Nov 15, 2015

Fullmetal Plagiarist – UPDATED

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Update: Spiritually Bypassing Citations (see below)
Update: How Many Cheneys on the Cooks Source Scale is This? (see below)
Update: Addicted to Plagiarism (see below)
Update: Plagiarizing Hay House (see below)

In this recent post on Teal Bosworth Scott Swan, I wrote about what I'm calling her "originality gap." I cited a number of examples of recycled material – numerous blog posts which rely on word for word lifts from her own previous articles. As stated, this is called self-plagiarism. I also touched on her propensity for relaying ideas, words, and images that strongly resemble work from other sources. I have noted a number of these parallels in the noncasts.

For instance, in the noncast entitled "The Bottomless Rabbit Hole," I referenced a rather striking similarity between her painting called Alchemy and art from the series Fullmetal Alchemist. Imagine my surprise at seeing that image, once again, heading her recent blog post.

 photo fullmetalfear_zpsy40cqlms.jpg

The image in question is called the "circle of transmutation." It is the unique construction of Fullmetal Alchemist. It is, therefore, proprietary material.

 photo transmutationcirclesearch.png

This is not, I should point out, a blog post about the symbolism in Fullmetal Alchemist or its, perhaps, broader implications. It's not an exploration of how either the manga or the anime series convey the principles of Alchemy. That's something I might enjoy reading. I love analyses of how mythology is expressed in popular culture, which is why I write so much on the topic. But, no, this new post is about how unhappy and afraid teal is and how this is somehow reflected in the principles of Western Alchemy.

More to the point, there is almost no original material in the post. Instead, it draws from a number of previously published works of hers: an article and video on feeling like the universe is against you, a video, and a poem about Alchemy.

Worse, much of this recycled material is also plagiarized from Wikipedia. The following block quote is the text on Alchemy as it appears in this recent blog post and in the previously published text from which it is taken. I have highlighted in green any phrases, words, and partial words, that are direct lifts from the Wikipedia entries on the same topics. (Some words are in different tenses, have been changed from verbs to gerunds, and so on.) I have highlighted text in rose that I have deemed to be paraphrases of those Wikipedia entries. It's not just the highlighted material that is plagiarized, however. To plagiarize content does not simply mean ripping text word for word or paraphrasing it. Any content that conveys "information that is not common knowledge or self-evident," from an un-cited source, is considered plagiarism.

... The Great Work of Alchemy is often described as a series of four stages, which are represented by colors…

Nigredo, a blackening or melanosis. [sic]  It is putrefaction or decomposition. Ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively.  Internally, this represents a kind of spiritual death ["dark night of the soul"] and the confronting of one’s shadow aspect.

Albedo,a whitening or leucosis. [sic] The washing away of impurities.  The physical subject (such as an ingredient) is to be purified and divided into two opposing principles.  Internally, this represents regaining the original purity and receptivity of the soul.  Washing away the ashes to find the soul.

Cirtinitas, a yellowing or xanthosis. [sic] This refers to transmutation.  The actual turning of a subject (such as an ingredient) into its highest state such as silver into gold.  Internally this represents awakening. Becoming a manifestation of the soul.  Becoming a walking embodiment of the soul, rather than a muted reflection of it ["dawning of the 'solar light' inherent in one's being, and that the reflective 'lunar or soul light' was no longer necessary"].** It is a process of turning.

Rubedo,a reddening, purpling, or iosis. [sic]  Rubedo refers to the end state ["culmination"]Alchemical success.  The achievement of the perfected state.  The final state of perfection of a subject (such as an ingredient).  It can be interpreted as achieving enlightened consciousness and the total fusion of spirit and matter. ["wholeness"]  This stage is often represented by the symbol of the phoenix.

**If you doubt my analysis of the paraphrased section, see her stanza on Citrinitas:

We can see now
That the moon’s light ["lunar or soul light"]
Is not sun light, ["solar light"]
It is just a reflection.
We are just a reflection of what we really are.
When we decide to turn from moonlight to sunlight

To begin with, each of the sentence fragments with which she begins her definitions of the "stages," is a word for word lift from this Wikipedia post on the Magnum Opus – Great Work – of Alchemy. The little numbers in brackets, in the Wikipedia posts correspond to footnotes, because Wikipedia, for all its faults, cites its sources.

... It originally had four stages:[1][2]
  • nigredo, a blackening or melanosis
  • albedo, a whitening or leucosis
  • citrinitas, a yellowing or xanthosis
  • rubedo, a reddening, purpling, or iosis

Here is the source text for the definition of Nigredo. 

In alchemy, nigredo, or blackness, means putrefaction or decomposition. The alchemists believed that as a first step in the pathway to the philosopher's stone all alchemical ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively to a uniform black matter.[1]

In analytical psychology, the term became a metaphor 'for the dark night of the soul, when an individual confronts the shadow within'.[2]

Here is the source text for the definition of Albedo.

In alchemy, albedo is one of the four major stages of the magnum opus; along with nigredo, citrinitas and rubedo. It is a Latinicized term meaning "whiteness". Following the chaos or massa confusa of the nigredo stage, the alchemist undertakes a purification in albedo, which is literally referred to as ablutio – the washing away of impurities. In this process, the subject is divided into two opposing principles to be later coagulated to form a unity of opposites or coincidentia oppositorum during rubedo.[1]

Titus Burckhardt interprets the albedo as the end of the lesser work, corresponding to a spiritualization of the body. The goal of this portion of the process is to regain the original purity and receptivity of the soul.[2] Psychologist Carl Jung equated the albedo with unconscious contrasexual soul images; the anima in men and animus in women. It is a phase where insight into shadow projections are realized, and inflated ego and unneeded conceptualizations are removed from the psyche.

Here is the source text for the definition of Citrinitas.

Citrinitas, sometimes referred to as xanthosis,[1] is a term given by alchemists to "yellowness." It was one of the four major stages of the alchemical magnum opus, and literally referred to "transmutation of silver into gold" or "yellowing of the lunar consciousness."[citation needed] In alchemical philosophy, citrinitas stood for the dawning of the "solar light" inherent in one's being, and that the reflective "lunar or soul light" was no longer necessary. The other three alchemical stages were nigredo (blackness), albedo (whiteness), and rubedo (redness).

Psychologist Carl Jung is credited with interpreting the pseudo-scientific alchemical process as analogous to modern-day psychoanalysis. In the Jungian archetypal schema, nigredo is the Shadow; albedo refers to the anima and animus (contrasexual soul images); citrinitas is the wise old man (or woman) archetype; and rubedo is the Self archetype which has achieved wholeness.

Finally, this is the source text for the definition of Rubedo.

Rubedo is a Latin word meaning "redness" that was adopted by alchemists to define the fourth and final major stage in their magnum opus. Both gold, and the philosopher's stone were associated with the color red, as rubedo signalled alchemical success, and the end of the great work.[1] Rubedo is also known by the Greek word, Iosis.

. . .

The symbols used in alchemical writing and art to represent this red stage can include blood, a phoenix, a rose, a crowned king, or a figure wearing red clothes. Countless sources mention a reddening process; the seventeenth dictum of the 12th century Turba Philosophorum is one example:
O Turba of Philosophers and disciples, now hast thou spoken about making into white, but it yet remains to treat concerning the reddening! Know, all ye seekers after this Art, that unless ye whiten, ye cannot make red, because the two natures are nothing other than red and white. Whiten, therefore, the red, and redden the white! [3]
. . .

In the framework of psychological development (especially with followers of Jungian psychology), these four alchemical steps are viewed as analogous to the process of attaining individuation. In an archetypal schema, rubedo would represent the Self archetype, and would be the culmination of the four stages, the merging of ego and Self.[4]

The Self manifests itself in "wholeness," a point in which a person discovers their true nature.

What is arguably more troubling than teal's obvious plagiarism of Wikipedia as a source on Alchemy, is that Wikipedia's material is more informative and better developed. It also offers references to source material, for further study.

Aside from the blatant ethical violation that is plagiarism, not providing references disempowers readers. This is and always has been my larger problem with teal. By not citing her sources, she positions herself as the cosmic answer lady. She closes the loop. When you refer the reader to other sources, you offer them the opportunity to read and evaluate those sources and expand their own learning. But, teal has a lot of her followers convinced that she is an authority on Alchemy and other spiritual disciplines, as if she never needed to read any of it. This encourages dependency. Anything you'd ever want to know about anything at all: just "Ask Teal."

No thanks. I can read Wikipedia for myself.

This post has 20 paragraphs and 1 poem of 4 stanzas, so we'll call that 24 paragraphs. Out of that, roughly 7 1/2 paragraphs were not directly traceable to older material, some of which was directly traceable to Wikipedia. Some of that new text is transitions in and out of the previously published material. In other words, a little over a quarter of this post is actually new.

So, what do we learn in those seven paragraphs? That teal is afraid, therefore everyone is afraid. That she went for a run in a sports bra and shorts and has the photographic evidence to prove it. That she's a victim who is being "scapegoated" and has been since childhood. That, for some strange reason, being a homewrecker has earned her some hostility and that this is mystifying to her. Basically, this post boils down to self-pity, self-plagiarism, and some plagiarized Wikipedia stuff about Alchemy.

I know I'm looking forward to teal's "energy diagnosis" of Paris. My husband suspects the "dominant negative vibration" will be something like "booming." My "energy diagnosis" of the smattering of new material in this post, though, is fear and victimhood. If I were a law of attraction person, I'd say it's not surprising that she was "a match" to multiple coordinated terrorist attacks. Her explanation of the timing is a little different, though.

 photo tealparisbeacon.png

 photo tealtribetoureiffel_zpsqs0bw9j4.png

Yes, she and her tribe are there to be beacons of light in this difficult time. It's funny how the mass murder by that poor, unfairly maligned boy Elliott Rodger was the reason she didn't move to Santa Barbara, but terrorist attacks in Paris are the reason she did go there. Well, either way, now that she's coordinating these "high frequency" sit-ins, I look forward to hearing about her taking the tribe into Syria.

In the meanwhile, if I want to hear about depression and Alchemy, I'll just watch Strindberg and Helium.

Update: Spiritually Bypassing Citations (12/19/15)

A comment from blairgilbert on this post tipped me to another instance of blatant plagiarism in teal's body of work. She noted word for word pilfering, in the Ask Teal video called "Spiritual Bypassing," from a Collective-Evolution post on the topic, written by Vanessa Petronelli.

The first thing I notice, in looking at Petronelli's article, is that she properly attributes the term "spiritual bypassing" to psychologist John Welwood. Surprising no one, teal does not.

I took a look at the article version of teal's spiritual bypassing video and strongly suspected that still more of it was plagiarized from sources in addition to the Collective-Evolution article. My husband and I did a bit more digging. We found that there were phrases and even entire blocks of text that could be traced to other sources. Some is paraphrased. Some is lifted verbatim.

As I did above, I will attempt to illustrate this using green highlights for identical words and phrases and rose for obvious paraphrasing. I am doing this by hand, so I'm sure I'm missing a lot. I shudder to think what would happen if these documents were compared using plagiarism detection software.

In her comment, blairgilbert identified two glaring examples of plagiarism from the Collective-Evolution article in the video.

Starting at the 13:25 mark, she states nearly word for word the author's third tip to avoid spiritual bypassing (near the end of the article).

And beginning at 15:00, it's glaringly obvious that she just re-phrased the author's ideas presented in tip number 1.

To do this analysis, I used the article version, which has roughly identical text to the video, and pulled out the grafs that correspond to the 13:25 and 15:00 marks. I also found another graf that strongly resembles tip number 2 from the CE article.

Text from teal's article:

In order to avoid the trap of spiritual bypassing, we need to apply what we learn to our life. Spiritual and Self help information is relatively abstract. Attending workshops, talks, reading books, going to yoga and meditation classes, etc. are good tools. However, tools are of no use if they aren’t used. Take action by applying what you are learning from these modalities consistently. Integrate them into your life daily.  If these ideas remain abstract and merely intellectualized, they aren’t going to help you to create long lasting and permanent change.

Similar text from CE article:

Here are some other Tips to Avoid Spiritual Bypassing:

1) Spiritual and Self-Developmental information is abstract. Attending seminars, workshops, reading books, going to yoga and meditation classes, etc. are fantastic tools, however, the most important thing you need to ask yourself is if you are taking action and applying what you are learning from these modalities consistently, by integrating it into your life daily. If it remains abstract and is simply intellectualized it really isn’t going to help you to create long lasting and permanent change.

Text from teal's article:

If we are to avoid the trap of bypassing, we need to let go of the idea that something must be terribly, “wrong,” or dysfunctional about us if we have problems of negative beliefs or negative feelings or negative thoughts. Everyone has personal, “struggles,” to work through. I mean EVERYONE. When we judge our problems or feelings or negative-ness as wrong, we suddenly have a motive for spiritual bypassing. We make where we are “not ok”. We want to be good and right but we can only achieve that goodness or rightness by being inauthentic. We put on a false façade because of it.

Similar text from CE article:

2) Many people believe that something must be terribly, “wrong,” or dysfunctional in their lives to see a Life Coach, Therapist, Counselor or Healer. This is absolutely FALSE. Everyone has personal,  “stuff,” to work through. When you see a professional you move into a vulnerable state of expression and opening; something you cannot always do alone or with friends or family members. These professionals are objective and are invested in only seeing you thrive and grow beyond your limitations and boundaries in a safe setting. They can offer you a different perspective as to what is going on inside of you. They will also hold you accountable to be sure that you are doing the work and making progress in between sessions that create a lasting impact on your life.

Text from teal's article:

In order to avoid the trap of spiritual bypassing, we need to be brave enough to admit to how we feel, what we want and don’t want, what we like and don’t like. We need to be willing to risk admitting to where we are and who we are, even if we think that where we are and who we are isn’t good or ok. If we want to avoid the pitfall of spiritual bypassing, we must express and allow our emotions, wounds, traumas and pain to surface healthily and with compassion.

Similar text from CE article:

3)Express and allow your emotions, wounds, traumas and pain to surface healthily and with love. Let go of the fear, judgment and suppressing of emotions. We often turn to things outside of ourselves to cope with our internal pain and suffering. Examples include addictions to food, drink, drugs, shopping, sex, work, focusing on others and diverting attention away from yourself etc.  Make peace with being uncomfortable. If you are numbing yourself inside out this energy lingers and creates a breeding ground for other issues to arise and manifest. Get down to the root of your problems as they will not go away on their own.

That is some, but probably not all, of the direct lifting from the Collective-Evolution article. What she did not take from that article was the clear reference to the psychologist who originated the term "spiritual bypassing," John Welwood. This did not stop Welwood's ideas from showing up in teal's article, word for word.

The similarity between teal's text and this interview with John Welwood entitled Human Nature, Buddha Nature: On Spiritual Bypassing, Relationship and the Dharma is hard to miss.

