable to be sure that you are doing the work and making progress in between sessions that create a lasting impact on your life.

Text from teal's article:

In order to avoid the trap of spiritual bypassing, we need to be brave enough to admit to how we feel, what we want and don’t want, what we like and don’t like. We need to be willing to risk admitting to where we are and who we are, even if we think that where we are and who we are isn’t good or ok. If we want to avoid the pitfall of spiritual bypassing, we must express and allow our emotions, wounds, traumas and pain to surface healthily and with compassion.

Similar text from CE article:

3)Express and allow your emotions, wounds, traumas and pain to surface healthily and with love. Let go of the fear, judgment and suppressing of emotions. We often turn to things outside of ourselves to cope with our internal pain and suffering. Examples include addictions to food, drink, drugs, shopping, sex, work, focusing on others and diverting attention away from yourself etc.  Make peace with being uncomfortable. If you are numbing yourself inside out this energy lingers and creates a breeding ground for other issues to arise and manifest. Get down to the root of your problems as they will not go away on their own.

That is some, but probably not all, of the direct lifting from the Collective-Evolution article. What she did not take from that article was the clear reference to the psychologist who originated the term "spiritual bypassing," John Welwood. This did not stop Welwood's ideas from showing up in teal's article, word for word.

The similarity between teal's text and this interview with John Welwood entitled Human Nature, Buddha Nature: On Spiritual Bypassing, Relationship and the Dharma is hard to miss.

Text from teal's article:

Spiritual bypassing also leads to a one-sided form of spirituality where one aspect of life is elevated at the expense of its opposite. For example, objective truth (being valued more) is used to invalidate subjective truth. Non-physical is valued over form, 5d is valued and 3d is devalued. Transcendence is valued over physical embodiment, and detachment is valued over feeling. This behavior of valuing one side of polarity over the other gives rise to extremely damaging experiences. For example, one might, try to practice emotional detachment from others by suppressing one’s need for love and becoming independently self loving, but this only drives the need to be loved by others underground, so that it often becomes unconsciously acted out in covert and manipulative ways instead.

Similar text from Welwood's interview:

Trying to move beyond our psychological and emotional issues by sidestepping them is dangerous. It sets up a debilitating split between the buddha and the human within us. And it leads to a conceptual, one-sided kind of spirituality where one pole of life is elevated at the expense of its opposite: Absolute truth is favored over relative truth, the impersonal over the personal, emptiness over form, transcendence over embodiment, and detachment over feeling. One might, for example, try to practice nonattachment by dismissing one’s need for love, but this only drives the need underground, so that it often becomes unconsciously acted out in covert and possibly harmful ways instead.

Text from teal's article:

Being a good spiritual person can become a substitute identity that covers up and defends against an underlying deficient identity. The spiritual idea we have of ourselves is used to whitewash over the truth of our true concept of ourselves, which is that we feel badly about ourselves. We feel that we are not good enough. We feel that we are innately Bad. Then, although we may be practicing diligently, our spiritual practice can be used in the service of denial and defense. And when spiritual practice is used to bypass our real-life human issues, our spirituality becomes compartmentalized.

Similar text from Welwood's interview:

Being a good spiritual practitioner can become what I call a compensatory identity that covers up and defends against an underlying deficient identity, where we feel badly about ourselves, not good enough, or basically lacking. Then, although we may be practicing diligently, our spiritual practice can be used in the service of denial and defense. And when spiritual practice is used to bypass our real-life human issues, it becomes compartmentalized in a separate zone of our life, and remains unintegrated with our overall functioning.

We also found a quote from Robert Agustus Masters on Facebook, which appears nearly word for word in teal's article. I ran down the quote and found this article, in which Agustus also clearly references John Welwood as the man who identified the problem of spiritual bypassing. Of course, teal references neither Masters, nor Welwood.

Text from teal's article:

Some examples of spiritual bypassing include anger-phobia, exaggerated detachment, emotional numbing and repression, blind or overly tolerant compassion, weak or too porous boundaries, using cognitive reasoning to escape emotional feelings. Debilitating judgment about one's negativity or shadow side, devaluation of the personal relative to the spiritual, avoidance of physical day to day life, delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being and my personal least favorite, overemphasis of and attachment to the positive to the degree that there is a high level of resistance to anything negative.

Similar text Robert Agustus Masters:

Spiritual bypassing is a very persistent shadow of spirituality, manifesting in many forms, often without being acknowledged as such. Aspects of spiritual bypassing include exaggerated detachment, emotional numbing and repression, overemphasis on the positive, anger-phobia, blind or overly tolerant compassion, weak or too porous boundaries, lopsided development (cognitive intelligence often being far ahead of emotional and moral intelligence), debilitating judgment about one's negativity or shadow side, devaluation of the personal relative to the spiritual, and delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being.

Looking at this sea of green, it's hard to argue that teal did not plagiarize from all three of these articles. Worse, she has not only failed to cite her sources, she has failed to cite THE source of the term with which she's entitled her article and Ask Teal video. It's blatant theft of Welwood's intellectual property. Yes, "spiritual bypassing" is a concept that is currently proliferating throughout new agedom. I'm glad of it. It's a welcome relief from the willful denial espoused by The Secret and other LOA material. I'm sure many people who refer to the concept don't know its origins. But, I don't see how teal could possibly have missed this important piece of information, when she so obviously read and borrowed extensively from works in which he is clearly named.

Once again, teal has positioned herself as the cosmic answer lady, spouting information she "just knows." And, once again, these ideas have very human sources that are only a google search away.

Update: How Many Cheneys on the Cooks Source Scale is This? (2/11/16)

 photo cheneysoncookssource_wheaton_zpscve6nec6.png

*Heavy Sigh*

Is it that she can't learn or she won't learn?

In my previous update, I demonstrated, with careful highlighting, teal's word-for-word lifts on the issue of spiritual bypassing. Despite quoting him extensively, she never even referenced the psychologist who coined the term "spiritual bypassing," John Welwood. Now, she's self-plagiarized the article in which she plagiarized Welwood and others who have written on the topic. If you were holding out hope that she's avoided carrying over those blatantly lifted phrasings and ideas, or finally acknowledged her sources, you will be disappointed.

It's even more distressing when you consider that this post is clean and grammatically coherent enough to indicate that it was copy-edited. Her copy editor really doesn't know that this is blatant, obvious plagiarism?! There are some other very interesting slips, like this one:

So for the time being, I have been silent about it for the sake of evading even more conflict.

Most of us avoid unpleasantness. She evades it.  To evade almost always involves some form of trickery and deception – very telling use of language, I think.

Examples of teal's plagiarism and self-plagiarism are too numerous to count and document. It would be a full-time job. She rarely writes a post that isn't made up of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – a knack that may serve her as she prepares for her fourth wedding, but does not befit a published author.

She can't, for instance, resist lifting facts from Wikipedia, without citation, as in her recent post on Sydney, Australia.

Between 1788 and 1868 over one hundred and sixty thousand convicts were transported here to various penile colonies by the British government.  One could say that for a time, Great Britain’s policy for preventing prison overcrowding and dealing with their criminals was to ship them to Australia.  Due to the continent’s isolation in the middle of the sea, it was considered to be an ideal place to banish them to.  They say only 20 percent of the population here are the decedents of convicts.  But that figure surprises me given the social style of the average Australian.  In my opinion, the convict era did shape the national character of this area immensely.

Here is Wikipedia's version:

Between 1788 and 1868, approximately 162,000 convicts were transported to the various Australian penal colonies by the British government.[1]

The British government began transporting criminals to overseas colonies in the 17th century. When transportation to the American colonies declined with the move towards American independence in the 1770s, an alternative site was needed to avoid further overcrowding of British prisons and hulks. In 1770, James Cook charted and claimed possession of the east coast of Australia for Britain. Due to the continent's isolation, it was considered ideal for a penal colony, and in 1787 the First Fleet of eleven convict ships set sail for Botany Bay, arriving on 20 January 1788 to found Sydney, the first European settlement in Australia. Other penal colonies were later established in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), Queensland and Western Australia. Penal transportation to Australia peaked in the 1830s and dropped off significantly in the following decade. The last convict ship arrived in Western Australia on 10 January 1868.

Many of the convicts were transported for petty crimes; others were political prisoners. More serious crimes, such as rape and murder, were not transportable offences. After their prison terms were served most stayed in Australia and joined the other settlers, with some rising to prominent positions in Australian society. Approximately 20% of modern Australians are descended from transported convicts. Once deemed the "convict stain", it is now considered by many Australians to be a cause for celebration to have a convict in one's lineage. The extent to which the convict era has shaped Australia's national character has been studied by many writers and historians.[2]

Whether she's misspelled penal as penile to try to throw people off, or because she doesn't know the difference between a penis and a prison, is anybody's guess. Equally confusing is her misspelling of descendants as decedents, aka., dead people. Some of this reads like a high schooler's attempt to camouflage plagiarism, with obvious weasel phrases like "one could say" and "in my opinion." Really? "One could say" that it was Great Britain's policy to use Australia as a penal colony? Sure, in the same sense that "one could say" the earth orbits the sun. It's not an opinion! It's an undisputed fact!!!

While in New Zealand, she penned one of her bizarre energy diagnoses. Auckland, it seems, suffers from "inertia," but it also has the virtue of "repose," which is kind of like inertia but calmer. But, teal has the prescription for their stuck underwaterness. She's self-plagiarized the bulk of a her previous article "Feeling Lost and Ten Steps to Becoming Found." One assumes she doesn't think those poor, inert Kiwis can find the original article... or the blog post she also self-plagiarized it into only last November. The post is also interesting for this subconscious reveal:

I went after areas of avoidance and blind spots within the participants like a predator during this workshop. [emphasis added]

Since her return from those lands down under, she's been venting up a storm on her blog. Her most recent post is all about her uterus and contains helpful gynecology graphics, so we know what that is. I'll paraphrase and save readers the trouble:

Ale is off to California to fight for custody of his children. I feel abandoned. Ale should put a baby in me and forget about those OTHER children that he had with that bitch wife who says mean things about me just because I stole her husband.

That's the gist and my summary has the added benefit of not containing plagiarized material from the Mayo Clinic's website. It seems that teal suffers from endometriosis, a painful condition to be sure. This she attributes to her alienation from her own womb. In yet another case of shadow projection, she manages to blame this on Planned Parenthood.

They tried to frighten the girls off of sex by traumatizing us about pregnancy and birth.

Because they should, what, encourage teen pregnancy???

She describes endometriosis thusly:

With endometriosis, the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus begins to grow outside the uterusDisplaced endometrial tissue continues to act as it normally would. It thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. Because this displaced tissue and blood has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped. When endometriosis involves the ovaries, cysts called endometriomas may form. Surrounding tissue becomes irritated, eventually developing scar tissue and adhesions, which is abnormal tissue that binds organs together, sometimes resulting in a frozen pelvis.  It is infamous for the pain it causes, especially during menstruation and also for the fact that it causes infertility.

The thing is, the Mayo Clinic describes it in strikingly similar terms:

Endometriosis (en-doe-me-tree-O-sis) is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus (endometrial implant). Endometriosis most commonly involves your ovaries, bowel or the tissue lining your pelvis. Rarely, endometrial tissue may spread beyond your pelvic region.

In endometriosis, displaced endometrial tissue continues to act as it normally would — it thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. Because this displaced tissue has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped. When endometriosis involves the ovaries, cysts called endometriomas may form. Surrounding tissue can become irritated, eventually developing scar tissue and adhesions abnormal tissue that binds organs together.

Endometriosis can cause painsometimes severeespecially during your period. Fertility problems also may develop. Fortunately, effective treatments are available.

So, as you can see, her post on endometriosis is hemorrhaging the green highlights of word-for-word plagiarism.

It's actually kind of incredible how much recycled verbiage teal can generate out of a handful of unattributed sources. For instance, from one paper, which can be found on the website for SOAS University of London, she has produced a number of posts. The article "Stress Management Practical Strategies" is a word document, but can be read here, as well.

Material from that page can be found word for word in teal's article on stress. For some reason her list of 10 items are all number 1, so it makes for strange reading. By the time she's recycled it into blog posts here and here, she's corrected that problem, but other than that, it's changed little. Entire blocks of text have made their way from that source document to teal's posts, with few changes.

Writes teal:

How you think has a profound effect on your emotional and physical well-being. Each time you think a negative thought about yourself or your life, your body reacts as if it were in the throes of a tension-filled situation. If you think positive thoughts about yourself and your life, your body will react by releasing chemicals that make you feel good. Work to eliminate words such as "always," "never," "should," and "must" from your vocabulary. These definitive statements are very conducive to thoughts which are self-defeating and create stress.

From the SOAS article:

How you think can have a profound effect on your emotional and physical wellbeing. Each time you think a negative thought about yourself, your body reacts as if it were in the throes of a tension-filled situation. If you see good things about yourself, you are more likely to feel good; the reverse is also true. Eliminate words such as "always," "never," "should," and "must." These are significant marks of self-defeating thoughts.

