Nov 18, 2016

Introducing the Wit & Wisdom of Teal Swan

I have been graciously invited to share my work on this fine blog. I'm a frog of few words, preferring to speak through the power of images. Perhaps you are familiar with my work, which may be found on my YouTube channel here.

I am intending my newest film to be part of a series. As Teal is so witty and so wise, I believe her videos to be a treasure of trove of cleverness. I am also opening the floor to suggestions. All are welcome to pass along favorite Teal witticisms and insights to be incorporated into future compilations.

I must also beg your indulgence. The process of making videos is still relatively new to me.  photo froghandAnd as you may have guessed this work is challenging and time consuming for hands such as these.


  1. I swear this "Frog says"-Hand just moved.

    1. Oh yes. It does that. The frog's eyes follow you around the room, too.

  2. wait a second! there is scant wit or wisdom from teal swan in this video. i suspect this frog is a very ironical amphibian indeed.

  3. Here's a great piece of Teal 'wisdom'. Police investigations get derailed when they don't have exact dates.

    1. I know. That interview is UNREAL. I also love how the police can't possibly issue a warrant based on eye witness/participant testimony because that's just hearsay. LOL Oh, she's marvelous. Come now, you can see why Frog finds her hilarious. What a sense of humor. Hearsay.

    2. Took me over a week to get thru that entire interview of sickness. I'm just going to go ahead and say it without any irony or humour: None of those events happened in the real world. I'll concede Teal was hurt or wronged by someone at some point just because she is alive on planet earth. However her aim isn't healing for planet earth. The spiritual career is a means to crush her parents and whoever else who wrongs her. Followers will get lots of good borrowed second hand therapeutic advice for a time. But the main line is to malignant narcissism. For Teal that interviewer might as well not of have been there.

  4. o.k. Frog here's a half-baked insight i had that i have no idea what to do with, maybe it's something you will jump on OR ribbit to pieces.

    here's a still from the trailer for open shadow on vimeo. it's the third page shown of teal's writing (the first is dated Feb 92) which would put Teal at age 7 almost 8. Which means (according to her) she would have been in the satanic cult. In light of which here is what is communicated -

    here's what i've been able to transcribe:

    "theres no
    the dreams of
    fear why why are
    going this hungry are the only
    ones that do this we
    money but why did we
    only spend it so
    then after you feel awful
    you take your feelings
    out on the only innocent
    ones the frightened children
    scared to fight back even
    to ask why why don't you

    ...punch bag

    why must i ask this
    question i don't need much
    if only you took the time
    to care don't you see
    what you are doing.
    child abuse.

    teal bosworth"

  5. She's going to sleep with dude I bet.

    1. so cynical. so cynical. just because she rarely posts a photo with her husband and when she does in 90 per cent of them she looks miserable. And that it looks to all intents and purposes like said husband is just another tool to be used in her evil empire building and then discarded, as Sardeep was. Even so, let us not forget the redeeming power of love, glorious love, to make even the hardest psychopathic heart forget their plans for world domination.

  6. Dear Frog,

    Please do a video on Teal Swan's various comments on Race. Sure to be enlightening.

    Yours sincerely


  7. ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i present for your consideration the following video:

    1. using my range of extrasensory abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, i think i detect.. somewhere very near here.. sarcasm? has anyone been sarcastic? it could be on this blog.

    2. Oui madame je pense que vous êtes très sarcastique!

  8. And once again I see that my comment feed has stopped updating. Off to complain to blogger again...

  9. I want to comment to Cameron about her post where she mentions helane lipson referring to teal as being possessed by leviathan entities. I don't know where else to comment on this because I've never heard anyone mention this before but it stood out to me because of my personal experience. I used to follow teal and her teachings I did not know were stolen at the time. About 3 years ago I had begun to do shadow work esp using her process. I found it to be rather negatively focused but didn't want to knock it before I tried it. What I found interestingly enough was not any miraculous healing she claims but I found more and more "shadows" shadows that teal would say are just my own subconscious but I genuinely felt every time I focused this way I felt less relief and more pain. I am very sensitive and began to have dreams very dark dreams of dark water and I became very scared of the sea and it's creatures when I had never feared water in this way before. Each time I began the CP I would have visions of being pulled underwater by creatures with teeth and long tentacles that wrapped themselves around me and pulled me under. It was relentless and very disturbing for me but I kept on with the process because I just thought it was "my own fear" " my own projection of my self conscious" I attended an online workshop with teal where one of her viewers explained a similar experience in seeing these nightmarish visions and I perked up to see what she had to say about it. Her explanation was that you just have to keep going through it and that's where you'll find the core. That it's your fear of healing coming up and you need you address that first. I felt like she was right and maybe it was just me (sounds a bit like sociopathic abuse tactics to me now-provoking this pain and then telling you it's all just a manifestation of YOU and what you're doing wrong) I truly don't know what all of this means but I do know that seeing the photos brought up on a Google search of leviathan reminds me an awful lot of the types of things I used to see pulling me down during the process. The were very dark very strong and relentless. I never felt more alone and isolated. I believe there these entities pray off of your insecurity and lack of self trust so they can swoop in and tell you how to feel and think. It doesn't sound too far fetched to me and I was affected too deeply by those visions while listening to her to write it off as coincidence or "just my dark past" I think she truly uses it as an excuse to get people to focus negatively for extended periods of time so that she and these dark thought forms can maintain energy and thrive. I am thankful I came out of the spell I was under but I just wanted to share my experience and hope it helps anybody who has had the same thing happen to them. ❤️

    1. Thanks for your comment. Very, very interesting. Just an FYI, this is a subject that is addressed somewhat on this post, in the comments. In particular, you might want to search for the name Jordan, a shaman who also addressed the entities question.

  10. I'm gonna put this here, too. Fantastic new video, The Suicide Catalyst.

    PS Fuck Photobucket


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