Text from teal's article:

Spiritual bypassing also leads to a one-sided form of spirituality where one aspect of life is elevated at the expense of its opposite. For example, objective truth (being valued more) is used to invalidate subjective truth. Non-physical is valued over form, 5d is valued and 3d is devalued. Transcendence is valued over physical embodiment, and detachment is valued over feeling. This behavior of valuing one side of polarity over the other gives rise to extremely damaging experiences. For example, one might, try to practice emotional detachment from others by suppressing one’s need for love and becoming independently self loving, but this only drives the need to be loved by others underground, so that it often becomes unconsciously acted out in covert and manipulative ways instead.

Similar text from Welwood's interview:

Trying to move beyond our psychological and emotional issues by sidestepping them is dangerous. It sets up a debilitating split between the buddha and the human within us. And it leads to a conceptual, one-sided kind of spirituality where one pole of life is elevated at the expense of its opposite: Absolute truth is favored over relative truth, the impersonal over the personal, emptiness over form, transcendence over embodiment, and detachment over feeling. One might, for example, try to practice nonattachment by dismissing one’s need for love, but this only drives the need underground, so that it often becomes unconsciously acted out in covert and possibly harmful ways instead.

Text from teal's article:

Being a good spiritual person can become a substitute identity that covers up and defends against an underlying deficient identity. The spiritual idea we have of ourselves is used to whitewash over the truth of our true concept of ourselves, which is that we feel badly about ourselves. We feel that we are not good enough. We feel that we are innately Bad. Then, although we may be practicing diligently, our spiritual practice can be used in the service of denial and defense. And when spiritual practice is used to bypass our real-life human issues, our spirituality becomes compartmentalized.

Similar text from Welwood's interview:

Being a good spiritual practitioner can become what I call a compensatory identity that covers up and defends against an underlying deficient identity, where we feel badly about ourselves, not good enough, or basically lacking. Then, although we may be practicing diligently, our spiritual practice can be used in the service of denial and defense. And when spiritual practice is used to bypass our real-life human issues, it becomes compartmentalized in a separate zone of our life, and remains unintegrated with our overall functioning.

We also found a quote from Robert Agustus Masters on Facebook, which appears nearly word for word in teal's article. I ran down the quote and found this article, in which Agustus also clearly references John Welwood as the man who identified the problem of spiritual bypassing. Of course, teal references neither Masters, nor Welwood.

Text from teal's article:

Some examples of spiritual bypassing include anger-phobia, exaggerated detachment, emotional numbing and repression, blind or overly tolerant compassion, weak or too porous boundaries, using cognitive reasoning to escape emotional feelings. Debilitating judgment about one's negativity or shadow side, devaluation of the personal relative to the spiritual, avoidance of physical day to day life, delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being and my personal least favorite, overemphasis of and attachment to the positive to the degree that there is a high level of resistance to anything negative.

Similar text Robert Agustus Masters:

Spiritual bypassing is a very persistent shadow of spirituality, manifesting in many forms, often without being acknowledged as such. Aspects of spiritual bypassing include exaggerated detachment, emotional numbing and repression, overemphasis on the positive, anger-phobia, blind or overly tolerant compassion, weak or too porous boundaries, lopsided development (cognitive intelligence often being far ahead of emotional and moral intelligence), debilitating judgment about one's negativity or shadow side, devaluation of the personal relative to the spiritual, and delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being.

Looking at this sea of green, it's hard to argue that teal did not plagiarize from all three of these articles. Worse, she has not only failed to cite her sources, she has failed to cite THE source of the term with which she's entitled her article and Ask Teal video. It's blatant theft of Welwood's intellectual property. Yes, "spiritual bypassing" is a concept that is currently proliferating throughout new agedom. I'm glad of it. It's a welcome relief from the willful denial espoused by The Secret and other LOA material. I'm sure many people who refer to the concept don't know its origins. But, I don't see how teal could possibly have missed this important piece of information, when she so obviously read and borrowed extensively from works in which he is clearly named.

Once again, teal has positioned herself as the cosmic answer lady, spouting information she "just knows." And, once again, these ideas have very human sources that are only a google search away.

Update: How Many Cheneys on the Cooks Source Scale is This? (2/11/16)

 photo cheneysoncookssource_wheaton_zpscve6nec6.png

*Heavy Sigh*

Is it that she can't learn or she won't learn?

In my previous update, I demonstrated, with careful highlighting, teal's word-for-word lifts on the issue of spiritual bypassing. Despite quoting him extensively, she never even referenced the psychologist who coined the term "spiritual bypassing," John Welwood. Now, she's self-plagiarized the article in which she plagiarized Welwood and others who have written on the topic. If you were holding out hope that she's avoided carrying over those blatantly lifted phrasings and ideas, or finally acknowledged her sources, you will be disappointed.

It's even more distressing when you consider that this post is clean and grammatically coherent enough to indicate that it was copy-edited. Her copy editor really doesn't know that this is blatant, obvious plagiarism?! There are some other very interesting slips, like this one:

So for the time being, I have been silent about it for the sake of evading even more conflict.

Most of us avoid unpleasantness. She evades it.  To evade almost always involves some form of trickery and deception – very telling use of language, I think.

Examples of teal's plagiarism and self-plagiarism are too numerous to count and document. It would be a full-time job. She rarely writes a post that isn't made up of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – a knack that may serve her as she prepares for her fourth wedding, but does not befit a published author.

She can't, for instance, resist lifting facts from Wikipedia, without citation, as in her recent post on Sydney, Australia.

Between 1788 and 1868 over one hundred and sixty thousand convicts were transported here to various penile colonies by the British government.  One could say that for a time, Great Britain’s policy for preventing prison overcrowding and dealing with their criminals was to ship them to Australia.  Due to the continent’s isolation in the middle of the sea, it was considered to be an ideal place to banish them to.  They say only 20 percent of the population here are the decedents of convicts.  But that figure surprises me given the social style of the average Australian.  In my opinion, the convict era did shape the national character of this area immensely.

Here is Wikipedia's version:

Between 1788 and 1868, approximately 162,000 convicts were transported to the various Australian penal colonies by the British government.[1]

The British government began transporting criminals to overseas colonies in the 17th century. When transportation to the American colonies declined with the move towards American independence in the 1770s, an alternative site was needed to avoid further overcrowding of British prisons and hulks. In 1770, James Cook charted and claimed possession of the east coast of Australia for Britain. Due to the continent's isolation, it was considered ideal for a penal colony, and in 1787 the First Fleet of eleven convict ships set sail for Botany Bay, arriving on 20 January 1788 to found Sydney, the first European settlement in Australia. Other penal colonies were later established in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), Queensland and Western Australia. Penal transportation to Australia peaked in the 1830s and dropped off significantly in the following decade. The last convict ship arrived in Western Australia on 10 January 1868.

Many of the convicts were transported for petty crimes; others were political prisoners. More serious crimes, such as rape and murder, were not transportable offences. After their prison terms were served most stayed in Australia and joined the other settlers, with some rising to prominent positions in Australian society. Approximately 20% of modern Australians are descended from transported convicts. Once deemed the "convict stain", it is now considered by many Australians to be a cause for celebration to have a convict in one's lineage. The extent to which the convict era has shaped Australia's national character has been studied by many writers and historians.[2]

Whether she's misspelled penal as penile to try to throw people off, or because she doesn't know the difference between a penis and a prison, is anybody's guess. Equally confusing is her misspelling of descendants as decedents, aka., dead people. Some of this reads like a high schooler's attempt to camouflage plagiarism, with obvious weasel phrases like "one could say" and "in my opinion." Really? "One could say" that it was Great Britain's policy to use Australia as a penal colony? Sure, in the same sense that "one could say" the earth orbits the sun. It's not an opinion! It's an undisputed fact!!!

While in New Zealand, she penned one of her bizarre energy diagnoses. Auckland, it seems, suffers from "inertia," but it also has the virtue of "repose," which is kind of like inertia but calmer. But, teal has the prescription for their stuck underwaterness. She's self-plagiarized the bulk of a her previous article "Feeling Lost and Ten Steps to Becoming Found." One assumes she doesn't think those poor, inert Kiwis can find the original article... or the blog post she also self-plagiarized it into only last November. The post is also interesting for this subconscious reveal:

I went after areas of avoidance and blind spots within the participants like a predator during this workshop. [emphasis added]

Since her return from those lands down under, she's been venting up a storm on her blog. Her most recent post is all about her uterus and contains helpful gynecology graphics, so we know what that is. I'll paraphrase and save readers the trouble:

Ale is off to California to fight for custody of his children. I feel abandoned. Ale should put a baby in me and forget about those OTHER children that he had with that bitch wife who says mean things about me just because I stole her husband.

That's the gist and my summary has the added benefit of not containing plagiarized material from the Mayo Clinic's website. It seems that teal suffers from endometriosis, a painful condition to be sure. This she attributes to her alienation from her own womb. In yet another case of shadow projection, she manages to blame this on Planned Parenthood.

They tried to frighten the girls off of sex by traumatizing us about pregnancy and birth.

Because they should, what, encourage teen pregnancy???

She describes endometriosis thusly:

With endometriosis, the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus begins to grow outside the uterusDisplaced endometrial tissue continues to act as it normally would. It thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. Because this displaced tissue and blood has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped. When endometriosis involves the ovaries, cysts called endometriomas may form. Surrounding tissue becomes irritated, eventually developing scar tissue and adhesions, which is abnormal tissue that binds organs together, sometimes resulting in a frozen pelvis.  It is infamous for the pain it causes, especially during menstruation and also for the fact that it causes infertility.

The thing is, the Mayo Clinic describes it in strikingly similar terms:

Endometriosis (en-doe-me-tree-O-sis) is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus (endometrial implant). Endometriosis most commonly involves your ovaries, bowel or the tissue lining your pelvis. Rarely, endometrial tissue may spread beyond your pelvic region.

In endometriosis, displaced endometrial tissue continues to act as it normally would — it thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. Because this displaced tissue has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped. When endometriosis involves the ovaries, cysts called endometriomas may form. Surrounding tissue can become irritated, eventually developing scar tissue and adhesions abnormal tissue that binds organs together.

Endometriosis can cause painsometimes severeespecially during your period. Fertility problems also may develop. Fortunately, effective treatments are available.

So, as you can see, her post on endometriosis is hemorrhaging the green highlights of word-for-word plagiarism.

It's actually kind of incredible how much recycled verbiage teal can generate out of a handful of unattributed sources. For instance, from one paper, which can be found on the website for SOAS University of London, she has produced a number of posts. The article "Stress Management Practical Strategies" is a word document, but can be read here, as well.

Material from that page can be found word for word in teal's article on stress. For some reason her list of 10 items are all number 1, so it makes for strange reading. By the time she's recycled it into blog posts here and here, she's corrected that problem, but other than that, it's changed little. Entire blocks of text have made their way from that source document to teal's posts, with few changes.

Writes teal:

How you think has a profound effect on your emotional and physical well-being. Each time you think a negative thought about yourself or your life, your body reacts as if it were in the throes of a tension-filled situation. If you think positive thoughts about yourself and your life, your body will react by releasing chemicals that make you feel good. Work to eliminate words such as "always," "never," "should," and "must" from your vocabulary. These definitive statements are very conducive to thoughts which are self-defeating and create stress.

From the SOAS article:

How you think can have a profound effect on your emotional and physical wellbeing. Each time you think a negative thought about yourself, your body reacts as if it were in the throes of a tension-filled situation. If you see good things about yourself, you are more likely to feel good; the reverse is also true. Eliminate words such as "always," "never," "should," and "must." These are significant marks of self-defeating thoughts.

Here's a helpful subsection from teal on unhealthy ways of relieving stress, which is offered in all three of those posts:

Do you practice coping strategies which temporarily reduce stress but cause more damage in the long run? Such as:
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Overeating or under eating
  • Trying to avoid stressors by spending hours in front of the TV or computer
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, and activities
  • Using pills or drugs to relax
  • Escaping by sleeping too much
  • Procrastinating
  • Filling up every minute of the day with things to do so as to avoid facing problems Or
  • Taking out your stress on others (lashing out, angry outbursts, physical violence)

Here's what it says in the article from SOAS:

These coping strategies may temporarily reduce stress, but they cause more damage in the long run:
  • Smoking
  • Drinking too much
  • Overeating or undereating
  • Zoning out for hours in front of the TV or computer
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, and activities
  • Using prescription pills or drugs to relax
  • Sleeping too much
  • Procrastinating
  • Filling up every minute of the day to avoid facing problems
  • Taking out your stress on others (lashing out, angry outbursts, physical violence)

Most of teal's recommendations on stress relief come from that page. She's just jumbled up the order and priority a bit. And, her list of healthy relaxation strategies also bears a striking resemblance to the SOAS article.

1. Make time for fun and relaxation by finding healthy ways to relax and recharge, and give yourself permission to do so.

. . .

  • Call a good friend
  • Spend time outside
  • Take a bath
  • Sweat out tension with a good workout
  • Write in a journal
  • Savor a warm cup of tea
  • Make yourself one of your comfort foods
  • Spend time with a pet (pets have been shown to dramatically reduce stress)
  • Get a massage
  • Play a game
  • Read a book
  • Drive to a place with an amazing view
  • Listen to music
  • Watch a comedy movie
  • Connect with others. Spend time with positive people who enhance your life. A strong support system will buffer you from the negative effects of stress.

Here's the SOAS list:

Stress management strategy 5: Make time for relaxation

Beyond a take-charge approach and a positive attitude, you can reduce stress in your life by nurturing yourself. If you regularly make time for fun and relaxation, you’ll be in a better place to handle life’s stressors when they inevitably come.

Healthy ways to relax and recharge

  • Go for a walk.
  • Spend time in nature/hug a tree.
  • Call a good friend.
  • Sweat out tension with a good workout.
  • Write in your journal.
  • Take a long bath.
  • Light scented candles.
  • Practice Yoga/meditate
  • Savour a hot drink.
  • Play with a pet.
  • Work in your garden.
  • Get a massage.
  • Curl up with a good book.
  • Listen to music and dance.
  • Watch a comedy.

I'm not really sure why teal left yoga off her version of that list, because she loves to write about yoga... and to steal text from actual authorities on the topic. For instance, she recently wrote about a yoga retreat at Sagrada Wellness.

Yoga practice will stimulate conscious and unconscious responses in every individual. Your body’s responses to yoga, whether those responses are sensations, emotions, moods, or images, are the first sign that something important is going on within us. Yoga meets the psyche and emotional center in the place where we feel reactive to the yoga. Every muscle has its own associated psychological/emotional function.  A health practitioner, like myself is concerned with the responsiveness of a muscle.  And a muscle’s responsiveness in yoga is mostly related to its state of elasticity.  If the psychological/emotional function associated with a specific muscle was abandoned early or was not learned at all, the muscle will be under-responsive. A person will usually have a lack of aliveness and sensory awareness in this area of the body. Psychologically there may be a sense of numbness or of something missing or of not knowing how to do something. In yoga, when we stress the under-responsive muscle by using it strongly, the psychological history related to this muscle will be triggered.