Here's a helpful subsection from teal on unhealthy ways of relieving stress, which is offered in all three of those posts:

Do you practice coping strategies which temporarily reduce stress but cause more damage in the long run? Such as:
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Overeating or under eating
  • Trying to avoid stressors by spending hours in front of the TV or computer
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, and activities
  • Using pills or drugs to relax
  • Escaping by sleeping too much
  • Procrastinating
  • Filling up every minute of the day with things to do so as to avoid facing problems Or
  • Taking out your stress on others (lashing out, angry outbursts, physical violence)

Here's what it says in the article from SOAS:

These coping strategies may temporarily reduce stress, but they cause more damage in the long run:
  • Smoking
  • Drinking too much
  • Overeating or undereating
  • Zoning out for hours in front of the TV or computer
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, and activities
  • Using prescription pills or drugs to relax
  • Sleeping too much
  • Procrastinating
  • Filling up every minute of the day to avoid facing problems
  • Taking out your stress on others (lashing out, angry outbursts, physical violence)

Most of teal's recommendations on stress relief come from that page. She's just jumbled up the order and priority a bit. And, her list of healthy relaxation strategies also bears a striking resemblance to the SOAS article.

1. Make time for fun and relaxation by finding healthy ways to relax and recharge, and give yourself permission to do so.

. . .

  • Call a good friend
  • Spend time outside
  • Take a bath
  • Sweat out tension with a good workout
  • Write in a journal
  • Savor a warm cup of tea
  • Make yourself one of your comfort foods
  • Spend time with a pet (pets have been shown to dramatically reduce stress)
  • Get a massage
  • Play a game
  • Read a book
  • Drive to a place with an amazing view
  • Listen to music
  • Watch a comedy movie
  • Connect with others. Spend time with positive people who enhance your life. A strong support system will buffer you from the negative effects of stress.

Here's the SOAS list:

Stress management strategy 5: Make time for relaxation

Beyond a take-charge approach and a positive attitude, you can reduce stress in your life by nurturing yourself. If you regularly make time for fun and relaxation, you’ll be in a better place to handle life’s stressors when they inevitably come.

Healthy ways to relax and recharge

  • Go for a walk.
  • Spend time in nature/hug a tree.
  • Call a good friend.
  • Sweat out tension with a good workout.
  • Write in your journal.
  • Take a long bath.
  • Light scented candles.
  • Practice Yoga/meditate
  • Savour a hot drink.
  • Play with a pet.
  • Work in your garden.
  • Get a massage.
  • Curl up with a good book.
  • Listen to music and dance.
  • Watch a comedy.

I'm not really sure why teal left yoga off her version of that list, because she loves to write about yoga... and to steal text from actual authorities on the topic. For instance, she recently wrote about a yoga retreat at Sagrada Wellness.

Yoga practice will stimulate conscious and unconscious responses in every individual. Your body’s responses to yoga, whether those responses are sensations, emotions, moods, or images, are the first sign that something important is going on within us. Yoga meets the psyche and emotional center in the place where we feel reactive to the yoga. Every muscle has its own associated psychological/emotional function.  A health practitioner, like myself is concerned with the responsiveness of a muscle.  And a muscle’s responsiveness in yoga is mostly related to its state of elasticity.  If the psychological/emotional function associated with a specific muscle was abandoned early or was not learned at all, the muscle will be under-responsive. A person will usually have a lack of aliveness and sensory awareness in this area of the body. Psychologically there may be a sense of numbness or of something missing or of not knowing how to do something. In yoga, when we stress the under-responsive muscle by using it strongly, the psychological history related to this muscle will be triggered.

What's funny about that is how similar it sounds to this article by Joel Isaacs, PhD (see also here).

Interestingly, the somatic psychotherapy my colleagues and I now practice, called Bodynamics, deals every day with the particular psychological content held in each muscle. So we have a perspective important for the yoga community, while not at all being experts in the field of yoga. We know (as does every yoga teacher) that a yoga practice will stimulate conscious and unconscious responses in every individual. Our body’s responses to the stretching and stressing of yoga, whether sensations, emotions, moods, or even images, are the first sign that something or importance is going on for us. This is the place where yoga meets the psyche, where mind and body can begin to integrate.

. . .

In a similar way to this example of the triceps and setting limits, every muscle has its own associated psychological function. Each one retains an imprint of the response to its related behavior. So our history is stored in our body and in our brain, and it can be accessed through the body. (In fact, the attitudes stored in the muscles can be measured manually by palpation, and a map made from which our history can be “read”.) In our daily life the historical responses may be stimulated when the muscle is either stretched or stressed (used strongly). In Bodynamics, we talk about a muscle’s responsiveness, which is related to its elasticity. If the psychological function expressed by the muscle has been given up early or was not learned, the muscle will be under-responsive. A person will usually have a lack of liveliness and sensory awareness in this area. Psychologically there may be a sense in related situations of something missing, of not knowing how to do something. In this case, when we stress the muscle by using it strongly, the psychological history is likely to be stimulated.

It goes on. Here is some more of teal's text:

If the disruption occurred later in the developmental period when a muscle was being imprinted, it will be over-responsive instead of under responsive.  A person will usually have a sense that they lack flexibility, hold back, or respond in a rigid way relative to these muscle groups. For an over-responsive muscle, the trauma associated with this muscle will be triggered when it is stretched. Conversely, either stressing an over-responsive muscle or stretching an under-responsive one will tend to suppress the psychological and emotional content associated with that muscle.

In my opinion, the psychological and emotional content contained in the muscles will not change simply by stretching or strengthening the muscle. You must first work-through the particular psychological/emotional issue.  But that being said, working from both the direction of body and mind is ideal.  Working through a psychological/emotional issue frees the associated muscle from having to “hold” that trauma. This leads to more freedom of movement and more flexibility on a mental, physical and emotional level.

And this is from Doctor Isaacs's article:

On the other hand, if the disruption occurred later in the developmental period when that muscle was being imprinted, it will be over-responsive. A person will usually sense some energy in these muscles, and psychologically they may have a sense that in related situations they lack flexibility, hold back, or feel compelled to respond in a rigid way. For an over-responsive muscle, the history will be stimulated when it is stretched. Conversely, stressing an over-responsive muscle (or stretching an under-responsive one) will tend to suppress the psychological content.

For better or worse, the psychological attitudes contained in the muscles will not generally be changed simply by stretching, or toning, or strengthening them. You must first work-through the particular psychological issue and make some changes in your behavior. Working through a psychological issue frees the associated muscle from having to “hold” psychological history. This leads to more freedom of movement and more psychological flexibility. Then, the muscles responsiveness will change towards neutral, and a corresponding body and psychological resource can be developed. When a resource is established in our body we tend to act spontaneously in our best interest, rather than having to think through each situation. At a secondary level, other nearby muscles that had been recruited to compensate also become freer, and those abilities are somewhat more accessible.

The best tweak in her entire post is where she changed Isaacs's "for better or worse" to "in my opinion." It's not her opinion. It's his.

I'll stop there, not because the rest of her piece is original, but because it's exhausting and overwhelming keeping up with the scope of her intellectual theft. I feel pretty comfortable, at this point, saying that teal is a serial plagiarist and that she's treating the internet like a smorgasbord of ideas to claim as her own.

What original concepts does she bring to the mix? Predation, evasion, and dog whistles to a following so devoted they'd give their lives.

They come to me now from all corners of the globe.  And I can genuinely say that I have officially gone from a person who had absolutely no one; a person who was drowning in the kind of isolation that sucks breath from your lungs, to a person who has people that are so close to me that they will live and die by my side.

Update: Addicted to Plagiarism (2/24/16)

It's been a strange couple of weeks on planet teal. She's been taking a lot heat for both her professional and all too public private life. And, predictably, she's gone straight for the pity play. She is being "slandered," "attacked," and "scapegoated," says she. She is responsible for none of it, only a "match" to it, because she's always been slandered, attacked, and scapegoated. It's a funny interpretation of the "law of attraction" that somehow always reduces to teal = victim.

The "slander" comes in the form of (clutch the pearls!) an accusation of plagiarism. Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda, whose further comments can be found on this page, posted a video about teal's "Completion Process" and its curious resemblance to teachings by her guru, Nithyananda. But, for all teal's complaints about this accusation, she has yet to directly address the charge in any of her dog whistles blog posts.

She's far more upset, she says, by the ongoing tumult in her romantic life. Hot on the heels of her pained admission that Ale has lost almost all custody rights, due to his relationship with her "dangerous cult leader" self, she has announced the date of their pending nuptials. But, this is where things got really strange.

An observant reader noticed that the tags for her wedding announcement blog post included the word "funeral," which appears nowhere in the text. In fact the url for the post is, despite its title being "The Purity of Union." This clever reader found the original post in google cache and found that it's been through a title change and the loss of about half of its content. The deleted content, as it turns out, is a lot of self-plagiarized drivel. It originally appeared here and here. It's already been recycled into an older blog post here. I've read it. Leave it to teal to turn the lovely idea of a fire ceremony for fantasies about one's past into something morbid.

So, did teal think better of the simply horrible idea of attaching all that death imagery to her pending nuptials? Four Weddings and a Funeral was a cute movie, but this is, in fact, her fourth marriage. Talking about corpses, coffins, and funeral pyres might not read as her putting her best foot forward. Or, is it possible, I wondered, that she's begun to realize that plagiarism of either herself or other, unwitting writers isn't exactly putting her best foot forward, either. Could she actually be starting to understand this?


The very next day an even stranger blog post appeared and it is as unoriginal as it is bad. How ironic, considering that it purports to be a kind of grand confession. She's announced to all and sundry that she's a sex and love addict, to which all and sundry replied, this is news how?

So, what prompted this bout of "honesty?" I appears that critics of her plagiarism and Ale's wife's attorneys aren't the only people giving her flak. I first became aware of the latest teal drama when a friend of mine noticed that her Facebook friend list was down by over 300, um, friends. Facebook only allows 5,000 friends and teal is always around that maximum, only bestowing her coveted friendship on the most worthy, when there's the occasional opening. She doesn't pick them herself. She has people for that. They choose the appropriate energetic matches from her many waiting followers. And so I expect they did the other day, only this time the openings were in the hundreds.


What caused this sudden purge? Another friend informed me that all hell broke loose on her the Facebook post of this picture and wedding announcement.

 photo tealalewhitedress_zpsevqdgsgd.png

Most of the negative comments were cleaned up, along with her friend list, but they missed a few.

 photo whygetmarriedagain.png

 photo whataboutsarbdeep_zpslr5sidgf.png

 photo keepinthename_zpsk6hpptdm.png

In the post, teal vents about negative comments she's been getting about her pending nuptials.

I have been avoiding the comments underneath my posts about this upcoming wedding to Ale because of how cruel some people have been with their judgments about my love life and about marriage in general. Because of my willingness to be authentic about my personal life, as opposed to hide it like every other spiritual teacher, people cease to view me as a ‘teacher’ and begin to see me like an immature little sister who they have to advise...

She talks a good game about how she's come down off the "pedestal" by talking endlessly about her private life, but she hates when it actually interferes with her role as an authority figure.

The post reeks of damage control. And like all teal damage control, it includes both appeals to pity and a lot of attention on her body and sexuality. It's hard to take her sex addict "sobriety," seriously, when she starts the post off with a graphic, erotic poem and sexy, pouty photo of her younger self.

She doesn't explain how she's actually dealing with her addiction, except that she's already dismissed Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous.

I have to stay in check with the amount of influence I have in other people’s lives. For this reason, I regularly see various therapists. But I also found myself attending Love Addicts Anonymous last year. To be honest, I hated it. This is going to really invalidate people who believe in the AA approach to addiction recovery. But in my opinion, not only is the Love Addicts Anonymous curriculum completely wrong about how to accomplish recovery, it is a recipe for self hate. They do not teach attendees how to approach the inner void and loneliness. They simply prescribe forcing yourself to be single and attend the groups. From there, the solution they give you is to essentially pray for help from a higher power. Don’t even get me started on the AA curriculum. I shall save that for another day.

So, she's staying in check with her influence on other people, but thinks stating her opinion actually invalidates – renders invalid – not only Twelve Step programs, but the people who use them.  Somehow, she went to these meetings and failed understand the program completely. It's a ridiculously shallow interpretation. I'm not surprised she thinks it's a "recipe for self hate," though. These are the steps.

The Twelve Steps of S.L.A.A.

  1. We admitted we were powerless over sex and love addiction - that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God.
  4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
  5. Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
  6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
  7. Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.
  8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
  9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
  10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.
  11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with a Power greater than ourselves, praying only for knowledge of God's will for us and the power to carry that out.
  12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these
  13. steps, we tried to carry this message to sex and love addicts and to practice these principles in all areas of our lives.

I expect steps 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 would be particularly challenging for teal, because they're all about taking personal responsibility. They won't allow you to just keep blaming your parents, Mormon Satanists, or anyone else. It's more like shadow work than anything teal teaches, because what she teaches is just more shadow projection.

Her rejection of SLAA, though, did not cause her to reject the text from a rehab that works with the Twelve Step model.

Love addiction can be associated with any of the following patterns:
  • Difficulty sustaining relationships after the initial excitement wears off
  • Constantly searching for a newer, better relationship
  • Feeling unhappy or worthless when alone but scared or dissatisfied when in a relationship
  • Repeatedly attracting troubled or emotionally unavailable partners
  • Confusing sex and romance for real love
  • Escaping feelings of loneliness or unhappiness through sex or relationships
  • Having multiple affairs
  • Serial dating
  • Having anonymous or unprotected sex
  • Falling “in love” with strangers
  • Trading sex for love, affection, money or power
  • Using any means necessary to attract or hold onto a love interest
  • Inability to set appropriate boundaries
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, career or interests to focus on a romantic relationship

. . .

  • Unsuccessfully trying to stay single for a certain period of time
  • Inability to stop seeing or dating a specific person even with the knowledge that it is destructive

. . .

  • Overlooking a partner’s faults to perpetuate the fantasy

In her post, teal has simply changed the bullet points to sentence fragments, tweaked a few words and riffed a bit with some doggerel in the middle of the graf.