What's funny about that is how similar it sounds to this article by Joel Isaacs, PhD (see also here).

Interestingly, the somatic psychotherapy my colleagues and I now practice, called Bodynamics, deals every day with the particular psychological content held in each muscle. So we have a perspective important for the yoga community, while not at all being experts in the field of yoga. We know (as does every yoga teacher) that a yoga practice will stimulate conscious and unconscious responses in every individual. Our body’s responses to the stretching and stressing of yoga, whether sensations, emotions, moods, or even images, are the first sign that something or importance is going on for us. This is the place where yoga meets the psyche, where mind and body can begin to integrate.

. . .

In a similar way to this example of the triceps and setting limits, every muscle has its own associated psychological function. Each one retains an imprint of the response to its related behavior. So our history is stored in our body and in our brain, and it can be accessed through the body. (In fact, the attitudes stored in the muscles can be measured manually by palpation, and a map made from which our history can be “read”.) In our daily life the historical responses may be stimulated when the muscle is either stretched or stressed (used strongly). In Bodynamics, we talk about a muscle’s responsiveness, which is related to its elasticity. If the psychological function expressed by the muscle has been given up early or was not learned, the muscle will be under-responsive. A person will usually have a lack of liveliness and sensory awareness in this area. Psychologically there may be a sense in related situations of something missing, of not knowing how to do something. In this case, when we stress the muscle by using it strongly, the psychological history is likely to be stimulated.

It goes on. Here is some more of teal's text:

If the disruption occurred later in the developmental period when a muscle was being imprinted, it will be over-responsive instead of under responsive.  A person will usually have a sense that they lack flexibility, hold back, or respond in a rigid way relative to these muscle groups. For an over-responsive muscle, the trauma associated with this muscle will be triggered when it is stretched. Conversely, either stressing an over-responsive muscle or stretching an under-responsive one will tend to suppress the psychological and emotional content associated with that muscle.

In my opinion, the psychological and emotional content contained in the muscles will not change simply by stretching or strengthening the muscle. You must first work-through the particular psychological/emotional issue.  But that being said, working from both the direction of body and mind is ideal.  Working through a psychological/emotional issue frees the associated muscle from having to “hold” that trauma. This leads to more freedom of movement and more flexibility on a mental, physical and emotional level.

And this is from Doctor Isaacs's article:

On the other hand, if the disruption occurred later in the developmental period when that muscle was being imprinted, it will be over-responsive. A person will usually sense some energy in these muscles, and psychologically they may have a sense that in related situations they lack flexibility, hold back, or feel compelled to respond in a rigid way. For an over-responsive muscle, the history will be stimulated when it is stretched. Conversely, stressing an over-responsive muscle (or stretching an under-responsive one) will tend to suppress the psychological content.

For better or worse, the psychological attitudes contained in the muscles will not generally be changed simply by stretching, or toning, or strengthening them. You must first work-through the particular psychological issue and make some changes in your behavior. Working through a psychological issue frees the associated muscle from having to “hold” psychological history. This leads to more freedom of movement and more psychological flexibility. Then, the muscles responsiveness will change towards neutral, and a corresponding body and psychological resource can be developed. When a resource is established in our body we tend to act spontaneously in our best interest, rather than having to think through each situation. At a secondary level, other nearby muscles that had been recruited to compensate also become freer, and those abilities are somewhat more accessible.

The best tweak in her entire post is where she changed Isaacs's "for better or worse" to "in my opinion." It's not her opinion. It's his.

I'll stop there, not because the rest of her piece is original, but because it's exhausting and overwhelming keeping up with the scope of her intellectual theft. I feel pretty comfortable, at this point, saying that teal is a serial plagiarist and that she's treating the internet like a smorgasbord of ideas to claim as her own.

What original concepts does she bring to the mix? Predation, evasion, and dog whistles to a following so devoted they'd give their lives.

They come to me now from all corners of the globe.  And I can genuinely say that I have officially gone from a person who had absolutely no one; a person who was drowning in the kind of isolation that sucks breath from your lungs, to a person who has people that are so close to me that they will live and die by my side.

Update: Addicted to Plagiarism (2/24/16)

It's been a strange couple of weeks on planet teal. She's been taking a lot heat for both her professional and all too public private life. And, predictably, she's gone straight for the pity play. She is being "slandered," "attacked," and "scapegoated," says she. She is responsible for none of it, only a "match" to it, because she's always been slandered, attacked, and scapegoated. It's a funny interpretation of the "law of attraction" that somehow always reduces to teal = victim.

The "slander" comes in the form of (clutch the pearls!) an accusation of plagiarism. Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda, whose further comments can be found on this page, posted a video about teal's "Completion Process" and its curious resemblance to teachings by her guru, Nithyananda. But, for all teal's complaints about this accusation, she has yet to directly address the charge in any of her dog whistles blog posts.

She's far more upset, she says, by the ongoing tumult in her romantic life. Hot on the heels of her pained admission that Ale has lost almost all custody rights, due to his relationship with her "dangerous cult leader" self, she has announced the date of their pending nuptials. But, this is where things got really strange.

An observant reader noticed that the tags for her wedding announcement blog post included the word "funeral," which appears nowhere in the text. In fact the url for the post is, despite its title being "The Purity of Union." This clever reader found the original post in google cache and found that it's been through a title change and the loss of about half of its content. The deleted content, as it turns out, is a lot of self-plagiarized drivel. It originally appeared here and here. It's already been recycled into an older blog post here. I've read it. Leave it to teal to turn the lovely idea of a fire ceremony for fantasies about one's past into something morbid.

So, did teal think better of the simply horrible idea of attaching all that death imagery to her pending nuptials? Four Weddings and a Funeral was a cute movie, but this is, in fact, her fourth marriage. Talking about corpses, coffins, and funeral pyres might not read as her putting her best foot forward. Or, is it possible, I wondered, that she's begun to realize that plagiarism of either herself or other, unwitting writers isn't exactly putting her best foot forward, either. Could she actually be starting to understand this?


The very next day an even stranger blog post appeared and it is as unoriginal as it is bad. How ironic, considering that it purports to be a kind of grand confession. She's announced to all and sundry that she's a sex and love addict, to which all and sundry replied, this is news how?

So, what prompted this bout of "honesty?" I appears that critics of her plagiarism and Ale's wife's attorneys aren't the only people giving her flak. I first became aware of the latest teal drama when a friend of mine noticed that her Facebook friend list was down by over 300, um, friends. Facebook only allows 5,000 friends and teal is always around that maximum, only bestowing her coveted friendship on the most worthy, when there's the occasional opening. She doesn't pick them herself. She has people for that. They choose the appropriate energetic matches from her many waiting followers. And so I expect they did the other day, only this time the openings were in the hundreds.


What caused this sudden purge? Another friend informed me that all hell broke loose on her the Facebook post of this picture and wedding announcement.

 photo tealalewhitedress_zpsevqdgsgd.png

Most of the negative comments were cleaned up, along with her friend list, but they missed a few.

 photo whygetmarriedagain.png

 photo whataboutsarbdeep_zpslr5sidgf.png

 photo keepinthename_zpsk6hpptdm.png

In the post, teal vents about negative comments she's been getting about her pending nuptials.

I have been avoiding the comments underneath my posts about this upcoming wedding to Ale because of how cruel some people have been with their judgments about my love life and about marriage in general. Because of my willingness to be authentic about my personal life, as opposed to hide it like every other spiritual teacher, people cease to view me as a ‘teacher’ and begin to see me like an immature little sister who they have to advise...

She talks a good game about how she's come down off the "pedestal" by talking endlessly about her private life, but she hates when it actually interferes with her role as an authority figure.

The post reeks of damage control. And like all teal damage control, it includes both appeals to pity and a lot of attention on her body and sexuality. It's hard to take her sex addict "sobriety," seriously, when she starts the post off with a graphic, erotic poem and sexy, pouty photo of her younger self.

She doesn't explain how she's actually dealing with her addiction, except that she's already dismissed Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous.

I have to stay in check with the amount of influence I have in other people’s lives. For this reason, I regularly see various therapists. But I also found myself attending Love Addicts Anonymous last year. To be honest, I hated it. This is going to really invalidate people who believe in the AA approach to addiction recovery. But in my opinion, not only is the Love Addicts Anonymous curriculum completely wrong about how to accomplish recovery, it is a recipe for self hate. They do not teach attendees how to approach the inner void and loneliness. They simply prescribe forcing yourself to be single and attend the groups. From there, the solution they give you is to essentially pray for help from a higher power. Don’t even get me started on the AA curriculum. I shall save that for another day.

So, she's staying in check with her influence on other people, but thinks stating her opinion actually invalidates – renders invalid – not only Twelve Step programs, but the people who use them.  Somehow, she went to these meetings and failed understand the program completely. It's a ridiculously shallow interpretation. I'm not surprised she thinks it's a "recipe for self hate," though. These are the steps.

The Twelve Steps of S.L.A.A.

  1. We admitted we were powerless over sex and love addiction - that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God.
  4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
  5. Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
  6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
  7. Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.
  8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
  9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
  10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.
  11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with a Power greater than ourselves, praying only for knowledge of God's will for us and the power to carry that out.
  12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these
  13. steps, we tried to carry this message to sex and love addicts and to practice these principles in all areas of our lives.

I expect steps 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 would be particularly challenging for teal, because they're all about taking personal responsibility. They won't allow you to just keep blaming your parents, Mormon Satanists, or anyone else. It's more like shadow work than anything teal teaches, because what she teaches is just more shadow projection.

Her rejection of SLAA, though, did not cause her to reject the text from a rehab that works with the Twelve Step model.

Love addiction can be associated with any of the following patterns:
  • Difficulty sustaining relationships after the initial excitement wears off
  • Constantly searching for a newer, better relationship
  • Feeling unhappy or worthless when alone but scared or dissatisfied when in a relationship
  • Repeatedly attracting troubled or emotionally unavailable partners
  • Confusing sex and romance for real love
  • Escaping feelings of loneliness or unhappiness through sex or relationships
  • Having multiple affairs
  • Serial dating
  • Having anonymous or unprotected sex
  • Falling “in love” with strangers
  • Trading sex for love, affection, money or power
  • Using any means necessary to attract or hold onto a love interest
  • Inability to set appropriate boundaries
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, career or interests to focus on a romantic relationship

. . .

  • Unsuccessfully trying to stay single for a certain period of time
  • Inability to stop seeing or dating a specific person even with the knowledge that it is destructive

. . .

  • Overlooking a partner’s faults to perpetuate the fantasy

In her post, teal has simply changed the bullet points to sentence fragments, tweaked a few words and riffed a bit with some doggerel in the middle of the graf.

Attachment addiction (love addiction) tends to show up in the following patterns: Difficulty sustaining relationships after the initial obsessive phase wanesConstantly searching for a better relationshipFeeling worthless and suicidal when alone but terrified and dissatisfied when in a relationship. Repeatedly attracting troubled, avoidant or emotionally unavailable partnersConfusing sex and romance for real conscious and committed loveInvolvement with a fantasy of who someone could be, rather than involvement with the reality of who someone actually is, which leads to perpetual relationships with incompatible partners.  Premature commitment usually in the form of impulsive decisions to increase the level of bonding such as moving in together, getting married and having children.  The inability to take a relationship slowly because of the intensity of bonding, immediacy of bonding, depth of intimacy and desperate fear of abandonment.  Serial dating or serial monogamy.  Potential affairsAnonymous and unsafe sexUsing sex, affection and sensual charm as a currency exchange for protection, power or money.  The inability to set healthy and appropriate boundariesWithdrawing from all other relationships when focused on ‘the one’ primary attachment relationship (partner) in their life.  And the inability to be single.

She does refer to a viral Huffington Post article on addiction, and deserves some credit for doing so. But, it doesn't excuse her, once again, plagiarizing swaths of text from an un-named source. Nor does it excuse the self-plagiarism of this article, which also appears in this very long post.

I strongly suspect that we've only touched the surface of teal's pattern of theft. Rumors about her "Completion Process" have been swirling for a while, and Nithyananda is not the only possible source that has been suggested. Unless I miss my guess, this is another of these horrible Frankenstein's monsters she creates, stitching together random bits of material from better thinkers.

Not only is teal bereft of original ideas, she's a horrible, horrible writer. She needs to plagiarize, because left to her own devices, she comes up with nonsensical verbiage like this.

The world that is internal to the relationship is raw yet pristine in its paragon.

How are raw and pristine opposites? And, what, in the name of all that is holy, does she think "paragon" means? Just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Paragon applies to someone who is a model of perfection in some quality or trait. We link paragon with other words that follow it, such as "paragon of virtue" or "paragon of patience."

A paragon means someone or something that is the very best. The English noun paragon comes from the Italian word paragone, which is a touchstone, a black stone that is used to tell the quality of gold. You rub the gold on the touchstone and you can find out how good the gold is. You are hoping that it is the paragon of "goldness."

She's just a horrible writer, who uses the thesaurus like an oracle, and drops big words she barely understands into weird contexts and tortured syntax. What she does to the English language should be illegal. What she does with other people's ideas already is.

Update: Plagiarizing Hay House (9/8/17)

In what may be her most brazen theft of intellectual property yet, teal plagiarized a facebook post from her own publisher. The plagiarized text is an obituary of Louise Hay, posted on the day of her passing. Once again, it's almost word for word. I don't know what bothers me more, that she's lifted entire paragraphs, or her weak attempts to obscure the fact that she's lifted entire paragraphs. And what's worse, after starting out with what looks like one of her classic attempts to tweak enough words and phrases to throw readers off the trail, it's like she just got bored and gave up. She stopped even trying to modify the text. She's removed things like the quote from Reid Tracy, and paraphrased the content in her introduction. She's wedged in some self-referential bits. But entire swathes of text are unchanged.

The good folks at Question Teal have already done the hard work of highlighting word for word replication, so I'm just going to post their image.

Click Image to Expand

She posted this text in two places that I'm aware of, on her personal Facebook page and on the Spiritual Catalyst page, which I think even people without Facebook membership can view. But just in case, I'm posting screenshots of the entire post. As you can see, there is no credit given to the Hay House page from which the text was taken.

Question Teal also points out that she got lots of praise for  her "heartfelt" words, despite the fact that they were neither heartfelt nor hers.

Click Image to Expand

Her own thoughts were not so much heartfelt as critical, distancing, uncompassionate, and self-referential.

The video is here, but it appears to be cut off. Who knows what she's said about Hay behind the paywall? (Because now you have to pay to hear her bitch. She's a spiritual teacher, you know.) Listen to that, or read the text above, and it becomes all the more clear why she plagiarizes so much. Left to her own devices, she doesn't make a lick of sense. Who in the hell was depending on Louise Hay, at this point? She was 90 years old! She was retired. I would hope that Hay had been able to depend on other people, in her final years. And need I point out that there is absolutely nothing ironic about Hay House and teal being born in the same year? Aren't published authors supposed to know the meaning of common words and concepts?

So on the day of Louise Hay's passing, teal insulted her life's work and stole material from the publishing house she founded. She's really taken disrespect to a new level.

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  1. She may be right about that. I don't look at her instagram photos except when someone here points them out, but I have seen before the image she presents, with her ever-present photographers and even though to some people those things may look glamorous and exotic, I have never really seen it in such light.

    Whomever is taking the photos is fulfilling her will and not theirs. I can' imagine anyone wanting to follow someone else in their life and take photos of them, even if said person is considered a friend. I'm sure they would rather live their own lives.

    She comes off as superficial and empty. What I see is someone who is hollow inside leading a life of pretence born out of manipulation, but there's really nothing in that life that fulfils her. I see a woman that is perpetually unfulfilled, enacting every possible grandiose thing she can think of (that Germany thing she did wearing a Dirndl lol) to try and fill that void, but it's never filling up, so she demands more and more out of people until they become empty vessels themselves, and she wants new people to try and do the job.

    She's never genuinely excited, never actually looks happy, just poses and pretends. I don't ever sense joy coming from her, just unfulfillment and boredom.

    Her upcoming marriage is a sham, her career is a sham, her life story is a sham, her motherhood is even a sham as she doesn't want to parent her child. Everything about her is a sham and she knows it, but it's all she has.

    In truth, teal to me is quite pathetic and I don't say it in spite, but with pity.

    I understand a lot of people are easily taken by pretence so I believe she's right in saying that there are people seeing her in a dream sort of life. The truth is, if it were them living it then yes, it could be a dream sort of life because in their version of it everything is real and they're happy about what they have. But in teal's case, it's just another self-created prison.

  2. Yeah, i couldnt bring myself to read the blog, but the excerpts were plenty. I think its kind of interesting she is convinced that she "appears" happy in every photo. Because she doesnt, at all. Her eyes are dead, her body language is loud. and of course, there are the blogs. its just...sad. She is truly delusional.

    She feels envy, so she "feels" others feeling envy at her about her "epic" life, as if we all have the same idea of what that would be (teals life of lies and turmoil, obviously. because apparently the material aspects should be the marker of her success, as opposed to her happiness. what kind of spiritual teacher...?). Why doesnt she realize these feelings she "feels" on behalf of others are really just her own. She is so disconnected from herself that she cant own her own choices and direction, she pushes it off onto strangers on the internet to feel what she knows deep down (all the fancy hotels and exotic destinations in the world will not fix whatever 'lack' she is experiencing, it will not cure her unhappiness or pathological grandiosity, it will not buy unconditional respect).

    But anyway, I have never felt what she thinks people feel when looking at her pics. My idea of an epic life is a far cry from the life teal leads. And you know something else? I have stretch marks and scars and i LIKE them. My body has carried me through one hell of a ride and it is only one small aspect of who I am, anyway. Its sad that teal, a spiritual "leader" puts so much emphasis on appearances and material things (generally in comparison to herself, pukey as that is), and when she is not emphasizing those, she is romanticizing negativity and suicide and affairs or whatever recent poor decision she has made, and has to projectile blog in order to justify and save face. It seems exhausting and soul sucking to me. I could not live that way. And yet, teal thinks this is what everyone wants. she cant admit to herself how shallow and vacuous her drive is, so it must be how everyone feels, there, 'im not so bad', right?

    If she ever wakes up from her own self made nightmare, it will be very painful and jarring coming back down to reality. Hopefully she will still have some close friends by then to help her, but I have the feeling she is the rock bottom type. She will relentlessly insist on feeding her disorder at the expense of others (and herself, knowingly or not) until there is no possible way to continue. By then, a lot of her 'support' will be gone. Its gotten so bad, i am amazed she still has followers.

  3. very well said lueurviolette! If I had seen your comment before responding, i might not have bothered, haha.

  4. I mean, the man is willing to lose his kids permanently for Teal (well, her "authenticity" movement), so at this point, I don't think he feels much of anything anymore. He's just another mindless attendant too lost under her spell to even notice the huge red flags:

    - Teal using the word "dread" to describe her feelings towards planning their wedding

    -Teal seeing pictures of other people getting married and feeling like she's losing out on life WHEN SHE'S FREAKING **ENGAGED** AND SET TO **MARRY** ALE SOON!

    -How Teal didn't even mention Ale when describing her "epic," "dream" Instagram life. Lol. She hangs out with the best people, she gets to travel, she's in the best relationship with the man of her dreams... oh, wait. Nope. Not that.

    The woman doesn't even TRY to pretend that she's in love with him. 0_0 How he hasn't picked up on her feelings of contempt is beyond me.

  5. Oh, please.

    Her Instagram: lots of pictures of food, travel, and teal with people who are not Ale.

    His Instagram: picture after picture of him and teal that look pretty much like this:

  6. lueurviolette you have your way with words. I really enjoy them.

    "What I see is someone who is hollow inside leading a life of pretence born out of manipulation, but there's really nothing in that life that fulfils her."

    Well said. that's why this book doesn't mean a thing to her cause her REAL opinion about those who adore and follow her, is very disrespectful. She probably would get a better kick out of a book with pain of Tealers than love statements.


    "that Germany thing she did wearing a Dirndl lol"

    ye know, in Berlin they looked at her as if she is going to a costume party. Nobody wears a dirndl except in the southwest of germany a la "Bayern" which is anyway a country on its own ( ; Maybe Teal can buy Bayern and make it her country. Then she can run around all day long in a dirndl ("the most sexy piece of clothing" as she stated and the first few images of her press kit/images LOL).


    openeyes: "Why doesnt she realize these feelings she "feels" on behalf of others are really just her own." oh well well said openeyes (:


    well I assume I know the person who she really is jealous of. It is her best girl friend who comes across very genuine, with a REAL smile and loving eyes and a gorgeous gorgeous baby girl she has. Sometimes the baby girl pops up in Teal's fancy instagram stream. I am talking about her on the left (sorry don't know her name - shhh was is Candace ???)

    yes Candace. she is real and I am pretty sure that Teal is longing for everything this girl has.....ok and a bit of fame and fortune :D


    hahahah LV I can't, I can't stop laughing. This video OMG. PERFECT hahahaha

    1. Lol, I couldn't stop laughing too!
      Enjoyed all the comments, but those excerpts....Boy oh boy...
      Had to go to their instagrams, this picture:
      Why would they post unflattering in my opinion. Look at her face really. All I can see is Batman's Joker smirk/ mask again.
      Speaking of which:
      "I'm only laughing on the outside. My smile is just skin deep. If you could see inside I'm really crying. You might join me for a weep."

      " Now comes a part where I relieve you, the little people, of the burden of your failed and useless lives..."

      " I now do what other people only dream. I make art until someone dies. See? I am the world's first fully functioning homicidal artist".

      "I've been dead once already. It's very liberating. You shoul think of it as, uh...therapy"

      Vicky Vale: What do you want?
      Joker: My face on the one dollar bill.
      Vicky Vale: You must be joking!
      Joker: Do I look like I'm joking?

      Batman (1989)


    3. Oh my god, she really does look like the Joker in that picture, a number of pictures, actually.

      That picture just looks weird, period. It looks like it was composed in photoshop, like Ale and teal were cut and pasted together from other images and superimposed over a pretty background.

      If teal, herself, were not writing about Ale and all their troubles, if all I had to go by was his Instagram, I swear I'd think he was a stalker just digitally photbombing pictures of teal. Even the better photos look, at most, like cheap magazine adds for breath mints or herbal viagra.

  7. Hey Elena, you are right. Teal feels the most happy when others suffer more than her. The similarities between the joker and her jokes are mind-blowing. Only thing is: the joker was authentic and told you straight to the face :D I remember your astonishment about the similarity of this pic and the joker

    Did she say the wedding cake is ordered? Something like this?

    reality though is this:

    Ale this is ahead of you...after 1-3 years of marriage.

    ( ;

  8. Instagram play

    reality though:

    Teal's favourite method to get online love

  9. a loooong blog with a lot of ramblings which just repeat what was written in many online articles excluding her superlatives in regards to herself.

    Just noticed one sentence :D, Teal knows best cause it is HER conflict.

    "And it has given rise to a ‘me vs. them’ mentality. And that mentality is VERY, VERY dangerous."

    1. Oh my God, I can't even get past the title. "The Great British Brexit."

      So, in other words: The British British Exit

      God, she's a terrible writer.

    2. "But in the collective unconscious, it is as if the world knows that this will have an impact not just on Europe, but also on the rest of the world."

      The collective unconscious?! I think everybody knows it and it's very fucking conscious.

    3. LOL omg. She is something else, did you guys she her "greatest gift" post, which was a book made out of love letter to her? "a shower of gratitude....for teal". I have a funny feeling Ale or someone close gave it to her (someone with access to all the love letter she gets), so she can read it when she is upset. Maybe because if fucking exhausting to cater to her. Or maybe she had it made for herself, and it was a gift to herself. So of course it was "the best gift". "here is how to please me you guys!!" basically.

    4. "I have a very different perspective than most people because my vantage point is different. It is not a third dimensional perspective. That being said, I have to admit that I love the golden age vision that many supporters of 'leaving' have for the country. But based on my own rather ‘outside the box’ vantage point about the actual impact the decision will have on people, I was not for Great Britain leaving the EU. I was in favor of them staying..."

      So, well the little people, running around in the third dimension, have no idea what's going on, teal is up in the fifth and she KNOWS the ACTUAL impact will be.

      Can she get anymore grandiose? Don't answer that. I don't think I want to know.

    5. To her credit, she (or Blake) may have grasped at least this much. Instead of self-plagiarizing from one her/their "articles," she's just posted the video, instead.

    6. Openeyes:

      check out the post of Danny Bolos‎ to Dalano Kyle on the 19. June at 8.37pm

      "Hi Dalano! in your messages I sent you the entire letter/ book im giving to Teal and ale as their wedding present. your tribute is in there. I poured my whole soul and heart into this one because I wanted to give teal and ale my whole soul. I wanted to be louder than the haters even if its just for one day. Teal in one interview said shes totally aware of her short comings and shadows to the point where it sucks. soo...I gave them all my shadows, short comings, fears because I wanted them to know I accepted them for all of theirs. I want to give you my whole soul as well. so thats why im giving you the letter. it ended up being 56 pages. hahaha no pressure to finish reading hahahaha. love you Dalano!!!!"

      I think Teal put her claws into him ( ; ·

    7. Openeyes, where is this "greatest gift" post?

    8. Perhaps She's making a point that her ex- Husband is stuck in the 3rd dimension in regards to his politics.

    9. OH MY GOD, you read my mind! I just minutes ago looked at Sarbdeep's page and realized he's pro-Brexit. I thought the same thing. She's still bitch-slapping him from her superior vantage point. She's speaking from source perspective, Sarb! Now get your head out of your 3d ass!


    11. LaVaughn, she put it on her facebook page, it shows that it was shared from instagram.

      therikitikitavi, if she hasnt yet she sure will now. not a wise move giving teal "your whole soul" or all of you shadows and insecurities to latch onto and manipulate you with :/.

    12. Yeah, she's blocked me on FB. Thanks for the Instagram link, riki.

      And, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...

      So, ONCE AGAIN is she the water or the glass?!

      She wants all this adoration for being a deliverer of cosmic wisdom, but none of the accountability for being a poisoned vessel. If want it to be about the message, not the messenger, don't encourage all this creepy hero worship, ffs.

    13. Where can you see Sarb is pro-Brexit?

      I'm pretty sure that she also ordered her gecko to write anti-sarb posts on his blog. The dates of his posts are just right after when sarb posted his. He's probably waiting until Sarb publishes his follow up on 'the black swan' to put out his revenge post for Teal's 'authenticity' movement you know. :D

      Speaking of Brexit, I see that her 'source perspective' on the matter was very leftwinged influenced. No surprise as that is her audience and telling them what they want to hear is what keeps them admiring her of course.

      Despite she claims to be so politically incorrect, she said once that London was the worst place she had ever been because it reminded her of her sexual abuse past. Now I can believe she experienced that for real or at least, she really was picking up on sexual abuse energies, because there has been a big scandal in the UK where mostly white British girls have been gangraped for years by mostly Muslims of Pakistani origin. This was known by officials who didn't do anything against it out of fear for being called racist.

      Teal actually blamed the awful energies that she picked up on the so called racism of white Brits who were 'still too proud about their past of having conquered many other nations'. Lol, well considering if it's true as I suspect her sensing those gangrape vibes of those white girls and blames the victims for what their perpetrators are guilty of is just a whole 'nother level of disgusting and goes to show how much empathy she really has for people who supposedly went through the same as she did. I guess saying what her lefty audience would love to hear (calling whites racist) to get more adoration, is of more value to her than giving a shit about girls who are the victim of gangrape and racism.

      It's ironic that Sarb as a non-EU immigrant is pro-Brexit and she is against it, supposedly out of concern for the group of people he is part of. Yet as you also noticed, she probably posted it as a revenge attack post against Sarb whilst adopting that holier-than-thou attitude and pretending she cares so much for his kind of people. It secures her of having her naive fans defending her once again of being that 'authentically caring angel' that is so enlightened she will even care for the people of her ex the most.
      Not manipulative at all, you know.. :O

      The example above of the white British girls being gangraped for years by predominantly the group of people she worries so much about is just one of the many problems that British people had to deal with due to the large influx of immigrants, so it's quite peculiar that 'source perspective' apparently has no concern for what the white British people went through as victims of racism and what not, because that is taboo to say so for lefty Source pot, isn't it?

      Just Ugh.

    14. P.S.:
      It secures her of having her naive fans defending her once again of being that 'authentically caring angel' that is so enlightened she will even care for the people of her ex the most.

      I think it's also an attempt and a very nasty way that covert manipulative people such as her tend to exhibit, to try to win over Sarbdeep's people by supposedly caring for them in order to cut him off from his own support system (family) so to speak. Meanwhile she gets additional narc supply if she gets to win them over and he risks having more of his own kind against him for not being politically correct.

      Typical narc behavior I would say.

      Just like how she won over that ugly hypocrite, Stewart, 'the angel whisperer' who supposedly was Sarb's friend but is now besides Teal's friend, also friends on fb with gecko. Considering how they are the ones surrounded and constantly in contact with the higher dimensional angelic realm, it obviously reflects on their angelic behavior, doesn't it? But hey, maybe Teal and Stewart's angels think their CAREER is more important than people's feelings or are those fallen angels they are in contact with? XD

  10. no comment

  11. LV it works. Sadie (which link I posted previously without a comment cause I didn't know what to say) expresses her adoration too. Sadie in case you will ever find this here, I didn't post it to critique your video and you can be sure that Teal will see it now cause her monkey Blake is a common visitor over here... I posted Sadie's video because it BLOWS BLOWS BLOWS my mind that sb who is obviously aware of Sarb's blog cause she called the gecko, GECKO, is so taken by T and her sexual online presence that it overwrites what Sarb was stating.