Attachment addiction (love addiction) tends to show up in the following patterns: Difficulty sustaining relationships after the initial obsessive phase wanesConstantly searching for a better relationshipFeeling worthless and suicidal when alone but terrified and dissatisfied when in a relationship. Repeatedly attracting troubled, avoidant or emotionally unavailable partnersConfusing sex and romance for real conscious and committed loveInvolvement with a fantasy of who someone could be, rather than involvement with the reality of who someone actually is, which leads to perpetual relationships with incompatible partners.  Premature commitment usually in the form of impulsive decisions to increase the level of bonding such as moving in together, getting married and having children.  The inability to take a relationship slowly because of the intensity of bonding, immediacy of bonding, depth of intimacy and desperate fear of abandonment.  Serial dating or serial monogamy.  Potential affairsAnonymous and unsafe sexUsing sex, affection and sensual charm as a currency exchange for protection, power or money.  The inability to set healthy and appropriate boundariesWithdrawing from all other relationships when focused on ‘the one’ primary attachment relationship (partner) in their life.  And the inability to be single.

She does refer to a viral Huffington Post article on addiction, and deserves some credit for doing so. But, it doesn't excuse her, once again, plagiarizing swaths of text from an un-named source. Nor does it excuse the self-plagiarism of this article, which also appears in this very long post.

I strongly suspect that we've only touched the surface of teal's pattern of theft. Rumors about her "Completion Process" have been swirling for a while, and Nithyananda is not the only possible source that has been suggested. Unless I miss my guess, this is another of these horrible Frankenstein's monsters she creates, stitching together random bits of material from better thinkers.

Not only is teal bereft of original ideas, she's a horrible, horrible writer. She needs to plagiarize, because left to her own devices, she comes up with nonsensical verbiage like this.

The world that is internal to the relationship is raw yet pristine in its paragon.

How are raw and pristine opposites? And, what, in the name of all that is holy, does she think "paragon" means? Just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Paragon applies to someone who is a model of perfection in some quality or trait. We link paragon with other words that follow it, such as "paragon of virtue" or "paragon of patience."

A paragon means someone or something that is the very best. The English noun paragon comes from the Italian word paragone, which is a touchstone, a black stone that is used to tell the quality of gold. You rub the gold on the touchstone and you can find out how good the gold is. You are hoping that it is the paragon of "goldness."

She's just a horrible writer, who uses the thesaurus like an oracle, and drops big words she barely understands into weird contexts and tortured syntax. What she does to the English language should be illegal. What she does with other people's ideas already is.

Update: Plagiarizing Hay House (9/8/17)

In what may be her most brazen theft of intellectual property yet, teal plagiarized a facebook post from her own publisher. The plagiarized text is an obituary of Louise Hay, posted on the day of her passing. Once again, it's almost word for word. I don't know what bothers me more, that she's lifted entire paragraphs, or her weak attempts to obscure the fact that she's lifted entire paragraphs. And what's worse, after starting out with what looks like one of her classic attempts to tweak enough words and phrases to throw readers off the trail, it's like she just got bored and gave up. She stopped even trying to modify the text. She's removed things like the quote from Reid Tracy, and paraphrased the content in her introduction. She's wedged in some self-referential bits. But entire swathes of text are unchanged.

The good folks at Question Teal have already done the hard work of highlighting word for word replication, so I'm just going to post their image.

Click Image to Expand

She posted this text in two places that I'm aware of, on her personal Facebook page and on the Spiritual Catalyst page, which I think even people without Facebook membership can view. But just in case, I'm posting screenshots of the entire post. As you can see, there is no credit given to the Hay House page from which the text was taken.

Question Teal also points out that she got lots of praise for  her "heartfelt" words, despite the fact that they were neither heartfelt nor hers.

Click Image to Expand

Her own thoughts were not so much heartfelt as critical, distancing, uncompassionate, and self-referential.

The video is here, but it appears to be cut off. Who knows what she's said about Hay behind the paywall? (Because now you have to pay to hear her bitch. She's a spiritual teacher, you know.) Listen to that, or read the text above, and it becomes all the more clear why she plagiarizes so much. Left to her own devices, she doesn't make a lick of sense. Who in the hell was depending on Louise Hay, at this point? She was 90 years old! She was retired. I would hope that Hay had been able to depend on other people, in her final years. And need I point out that there is absolutely nothing ironic about Hay House and teal being born in the same year? Aren't published authors supposed to know the meaning of common words and concepts?

So on the day of Louise Hay's passing, teal insulted her life's work and stole material from the publishing house she founded. She's really taken disrespect to a new level.

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  1. James then started following Teal The Spiritual Catalyst and spent all our savings on workshops and frequency paintings. I became hooked too. Both of us were trapped on a never ending hamster wheel of self analysis and therapies and 10 point journal writing. Life used to be so carefree and fun but when Teal came into our lives it became that we couldn't think for ourselves. It was like we'd been brainwashed. Then we went to and regained our ability to discriminate between something that is beneficial to our lives and something that is complete horseshit. #HappytoBeBackWithSanity

  2. I was being bombarded with spam. Every morning I'd wake up to more ridiculous narratives about magical cures with hypertext links hidden in them. I'd keep reporting them as spam and removing them. Then Gaby Petris started commenting on my blog and making me laugh out loud and I decided some spam is better left in place because it's so bloody hilarious. #HappytoBeLaughingatCrazywithGaby

    1. I don't think the spam was coincidence, neither the 'recent comment' box that is still stuck..I think she's putting a lot of energy into trying to shut her critics up, but it's not working :-)

  3. Which reminds me... did you see the other day Teal announced early bird ticket prices on the psychics workshop?

    thank you. thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. it's great to be here again with such a great crowd.

  4. I have seen a lot of info on how the democrats or people in power have bought the media and people losing their jobs if they're talking bad about Hillary. I don't think that's right. Also, she has conflicting business deals with people that she claims Trump is abusing. She's accepting payoffs from Muslims who chop of people's heads, abuse women, and have horrific sentences for gays, etc. I don't think it's fair for her to buy people off in such a manner and say it doesn't affect her political choices. There's been evidence of corruption on her part and the Clinton's, and honestly I think that powers that be (linked to the Vatican, London, and District or D.C. which is not technically part of America use nations for their resources, political uses labor, etc, and then run them into the ground. I believe Hillary has these global ties. It's quite strange that a massive cover up is taking place with her e-mails, and they took hammers to phone and acid bleached them. It's just not right. I think if I was less informed, and just followed what American news media said I would hate Trump. But I've done my research. The time you stop having good journalism is when people are paying millions for interviews, people at the top are firing people for expression opinions. There's corruption going on, and I'm not saying Trump's perfect but the media plays sound bites, only giving the part of the story that makes the story. I studied journalism...I know this. They say horrible things about him, but I have looked into the things he's said and mostly all were taken out of context, and he wasn't a politician at the time.
    Hillary signed NAFTA and all the jobs left America. Donald Trump wants to strengthen our economy, and quite frankly, I am afraid if we don't do it will be too late. I have met many people from third world countries...I think that until we straighten out some of our problems, that's where we're going. I wish we could help everyone, but to do that right now would create chaos with the powers that be, and honestly, it looks to me like Trump is at least fighting against the old model, and not reinforcing our corrupt government.
    I may say stupid things from time but really, what I want is for a working model for our country and for the corruption, deceit and lies to stop. Trump is a man, he's said stupid things, etc, but I just don't see Hillary being the voice of reason. She says Donald oppresses women, but the things she did to those women to cover up her husband's scandal were degrading and abusive. I don't want to be attacked. I am just doing the best I have with the choices that are before us. I am for stopping crime, terrorism and all of the above. Violence has gotten so bad in this country, with deaths in Obama's hometown to about 10,000 a year. This is not acceptable.
    I just want peace for the world but I don't see how more corruption and status quo can help people. We have to fix so many financial problems that I think it WILL take a business man to figure out a plan to get America on its feet again. Or, just like every other empire, we will fall.

    1. They both seem like crooks to me. But Hilary is just more clever about hiding it. Kind of like Teal is more clever at hiding it than Bentinho.

    2. Lol, you made me laugh. I guess it's all a matter of how you look at it.

  5. Damn these anti-Teal videos are getting more creative by the day


    1. Hitler Compares Child Rearing Advice Teal Swan vs L Ron Hubbard

  6. !

    1. Kind of hard to take seriously someone criticizing teal for not understanding the meaning of skepticism when he, himself, doesn't understand the meaning of skepticism. In fact, he's the living embodiment of everything teal mischaracterized skepticism as being.

    2. wha! oh well. his heart's in the right place. plus he's cheeky. he can be in my gang of anti-tealers.

    3. plus i've got dibs on medical guy=

    4. Both these videos have too much teal in them, as well. I think of all teal's videos, the Ask Teal ones are the hardest for me to watch. That creepy stare into the camera, the wooden mannerisms...

      Is it that she seems like Stepford Wife in these? Is that the appeal. You know I was watching Melania Trump defend her husband's espousal of sexual assault as celebrity privilege, and I thought, she looks like a fucking Stepford Wife. Her eyes are glazed over and expressionless, every movement is carefully controlled. She barely looks human. Is this really what it all comes down to? That non-expression, an appearance of sexual availability, that level of vacuity... is this what all these men find sexy? Because, frankly, I find it deeply disturbing.

    5. I disagree, to me these videos don't seem to be giving Teal too much shine. they seem to be shining a beam of light straight into the bad mojo of the ask teal videos with challenges of counter logic. maybe not thorough going enough - but then i can't stand to watch the ask teal videos for long enough to deconstruct them layer by layer either.

      "That non-expression, an appearance of sexual availability, that level of vacuity... is this what all these men find sexy?"

      Based on the number of crude comments under her videos I think that is an aspect to this phenomenon. She's the vampire queen. The darkness that holds out the promise of extinguishing the burden of the human ( male?) conscience/soul.

      Have you seen the film the neon demon?

    6. No, I just mean it's more teal than I can take, not that they mean to promote her. I find her nigh well impossible to listen to. I have to force myself through the her interviews to even try to pick apart the insanity of them. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard for me. Those vids have bits of her Ask Teal episodes and those are THE hardest for me to stand even a few seconds of. The interviews are a little easier because she's not staring into the camera as much, with those Manson lamps of hers. For the Ask Teal's I try to read the articles, instead, because they're less annoying. Unfortunately, her newer ones, she's been going off-script and vamping a bit. Some of it is comedy gold, but listening to it... I need to be in a strong place to get through it.

      She's decidedly a seductress and I can see that she's pretty, depending on how she's made up, and the way she's shot. Mostly, it's a very cheap sexual come-on. The upturned eyes, exposing lots of skin, it's really very cheap and obvious. I get why she has an unusually large male following, for a new age teacher. But, I think she has all the sex appeal of a mannequin. And, I'm wondering if that's not part of the appeal for a lot of men. She comes across as a plaything, an object. It's that Stepford appeal that I, honestly, find sickening.

    7. hmm.. this is a problem then because she's identified you as her main challenger/opponent. And unless I'm reading it wrong you are the only one who has had the staying power to match her all this time.

      the reason that you can't stand to listen to her for even a few seconds is because you've seen through her so many times - her videos, her words , her logical constructions you know are rotten and deadening on a direct visceral level. your mind/stomach is adverse to the same old ground/surface levels at this point.

      the very cheap and obvious will always appeal to those who want to go in the direction of the cheap and obvious.


      how to counter or roll back the sickness you sense without being sickened by it in the process?

      have you got any more teal articles to write?

    8. Oh, no. I've NEVER been able to stand listening to her. I said it in my very first post on her. I learned of her through her blog and very quickly picked up on the cultiness and abuse of power. I came across her just as she was kicking poor Fallon to the curb and defaming him and degrading him in the process. But, the first video of hers that I stumbled onto made my skin crawl. I could barely get through it. I find both her writing voice and speaking voice insufferable, but the latter considerably more so.

      That said, there is definitely more teal coverage in the works. Fear not.

    9. hmm.. i had pictured for a while with this ending with you interviewing Teal in prison like Tom Snyder interviewing Charles Manson. The problem as i see it is Teal is so slippery that she can talk her way out of anything. If you show a piece of evidence that proves she is lying she will try and convince anyone with ears the piece of evidence exists in a parallel reality/only in their mind. And by the time you write the truth she has written ten more lies. Maybe the answer lies in offering something finer within the communication. I can't help thinking the person that will undercut everything she's doing will do so via a single direct video. Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda went straight for a knock out on her last video but it didn't seem to land but so far 82,500 people checked in to see if it would.

      We need a better all round challenger. So far none of us fits the bill.

      Where are you mystery person?

    10. It's a game of inches. It's not about any one person or a single knock-out blow. It's about increasing numbers of people waking from the spell, and that is exactly what's happening. And, it's not just about her. She's just a microcosmic phenomenon, reflective of a much larger problem. So, as people become aware of her horrible abuses of power and of the English language, they have new tools going forward to recognize the larger pattern of disempowerment. I recognized what she was doing immediately, because I've seen it before. Now, other people have had the opportunity to see what she's doing deconstructed, and they will recognize it the next time they encounter it.

  7. Exactly! I even got up to write something in the middle of the night here but while was turning on my laptop, you have said it all already. And how well!
    I also wanted to say it is a game of time. Hers is limited and she suspects it and so the frenzy with producing, producing, producing, everything from workshops to tarot cards, clothes, books, etc., squeezing as much as she can from her kind of weird popularity. It will not last long. Of course, not everyone is going to wake up from the spell, and Charles Manson continues to have new followers to this day, but time, in the end, will be her antitealer number one. Just wait and see, if you are patient enough. The valuable work of LaVaughn and others will help many people in the meantime.
    Now, the real question is what about this much larger problem... We need LVs in our kindergartens, schools, colleges!! The hope is to educate, really educate our next generation.