    Sadie you come across as a very sensitive creature which is obviously madly in love (or shall i call it "hooked") by Teal the Cow. I somehow (and I don't know why) have the deep desire to shake you to wake you up. I feel like sb put teal in your tea and you are high on that stuff now.

    you are obviously a lesbian, great and I understand why images like

    if you are following Teal since Fallon, you were obviously flashed up to 6 times by watching her life streams. I am sorry but I feel like that you are hooked and not in love. It just worked brilliantly on you.


    1. That is one of the saddest things I've ever seen. Lovely girl. She deserves better.

  12. Based on one of her astrological transits she has going on right now, I think we can make a prediction of when the divorce will be anounced lol:

    Uranus square Ascendant: Sudden separations
    Mid-July 2015 until beginning of March 2017: This influence is likely to have a very disruptive effect on your relationships. Influences may enter your life, either through your home or your profession, that will challenge the foundations upon which your life is built. This challenge will be reflected in surprising encounters with others that upset your way of living or in sudden separations from persons who you thought would remain in your life for some time. Or it may be that you yourself are the catalyst of all these changes as you seek to become free of circumstances that have become oppressive.
    During this period it is quite likely that you will do things and go to places you never would have thought of in the past. The old patterns of your life simply can no longer encompass what your life is becoming now.
    From all of the above it should be obvious that this is not an "evil" influence, although anyone who is wedded to the status quo in life or to their own past will find this period difficult to contend with. Old patterns that have acquired a stranglehold over your life will break up. You may not have been aware of these patterns, because many people find their "strangleholds" quite comfortable, at least until much later on.
    The people who enter your life at this time may be quite different from anyone you have known before. Some of these relationships may be quite brief. You may encounter someone for a specific purpose, which you may not be aware of at the time, and once that purpose is accomplished, the relationship ends.
    If a new love interest enters your life at this point, it is likely to be exciting, free and totally unpredictable. Do not make a permanent commitment to it until well after the end of this period, for such a relationship is likely to be very unstable and brief.

    1. That's interesting! Ale is definitely a different type than her previous lovers. Guess what, his blog content is now protected with passwords. his lawyer's advice maybe? I couldnt imagine how this would not negatively affect the outcome of the court case if he left it public. Damn he's getting smarter.

    2. Oh, yay! They're getting more and more "authentic" by the day.

    3. Oh my! Yes it must be the sound advice of his lawyer(s). I saw that there was a comment from someone asking why she couldn't access the blog anymore and he replied 'because of the court case' and even those comments are gone now. He was probably advised to have that removed as well.

    4. BTW I just stumbled upon an old interview of Teal that used to have Sarb in it. You know the one with that shifty angel whisperer Stewart Pearce. I noticed right away that the title said "Sound Healing Podcast with Teal Swan and Stewart Pearce"
      No mention of Sarbdeep, even though he's in it too. I'm pretty sure the title was different before their divorce. Upon rewatching it, I see they actually cut out all the scenes when Sarb was on camera!! You can still hear him talk in certain segments, whereas in the original upload he was shown on camera.

      Specifically in a segment where Sarb talks, she humiliates him in her usual sneaky manner: at 14:42
      First off they laugh at his question in that bitchy covert way. I remember he was all nervous and taken aback when they laughed at him for merely asking a sincere question.
      16:42-16:48 when he starts talking about his trauma, you can see Teal smirking and making eye contact with others in the room, seeking their attention (probably her container maids).

      Still the video at 16:44: that nasty evil grin of her! Remember this was her husband at the time. And this bitch is hailed as a fucking "angel" my ass!

      18:55 she does it again, needing attention from her maids whilst Sarb is speaking she has that smirk on her face, showing how they think it's normal to ridicule him behind his back or rather in front of him. That's more like the behavior of a bully instead of an angel if you ask me!

      19:17 she needs to throw in another dagger: 'yeah we all know who that is' patronizingly forcing him to tell the world who caused his trauma. Stewart, her new buddy of course follows Teal and laughs at poor Sarb, yet he simply continues with sharing his story but it's not enough for bitch Teal: "Do you like to share who that is?" with that smirk on her face, knowing damn well he feels uncomfortable about it, but hey Teal needs her narcissistic supply and she's going to get it right now! When he can't avoid the pressuring question anymore, he replies 'my father'. Then she continues to patronize him by lecturing him how important it is to say that. Stewart once again, totally vibing with his co-angel, shows off an equally patronizing smile. I suppose these "spiritual masters" feel satisfied now because they just helped the poor child (as they were treating him) blurt it out against his will.

      19:32 - 19:33 watch the satisfied grin of a narcissist who just got fed her supply. Yikes.

      Next following minutes, she directs herself to her audience, giving another patronizing lecture about how to share from the heart and from a place of authenticity loool after she just demonstrated us her version of "authenticity" by treating her husband in such a heartless manner.

      39:56 After about 20 minutes talking with her angel buddy she asks Sarbdeep with her usual smirk face “What are you thinking listening to these conversations?” supposedly to draw him in, but it’s really to put him on blast, reminding him that he is being left out and she enjoys if of course. Now she can even be more open about it by literally cutting him out of the video. Sarbdeep remains a gentleman though and says how much he loves the fact he brought them together. I guess he regrets that now..

      43:19- 43:21 more of her patronizing smirkface looking right at her then-husband treating him like a little child.

      Next time some tealer moron whines about how it is Sarb being 'revengeful' and childish for revealing the truth about his ex, show them this vid to prove what a revengeful nasty bitch Teal really is.

    5. Wow, that's some analysis, layla. Almost makes me want to watch it again. Almost.

      I noticed a while ago that she'd re-released the tea things that were interviews with third parties, but with Sarbdeep edited it out, for the most part. No doubt that's in keeping with their divorce agreement. What's funny, though, is that it's only the one with Stewart (who teal apparently won in the divorce), Zach Moyer, and Omar, the raw food chef. The one with MacKenzie, the manifestation one, nope. Not there. That one disappeared even before they took them all down, without explanation. And the Future of Medicine one doesn't appear to be there either. Maybe teal was pissed that they weren't enthusiastic about vegetarian diets. Dare I say it, she looked like she was gonna have a cow.

    6. At first I didn't want to re-watch the whole thing either, but I always feel like analyzing her behavior because I feel compelled to put the record straight about her. When you're surrounded by all these blind tealers, I feel like somebody got to point out the obvious lol.

      I thought she only cut him out on the Stewart video, because otherwise it may have been too obvious what a revengeful bitch she really is, but now I see she cut Sarb's image out of the Omar and Zach Moyer's video as well! The rest of the 'teatime with Teal' (and Sarb who was never mentioned in the title anyways) are no longer available on her site.

      I just googled for the Mackenzie video and see it's still up on vimeo, but it's uploaded by 'SP' so not Teal's channel. But you're right, this one is not on her personal site anymore..hmm I did see that Mackenzie Scott is still friends with Teal and Sarb and Blake on facebook. Aah, but you know what, Omar from rawtopia is not (or no longer?) friends with Sarb on fb, but still with Teal and likewise for Zach Moyer.

      So that must be the culprit: Mackenzie didn't cut off Sarbdeep plus she's a hot woman, so she had to be punished by the spiteful bitch Teal.

      But hey don't tell her tealers, they already know she ain't perfect so it's all good and she 's still an avatar huh. *rolleyes*

    7. I forget to check the other video you mentioned 'The Future of Medicine'. So after googling, I see this was an interview with Dr. Cagua-Koo and Dr. Lenore Saulsberry.

      And yep, it's absolutely no coincidence either that their video was deleted as I see Dr. Lenore Saulsberry is friends with Sarbdeep on facebook, but not with Teal. Dr. Cagua-Koo is not friends with either of them on fb.

      Like wow! How can you be that freakin jealous and revengeful and claim to be enlightened at the same time? I hate her fans for glorifying this bitch, because that's just what she is: a BITCH!

      I'm glad Sarbdeep won at least 1 person over. Dr. Lenore Saulsberry must have seen through the bitch all along.

    8. Thanks for that facebook investigation Layla, it does expose her jealousy much, doesn't it?

      You're right about her patronizing attitude towards Sarbdeep. I rememeber that video, it was cringeworthy to watch. Just like her interview with Ale, she's totally cold, condescending and undermining him. I guess she can't stop controlling men. I can't wait for the day that Ale wakes up!

  13. Just took a look at Teal tribe Intentional community page on Facebook and already found something disturbing:

    Hi all Teal Swan lovers. My name is Lennart Bladh and I have developed a "selfhelptool" for school and adults for over 10 years now. I have just been to Teals webshop in Berlin, and met her and her best friend Blake Dyer. Blake thought that I should ask If anyone could help me to systemize the Shadow-work into my Profiles. With ready questions and (1-5) graded answeres. IF anyone can do that the Holistic Student Profile and the Holistic Profile for adults will be complete, I think. And then things can be done. I want to build a big applikation into phones which will be connected to a digital library. First people need to get aware of the whole of themself. Then they can get help by films by Youtube, if they want. Then we can get the SHIFT.

    First off, it's obvious that Blake is just using this dude to get his master's CAREER ahead by trying to sneak in the superior Teal's shadow work into his app (his own idea isn't much worth on it's own of course). Secondly, the idea sounds very illuminati if I understood correctly that people would type in all their dark secrets (shadows) and have that stored onto the digital library where anybody can have access to. So, getting healed by none other than the 'Supreme Swan' (being led to specific youtube vids by Teal to heal their specific dark issue I suppose), comes with a personal cost of course: you got to give up your privacy which surely will be done in the name of authenticity. Sounds a lot like selling your soul to the devil if you ask me.

  14. Oh look now shes posting pictures of her and Gekco. As soon as we call her out on it. Slaves are working overtime to clean it all up.

  15. lol Cheese, reminds me of how she suddenly posted pictures an blogs about Winter (well, the back of his head as she strutted importantly through an airport dressed as Morticia)and being a "mom" when people here and in truth tribe were questioning her ridiculous parenting advice and whether or not he was ok. She posts about her dog more than her son. Interesting too, her seeing Winter's need for privacy (supposedly, but that doesnt make sense because...) but she has no respect or concern for the privacy of Ale's kids. Its very transparent if you arent already a sycophant. shes a joke.

    1. Her drones think we are just pulling at straws though. His kids are just an afterthought to her. She pretends to like them.

    2. Of course it seems like pulling at straws when you are convinced that she is a part of a "galactic federation" or in contact with superior alien races out to save humanity from itself. So dumb. as far as ale's kids go, i havent seen her even pretend to like them, but I HAVE seen her admit to being "tormented" by pictures of his daughter, write blogs about how they have alienated HIM (not the other way around), and how they are under so many wrong impressions because they understand her behavior as the vast majority of people do. teals stance has always been "yeah this seems bad, but thats only because of societal constructs and false beliefs, of course i know better than that" etc etc blah blah. Whatever for the sake of being controversial, as she likes to call herself.

  16. She should have titled this

    "Playing with Ale on the trap" :D

    1. So, what you're saying is that it looks a little like a giant spider web? I see your point.

      She's always had a sprinkling of Ale pics, but they're almost always from a distance, or his face is obscured, and they usually have other people in them. Compare her Instagram to his, though, which is just pic after pic of them, in these weird, tortured, intimate poses. Ale should just write in every description, No, really, she's my fiance. SHE'S MINE, ALL MINE!!! I seriously do fuck this woman. What you don't believe me? YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME?!! LOOK AT THE PICTURE!!! I SWEAR THIS WOMAN LETS ME TOUCH HER!!!"

    2. Yeh, I have an amusing scenario in my head of him singing the French version of this to Teal in those claustrophobic moments

  17. I should check my "other" folder on Facebook more often. Blakey sent me a message on June 8, scolding me for trying to join Teal Tribe, and accusing me of "slithering" around the internet. But, he hopes my short stay in "the tribe" gave me a "piece of heart."

    The backstory: One of my very well-meaning FB friends added me to Teal Tribe, and did not tell me until after the fact. He had no idea about the scope of the problem or that my banning (and his) would be the inevitable result.

    I attempted to reply to Blake's message only to find that he's blocked messages from me. How fitting. Hit and run. Hit and run.

    I'm going to post my reply to him here. Feel free to pass it along to him, or perhaps he can read it for himself:


    Slithering? Good Lord! I was added to "the tribe" by someone else, and not by choice. This person did not know the history, or that it would be a problem. I told him I'd just be banned, as clearly, I was. You folks are nothing, if not predictable. Must be that "authenticity" and transparency you're all so fond of, that allows for the privacy of "the tribe" and no one else, like, say, Ale's ex-wife and children. If y'all really cared about the kind of "authenticity" teal speaks of, Teal Tribe would be a public group, but we all know that don't we – that you're hypocrites.

    Golly, I should check my "other" message folder more often. You've given me the first good, belly laugh of the day.

    1. Yes, shame about the blocked messages as I'd be tempted to ask him if his nose get's longer every time he tells a lie.

  18. Newest video about teal from Omni-Eros:

    1. HAhaha!
      If you see Teal, FLIGHT is the best response :D

      I agree!

  19. LOL what a great way to be called out. Her sexual games like slippy shoulders, hidden yonies, squeezing the eyes and talking mashed potatoes doesn't work on him.

    1. Right haha! He is immune to her, and Blake was bothered by it enough to comment right on the first video, so you know they will be watching subsequent videos and try to do their damage control thing. I think its gotten to be a little bit more than they can handle in that respect, though. I like him, he isnt going to stop and he is angry/funny about it and has an audience who is also more 'immune' to those kinds of games, as opposed to being inclined toward trying to gently reason with her followers. I mean, its been years and years of the same thing on repeat with teal and its worked quite well so far.

      I watched his videos where he talks about his days as a "conspiritard" and being manipulated by someone similar in emotional makeup to teal, so he has an understanding of the psychology of both sides of that coin, its interesting to say the least.

    2. Oh I just checked it.
      New age hack Teal Swan claims society should accept and embrace suicide! (MK7.2)

      "Blake Dyervor 3 days ago
      this video by Teal was to give relief to family members of victims of suicide. watch her other video on suicide "I want to kill myself (What to do if you are suicidal)" and tell me again that she promotes suicide"

      Omni-Erosvor 1 day ago
      Oh, I'll watch it, and respond to it just like I did this one. She's a lunatic and you're a sycophant. Shame on you.


      What Blakey forgot to mention is the fact that her newest video on suicide called "I want to kill myself (What to do if you are suicidal)" was the result of loads of people pointing out her suicide mindfuck. It was meant to limit the backlash she received. Of course Blake blends out the Leslie & Cameron Case... Oh we forgot Fallon. Teal you can't delete your traces. You vomited all over the web with your horrendous ideas about suicide. And Blake: Omni Eros nailed it. You are a sycophant.