    1. We need to teach critical thinking in our schools. That's what need. Not knee-jerk rejection of things we disagree with, like our pseudo-skeptic friend in the video, but logical evaluation of ideas. Here, in the US, this education is almost entirely absent. We teach kids to obey authority. Then we act surprised when they fall for autocratic leaders and people like teal who argue from spiritual authority.

      "Hers is limited and she suspects it and so the frenzy with producing, producing, producing, everything from workshops to tarot cards, clothes, books, etc., squeezing as much as she can from her kind of weird popularity."

      Exactly. It seems frantic doesn't it? Like that sham campaign to get her on the NY Times Bestseller list. They had to know that getting people to buy multiple copies from Amazon would never put anyone on that list. That was a transparent attempt to drive up their sales, by making tealers think they were participating in getting her "message" out.

    2. i'd say knee jerk rejection plus logical evaluation plus staying power - all are needed. plus maybe a figurehead who doesn't believe in figureheads.

  8. Here's a a blast-from-the-past video with some nice soothing ambient music underneath to take the edge of Teal's voice. Even so, 1min 47 secs feels like an awfully long time.

    1. The music needs to be louder, or something. Glad it's up, though. Juraj removed the original video, at teal's request. Something about it being totally embarrassing.

    2. but if the music is any louder you won't be able to hear teal's wisdo- hang on a minute!

    3. at least i didn't post an omni eros video - i think it might blow your eardrums.

    4. Yeah, he gets a little emotional.

  9. Teal's online dating video just leaked=

  10. O.k. scratch the above nonsense. THIS is the best video of 2016. I'm calling it early. No you can't. I already called it.

    1. I know right? Aurora did really good work with this.

      Maybe they will be able to recycle some of the footage from Open Shadow "The True Story of Teal Swan" later when they realize what they made.

  11. Lucie has written a blog about her interpersonal relationship and gradual disillusionment with teal. I think it's a must read:

    1. It's in response to this blog of teal's in which she describes the middle school games she plays with women who threaten her fragile ego.

    2. O M G
      Bless you Lucie, such a well written, open and honest letter and still no sign of jealousy and envy. I am not sure if you ever will find your way over here but I would like to tell you that this was the most beautiful, tender, gentle, strong and confident NO to another person's behaviour I' ve ever came across. Keep your golden heart and I am sorry that T couldn't be what you were looking for in her although your offerings and intentions were pure. She can't even be friends with herself. It is impossible for her to be friends with anybody other than with a business partner.

      I am delighted for you that you aired the heavy heart and wrote it down. ALL of it. I am delighted that J who had a soft spot for T at the beginning didn't fall for it. And look what he found. YOU

      This is all what I had hoped to find in Teal some years ago whilst crossing the paths with her. And there you are BEAUTIFUL WOMAN from the inside out. I feel like your letter expressed EVERYTHING I ever wanted to tell T because I had the same intentions, hope and love for her at some point until it crashed. So thank you for expressing me as well.

      Thank you also for calling her so respectfully out on her seductive, actressy misbehaviour without calling her a cow like I do. And Sara, thanks for the excellent english translation. Beautiful.

      I think you were a great friend to T by writing this. What she does with it is up to her. In case you will ever find an apology email of hers. Please be alert. T has a long journey ahead of her to her true self but it isn’t desired by her currently. Until then all is play to catch an A-Lister and fulfill all his sexual dreams and he will marry her without out of alignment pren up - Ale Who she will say one day and will write about a neurotic superfan who pushed her in a corner so she had to marry him to please him. In the meanwhile she will delete her abuse story and alien story and one day she will mingle with the top of hollywood and nobody really will know how she got there. Sorry went a bit wild with my fantasy or intuition ?! we will find out as she is going nowhere.

      by the way: Dear Lucie, your art is mind blowing- you already are all of that what you were seeing in Teal at the beginning. I wish you the best of success with your art and the never ending enfolding of partnership with J. You are the most adorable couple. Keep working and loving.

    3. I used to write in a gentle tone like Lu but cannot do this anymore without gag reflex cause I need to say it this way nowadays. So apologies for the contrast to this sweet and gentle voice of Lu. I love you woman! you are amazing.Now paddy talk here-

      I forgot to mention: I was always speculating but I never realised how deeply mean and disconnected she actually is after reading Lu’s letter. I mean I am aware that she gets a lot of delight out of people reacting sexually towards her (probably her only delight), triggered by her clothing choice, behavoir and flirts a la squeeze bed room eyes (hahahah ops sorry) and getting rid of shirts to look naked during interviews with J and badly modelling her clothing stuff with wide spread legs, flashing audiences etc) but I wasn't aware that she is SUCH an extrem mood swing person. Blake must be a wreck. No wonder peaceful Sarb run for the woods. I sometimes worry that Ale will eat her though, then she will be all his for sure - it lies all in his eyes ugh.

      They are both very hungry people. - I guess he is hungry for Teal and T is hungry for holly wood. Tree eater ugh.

      Which idiot organised an event with T on my island?! The irish got enough messed up by the catholic church long enough. Now the Teal mind fuck awaits them. Great. And don't you dare to perform a wicca ritual at the standing stones and ring fort. Yes we know you are a witch as well. You told us. But all you will do is dress up like a wicca and play but never mean it. ) : I still get upset about the realisation that Teal is nothing No -thing of that what she claimed and still claims to this day. Please ireland, holy island - heal some aspects of this fragmented person for the sake of all of us. As much as I don’t hope you will travel to the south west, I do hope that you get some moments with irish nature and get touched by heart. After all there must be some gentle heart in you that wants to live and express the beautiful side of human nature.

      Tip: As you assumed that all germans run around in a dirndl ( haha NOT) please don’t come dressed up in a river dance dress or wicca priestess. Please don’t. /: And you can stick your Dublin analysis up your arrogant butt. yes yes, we know you are half irish but you will never understand these wonderful, spiritual but deeply lost and hurt people because a corrupted religion screwed them and is still screwing them over to this day. Note: you read it first here!

  12. i imagine the fuhrer in her bunker right now slamming down her fist on the Czech Republic and screaming

  13. Unedited Teal Swan interview with Chris Oswalt on 8/5/2014

    This is an unedited interview with Teal Swan by Chris Oswalt originally shot on 8/5/2014. Teal talks about her claims of Ritual Abuse in both Utah and Idaho...Some of the content was considered too graphic for television. The original stories ran on FOX9 and KIVI6 in Idaho in 2014. and

    1. You have found a real gem. I've only watched dribs and drabs, but this is so different from the aired version. They edited out about two hours of CRAZY. That interview looked like one of her most calm, clear, normal interviews ever... because they left the laughing, wildly gesturing, weird face making, isn't rape, torture and murder funny teal on the cutting room floor. This is bananas.

    2. I can't stomach to watch this at the moment but i just picked a random point in the middle @ 1:12:25 and she says the word trigger clicks her fingers and says "one woman almost killed her own family" and smirks.

      and that was not even 10 seconds. god knows what else is in there.

    3. o.k. i have so far made it thru the first half hour up to the bit where Teal argues that foster parents don't report missing children so they can keep collecting support cheques and that illegal immigrants don't report their missing children in case they get deported.

      and there's still another an hour and a half of this airtight logic i expect.. sigh...

    4. Well, strap in Gaby, because it sounds like you have yet to hear about how testimony from an eyewitness/victim/participant is really just "hearsay" and wasn't enough for police to get a warrant to actually search any of these properties. Utah judges must be real tight-asses.

    5. ugh. i'm only going to be able to listen to the rest of this sickness bit by bit. might take a week. it's maybe the perfect inoculation for would be followers against the rest of teals rhetoric though. can you sit thru two hours of this without your credulity begging for mercy.

  14. I wonder if Teal is going to steal Ale's 'spiritual friend' Jaques just like she stole the shifty angel whisperer, Stuart from Sarb?

    As per usual, gecko posted a few pics of them together in France whereas she posted only pics of herself and if not of herself, she rather posts pics of a building instead of the people she was with.

    BTW I just stumbled upon another interesting/telling "coincidence" with some of her symbolic tattoos.

    Someone made a video with explanation of the meaning of 3 of her tattoos. At 38 seconds he talks about a Chinese symbol on her left arm, supposedly meaning 'water', the source of life. Then when you scroll down in the comments section, somebody remarks that the real meaning of this symbol in Chinese is *ice*. Hahahaha, yet again I don't think it is a coincidence. She really is cold as ice.

    1. maybe the tattoo artist was more extra sensory than teal swan?

    2. LaVaughan! I hope you are not suggesting Teal Swan is all style and no substance? I hope you can back up such an far fetched statement.

    3. yes it should be 'a' but i'm a sloppy typist

    4. and i won't mention what happened at my tattoo business

    5. lol @ the 'soup tattoo'. Yeah you often hear that about these Chinese tattoo blunders. No wonder Teal had to be part of it. We already knew she's lazy in researching things, learning how to spell correctly and being a know-it-all doesn't help to improve herself either huh.

      The funny 'water tattoo' in English is also a good parody on Teal trying to come across deeper than she really is, haha.

      Gaby, I'm afraid she has neither style nor substance. Just look at her new "clothing line". One word: hideous!

    6. layla, as a general rule i don't like to be mean about peoples looks and artwork as i think its too personal a blow. but was teal being as considerate to my sensitive eyes when she put out this garish apparel? what i might have burned into my retinas when i walked down the street and saw someone in a frequency hoodie walking by?

      answer= no she did not. so no. sorry. she does not get a pass from me on the charge of crimes against fashion.

  15. Remember that time Marianne Williamson auctioned off autographed, old clothes from her wardrobe? Yeah, me neither.

    1. shut your face haters. my signed eckhart tolle sweater vest was a fucking good investment. you're just jealous. why don't you do something more useful with your fucking time. huh? like write a well researched and reasoned article on cognitive dissonance that will help me in my development and growth as a human being and wait patiently for me for years to stop swearing until i calm down enough to sit down and read it with a stilled mind and without a need for this sweater vest.

    2. Ugh, was that announced on graciela's facebook or instagram because I don't readily see where she put that out?
      I can already imagine her telling graciela in a patronizing manner that she's allowed to put her 'holy clothes' up for sale on ebay so she can earn some money too as a 'goodie gesture' from teal to gracie.

      Hmm I actually wonder what type of astrological transits are influencing graciela right now, because she seems to be in a pattern where she is publicly showing her servitude and devotion to her master and thinking it does herself good when the public is not reflecting that as such just like with her embarrassing tattoo. Now she seems to embarrass herself by selling signed ugly clothes of her master thinking she'll become rich or something when nobody is bidding lol.

      BTW, gecko is still blissfully ignorant thinking he needs to be showing more and more love to win over his bitch so called "traumatized" wife by posting yet another pic of them together when she blatantly looks bitchy in his face AND meanwhile posts a pic with her in-between sexslave aka blakey while he's looking quite shifty himself... probably feeling disgruntled because he knows he has to fulfill his duty again as just that: a pawn in her never ending chess game to fuck around especially with those closest to her.

      BTW LaVaughn, the screenshot you uploaded here from a SICKOphant teal worshipper, doesn't happen to be from a guy called Johnny? Well I hope it's the same guy as the one (wildish.johnny) who commented on gecko's latest 'love pic' with: "I love how much you allow yourself to love Her" since we don't need more of these scary teal slaves. :s
      And instead of analyzing the situation correctly, this fool interprets their sick 'love' dynamic as it being normal and ok for gecko to view her as totally above himself and him being in a submissive state of allowing her to erase him by adopting this very warped idea of love. :/

    3. I don't remember whose comment it is. I black them out, because I think people who say things in closed groups deserve their anonymity. I wish it were an unpopular sentiment. It's not. It was just a really clearly articulated example of what they were all saying. It's so sickening. I just can't.

    4. can't what LaVaughn? read any more of these love letters? or name those who agreed on terms of anonymity? or something else i'm not seeing/picking up on?

    5. I get the screenshots that I get. They come from people with access to Teal Tribe. I have others, but I don't have them all. They were typical Teal Tribe, let's all massage teal's fragile ego sycophancy. I'd have to dig for them and I don't have the whole thread. Teal Tribe, at this point, is pretty predictable. Not a lot of shocks coming out of there, because it's being culled constantly. They don't allow dissent. If what I'm seeing is any indication, it's pretty boring, most of the time. That screenshot I posted was pithy, brief, and emblematic. That's why I posted it.

    6. i can understand it all as an ongoing "game of inches" (gee thats not as exciting a name as game of thrones) but just in teal swan's case would you estimate its anywhere near the 51% tipping point where the overall tide turns against her. what are the numbers like on teal tribe these days?

  16. no word of a lie guv'nor, when that teal bird said the dominant negative vibration of amsterdam was 'split'..well.. you could have knocked me down with a feather!

  17. Goddamn it Aurora, another great video.

    Hope someone still reads these comments. Could be the last one left talking myself. Sure do hope LaVaughn writes another Teal Swan article to get all the others back on the thread. So lonely here on my own. So lonely. sniff.

  18. Loads of silent eyes reading this here Gaby. The ebay muffy closet action is hilarious but as most of us know there are enough hooked peeps out there who probably would also pay for some of her holy hair. "rolling eyes" Funny enough she lists stuff she bought on eBay for less than 10 dollars for 20... squeezing every bit out of it isn't it T.

    (I assume that Gaciella is probably short of money and gracious T offered her to earn some bugs with her clothing - screwed relationship)

    T is doing her bed thing again and her suggestive posing for an interview. At the same time she looks at the girl as if she wants to eat her.

    Can I just say - obviously they upgraded their bed since i had to stare at her bed in every interview between 2012 - 13. This bed is ridiculous. Even the bed screams that she has a Queen complex.

    And here we have another lost fan

    1. Poor Graciela. She's doing this all wrong. I looked at the auction page earlier. (The direct link is upthread.) The numbers are not budging and the reason is that she's marketing them all wrong. She didn't use teal's name in the titles. Her copy is horrible. She's marketing them as if they're clothes that women would want to wear. These are clothes (and one inert accessory) for men who want to dress up their life-sized teal doll. That's her market.

  19. silent eyes are good, holding the space to keep a cool and calm head and whatnot. but i'm feeling antsy like i want to jump in a car, drive it to teals house and kidnap Graciela for cult deprogramming 1970s style. that's still considered illegal right? someone remind me again why we are doing this in small steps. something about not becoming the very thing we are trying to reduce. i understand. right. got it. pass me the keys.

    1. I Know - sometimes it feels like this leads to nothing but it is a very tart - like movement, fucking slow motion but working away at the base of a fraudulent and of course also talented Con artist. I still feel insulted whenever she and her addicts call sb who points at the stinky smell which surrounds Teal Eye ... a hater.

      It is surreal to me that she just "blinds" another group of hopeful teal addicts in London who truthfully are proud of a shite worthless piece of paper stating that they are some kind of practitioner to then find themselves later on in deep depression cause they don't bring money in cause they are all still babies who want some love from an authority clown. I wish sb would actually teach a bunch of good hearted people (which Tealers actually are) to help to clean out the system of a teal addict, so that they can get rid of all the spy and shite software teal installed in them over the years now.

      Sometimes my patience is non existence too and I am watching myself making 101 face palms a day :D. LV is always very grounding and soothing like hot chocolate though and I remember that her attempt of "barking the cat" is all that can be done. The rest lies in the hand of the hooked who realise that they got caught in something smelly.

      On other days I find it highly annoying that a talented person like T couldn't use her skills to get to her fame and money mountains without lying like a donkey. That aspect of her is so disgusting and unfortunate considering the abundance of intelligence, drive and passion.

      Ah well, the kerry man or irish paddy would call her a "cute hoor" and would nail it. Let's hope the irish rain and irish land will wash her from tip to toe. She needs a good wash this cute hoor.

    2. Kidnapping and forcibly deprogramming is illegal, and for good reason. It's even more of a violation of free will than the manipulations of a cult leader. It's painful to watch people make horrible choices, but they are still making choices, as long as no one is barring the door and holding them against their will.

      I got into an argument with a guy some years ago. He was very upset that a girl he liked was falling for the manipulations of a local Wiccan leader. (Yes, that happens.) I knew the Wiccan in question. He was a creep, who spent most of his free time in strip clubs and collecting very young girlfriends. Seriously. Creep. So, this guy was all het up about seeing this young gal fall for his charms and working himself into a lather as to what we could all do to prevent this. I looked him right in the eye and I said, "What is the difference whether [he] controls her, or you control her?"

      He just stood there with his mouth hanging open for several moments, then just spun on his heel and walked away. He never cared for me much after that. I can live with that.

    3. god damn it LaVaughn this is why people look up to you - for your unflinching ethical code. alright. alright. you know i already bought the ski mask but i know it's not about the money.

    4. Now, now, there are many ethical uses for your new ski mask. For instance, you could take up skiing. The way the weather patterns are going, you could even do it in the summer. #glasshalffull

  20. o.k. i'm already over my whole kidnap plan anyway. now it's about kidnapping peoples minds back via youtube videos - this is the new counter cult activity for the digital age. then if all else fails = simple human kindness.

  21. Gods. Every day with the frigging spam. Sorry my deletion of same removed your comment, Gaby. I will repost it.


    Gaby Petris November 12, 2016 at 12:53 PM

    not now Blogger, can you see i'm busy here? i'm trying to bring down a nefarious spiritual leader who has brainwashed tens of thousands of people across the globe via social media leading them into a downward spiral of selfishness and idol worship. in this ugly pyramid scheme the very lives of the ones at the bottom are at stake here. don't you understand that? and you think this is the time for romance? jesus dude, so inappropriate. so inappropriate.. is there a free trial period?

  22. no worries you can delete it. i was designed by a panel of arcturians to be bitingly irreverent in every blog post. i can't help but be beautiful every time i write. i'm known around the world as the bullshit catalyst.

  23. o.k. here is my summary of teal swan in the shortest way i know how to put across

    watch the last 16 seconds of this clip

    listen for the inflection in her voice when she says 'money'

    now shuffle the words but not the inflection and imagine she is saying 'i love power'.

    that's the sickness that undercuts all her therapeutic work with people.

    1. When she uploaded this video in the past, I was out of her spell. Cringe video.


    "Performing an elemental release ritual on the shore of Ireland"

    Hahahaha - elemental release ritual clown - she is just horribly freezing and is warming her hands. The nights in Dublin are cold, windy and merciless in regards to wrong clothing. But I guess only T gets away with trying to get warm but selling a ritual. *sigh*


    *rolling eyes*

    *face palm*

    1. Here's another w.t.f. moment from the Dublin tour -

  25. Blogger fail!

    Got a lovely comment in my email notifications that somehow failed to post to the blog. I'm going to post it here. My apologies to Pearl Prynne. Blogger is being weird.


    Pearl Prynne at November 16, 2016 at 1:12 PM

    Hello Everyone,
    Gaby, you are not writing to yourself in your comments: I am one of those many silent readers who avidly follows this site!
    At risk of offending Emily the Trump-fan commenter, please check out the recent article I published called "I was raised in a cult. Like Trump’s. Here’s my advice for a new world."

    Here's the thing: I actually WAS raised in a cult, by a narcissist father and a borderline personality disorder mother. I stumbled into the new age after escaping the cult and Teal Swan ALWAYS rubbed me the wrong way: just left me with a sick pit in my stomach of discomfort and slightly-triggered retrauma.

    When I saw her recent crazy-rambles on the long-cut of her TV interview (link up above somewhere) all was confirmed when she said, how JEALOUS she was of Elizabeth Smart because, after being kidnapped and whatever else, she was "set for life" because of the fame and notoriety. No one who was actually in such an experience or in a cult would EVER say that.

    I will be writing an article about Teal very soon and have been building material! I felt in this current political climate that a piece like the one I linked to above was a good place to start though, in terms of hopefully building a bit of readership momentum.

    Please read, share, like, comment ... if so inclined ... and keep up the good work here!
    LeVaugn, this blog has been, for me, the kind of validating community of truth that I am seeking to build on a bigger scale for former cult victims.
    Thank you.

    1. Looking forward to your article Pearl. I have a feeling yours is going to be a necessary voice in getting followers to ask the hard questions about Teal's account of her childhood, and to separate the lies from the truth.

  26. I can see Ireland worked its magic on Teal and gave her some goodness to remember and to connect to.

    no island as powerful as this.

    I agree with most of her "analysis" which you can find plentiful out in the web. Of course she overlooked the biggest elephant in the room - the biggest trauma of this nation because you will find hardly any article in google mentioning it. Therefore her analysis is watered down copy shite.

    But I am glad she had a good time. That trip must have been one of her most loved ones judging the way how she expresses herself.

    And Teal: in Ireland there are no kilts ok. Men with kilts run around in Scotland (neighbour island). I suggest to check your Actuarial compass. It is off.

  27. "26. I LOVE telling stories and talking"

    oh yes girl you do.

  28. The latest from Frog: The Wit and Wisdom of Teal Swan: On Suicide.

  29. Some good points here.

  30. Is teal pregnant? Someone asked her on one of her recent Costa Rica pictures, then another person commented something like, "I see a baby girl in your future..." on another, to which teal replied, "cross your fingers." Meaning... she's pregnant and crossing her fingers it's a girl? Or, she hopes to *get* pregnant with a girl? Either way, just WTF? Why does she even want to have a baby? So she can pass it along to the other cult members, I mean, caregivers like she does with poor Winter? :(

    1. Hey don't knock a great business woman for tapping the marketing opportunities of a cross-platform instructional model for raising a new baby. Think enhanced social media penetration, workshops, book deals, tv show, movies, franchising. one word. vision.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Let's enjoy a blooming mother daughter relationship, so tender, sweet and honest....with the absence of a business concept or goal of 18 years of child support ideas a la T. This is honestly the sweetest thing I ever saw. Teal you can learn something from Leija who seems to be a wonderful mommy.

  33. Remember the BATGAP interview that I covered in the "goes blue" noncast? It's gone. Watch what happens when you click the link on their site.

    1. No idea what happened to the original link I typed into that comment, but here it is:

    2. And that is definitely the original link. Here it is as recently as August of this year, on the wayback.

    3. The interview recording is still in your way back machine download link (audio)

      He mentioned SArbdeep in the beginning of interview. I guess they were friends on fb so he would have read all his articles about Black Swan aka Teal the Cow.
      They either took it down because of this or T requested to take down interview cause of career change (a la Benno and to much alien stuff in there, too much bragging about special abilities, too much torture stories) “In other cases, interviewees asked that their interview be taken down because it no longer represented their views”.

      Someone should all catalogue all t’s interviews before they disappear bit by bit.

    4. Oh, you clever girl. I could hug you. You're right. The audio is still there.

      I know she's having the alien stuff removed, but having her BATGAP interview removed would be self-defeating. BATGAP lent her credibility. Show is well-loved. If she has all her alien stuff removed, there won't be a lot left.

    5. I'm not seeing any alien stuff in this interview. I'm inclined to think BATGAP pulled it, but I guess we'll never know the full story.

    6. ok no alien stuff - I was too lazy to listen to T stories again. I just thought it followed the common storyline which is Alien - superpower -shite parents - abuse - enlightenment - mission. But she is also stepping back from the DETAILS of her abuse story.

      "In some cases, information was brought to our attention that made us feel uncomfortable continuing to implicitly promote that particular person. We prefer not to provide a more detailed explanation on these cases."

      I remember that I checked their youtube channel 1-2 month ago and Teal was number 3 of most viewed interviews after Bashar and Anita.

    7. "Someone should all catalogue all t’s interviews before they disappear bit by bit. "

      yes, everything incriminating that can be deleted will be deleted. i never even got to the shadow house episodes before they got deleted. a part of me senses there would have been really really important stuff in there. as the pyramid is being built is when the leader has to do the dirty work themselves before it is taken over by the inner circle and then the outer circles. as teal gets more and more insulated from having to do the work herself and can rely on the prestige of being at the top of the pyramid to do the work for her, the less likely she is to go out on a limb. that's why it grows increasingly unlikely her lack of mastery will appear in official videos. so if you've got something on your hard drive you think you might use again my advice would be to keep it. because in the "post-truth" digital age people will argue themselves raw it never even happened in the first place.

    8. and the suicides might get forgotten.

    9. and/or might not...

    10. That's great he took it off. She must not be aware of it yet, because the link to the interview is still on her site. I remember there were some people in the comments section questioning Rick from BATGAP about why he chose to do this interview with her and wondering if he actually did his research on her. I suppose he did it afterwards and decided to remove the video.

  34. Oh, and THIS happened.

    See, tealers started making some clever memes, blissfully unaware of how unflattering and revealing some of them are.

    Turns out teal might be lacking in discretion as well.

    But, yeah, someone ought to deal with that Sarbdeep impersonator. Causin' all kinds of problems.

    1. ah jeeeeezzz lovely Samira is fully missing the point and is deep down the rabbit hole.She left a fb comment, glowing for getting SELECTED by T. It is pretty sad to see that it is right in front of their faces.

      T doesn't give two shits about these people who adore her UNLESS you can help her expand her network, bring her business opportunities and money or she can play & torture you a bit under the umbrella of self help shadow work

      One day in future she will say that she made it all up, that she was playing a role cause she is a professional actress and her compassion was so great for all these people that she invented the character of the heavily abused, super power alien on a mission to gather these sensitive people and give em some hope and belonging. There is nothing wrong with getting paid so well for this illusion of hope. She is doing something really honorable.

      ---- on a side note: that retreat centre looks very bizarre to me. Nothing is honest about it, nothing feels great or right. Ok she made Ale put probably 70% and herself 30% of the money on the table (must be that ale paid more than T cause he actually GETS MENTIONED) to buy this thing in CR. I guess she is looking for passive income and to network with other spiritual teachers (who are all liars anyway cause nobody is as authentic as T according to her) and pray on their followers cause all the major spiri networks (except Hay House which lost its mind) seem to avoid her. So T creates her own gathering where she is full in control (thought police) and probably will squeeze the bejesus out of the teachers in her tealer group. Milk them well T. Milk them well. You realised that these completion workshops bring the most money. Retreat is the way to go. I guess she stuck to her word. She didnt buy a country but Philia is her land now. Once they get divorced after having a baby together Ale will give the retreat centre to her (and the new house they purchased in Utah). Clever Teal. But to me it is ugly clever. There is always this smell of cunningness around her. I guess Tealers and I will never agree.

    2. my guess is one of the worshippers sometimes updates teal's instagram account in her absence. since presumably teal knows she is a cult leader.

  35. Let's count the red flags.

    1) Why is the singles retreat more expensive than the other retreats? 2) And why does it look like a site advertising Russian brides, with pictures of "beautiful" female participants, but no pictures of the men? 3) Why does it ask about sexual preference, but have space for equal numbers of men and women?