      Openeyes: He seems to have a deep understanding. I agree. He catches all her little tricks, uses the same algorithm of Teal's specific manipulation techniques and throws them back into her face. He is literally deleting her. He is not afraid and seems to know exactly his own problems and is honest about it. Teal watch him and learn a bit about authenticity, compassion, humour, sarcasm, honest emotions, self responsibility, nuttiness and mind-blowing creativity with is words. Oh did I forget to mention that he is very intelligent as well. Dream: one day you might get on the right path Teal. The right path starts with stopping to fool others and yourself, screw them over, mindfuck them, stealing from them.... one day maybe you stop. I hope.

  20. So I was just sent this video of one of Teal's "practitioners" Rebecca Elizabeth Anne or Becc town. Another go fund me campaign to be able to take part in some of Teal's Scam services: becoming a completion process practioneer for $5000

    Elizabeth seems to be a sweet girl and if I am not wrong, she was part of the Europe trip with Teal and is close or (the newest girlfriend??) of/to Blakey. Anyway it is not about that.Teal's completion process which she stole from old teachings seems to be a huge income source for her "transparent" teal eye company which numbers we never heard of although it was based on its availability :D (Teal is counting on short term memory of her sheep). I am sure each "practitioner" needs to pay her a fee whenever they get "patience" in, or there is a basic license deal on a yearly base or so. Now a lot of confused people will buy the book soon too. Bec is living in her own world and she is another Extrasensory Luminary (Teal confirmed :D). I don't mean to attack her in any way - I am just using her as an example how Teal hooked her teeth into the brain of a very soft and gentle person with a lot of traumatic childhood memories. She even joined Teal's "reallifemoment" campaign which Teal made up so that she can see other people suffering and feel better about herself (my theory). Was Cameron not mentioning that Teal had a folder with all suicidal letters of her fans which she would read when she is really down to feel better about her own misery?

    Shall we go through her "sad people instagram hashtag" together? Just to pick a few. I am sure Teal feels energised again.

    I love the icon, Omni eros chose for his latest Teal video


    see you in a while.

    1. Thanks for bringing those to my attention. Elizabeth Jane Howard's the first channeller I've noticed be fully cognizant of the message channelled while in trance. Her guide Asteria and herself might be extra skilled do you think?

    2. Well if you look at the constant repeat of same sounds and "words" and then you compare it to the multilayered "translation", the Pleiadians are surely some simple guys :D and use the same sound for 10 different meanings. The algorithm doesn't make sense, she is doing a singsong out of her imagination. I don't pick up any ill intention or ugliness in her, I think her tough childhood made her disappear in a phantasy world and her creativity is playing tricks on her now. She would make a great elf in Lord of the Rings though. ( ;

    3. forgot:

      I bet that Teal "confirmed" that she is from the Pleiadians. When a chosen "authority figure" confirms something, you will feel a great deep relief which is the experience that bounds people so close to T the cow. They get an identity after experience life for a long time as misfits. She did the same thing with the guy who is offering to volunteer his make up skills on trips (forgot his name). This relief is a crucial event and hooks them so deeply that they experience to be reborn, stop doubting themselves and follow the encouragement to start a youtube chanel, a business, to give T the cow 5000 $ to be come a certified something and have deep hopes of flourishing. And T the cow is aware of this. ):

    4. On a quick look at one of her blogs the only reference I can see to a tough childhood is when she is describing how she was trying to remember which childhood experiences could have contributed to her later self harming, promptd by a Teal video excercise. She could recall some vague memories of being told to stop crying which is equal to emotional rejection.
      It seems that she began to have memories of being Pleidian after watching another Teal video after which it was 'confirmed' that she is a soul fork (like Teal) and a member of the Intergalactic Federation of Light. I'm not sure whether to try her meditation to find out if I'm a special starseed because it might further depress me that I had a tough childhood but don't even get to be one.

    5. But, what about that time her mother made her get her own juice?! I can't believe the child protective services didn't step in!

  21. Stellar comment from rikitikitavi made into my email, but not the comments, so I will post it below.


    a little side note in regards to Teal’s Cleanup Action:

    I noticed that Teal cleaned the house whilst moving Tealtribe and her blog over to the new platform. So her blog archive starts at 17th sep 2013. All traces of Fallon or Teal eye or divorce or major drama GONE. She also cleaned the comment section. No comments of the old blog were pulled over to the new blog platform. People sharing their love, thoughts, doesn't mean a thing to Teal the eal without a feel. She will tell you that it wasn't technically possible. Lie. It is. I know the code Fallon was using. NOT A problem but propaganda control on her side. Same with diffusing all crystal clear articles on the old teal tribe platform. All gone. Tealers don't mind. Slowly I start to think that they are really in sheep mode.


    Next thing: her internet monkeys cleaned up behind her and removed any traces from her sex nude page where the world could see her showing her puss puss, mu mu or whatever you want to call it. All traces gone. For those who didn’t know. Her Tetley page was used originally for he pornographic nude pics…before she decided to turn it into a “for positive change company page Teal Eye”.*/

    For those who care: is gone as well. So Teal’s company has no website and her Facebook page is gone too. Nobody cares that the Spiritual Catalyst just deleted all online presence of her SO AMAZING company with such great vision. Ah well, at least the Teal Eye Print Store still exists: You see, she is not a fraud :D

    But Google seems to suffer from memory loss. It burped once and spit this out,-Llc.

    Let”s just watch her vision one more time before this video goes down the drain as well. Shall we

    That video she published whilst fucking her CEO Fallon.



    no online presence at all. Big talks and mentioned to look good but What happened to the Headway Foundation. Does it even exist or old on paper, does she put money in there or not? Be sure we will hear about it soon as Blakey hangs around this block


    For all newcomers at this blog: Here is some old material of cow with thousand stories about her torture in detail. We don't hear a word of it anymore don't we. Job done, attention she got, compassionate followers she got, now lets milk them.


    Why is nobody seeing this when Teal presses the delete button? PAY F*CKING ATTENTION

    1. Yeah, the clean-up continues. Must be all that "authenticity" of hers.

    2. Rikitikitavi, yeah a 'clean up' like Teal's is also known as 'rewriting history'. Sounds just like Winston in 1984. But let's not forget that he was working for the Ministry of Trurh...!

  22. That is really sick. I met a guy today who was in a store and he said he wanted to blow his brains out and move away to the wilderness to do it....I was upset the rest of the day.

    5ooo to become a completion process thief? Wow...its people like Teal that make people want to kill themselves.

  23. :D
    Don't ask Teal, pt 2: Health Advice for Crazies

  24. the strangest, most awkward group dynamic between Teal and the "jealous" girls on stage ( ; in prague. I agree with most what the lady in red says. But watch a bored, cynical, arrogant, passive aggressive Teal. WOW. I think the second woman from the right is the girl friend of her Prague guy who was attacked by Teal during her last trip.

    1. She's a stunner, Juraj's girlfriend. Both those women are gorgeous. Also, teal's dynamic with her translator is consistently bizarre. I've watched a few of these and she just looks like she wants to take the poor woman's head off. At bottom, I think having a translator forces teal to listen to herself talk. Turns out it's as endless and insufferable for her as it is for the rest of us.

  25. So let’s look at how Teal is programming her listeners to overwrite the fact that she picked a technically wrong title for her upcoming card set by making a major mistake at the beginning of her product development. As LV pointed out Tarot cards consist of 78 cards. As Teal googled successfully, she herself learnt that Tarot cards and Oracle cards are based on different concepts, methods and approaches. Her product was already in printing and contained 77 cards and had printed “Tarot” on top of it. At 6:14 she is telling her addicts to forget about the difference and just call all kinds of decks Tarot card. Just like that :DDDDD can you fucking believe that. hahahaha. And the Tealers will be happy with that. Facepalmmmmmm.

    She already put the sugar online.

    1. As you might imagine, I've gone straight for the text version, because the sound of her voice... you know. Having trouble reading past this line, because I keep doubling over from laughter.

      "Like astrology, traditional tarot is like Pandora’s box. And it can literally be a way of life."

      Ummmm.... so a tarot deck is like a box of every kind of suffering and should never be opened lest it wreak holy havoc on the world? And, unleashing holy havoc on the world is, um, a lifestyle?

      Well, in fairness, for teal it maybe is.

    2. "Like Teal, traditional charlatan is like pudding. And it can literally be a sweet mountain to look at." :D

    3. I think Teal has her own shit generator, programmed by Spirit Science in collaboration with Fallon. She is still using it though ... Her friend Chopra just copied hers. OFfcourse. :b

  26. I just realised why Ale is looking at Teal like a mezmorized gecko,width=235,height=235,appearanceId=366,backgroundColor=f9f9f9,version=1452545085/lustiger-Gecko-laeuft-ueber-dein-Shirt,-Echse-Langarmshirts.jpg

    Cause Teal looks exactly like his mother.

    Mystery solved. Teal he will give you all his money, you can walk even over him and he will enjoy it cause he is marrying a younger version of his mother...with some psychopathic issues. Perfect match. Teal can torture him few weeks after the wedding all day long and he will not run away. Poor Gecko. Enjoy the wedding - cause hell will come afterwards - slowly but steady. 3 men of the past have proven this cycle. That also applies to mesmerised geckos.

  27. Just read Teal's newest blog of rebirth.

    Jacques shines for sure. I feel great warmth from him and he carries a face with an honest smile, the opposite of the joker smile. I hope Teal experienced what she describes there. If so, I am genuinely happy for her and I hope it will bring her back to sanity. I noticed a certain, never seen before softness in her face here and was wondering before i saw the blog

    BUT I find it pretty fascinating reading her blog and feeling two opposite things at the same time. Part of me is still sceptical as she knows every trick in the book and maybe just tries to project a new rebirth of BRANDING for the striken and shaken Tealers after so much conflict and aversion against Ale, the man, the bitch blog about the poor girlfriend of Benno etc. When she described Jacque I was also wondering if he is already part of the lign up of future husbands but at the same time I felt a great intimacy between them (non sexual - how unusual for T.) as part of a true healing experience of some aspects of her. I hope for her that she finds peace from herself.

    Have a great wedding Teal and PLEASE don't mess around with Jacques. Keep him "clean" so that he can be actually a great healing tool for your sanity. DON'T FLIRT WITH HIM or you will mess it up! (my wedding present advice to you). Ale might has a chance to escape the torture which is ahead of him with the "old" Teal we know.

  28. Has anyone been following teal's little magpie saga? She, apparently, rescued, rehabilitated and released one, which is a very nice thing to do.

    But, magpie medicine is a little tricky. Magpies are known for their attraction to shiny things and distraction with the material and superficial.

    "If Magpie has flown across your path; He is most likely reminding you that obsession with the material world will not nurture your spiritual path. Only when we loudly follow our true calling in life by by being all that we can be will we be able to find the fulfillment and satisfaction that we are longing for. Re evaluate your priorities before you move too much further down the path you are currently on. Keep an open mind and see where Magpie magic can lead you in matters of your spirit and true potential."

    Not exactly auspicious, as she prepares to marry Mr. Moneybags.

  29. It's wedding day!!! Someone sent me a couple of the pictures from teal's timeline. Can you feel the enthusiasm?!!!

    Wedding Dress


    1. If these people are so in touch with the soul then why is it so hard for them to see she's not happy. A crapped rehash of a quote and a picture that shows she's not not happy one bit. Guess that shit with jackoff didn't work.

    2. The quote says SOMETHING IS WRONG in all caps. Who posts that with a picture of a wedding cake?!

      And, to boil it down, it feels like you're life is going in the wrong direction, but don't panic, it's all good, because universe.

      Who ya tryin' to convince, teal?

    3. I think what happened was, no one heard her dog whistle this time. All of her hinting and baiting that something is wrong and that she is unhappy, and no multi millionaire suitors or exs came to rescue her from herself. No one tried to stop her, and she could be bent about that. Hence the haphazard planning of the wedding, and zero enthusiasm about marrying this man. Obviously, admitting she made a mistake or doesnt want what she stole is out of the question, so she goes through with it reluctantly and resentfully. But, those are just the "vibes" i am getting.

    4. And guess the fact that in three years she's never talked in depth about the guys she's with isn't a read flag.

    5. That makes sense, Openeyes. She's telegraphing her misery with so little subtlety it's hard to believe it's not conscious and intentional

    6. Brilliant summary of the situation LaVaughn and Openeyes, you pretty much nailed it. I also believe her actions were in hopes that Sarb and/or others would try to intervene but they didn't care and so she'll now have to eat her own mess.

    7. yeah, and the one she posted before the wedding in the car with a seatbelt on, looking obviously unhappy. The first person to see her in her wedding dress was not her new husband, or the wedding party that had to compete for their straw bale seat (or straw pile, i noticed in the video) that they all had the good sense to not even sit on in their nice cloths...but for the entire internet. It seemed to me like a really obvious last ditch effort, not only to get people to notice she needs rescuing (or maybe setting the stage for a new white Knight to come in soon, "sensing" her unease like so many past life princes she whispers to about soul flames and babies, to triangulate and control Ale even more. He "has to watch his back", you know. She has said so herself), but also a sort of shit on the whole situation. In the car with a seatbelt over her beautiful dress, while she doesnt even look at the camera, and doesnt even bother to eek out a fake smile, but still she posted it to facebook before the ceremony. Its just too weird.

    8. I got an email from someone who didn't feel like dealing with the log-in hassle, but offered the following opinion on teal's metacommunication:

      "I strongly feel that Teal is sending a message to a specific man. Someone she is having at least an emotional affair with. I'm sure he pleaded with her to stop the marriage, but she has chosen to go through with it. These sad faces and the 'SOMETHING IS WRONG' message that stands out among a post of her trying to justify her going through with it are an effort to appease him AND a way to make herself look like a damsel in distress, a princess that has been enslaved by a frumpy French reptile and needs to be rescued by Prince Charming (my money is that she's cheating with a 'bad boy' type and he is certainly much younger than her new husband)."

      Many, many people have pleaded with her in comments and videos not to marry Ale. Okay, many of them were women and only some of them were lesbians. But, there's a narrative building here, and I suspect she will capitalize on it.

      I don't know if she's whistling to a particular dog, any dog in hearing range, or if this was a call-out for timely rescue that never occurred. I think these are all plausible theories, though.

      I do think that when this marriage goes sideways, she's going to talk about how, looking back at this wedding and the months leading up to it, she realizes how unhappy she was, and that she was emotionally abused and manipulated into marrying Ale. She'll say that, because of her previous abuse, she's susceptible to just that kind of manipulation and Ale knew exactly what buttons to push to make her feel trapped and compliant.

      Who wants to take that bet?

  30. I am sorry but WHY is Teal looking so miserable

    She just married the man she loves.

    After seeing Ale posting THIS image, he is officially BLIND

    and after this...

    i think she didn't enjoy it so much Ale.