    4) Why is the breatharian retreat HAPPENING AT ALL? 5) Why are the rates nearly three times higher than most of the other retreats? It surely cannot be the food costs. 6) Four days without food or water? Is there a medical staff on hand? How far to the nearest hospital? Why are there no health requirements or questionnaire?

    1. hahahaha, cryyyyyy this is so worrying already. SO T is branching out into the tantric dating market. I always thought that T has the perfect mind set and talent to be a leading Madam. Here we see it enfolding, indirectly. WOW.

      The expensive breatharian retreat without the need of any food is hilarious.

      I was a bit curious at the beginning to see if T might come up with a great selection of workshops, good prices to service all the Teal addicts she collected on her way since 2011. But no, this already looks disturbing how they display the faces of the female contestants.

      Everything, EVERYTHING is off putting in regards to the philiacenter to me. So many alarm bells already and they didn't even host a workshop by now.

      T do me a favour. Be good to all these people who trust you and put all their hard earned money and burning love your way. Please give them great teachers, don't rip them off, don't break them. Please don't play with them. They are good people who want to be healed and belong to something.

      This philiacenter vision and foundation is worrying TO ME. For a preying dominatrix like will be a place of horrendous illusion, betrayal and greedy business. Imagine as a real place with the Blake&Graciella-Thought-Police, everybody being enological und highly confused because they are high on Teal.....urrggghhh.

      Please Angels of the light. Keep the people save who go to the Philia Center for workshops and pay a fortune. Awake their intuition, let the voice be louder than anything else and make them immune towards manipulation. Strengthen their bond to themselves and they believe in themselves. Enable them to walk away when making doubtful discoveries. However, if they have a blast, carry them gently whenever they return to their lives at home to experience a gentle detox. So be it.

    2. I checked in just in time to see the latest Teal venture. I am really amazed at the singles workshop. Hand picked by Teal and now she has her special beauties, needs some men.

    3. That's the thing! There ARE men. Last I read, seven of them. There's only one men's slot left to fill. So where are the pictures of those men?!

    4. I didn't notice she had picked any men.

      Will she now get to preside over these eager hopefuls, introduce Tantra as the perfect dating practice and create her own personal tantric polyamory "retreat"?

      As you know, Tantra in its (mistaken) "mainstream" interpretation has people pairing up to have sex without any history together.

      The thought will be titilating for many of her fans too.....

    5. "Will she now get to preside over these eager hopefuls, introduce Tantra as the perfect dating practice and create her own personal tantric polyamory "retreat"?"

      sums it up well. who knows what else she will test in person to be the finalist for the retreat.

    6. It's not clear, but I don't think teal is going to be at these retreats. The singles thing is being taught by that Greek goddess woman. It will apparently have three Completion Process practitioners. Look at the teacher application form. Three certified practitioners are being volunteered. Think about that for a minute. People paid teal over a grand for a certification so they could give their work and time away for free. Nice.

    7. So teal is now playing some sort of spiritual Patti Sanger, matching tealers together huh?

      I'm guessing they put up the pics of the pretty women because they needed to find 1 more man. What I'm wondering more is why they didn't publish the 8th woman's pic? Maybe because she's too ugly and therefore bad publicity?

      Also, 'The attendees will be hand picked by Teal Swan'
      so not just anyone can join if they want to, you must be a teal devotee AND look hot, because you know at the 6D level, those arcturians know how important good looks are. ;-)

      BTW it seems like she has already tried her matchmaking skills on blakey, because he finally has a gf! Perhaps it's part of her marketing strategy as she did a cord cutting video with blake not so long ago as 'proof' that it worked?

      I thought something was growing with that Becc girl, but who knows judging from teal's jealous attitude towards her in several shots, she might have prevented that and handpicked Lynn instead..

  36. T. is forgetting that Sandeep Swan is not in her spell anymore.

    watch to the end where you can see Sarbeep Swan saying how it is from his verified account

  37. 7)Why is the website written in such atrocious fake language? And I don't mean its bad grammar only.
    Reeking of way too many empty promises which sound so grandiose. Piles and piles of bs. How can you be so naive still to buy into that?

    LA Vaughn, you red flag #6?
    They have an answer, it's right here:

    "Here are suggestions how to prepare before the workshop:

    1. Leave the process to the process (*You know what I mean...).No need to over think it, just be excited and stay in the present moment..."

    This has to be stopped!

    1. It may be because I just watched and reviewed the James Ray doco, so it's all very fresh in my mind, but everything about this disturbs me. To not have medical staff on hand, a health questionnaire, and to downplay any physical symptoms as some sort of spiritual experience is a recipe for disaster.

    2. And now there is another Ray boy, aka Master of Awakening. In just 10 Days you achieve a Buddha like state under his guidance. Cs you know, he asks you all sorts of important questions in his video posted on the website, like if you are COMPLETELY satisfied in ALL areas of your life, with your spiritual development included ( show me one such person, who ever was for duration of,say even a month, for example, in the whole history of humanity)...and if you are not, well he knows what to do. And this thing called "a gift of food independency" (independency, hehe). "Wold you like to?" Jeez, they didn't even bother to take some time and clean up the site to make it look more professional, I can only imagine how it will unfold over there and the lack of preparation. Of course it is worrying. But then you know, hopefully participants will be hand picked by teal, and with her miraculous ability to diagnose energetically, only very healthy people will be experimented on.Although...even your perfect health is not a guarantee that you stay OK during such experience.

      Oh, and teal posts this picture with her lying on the floor face down, made joke of with captions, as if she is frustrated that some ppl still think she is a cult leader. But then her Philia blog comes, starting with her saying how US is in fear, fear of the future, and for a reason...only to announce later the purchase of retreat in South America, painting us a pretty picture of seeming paradise with her community living there...Reminds you of anything? Disturbing.

    3. I know! Who knew how many of life's problems could be solved by not eating and drinking? You know? I'm not one hundred percent thrilled with every aspect of my life! Yes, I would like a panacea that will fix all my problems! No food or water, hmmm, sounds kind of fucking miserable... but HEY if it will fill all my days with boundless joy and give me all that extra time and space for activities! Where do I sign?!

      And yes, moving operations to Costa Rica does kinda remind me of something. Rhymes with owns clowns.

  38. Hmm it's surprising she recently posted - for once- a pic of her and gecko together when gecko didn't post anything at the same time on his insta. I wonder if this is a sign of the beginning of the end? :p

    I don't check her fb all the time, but when I do come across someone mentioning -yet again- they had a dream about her, I tend to save it, because this one's symbolism is also quite interesting:

    Kristin C "I dreamt last night that I was there. You had a room tucked away from others above the kitchen, where you could work and 'be by yourself.' It was brightly colored inside, like red. I really enjoyed the vibe in the dream!"

    The comment was about her new retreat center Philia.
    If you analyze the dream symbolism, it just says it all:

    To see a kitchen in your dream signifies your need for warmth, spiritual nourishment and healing.

    So the others (everyone else but Teal) are in the kitchen, looking for spiritual healing (obviously), yet she is above them!
    So how is that going to heal all these desperate hungry tealers looking for healing when Teal places herself above them?
    'The working by herself' is imo just the dreamer's subconscious mind trying to justify her being above them.

    And if she would be dreaming about healing love vibes, she would see the color green (healing) or pink (love), not red!!

    Meaning of red from

    Red is an indication of raw energy, force, vigor, intense passion, aggression, power, courage, impulsiveness and passion. The color red has deep emotional and spiritual connotations. Consider the phrase "seeing red" to denote anger. Alternatively, the color red in your dream indicates a lack of energy.

    According to

    Red can mean many different things to different people, so when interpreting a dream with the color red, it is important you think about the context of the color in the dream and in connection with your waking life. For some it may mean love, romance, passion, lust, desire, and intimacy. For others it may mean anger or violence or to control and over power. Dreaming of red can also be a warning (ever hear the expression, raised a red flag?) or a sign to stop (think traffic lights and stop signs).

    So even when you interpret the color red in the positive sense, it never resembles the type of spiritual, healing love but more like passion, lust and desire. Hmm, very high vibrational huh...but I think we all know that this dreamer just ignored the red flag and overpowering energy it really represented.

    Tealers are just so delusional, ugh.

    1. I would be remiss if I did not add that red has great spiritual significance in Western Alchemy and is the color of the philosopher's stone in a number of texts. NOT that I think that's what is going on with this dream.

  39. You guys are worrying about nothing with this Costa Rica thing. It's not like Teal is going to take a vulnerable person and drive them into the ground in the course of using them as a play thing in a cerebral game of chess to entertain her bored psychopathic mind. Because there's no evidence of that in anything she says or does...

  40. LaVaughn, I demand you write a new article on Teal in 2017! And everyone on this thread migrate there! I demand it! These long over flow threads make me O.C.D. about information loss. :(

    1. Then again when the Teal Swan Reality Show starts filming it will probably all be over for written discourse and civilization in general :(

    2. Here's your death of written discourse right here. Just an endless stream of tautologies, redundancies, and murdered metaphor. What. The. Hell.

    3. ugh i can't read another one of her blogs. its such unremitting drivel every single time. at least the videos are morbidly entertaining because it's fascinating to me that this person actually says these things out loud in the real world and isn't met with laughter.

    4. Her train analogy sounds suspiciously like Bashar/Daryl Anka's back in 2013 or earlier and I disliked the use of it that time round! Unfortunately it seems like videos where he uses this have been deleted so I have only managed to find the following extract from a radio show so far
      Darryl: I think so. I mean Bashar’s talked about this year being kind of like a splitting prism, or to use another analogy he often talked about, it’s like trains are now leaving the station in different directions. And so it depends on what track you’re on as to ultimately what reality you’re going to experience. And the farther away the train gets from the station the farther apart the tracks get. So it’s kind of like you’re going to start seeing different kinds of groups, different kinds of belief systems gathering together into more and more pockets and I think eventually, and I’m not really sure how long this will take, but eventually I think as the frequency track, or the frequency realities get farther and farther apart, you’re ultimately probably only going to experience the track or ‘pocket reality’ that is reflective of the vibrational frequency you chose to be on. So according to Bashar it’s important to make sure you’re on the train you want to be on as soon as possible, because it might actually get a little bit more difficult later on down the line, years hence, to jump from one train to another because eventually as the tracks get farther and farther apart you may no longer know there is another train.

      (taken from

    5. Bentinho Massaro used the same analogy at one of his retreats. It's a narrative trope designed to separate out 'the chosen ones' [a.k.a. the disciples of the speaker] from the rest of humanity.

    6. yep, to separate out people further and further from the consensus reality of the world to receiving solely the guru's version of reality.

  41. Want to see her naked again?

    1. Really weird, one of the weirdest ever from her. Just rambling, disjointed, all delivered in that deadpan, wooden, barely human tone. Her "joke" about Costa Rica being the ovaries of the earth? Wow. Hilarious. I can see why a career in stand-up is not listed as one of her many career aspirations.

      That blather about the "land" being shamanic? What in the hell is shamanic land? Oh, that it will drudge up all your demons, because that's what shamans do now. Okay, sure. Mmm... no... I think that's what teal's unpaid completion process volunteers will be doing, breaking people down psychologically even in teal's absence.

      That closer with the up the skirt shot! "Welcome to my world." Horrible, disturbing painting aaaaannnnnnddddd.... then over a minute of silent darkness. What the fuck.

  42. Breatharius Schwanzus Longus Ray Maor & Anacondus Gigantus SelfObessus Teal & Gecko Ale charging people 4570 dollars for a single room and 3100 dollars for a shared room for a 10 day Breatharianism retreat in the scruffy looking Philia Centre whilst only serving water.. bbuuuuaaaaaahhhhh. Philia interior & exterior needs some loving and refurbishing. The energy is filthy, heavily layered from the past, so far not a clean place for “healing”. The place itself, the land is neutral and can’t shine so far. SB should get a geomancy master over there - urgently.

    People who will book this are truly out of their minds. But then most of the Tealers are living currently in a state of mad obsession and navel-gazing (this well placed word I kindly borrowed from LV) anyway. Anything is possible ... oh dear god help them.

    Madame Teal working on the minds already. Pay some juicy attention to min 4:58. Selling it with a warm leggy welcome. Oh Teal you can't help yourself . Beautiful woman, stop that.


    LV: please free me out of my misery to write on page 7 in the comment section any longer. A fresh article in 2017, please spoil us with the blank canvas of a page 1 in the comment section. Santa I hope you are listening ;)

    1. but a real Geomancy master - not a Pseudo-I-received-a-certificate-and-am-a-master-now-teal-obsessors. This place can only be cleaned if sb knows what he or she is doing and this person needs to get PAID instead of stupid volunteering-shite-i-want-to-be-close-to-madame. This place is not a joke. There is stuff flying around, sitting on and in the walls, busy chair traffic as well. Teal - our super sensory - obvisouly is blinded by all her success not to pick up on it. ah well - she might never realised. Geomancy master 5000-10000 dollar for a team of three. minimum. no single creature will do the job. Why do i have the feeling that nobody will listen.... mmmhhhhh.....

  43. Replies
    1. sigh. just randomly skipping thru it at around 1.26 i already hit another 'choose suicide' comment. is that the worst of it?

    2. Well, that's pretty horrible, probably the worst of it. The giggling about suicide is particularly jarring... as ever.

      I didn't even get that far. Within the first few minutes of this thing, she manages to insult the entire countries of Germany and Amsterdam. The Dutch are in spiritual "kindergarten." Germany is the most miserable country in the world, worse than Africa, she says, apparently oblivious to the fact that Africa is a continent, not a country. But the horrible poverty in some African countries, not as horrible as the lack of emotional connection in Germany. She's really got a hard on for Germany. They're very cold people, whereas she is so warm and emotionally available. See, all that giggling about people being so miserable they have to kill themselves? That's warmth and emotional support. She's very compassionate.

    3. Amsterdam ain't a country! Sometimes I get the feeling Teal Swan's psychic ability might be over-exaggerated. How did she ever get up to the 7th dimension and back as she doesn't seem able to master geography even in the 3rd dimension.

      However she does have a knack for finding the most obsequious interviewers I have to admit.

    4. Actually I don't remember exactly how she referred to Amserdam. It was a whole lot of conflating between cultures and countries and it got a little confusing. When it's not Christmas Eve and I have more time I'll see if I can't untangle the piles of verbiage that unfolded in just the first few minutes. So many insults to so many people in so little time. She'll go on and on diagnosing cities, cultures, and individuals on-stage. Then she tells them all there's nothing wrong with them and they should throw away their self-help books because they can't accept themselves as they are. How's that for cognitive dissonance. It's a kind of whiplash for the mind.

    5. At least she didn't explain Christmas on this weeks episode ask Ask Teal:

    6. Oh, but in that beforementioned video she did explain what "awakening" actually is to her interviewer, including what conscious and subconscious means. It is just Hilarious!!
      " Here'so what we have to understand", says teal....Start listening at 12 min mark. Talk about untangling the piles of verbiage. But teal is so sure she explained it well and easy to understand. Subconsciousness is simply something " we don't know that we don't know". Lol

  44. As for those poor miserable Germans, Dutch, etc.. I'm spending my second X-mas in Vienna with the big family my partner and father of my child comes from and they have strong German roots. These people are just soooo nice and welcoming and supportive to me...complete opposite to what teal had to say. At least in my experience.

  45. ...and did you catch how she stated right in the beginning of the interview about Amsterdam, towards the end of the first minute, that it's "real hard to ssssuuck the energy out of the audience" in this part of the globe. Brrrr

    1. Freudian slip much? Unbelievable. I only listened to five minutes of this thing and I was just dizzy. She really counts on cognitive dissonance overwhelming you so that you WON'T catch things like that. I swear she WANTS to be misunderstood. This one is a basket of crazy that I'm going to have to force myself through after the holidays.

  46. And speaking of holidays, be sure to check the top of the page for holiday cheer!

  47. I highly recommend everybody (including regular Tealers who are reading this blog & the Teal police) to watch all episodes of "Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath". I found this link online. Teal Eye Business just took the next level with establishing a camp "Philia". Her business is still a baby compared to the overly complex Scientology ideology & internal Cult police BUT you can see that T was and is establishing and using all methods. I hope it helps to open some Tealer's eyes.

    So far there are 5 episodes. After watching all of them, I feel compassion and love for the Tealers again. I had forgotten that they are hooked and truthfully hopeful. I hope they all gently wake up especially once they all get sucked into the endlessly money draining Philia concept is born. I see comments on fb "Teal here is my credit card" and "please let me """volunteer"""".

    Pay attention when all these ex scientologist explain the moment of waking up. Incredible how a very complex, manipulative, fraudulent, made up concept can effectively collapse because of moment x. There is hope.

  48. I had to leave Truth Tribe today. I don't know what's crazier - Teal or this flat earth conspiracy discussion where it sounds like a bunch of people didn't pay attention during 4th grade science class.

    1. Yeah, I saw it got a little weird today. I like Paddy. But I can't even with the flat earth shit. Not a common topic in that group. And now I see that Warren, who has me blocked, is dragging my name into for some reason. Yeah, really weird today. Not usually like this.

    2. Ah, yes. Warren the Trump supporter and conspiracy theorist. He is also a flat earther and is siding with Paddy on this.
      They don't realize that they are behaving like Teal (and Tealers).

    3. Yeah, Warren's fun, but I think he kinda still is a tealer. I dunno. The flat earth thing is big in the woo, or YouTube University as someone put it. I'm not all that surprised when I encounter it. I speak woo pretty fluently. I just don't feel to weigh in on such topics much. It's up there with pizzagate on the list of things I see no convincing argument for, but I believe that you believe it. Let's just please not kill anybody over it.

      I saw it all float down my timeline. Couldn't be bothered. I don't have time for important things right now. That, in the scheme of things, is way down the priority list. I saw that a lot of people were getting upset, though, so I REALLY wanted to steer clear. Too much crazy. Too little time.

  49. Incoming


      That's awesome.

    2. someone on her latest blog posted this link:

      I don't know what it's about, but the link is dead and I remember this poster CHSDOLLS had posted before with some enlightening comments (at least 1 comment has been deleted from which I have a screenshot but I no longer see in their previous post activity), showing their realization that teal isn't all that so I was curious to see what the video was about..

  50. New blog up about her haters. One of the comments left for in the comments section reads: "Someone earlier said you need help. I agree. Get help to relieve yourself of all duties and then go befriend one of the most prominent haters within this hate group. Take a chapter out of their book, learn how they formed the strategy and what their plan is and use it against them - actually let that ex-hater do it for you. Your single job should be to convert that 1 single person and then let the magic unfold. I suggest it is a man (make SURE he is straight, your job will be easier) don't go after a woman, you are too scary to them. And then work him ;) Sorry Ale.......It's not like she hasn't thought about that yet! Infiltrate!"

  51. Here is the link -
    Also, what does that picture of the ISIS guy beheading his victim and the backwards Nazi symbols have to do with this article? That picture is so bizarre... teal praying and looking seductively into the camera while ISIS beheads a hostage paired with dozens of swastikas? creepy...

  52. so many great lines from tealers in response to this latest blog, hard to choose a standout amongst all the new age word jazz, but this one i have to mention:

    "I cannot pretend I understand where the hate you are experiencing comes from; fueled by something so dark that it escapes my full comprehension."

    er.. maybe read some articles not on

  53. Many of the comments from people telling Teal to take responsibility for her own actions have been deleted. They were there yesterday morning but not today. Also, on her fan page on facebook, many people were saying things such as having families care about people sucked into cults is a legitimate concern, and also calling on her to take responsibility for some of her actions as to why teachers refuse to work for her at the Philia retreat. Today, it appears some of those comments have also disappeared.

    After reading this blog, I concur with Sarb that she is quickly unraveling and as much as she tries, she is unable to keep the lid on the boiling pot. This is going to end very badly for her. This retreat is going to go the way of the Sedona sweat lodges and Teal will find herself as the next "James Arthur Ray".

  54. This blog post. Oh my God. I just... wow. Does she really not see how self-damning she's being? Does she think the FBI investigates just anyone because people don't like them?

    That swastika image... It's taken, near as I can tell from here. But since she doesn't explain that, it looks like it's her graphic, her messaging. Oh my god...

  55. Teal wrote:

    "Essentially, the minute that we announced this retreat center, they began planning how to shut it down. This began with them collectively turning me into the FBI and the local police."

    I want to join this shadowy hate group. They sound very well organized. Within 60 seconds of learning about the retreat centre they were already drawing up plans? these guys really sound like they hit the ground running on things. They must share office space and to collectively call the f.b.i. and teal's local police station. "hi f.b.i. this is the teal hate group we're all here on speakerphone."

    1. Oh, I'm pretty sure you're in the hate group. You just didn't know it. Hate groups, according to teal, are anywhere people gather online to discuss teal in less than glowing terms: blogs, facebook groups, and whatever nefarious plans are hatching behind the scenes, god help us, via email. (!!!) It's a bloody conspiracy. I don't know why anti-teal hate groups aren't listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center yet. Only a matter of time I'm sure.

    2. this sucks. i'm labelled as being part of a hate group but i miss out on all the skullduggery of actually being in a hate group. i have no dastardly reputation that proceeds me. i didn't get a single tealer leaving a patronizing comment on my blog. Yet teal needs to be sent 100s of gushing messages of love and light and uplift to be protected from my comments...


      something is wrong with this picture.

  56. If it is true that someone "called the FBI" on her and that they really did respond, it's not because of the retreat. It's because something really did happen. I am sure she is on their radar regarding the cult abuse / murder story and if there's something else going on that we're not privy to and they're investigating, then that's not because of her "haters"s.
    Oh and lol at Anti-Teal groups listed by the SPLC. That was a good one. Is there a cult watch group out there? I wouldn't be surprised if she was on that.

  57. the phrasing sounds unreal "turned me into the fbi" doesn't sound like its happening in the real world. also undercover haters posing as retreat attendees? c'mon... obviously sowing the seeds of external and internal division is her game but this blog is a PR disaster even for a 'crazy wisdom' guru.

    1. Once again, her narcissism comes out. I don't think anyone would pay the outrageous fee (or jacked up fee as she keeps upping her price as if people wouldn't notice) to pose as a retreat attendee. Most likely, she fucked over the attendees, who in turn got angry at her and so she calls them "haters".
      Yeah, she's not very good at PR. But I don't mind. Her cognitive dissonance provides lots of entertainment. I know it's wrong to laugh at others' expenses but I can't help it with this one.

  58. o.k. so this blog comment from 'crystal rob' wins it for me:

    "Teal, after sending Reiki healing energy to you this morning by holding the Onyx that you held so often during the day at the Auckland NZ workshop, it came to me that there is actually a little piece of you in all our hearts - in those that you have touched and help start their journey. And so, like a Terrorist group that has no head, if we simply take your message and carry on, touching others with your Completion techniques, we, like the terrorist acting on his own, can operate independently from you. The haters can then never ever shut you completely down otherwise they would have to shut us all down. What I have to lose is my life but I will never lose my soul. So your message is being spread way over here as well as all across the world by us all."

    1. OK scratch what I said before. With comments like these (Tealers are calling for terrorism and drawing parallels to terrorism now as if that's something positive?), yeah I can see the FBI showing up to Teal's. ha ha

    2. yep. another tealer just wrote "I am willing to help with boots on the ground"

      (...but we're not a cult your honor i swear!)

    3. And the irony of this one, smdh:

      "Those of us with spiritual maturity and who know how to check in with our own center are able to discern that you are a being of light. I am so sorry that there are those whose lack of ... something. Internal awareness? Lack of Peace? are on the hunt in this fashion."

  59. She mentions Jesus and Ghandi in her recent blog as a means to compare her controversial nature. However her comparison is lacking in depth for these two teachers were leading people FOR FREE whereas Teal "the Prophet" is teaching for profit. Biiiiiig difference.

    1. Yep and neither Jesus or Ghandi seem like they would have been that into instagram.

  60. Tealer Ursha is back on the blog updating her plan:

    "I am suggesting to bring someone from the hating group in Teal camp - that ex-hater will then expose the group. That is how you dismantle opponents. Read a book sometimes, good one would be 2016 bestseller 'originals' where this particular strategy is described. Good luck.

    PS: Where did you get adultery from?! Just because it's easier for an attractive woman to convince a man with her opinion SHE DOES not have to commit adultery - unless she wants to, but that's not for us to debate."

  61. I read the latest blog and comments. This one has been up 21 hours and is good advice.

    Will it stay up?


    I feel you on the difficulty of starting a new business and, certainly, coming against adversity in any new venture is most certainty a source of frustration. I can tell you, as a passive observer and in all honesty, those that I know who are cool on your work often cite the fact that you provide psychological feedback to people but have no real training to do so. I, and many others, put in long hours of reading, study, guidance, inner work etc to gain degrees, consider all perspectives and to have a professional approach and perspective on therapy, especially those who incorporate transpersonal and spiritual elements in their work. Your views on suicide, the position of authority you assume as relates to people's subjective experiences, the position of being a distinct/unique soul who is innately an "oracle", of sorts, who has the ability to provide definitive answers and perspectives, are all dangerous positions to assume with emotional volatile individuals. Additionally, your back story doesn't really check out which puts you in a very position, again, amongst those individuals who have endured heavy trauma and look to you as some form of savant when it comes to dealing with trauma of a severe nature. I am morally opposed to engaging in smear campaign with people but I've been watching your process, and the ensuing drama, for long enough to share that there are professionals in the realms you set yourself forth as an authority in who see quite clearly your limitations and the dangers that those limitations pose.

    This could be erased, your followers could attack or you could take this as sober feedback and good for thought.

    Please, also, reconsider conflating your process with those of political and social revolutionaries. I've worked very closely with those who have faced very real and sustained danger for their political and social actions (no need to name drop here), and your detractors are quite different. At least those I know. People have an issue with feeling deceived about issues and professionals, as stated above, have an issue with your obvious lack of training and the damage that can/has caused. Big difference between those things and governments seeks to kill someone for radicalized activities.


    Kentyah Fraser (real name: no reason to hide!)

    1. i think the cul-,i mean intentional community, are all too busy with tealtown to update on social media, so it might get a long stay. but i see one tealer has already taken a weak shot at it.

      interesting to see tealers are asking so many questions e.g. why don't you talk to them? who are they? i don't understand this? etc etc. it's like they've been a bubble where all teal criticism and critics have been removed/blocked/deleted and now they are having to re-engage that part of their reasoning skill set.