  31. Lol, i love the juxtaposition of her "follow your joy" tattoo in the pic of her looking miserable following a wedding she clearly did not want.

    Something odd I've noticed about the pictures too, that some of them have other people taking cell phone pictures in them, or like in the first one you posted, Lauren on the left is still not in pose. They arent professional, which is fine, but Its like teal vets them only for how she looks in them, not the overall composition of everyone in the photos. Or whats going on in the rest of it. She only sees herself in photos, so you end up with weirdly composed or awkwardness from everyone else, while teal glares or models in the center of chaos.

  32. And, there is the fact that only Ale is sharing wedding photos. they are notably absent from her accounts. Minus the miserable car photo and some of the bachlorette party. Graciella doesnt seem very happy in any of the pictures either. She has sad, exhausted eyes. Poor girl, being the most "in tune" to teal. I imagine the whole fiasco has been a huge drain on her since she is the designated emotional toilet (and foot stool). I was glad to see her actually included though, before this, "girls night" and other events had left her out. Having once been a Graciella to a teal, i really do feel for her. She is sucked in deep though, i hope she gets out one day.

  33. No doubt it will come to be known as the red wedding.

    1. I guess Blake couldn't take his handler not shagging him again. Don't see him in any pictures. So sad that man is.

    2. He's in at least a couple photos.

    3. Still seems weird. I know deep down he's pissed.

    4. Interesting, Cheese. I get the same sense. I don't really know why I think that, but I do.

  34. Some of teal's wedding pics have broken free from her Facebook page and are floating around the web. I've collected a handful and posted them in my photobucket:

    Isn't it every girl's dream to get married amidst bales of hay under some sticks?

    Let's take a moment and appreciate the grace and clarity of purpose it must have taken to walk across that terrain in these shoes.

    I love this one. It looks like she vaporized out of her dress and shoes and made a magical escape worthy of Albus Dumbledore.

    Hey, sailor, looking for a...

    Is this a scene from some new Dracula movie?

    Her wedding photographer did a great job. Some of the pics are lovely, but I'm sorry, everything I've seen of this wedding is kind of surreal. I don't think I've ever seen a more grudging bride. She looks miserable in shot after shot. And, the choice of red... I just... For a woman who is already being cast as a homewrecker, is she trying to prove it? I just... What was she thinking?

  35. Yeah, some of them were actually really nice, but that last two you shared are just weird and sort of gross.

    The last one caused my face to react against my will lol. The way she is whispering in his ear and has two of her fingers slid into the red of his shirt/vest while all her friends grab at him. Something icky i cant really put my finger on, but hey, those are teals favorite type of things. Hmmm, I wonder what her wedding gift to Ale was?

    Funny parallel again with Graciella and my own sociopath bridezilla experience... I was a flower girl in a wedding that featured straw bale seating (the wedding color was...TEAL! can you believe it? LOL. many many many years ago, now) . Thank god i didnt have to carry the dress tail hahhahahaha.

    1. I know. That last pic... I thought the same thing. What kind of wedding gift, indeed. Okay, so... other people get married amidst bales of hay? Sue, me. I'm an East Coast kinda gal. Or is it just a sociopath thing: It's my WEDDING DAY! I'm the STAR! You! You have to sit on bales of hay. Peasants.

    2. That is EXACTLY my thoughts about it. I was actually coming back to comment about that, haha! Like some kind of subconscious hierarchy reveal. One of teals bales was just a loose pile of straw. My sociopath at least had them twined together, and the place was decorated in a way it made a sort of sense. A cowboy theme, complete with boots on the tables used as flower vases (a social chameleon, she blends herself into the personality of her partners. She was never "country", and sure isnt now, but it was all a part of her securing a wealthy-ish provider and father figure. Her mark was also much older and paternal to her).

      Teal seems more like she expects her partners to do that for her, she is the same but different. Mine was also a psychotic evil harpy leading up to the big event, i dont imagine teal was any better behaved, being as grandiose and delusional as she is.

  36. This is the best picture of all

    Teal looks pretty and I see some smiling images after all the miserable "please save me (mysterious rich man out there)" pics.
    Face paint for the Tealer kids. I am surprised about the abstinence of decoration. I thought Teal would go overboard. The cake reminded me of sth else ( : Interesting that Blake is avoiding any pictures. Graciela looks very good.

    One a side note: I was made aware of the comments at

    by Cleopatra Philopato. Scroll down to the comment section and have a read.

  37. Oh and if this was the photographers idea, he/she is an idiot. But maybe some lady in white had this idea...I have a feeling. What a s t r a n g e image. The red women seem totally into it. Awkward :D

    Did anybody notice the switch of Necklaces between T and Candace. (;

    And here is the most important question: Why is there not a single image with T and her mother although she was there.

    1. I need a screenshot, babe. That one link must be to teal's page, because I cannot see it.

    2. If you log out of facebook and click on the link, you can see it because the links are public.
      The one with the women touching Ale is weird. Someone even commented "wtf" on it.
      I give this marriage 9 months at the most.

    3. LaVaughn, it's the creepy as fuck picture where Teal has two fingers in Ale's red vest and appears to be whispering (or biting) into his ear, meanwhile the bridesmaids are looking down on Ale with their hands on him. Teal captioned the photo, "Flirty".

      Ew. So inappropriate. These people are just so weird! And, Teal's captions are painfully shallow/sad = "Hug" on the photo of them embracing as husband & wife, also, "Nuptials" and "Kissy". I mean? No heartfelt emotions from the queen of authenticity? She's probably so disconnected and disinterested that she feels nothing. You can see it all over her face. Sure, she looks happy in some of the photos, but I'm more likely to believe it's because she's "glammed" up in a dress and surrounded by fans who adore her, NOT because she just married the man of her dreams.

      It's hard to ignore the fact that she completely *gushed* over Sarbdeep in her blog, meanwhile she hardly even speaks about Ale. And, I don't think it's because she's trying to protect her heart ...she's just not in love with the guy.

    4. Thanks, blairgilbert. I know. It was clarified for me. I was just confused because I had posted it above. I think that pic set a lot of people off. It's just deeply, deeply weird. The whole thing was weird, but that pic wins the prize for most cringe-worthy, I think.

  38. Teal tribe has a little Scam going on there. Seeing an increase from around 850 registered members to 3000 something. If you zoom into the map, Germany, you will see 2439 members at Jena :D There either must be something in the water or a dedicated Tealer tries to help out with the low, unsatisfying numbers.


    Now that the wedding is over and some tealribers earned a medal (face paint marks) and special ranks in Tealtribe hierarchy, now that Teal signed the deal to a small fortune in "near" future (accessible after Hollywood man will come into the picture), now that everybody ( who knows that there is sth wong with this gurl but somehow loves and cares for her) had a peasant day with an hopeful image of a smiling Teal, now that Teal upgraded the simple self bought blue sapphire ring (which was used for Sarbdeep's name stealing wedding) to a big fat juicy sapphire ring covered with small blood diamonds whilst showing Sarbdeep a "kiss the ass of the supreme swan image" ( ), now that some slow Tealers come to terms that Sarbdeep is old news and Gecko is in....

    everybody can relax until Teal starts a new drama.

  39. I'm kind of curious as to what will happen to her logo and name after her following marriages... Will she keep SB's name? Seems a bit silly to me....

    1. The name SWAN was one reason to marry Sarbdeep... it helped that he was a bodyguard as well. She used his profession to further the illusion to "be a star". She also came up with horrendous ideas of death threats and surrounded a bunch of young hippy Tealers with bodyguards in case sb tries to kill her... which is all in her head, made up to manipulate the perception of hers by other people.

      People with Teal's brain design always strive to upgrade with each person they marry, do business with, sleep with etc. Swan was a handy business brand name compared to her ex husbands last name Scott and all her corporate identity is now based on this name. She told the Tealers the lame story about reaching enlightenment whilst being with Sarbs and therefore deserves the title of Paramahamsa which means "supreme swan" which verifies her decision to keep the name Swan although Sarbs was running for the woods once her realised what Teal actually is. Teal is as much enlightened as a coconut is. She just tried to find a way to hang on to this esoteric brand name teal Swan and all the Lost love it. She will not carry Gecko's name. It sound strange and she would have 3 books published, each of them carry another last name, Scott, Swan and Gicqueau :D (just imagine). Once her relationship book will be published she will probably be married to a hollywood actor (which she is gunning for...just tellin' you). Considering the way how Teal's brain is wired, she will be a good wifey for a while and once she finds a man with more money than Gecko and MORE POWER, she will throw him under the Tealerbus. Can take a while though cause she needs to stay married to Gecko for a while in order to claim some of his fortune in a divorce - meanwhile she will still try to get pregnant for same reasons. Gecko considers himself currently the happiest man in the Galaxy and he probably still will when Teal is pulling her next move. Something tells me that Teal will not be able to insult him in any shape or form. There are some of these people out there who are un-insultable :/

      If you look closely, she already aligned her back up story for "later" on. Warning Ale that there is a long cue of men already lining up, posting strange help cries with a gigantic wedding cake stock image, looking half miserable during the wedding etc. Ah well, i am still hoping that the healer had some effect on her. Ale I consider rather a bad influence on her ego which is out of control and not a supreme Swan but rather a ugly AND BITTER duckling in its core.

      The only solution is that Blake finally finds a woman, who is not and will not be a Tealer, marries, moves on and leaves Teal Eye which by the way still has no website - I am not mentioning the non existing headway foundation. It probably exists on one paper and in Teal's fantasy blog only.

    2. Be assured that we will hear from Headway Foundation very soon and we might also get a chance to look at the new Eal Eye Website. Hi Blake (:

    3. Thanks for the many laughs therikitikitavi!!! It's just the Teal story gets so confusing to follow, what with her constantly changing names. At some point, she has to realize how ridiculous this must seem! I find it particularly confusing after she moved the entire blog, etc to another site. So much I've just skipped checking it and check here instead for the entertaining updates. :D

    4. Thanks for the many laughs therikitikitavi!!! It's just the Teal story gets so confusing to follow, what with her constantly changing names. At some point, she has to realize how ridiculous this must seem! I find it particularly confusing after she moved the entire blog, etc to another site. So much I've just skipped checking it and check here instead for the entertaining updates. :D

  40. The first blog after the wedding is about what went wrong, being lonely in a empty house, and the 'mean' comments about her getting married again. Wow. But hey she loves this doofus right.

    1. This is interesting:

      "The bridesmaids all slipped into their respective dresses. The room was swimming in violent bright red." [emphasis added]

      "Outside, a tree is blooming a cruel color of red. The branches, heavy with blossoms, are being tossed about in the chilly, grey wind." [emphasis added]

      Red wedding. Very strange choice.

    2. Yep, i was surprised she only vaguely alluded to "interpersonal drama that did go on". More on that in a future blog, I assume. Because she also described "grinning ear to ear, genuinely enjoying myself". Because 'genuinely' needs to be specified, at ones own wedding (or when enjoying something you shouldnt be, there is a lot she is not saying). Combined with her word choices throughout (violent red, spearheading, wakes, emptiness, heckled, etc), i mean it will come out like it always does, that there was some sadistic underlining involved. I also like that when teal is exhausted, its divine exhaustion. Not the normal kind that the rest of us experience. its just LOL.

      "Gifts are my love language. I wanted to hoard them.." but Ale coaxed her into sharing and opening the gifts that were meant for them. LOL. At least she described the room as "half full" of presents , and not half empty hahah. then again, most people would come to a room of many presents and basically be like "a room full of presents!" So, still.

      Noticed the interesting choice of Indian food as well...Im sure that means nothing at all...

      " I kept oscillating between sinking into the coziness of the idea of being married and jumping with excitement at someone I had seen approaching the main door that I was so excited had come. Zach Moyer (my former event coordinator turned personal teddy bear) " HMMMMMMM, im sure that is nothing too. Why was she surprised he came? because she goes on to describe him running the "games" portion of her wedding. I also thought it was weird that one of her guests posted that she got an invite, and she was really happy about it, but she got it like 3 or 4 days before the wedding. wtf?

      But whatever. I'll just wait for the next blog and watch all the pieces click into place, like they always do.

      Oh, i also just have to say, because it made me laugh. that a wedding without champagne is just "too below the belt for either of us", but uh...cheating, lying, abandoning children, etc is all fine. Because "to live bravely is ultimately to love, regardless of where that love takes you." awww, how romantic.

    3. "the idea" of being married. Not the coziness of BEING married, to Ale. Or the coziness of solidifying their love or anything along those lines.

      Anyway, I could be reading too far into things, but i am fully confident i am not. After following her story for a long while and having experienced people cut from her "violent red" cloth.

      NO DANCING!! haha ok.

    4. Yeah, the Indian food. Interesting choice, all things considered. Yet, when I read it, all I thought was: mmmmmm.... Indian food. What a nice idea having that catered into a wedding. So much nicer than, do you want chicken or fish. The food actually sounded lovely. The cake creeped me out, but the rest of the food sounded really appealing. The cake would have been perfect at a Goth wedding, or something.

      On Zach Moyer, pretty sure he's gay.

      That's so funny about the gifts. So generous of her to share those with that fellow she married.

      Ale always seems to be an afterthought. Her references to him always seem grudging.

      "These walls that were once so alive with festivity have fallen silent in the wake of everyone’s departure. It is peaceful but there is an emptiness to the peace.

      I have committed myself to union. The ring on my finger says it is so. It glitters nearly as bright as the amalgamation of souls. It was such a beautiful wedding..."

      The house feels empty? What about that soul you just amalgamated with? Where did he go?

      It's like, oh no, everybody's gone. Now I have to spend time with this fellow. I'm so lonely.

      Aaahhh! Wedded bliss! Don't most people go on honeymoons to spend dedicated time with their new partner? She's all, ugh, where did all those people I really wanted to spend time with go?

    5. Well yeah, and there is also the fact it turned into a multi day excursion where they go to TEAL lake and all of that (then back to her loneliness as a child blah blah blah, they pulled from all ends of the earth because she is so famous now hahahhaha). I think she is just sad not to have them all orbiting her. It was a wedding, but it seems like it was more just about her, Ale was a prop. I think the commenter who said that Ale is un-insultable is right on. and that is really going to get her goat in times to come lol. She did talk a lot about 'passivity' in relation to her men in recentish interviews where she reveals how he cries during sex and that she has never had anyone make love to her until then because he is a frenchmen, and that is his ONE quality she mentions with fondness. But thats because she can use it to talk about HER sex. Its just so much ick.

      Even if Zach is gay, it just speaks to how she was mostly itching to NOT be with Ale, on their own freaking wedding day. or to not let him enjoy her the way she was enjoying ...being enjoyed by the crowd. He fucked up the dance, AND forgot the champagne. maybe that was the drama, hahaha. blake had to drive out of state, and teal had to tolerate everyone else thinking it was 'adorable' of him. I also noticed his mom wore white to the wedding. Isnt that a no-no? Maybe not.