    2. Oh that is a great comment. I'm going to have to hop over there and read the rest.


  62. “Teal does have some online haters but I have looked into it carefully and I don’t believe their message has any merit. Click on their links and read their blogs if you want to, but don't let them distract you from giving her message a chance. Just watch a few of her videos and see if they ring true for you. When I listen to Teal, I feel like she is saying things I have always known but did not have the words to express. It is profoundly soothing to listen to her speak these truths. Some of what she says seems a little far-fetched when you first hear it. For example, she talks about other dimensions, angels and star seeds. I never believed in such things before, so I was a little freaked out at first. But she makes SO MUCH SENSE when she talks about things I already believed in that I was willing to give her a chance on the more outlying topics. And what I have found is that as prolific as her work is—so huge in both breadth and depth—she never contradicts herself. The consistency and internal logic of her overall message is astounding.”

    So, in other words, "Teal tells me what i want to hear and confirms preexisting thoughts and biases. She doesnt challenge me. So i can now believe EVERYTHING she says"

    But, she doesnt contradict herself, ever? what? thats all she does.

  63. She's on a real self-pity kick.

    Text version here:

    And her entire intentional community just got engaged, apparently.

    It's a weird day in teal world.

  64. I skipped the video but just skimmed through the text.

    "Instead of getting down on the floor and kicking and screaming, we resort to sophisticated forms of manipulation, like playing the victim for example, or deliberately seeking out people with poor boundaries who we can leech off of. "

    HAHA, oh you DONT SAY! Good thing teal can enlighten us about things like this, because as long as she is teaching about it, it cant be about her, right? because she obviously "knows better".

  65. "For the ego to admit that the self leeches off of other people, it would immediately see itself as bad and also have to recognize that it isn’t inherently more special than anyone else. The ego cannot handle this reality on its own without the support of genuine conscious awareness."

    Its a sure sign of mental illness, is it not, to talk to yourself about yourself, as if you are not yourself?

  66. " We can take a seriously honest look at what we expect from the universe at large and most especially from other people. Ask yourself what you expect from this universe and also ask yourself what you expect from each individual person in your life. You can start with me if you’d like to. "

    You can start with me if you like THIS IS ONLY EVER ABOUT ME, YOU GUYS. its cute though how she tries to be subtle about it, but can never seem to be actually subtle.

    "All of these strategies will fail in the long run because people will begin to feel the manipulation behind them even before you do. This may just be the reason you have been ‘inexplicably’ losing friendships and other relationships left and right without an idea as to why."

    omg. she is NOT this obtuse. she knows. she is just ENTITLED to do it anyway, even though other people are not.

    i cant even with the rest of the "article". It is too frustrating because of how she turns all of her issues out on everyone else in public shame posts. She is insufferable and so helplessly dysfunctional.

    In that video of the Q&A, she was going off on that woman about similar things, how she needs attention and goes about getting it by manipulating and playing victim, being needy, etc. She was projecting the whole time, as usual. I wish her fans would just see it already. How much more obvious can it get? This is the woman who is constantly blogging her victimhood and confusion as to why people "turn on her", who is always in need of rescue and reassurances. Who lives off the donations and effort of her voluntealers and cult ("intentional community"). I could go on, but this is the choir and we all know already. I just...always so surprised at how blatant she can be and still get people to fall for it, then even thank her for the "teaching". gross.

  67. Teal must be jealous as fuck : instagram gecko
    He posted a pic of one of the hot single women in their retreat as opposed to his own wife! And the latest pic is of the beach without teal on it, hahaha.

  68. Have y'all seen this proposal video from blake and their 'intentional community' to the girl he's engaged with?

    Something tells me that teal has been pushing these 2 to marry way too soon and been trying to break up her previous relationship. Teal probably wants to ensure blake doesn't get with any other girl that might potentially get in teal's way and since teal gave her approval to this girl, I'm pretty sure she practically forced blake to tie the knot with her asap. He's not very convincing in his proposal I find. I mean just look in his eyes. I'm sure he likes her, but the part that says where he wants to be with her forever is less convincing. The other condition is of course for them to be forever married to teal and her cult, bah!

    We've seen he had some chemistry with that other blonde girl Becc, but it was obvious from insta pics that teal was too jealous of her, hmmm.

    1. somehow the link didn't work,
      this proposal video I mean:

    2. 'she had to leave friends and family behind' it says in the beginning of the video. Yep where have we heard that before? Because becoming teal's lifelong loyal family is more important of course. Nothing cultish about it at all ...

    3. Just what I thought from looking up body language, since he tends to look to his right when doing the proposal:

      "Police often ask a suspect to describe someone in detail. If the suspect looks to their right (your left) they are generally constructing or "making up" the visual description. If they look to their left (your right) they are generally recalling the details from their visual memory.

      So, in general, a glance to your left when observing a person indicates that they are creating or "lying" while a glance to your right signifies that they are remembering an actual event, or being "truthful."

      "I wanna spend the rest of my life with you" *blank stare*

      "I love you to the moon.." *looks to his right* " you through the good times and the bad.." *licks his lips* (Like all tension signals, it's often associated with telling a lie, but it's not always the case. It means that whatever the person is saying - he's not quite sure about it, or he's uncomfortable in his situation. To be more accurate, you need to watch carefully if the lick appears especially in regards to specific issue or detail > I do feel he's not very convinced about what he's saying here)
      " there, do everything with you.." *looks to his right again*
      *presses his lips inwards*
      (When lips are sucked into the mouth or turned under so the red part of the lips are hidden ('swallowing the lips'), this can indicate that the person is thinking and uncertain about something, which could easily be bad news.

      Lip swallowing can also indicate suppressed speech, where the person is preventing themself from speaking when perhaps they know they should. This can indicate lying or maybe disapproval.

      "..the best thing that ever happened to me, SO I love you.." > he says, whilst looking down (Not engaging in eye contact can also mean disinterest, and a desire to leave.) notice also the tone in his voice, sounds like acting. And why would you have to give up a reason to love someone as if you're looking for a logical reason to explain you love someone? ("the best thing that happened to me, SO I love you")

      At the end, he asks "will you marry me?" followed by a forced short smile. Then he bursts out into a genuine smile I suppose because he feels silly about it.

  69. Eww... this is creepy...

    Tagline= "This the best wedding proposal video that i've seen that regards an Intentional Community"

    So he posted his own proposal video online calling it the best ever - as an advert for the Teal Cult?

    1. Succintly put, Gaby. That is EXACTLY what he did. He proposed to her privately, as well, so there was no point in posting this except as an advert for the definitely-not-a-cult community.

  70. I tried to write something but it got erased. Teal makes crazy videos and confuses people, period. Intellectually, she keeps them stuck and clinging to her for more guidance instead of teaching them to trust their own.
    I understand most spiritual teachers. Not Teal.

    1. "Teal makes crazy videos and confuses people, period."

      You DO understand Teal.

  71. I don't understand the proposal video. Is Blake proposing to his girlfriend by having the entire "intentional community" (a.k.a people who pay Teal's bills) also propose because she is marrying into the family and not just Blake?

    1. Looks to me like you understand it perfectly.

      "Published on Jan 7, 2017
      This the best wedding proposal video that i've seen that regards an Intentional Community or collaboration with friends that contains a happy ending and conclusion. She said yes. It seemed to be a good idea."

      That's from the video copy. Who wrote it? It's posted by Blake (sundyer). So his own video is the best ever?

      This whole thing is so frigging weird. She had already said yes BEFORE she saw the video, according to his Facebook.

      "She Said Yes! We went to send some Chinese Sky Lanterns off at midnight and I asked her. I also made a Proposal Video that she watched after <3"

      So who is the video really for? It's obviously an advert for their definitely-not-a-cult. I can't even get through this video. I've tried several times. My stomach turns over.

      I did force myself to watch teal's portion which is soooooo weird. She slags all his ex-girlfriends and Lynn's ex-boyfriend. She explains how she feels safe enough to be "vunnerable" with Lynn to not wear make-up and appear in her jammies, which open practically to her naval. She apparently "safe" with the entire frigging world, then, because this video is posted publicly.

      It's so frigging weird.

  72. Teal is a doushebag. As a survivor of abuse, I tell you she is a serial liar and a fake. She feels safe when other people let down their me that says PRFDATOR. Actually, not even animals in the wild act like her.
    hmmm.....let me steal everyone's work, pose as a prostitute, and beg for sympathy. My problem is this: she doesn't get what most normal people can, how can she claim to be "as god" when she acts like a psychopath? How many psychopaths can she attract, anyway? Fallon, Sarbdeep (I'm sorry, a habitual liar and emotionally unavailable,) teach everyone to become a victim looking for sympathy, use other people's money for a retreat center and then say the FBI is after her?
    Give me a break.
    I really hate Teal

  73. And I'm sorry Sarbdeep, that was my interpretation of Teal's interpretation of YOU

  74. Don't blame me. I'm just passing on the links.

  75. Can we put a picture of her here?


    These "higher end" workshops seem like a desperate attempt to make money. Honestly, it looks like they slapped this idea together in 30 minutes without putting any real thought or effort into it (and, if they did, then that's just sad). The website itself is extremely shoddy, there's no real mission statement, or event description, or any information, really, that would be useful to potential attendees. Rather, they just posted old pics of Teal's face, linked to a YouTube video that's nearly 5 years old, then slapped a price and a "purchase ticket" button on it. I could just die from the second-hand embarrassment.

    Blake mentioned how Teal has been "under a great deal of pressure" the last few months… and she did just purchase "Philia"… perhaps they're not doing so great with their retreats? Did they even fill up all the men's spots for the singles thing after all? Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but in the video Ale posted, it seemed like there were mostly women and a few, maybe 4? 5? men?

    1. It's risible. I saw some of Blake's attempt at damage control on the Spiritual Catalyst page, where many tealers were experiencing sticker shock and thought the $3500 price tag was a typo. I heard he's spinning like a top in Teal Tribe, too. I'm awaiting screenshots.

      It's a mess. That video references Donald Trump as an example of success. That's how old it is. This is the same Donald Trump whose "success" is driving her to the Costa Rican jungle to avoid WWIII because she thinks he's like Hitler. (Not saying I disagree with that characterization.)

      So they're up-marketing teal because she's "under pressure?" A pity play? For the teacher of "success?" If they knew what irony meant, they might see it.

      They did fill the singles event. Ale posted a video of the Q&A with teal at the wrap. He withdrew the video hours later, probably because it's embarrassing. I think I know who number 8 was. (They had 7 men for a while and were looking for one more. Then it was listed as sold out.) He looked to be around twice the age of all the other participants. It did not go well for him. The young gals didn't want to mingle with him. And then teal called him a "creep." Okay, she said his energy was that of a creep. It was horrible and brutal and cruel. Ugh.

    2. Had a dream of T in dec. I looked at her an her head turned into a big fat juicy blue berry. When I woke up I realised I need to detox a bit of T's shite. 2 weeks detox over. :D and it starts with utter madness of course again:

      Buuuuaaaaaahhhh she is pulling a Kim & Kylie Kardashian.

      U N L O C K M Y W O R L D -
      "Teal Swan Premium Membership"

      She has enough people hooked on her instagram and fb to walk the extra mile with their credit cards now. I feel bad for them. They are all so afraid.

      I just had a quick look at the engagement video of Blake. I noticed that Teal is talking about waiting for her boyfriend to disappear for over 3 years as she was meant for Blake. Very disrespectful in regards to one of her practioneers who was actually dating Blake 1 or 2 years ago. She can't help it.

      I don't understand this proposal video other than being Teal's idea to ensure that this soon to be bride knows that she is not getting the B without the S. All the best to Blake & the bride "who lost her family but gained a new one".... urrrggghhh Her "hate" blog uuurrrrgghhh

      I am watching too much of Leah Remini the aftermath of Scientology. Sounds all too familiar. urrrgh again.

    3. Just like I thought, if Blake dated this Sara Dawn and had a thing with Becc Town who both are Completion process practitioners, they both want to establish their own career in the business of spirituality, whereas Lynn , his soon-to-be-wife is a hairdresser working at someone else's hairdressing salon. I think that's most definitely a defining factor for Teal, she needed to hook up Blake with someone who could not compete with her, because Teal is oh so fragile and well Blake will just have to forever prioritize her feelings.

      BTW I'm glad many on her fb are commenting on the ridiculous price of $3500 for her workshop which doesn't even include everything. What Blake says to justify this price tag doesn't make any sense though. "this is just a new format for a workshop that's a little higher end so we can take some pressure off Teal in other parts of her life. "

      If teal is under so much pressure, then she should be doing less workshops, not more but instead thinks it's justified to punish others for the pressure she puts herself under and makes them pay more. What about the pressure she is putting others under to pay such a high price to attend a workshop to become successful? Oh never mind, it's all about teal of course. There have been more and more people commenting on how tired she looks lately, so maybe she wants to collect more money to get her face fixed with plastic surgery, because it's probably just aging that makes her look tired and well she needs her sexy looks to sell more of her spiritual nonsense of course. Didn't the Arcturians told her so? lol

    4. This Eco GreenLeaves person on fb seems like a fake account by Blakey or Teal herself, trying to cover her ass for her pricey workshop: "This is Fantastic that teal is in New York , it cost to fly to other cities, set up for a convention, people spend thousands on vacations, just make this workshop a vacation. she also has online courses as well for much less. Teal gives alot downloads for free and for lest than $5.00 dollars, she gives of herself relentlessly through You Tubes, interviews etc...She is no where full of greed or dollar driven, however society is, publishing companies are...Please do not bash on my page Terrific Teal.

      And omg, they put a positive review from Lucia on her meditation page. I wonder if this is an old review they put up to pester her and make her rave about teal or if they haven't read Lucia's more recent thoughts on teal aka black swan. .

  77. She's making premium content soon. Oh lord. I guess they can't tell how obvious they're being with the I need my money back from buying this retreat. And 3500 success workshop. The thing is. Everything she does is the same. The same garbage yet generic advice.


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