      Geez, she is insufferable in blog form, I am thankful to never have met her. I dont think i would be able to control my facial expressions and comments.

      I like indian food myself, and agree it sounded lovely. But gosh, teals obsession with consuming and being consumed (not her of course, teal is the consumer), the swan pants she posted. it just stinks to me of the same weird symbolism i am not entirely sure she is conscious of. The cycle repeats again. Out with the old and in with the new, but with teal its never new. its just built out of the wreckage of the old. Maybe in her next wedding, she will have french cuisine.

    6. Oh, my god... you're right. His mother wore white to the wedding. It's a HUGE no-no. I saw this picture before and I didn't grok it. Mostly, I was taken with how much his mother looks like his ex-wife. Not only is her blouse white, it's lace. She wore white lace to her son's wedding. Oh my god...

      French food at her next wedding. You're killin' me!

    7. Openers: Just reading about the Frenchman who finally makes love to Mary Teal. I am pretty sure that Teal feels more attracted to Sarbdeep who is rejecting her than to a french frog who is melting on her lap, cries and probably cross dresses (just guessing but he is too female). What a person like T enjoyes is the utter submissive state of a man who she can control and turn him into a "dominant, rough man". A submissive man as Ale will play the role here and there but overall I can see that he is too soft for her - he can only play the dominant one for so long. Her statement "finally sb how makes love to me" or so is just intended to be a punch in the face of all ex men and to verify this relationship to the world although those who can see know that she is not attracted to him. I am speculating wildly now but one day the cross dressing will come through and Teal will feel like a superman and she will not like this. In a way, Teal is pretty simple.

      I was wondering about Teal's bad taste in regards to the choice of red as it is a cheap and truly aggressive red - no elegance to it although Candice wore it well. I also was surprised about her wedding dress choice - my fault as I always thought that she could have more access to an elegant taste. Well I was clearly wrong. It is nice to see her smile for once and a while though.

      LV I have noooo idea how you see similarities between Ale's Mommy and his ex-wife. I see non but I see a lot of similarity between T and mommy.

      Ale will NEVER get upset with Teal EVAAAA. Mark my words. She has a tendency to find these men like her ex hubby Mark, Blake, Ale and partly Fallon. She can just walk over them and they don't say "piep". Very bizarre. With Sarbdeep she chose a different kind of man...cause of the f*ecking name and profession. I can see that she still fancies him but not in a normal way: she fancies to have him under sexual control again but in this case I think she is once in a while a realist and knows that this Swan will never be ridden again by her as he woke up. I can imagine that it was pretty stressful for Sarbdeep to keep up with the sex addiction which probably ends up in plenty, not intimate quickies all over the place without any intimacy at all. Just a horny dog. If you are a simple man, Teal is the dream woman. Sarbdeep is not a simple man - therefore she never stood a chance to fully squeeze his brain and balls… ah well, just for few weeks. ( ;

      Anyway: Teal work with Jaques (don't flirt with him). He might can help a bit. I like him. And don't steal him from Ale once the divorce is close.

    8. When I saw someone post one of these photos here I thought the woman was her mother, not his! She looks just like teal in say 10 years? Poor Ale.. Her saying he cries during sex to the whole world. Not that it's wrong, but it's private, and I can just picture the nonchalant way she would say such a thing. Could she rip at his masculinity any further? Of course she's grabbing at whatever remains of him that can make her look good besides his bank account. Hey everybody, he's French! O lala! Honestly, the last thing I wanted for this succubus is to have any relation to my country, but what gives, it's not going to last anyways.

      I should also mention that French people are more than happy and cooperative when someone tries to learn the language. It sounds to me by her little rant a while ago, that they just dislike her and don't want her in the conversation.

      She's looking like those internet ads you see to buy a wife, but with her it's more like rent a wife. Nudy pics already online.

  41. It's so obvious she's preparing the context of her next victim game when she decides to get a divorce, it's kinda hopeless trying to point out how evident her unhappy wedding and marriage are.

    Ale will soon find out he traded his children, reputation and money for a total nightmare, hard lesson to be learned. And her following will soon see what little regard their black swan really has for relationships, values and even them.

    And let's not forget about Sarbdeep's pending post..

    1. I hope he does post soon, its been months. And i hope Ale learns teals brand of "authenticity" in the meantime and makes posts of his own when it all inevitably goes to shit. But im not sure her following will ever get it. Because she frames everything in that same way. One of the comments on her new blog were like "this is the most authentic blog yet! authentic underlined 100 times!". Which seemed so silly to me. Like a person insisting endlessly how honest they are. It a clear red flag of bullshittery, but they wear the blinders proudly.

      Who knows. But as hopeless/pointless as it is to talk about the obvious, its a good exercise in spotting red flags and tells. Because she always writes blogs and you get to see where you were right or where you were wrong. Like honing a skill, hah. I grew up 'colorblind' in that way. I can see it in teal very clearly, but people close to me get away with a lot before I do. Language and word choice plays a lot into it, and like tealers give her the benefit of the doubt around every turn, i have too with people in my life. I always look back like "what the heck! why didnt i see that for what it was". the answer generally is that i DID, but made excuses for it, or rationalized it away for fear of being too paranoid or sensitive. For missing out on the 'good' that i thought was there. But time and time again, its the language (body language, too) that gives it away first before behavior. And because it is not entirely tangible, it is easily denied or re-routed.

      I think her following is the same in that sense. She positions herself as an authority on all things, someone who can bestow upon you the gift of specialness and belonging. The price is unwavering loyalty (same as any cluster b), but as soon as a set figure her out, a new set come in without the background knowledge to see through it again. Like the social circles of 'normal' cluster b's are ever evolving (or devolving). teal is just on a bigger scale. It fascinating in a very morbid way.

    2. I understand what you mean. I don't have the patience or interest to go to her blog or interviews but you guys pretty much sum up the gist of what's happening with this saga and I do appreciate it as I want her to be exposed as much as everyone else here. Take note also that she gets this information, either she or someone close to her are reading these posts, as was made obvious after the remarks on her neglect of her child and poof, there's a post of her playing the mother.

      So we've made it clear that we're seeing her obvious wedded misery, as we've mentioned right from the start of her new gold digging position, and that this will be clearly used later on as a damsel in distress plot for her cashed in freedom.

      She could try to prove us wrong by forcing this relationship to last longer than she hopes for, and to that I say go right ahead teal bosworth/scott/swan/GICQUEAU!

    3. Oh, i definitely understand the lack of patience for her blogs. I have less of it now than i did ever before and havent read a lot of her recent ones until her wedding. I think that is a good sign, hahaha.

      "She could try to prove us wrong by forcing this relationship to last longer than she hopes for, and to that I say go right ahead teal bosworth/scott/swan/GICQUEAU!"

      I think so too!


    I found this article just and I thought it was quite relevant in the case of Teal, haha! A different perspective, perhaps?


    What a strange quote and picture to post... especially right after you got married. Is that picture symbolic of how she feels? (Notice the violent red nails).

  44. Marrying Ale was just a huge cry for help that everyone ignored. How much more obvious could it be? More excited to see Zach at her wedding than seeing Ale? Empty house? Loneliness and sadness?
    I'm not sure if she's purposely dropping hints or if it's subconscious. She was much more enthusiastic about Sarb for sure. She and Ale definitely do not go together especially since it's clear as day that she knows she made a colossal mistake.
    Ale posted a picture saying "enjoying my bride" ( What an odd thing to say and odd choice of words. I wonder if we are underestimating him and he really views Teal as his plaything... like his object. This guy really did walk out on his family to chase her. No sane person or decent human being would do that - especially to their children.
    I have a very bad feeling about this.

  45. Ale cheated on his ex-wife at least 5 times... so we know he's a scumbag.
    Why on earth would he take this picture (on his wedding day?) and post it to his instagram?
    If he did want to take a picture with the bridesmaids, where is Graciela? This picture is just... gives me creepy vibes. Posing with the two "hot" bridesmaids? Hmm...
    I'm telling you... something weird is going on. This will not end well at all.

  46. What in the world is going on in these pictures? What kind of mind fuckery is Ale playing with Teal?

    We know how Teal feels about Mormons and how her childhood was spent in a supposed Mormon cult called blood covenant (lmao). Why in the world would Ale go to a Mormon temple, take these pictures, and post them on instagram if it's not to mock Teal? I can imagine these pictures triggered teal where she had seizures or whatever happens to her when she doesn't get her way.
    I wonder if there's some kind of game being played here... if there's a power struggle. Ale comes off as the weak one. But remember, he has a lot of money. I wonder if it's him really playing with Teal. Part of me wonders if Teal married her equal in terms of psycho-ness / sociopath-ness. Maybe we are underestimating this weirdo and he's not harmless / innocent / a victim like he's being portrayed.
    Things are going to get... interesting.... and not in a good way. :( I don't wish harm on anyone but this whole thing stinks to high heaven. :(

  47. "Marrying Ale was just a huge cry for help that everyone ignored."

    "..Maybe we are underestimating this weirdo and he's not harmless / innocent / a victim like he's being portrayed."

    Hey 948a83f0-526b-11e4-a48b-7b50a0d53b4c ( :

    Teal is not crying for help, Teal is playing the game. And I don't see psycho tendencies in Ale, rather obsession. You are already doing what she planted in your head with her game - projecting on Ale, who is just a horn dog in my eyes, selling software to the most criminal industry.

    Some sides of Teal remind me of Ramsey of Game of Thrones. Stansa is warning her brother not do do what he (Ramsey) wants him to do but what he ended up doing cause he didn't notice the mind games. Teal is probably the virtual sister of Ramsey, the master of mind games, a type of creature, beautifully portrait in this series

    I assume that Ale just tries to develop a relationship with her makeup guy who is the centre of each party and very much loved. I don't see any digs there against Teal. They probably just don't know what to do than going in to a museum.

    Ale's obsession is for sure concerning and I have the feeling that he would do anything to stay her groom - he probably would also be ok with sharing Teal with other woman etc. He is a horn dog in my eyes.

    She is playing you. There are no help cries. She is just miserable cause she doesn't feel attracted to this french man but wants his money and connections. So yeah she is not fully enjoying it and fucking with your mind. Watch out. The "help cry" which she places loudly and "bold" all over her social media is directly to MEN, and men only.... We saw this alienation happing with Fallon, Mark got a gentler treatment, Sarbdeep was publicly constantly dominated by her and turned into an emotionally not accessible guy...bla...... Just study her past and you will know the things she will pull of with the french husband. She knows every trick in the book, she is fucking with her poor mother's and father's mind still day 3. She has a lot of practice and was very bored in her childhood.

    there is just one thing nobody pointed out. when she posted the picture with the girls during her hen night, there was the horrible disaster in Nice, France. Not one fecking word, considering that her soon to be husband is a french frog and all the invited guest might have connections to Nice as well. Not a single word from Ale as well. No, we see Teal in her leopard print dress with some girls and then the wedding. For sb who claims to be a spiritual leader, interested in taking on the injustice which is currently exposed in life, she surely doesn't give two fucks for events which might directly effect the family of her new husband. It is soon bizarre, also no Tealer wrote ANYTHING on the wall.


  48. It seems like the world is finally and slowly keeping up with Teal Scott. The comment section is hilarious (sort by top comments)

    "Everyday life of Teal Swan" - relationships, lifestyle, community living and much more |

    by the way LU Cink and Benno seem to go strong and were on holidays together and looked very happy. I was so delighted to see that Cow didn't get in between with her tantrums. I just really like this woman ( didnt see much of her but noticed her benevolent gestures towards Teal etc - there was no greed or jealousy from her side)

  49. Interesting observation about Nice, France, Rikitikitavi! I noticed that too, because I thought for SURE there would be a post about whatever diagnoses and "help" teal would be dispensing ("i went out of body today...." or whatever), as she did with the other attack. Also, her husband is french and she has spent a lot of time there so you would think it would be more relevant. Realized that the other attack was just sort of conveniently timed since she was in France, so she capitalized on it and acted like it was 'fate' that she was there and posted pictures of her group meditating and "healing" about it or something like that. But, for this one she was in the states, and no word at all. Interesting.

    I wonder if someone told her how tacky it was do to that in the first place, or if she just was too busy to care about this one. I suspect though, her opinions on refugees are too "controversial" and she knew she was already on thin ice in regards to her racism and conspiracy theories. She alienates a lot of people and there is already so much criticism she probably had nothing to say that would have been PC. Which i also find interesting, she is so adept at lying and playing different roles, you would think she could eek out an insincere word or two about it. But I think she HAS to be shocking, she never says anything kind or neutral, there is always some jaw dropping twist. So, she wisely stayed mum on this one. who knows.

    1. well summarised. She simply didn't want to overshadow the fun fun fun of her hen night and wedding. Nope. would be a downer for the most happy day of Teal's isn't it.

      In regards to her "VIOLENT" red dress drama hahahah:
      here it was the perfect red dress

      ..and here she is fun with Graciela in a violent red dress

      what is it now?

    2. it appears to me that she enjoyes a good violent red dress on herself (but not on others) Go figure.

      even violent red bikinis :D

      Celebrating a violently red root chakra party
      " I dreamed that I walked in on a Teal Tribe gathering where the “theme” of the party was the root chakra. The room was decorated entirely red. Everyone was wearing red from head to toe. "

      She seems to be into violent red. If i would have to choose a colour which represents Teal, it would be that kind of red. With her calling it "violent" we've learnt about the core of sb who loves to carry this colour on the body.

    3. it appears to me that she enjoyes a good violent red dress on herself (but not on others) Go figure.

      even violent red bikinis :D

      Celebrating a violently red root chakra party
      " I dreamed that I walked in on a Teal Tribe gathering where the “theme” of the party was the root chakra. The room was decorated entirely red. Everyone was wearing red from head to toe. "

      She seems to be into violent red. If i would have to choose a colour which represents Teal, it would be that kind of red. With her calling it "violent" we've learnt about the core of sb who loves to carry this colour on the body.

  50. Did Stefan actually make it to the wedding?

  51. I don't think she could hide how she truly feels, even if she tried. From the somber as fuck tone of her pre- AND post-wedding blogs 0_o the following pictures:

    ^You'd think she'd be feeling "high" and that she'd have the look of love in her eyes and on her face. Instead, she looks distant, as if she's contemplating her life. I mean? This not the expression of someone who JUST got married and is happily wed. Even her fans are taking notice. Someone left a comment (on her personal Facebook) on this photo saying that she looks so sad.

    Teal held her friends at her wedding closer and tighter than I've ever seen her hug Ale:

    And, this one:

    ^My gosh, she holds a lot of tension in her face. She just always looks so harsh and pissed off, and like she's never satisfied with anything or anyone.

  52. Third marriage in less than 7? years, visibly miserable, predictably going to try and capitalise from her wedded misery sometime in the future whilst seeking a divor$$e, and this is the person making videos about achieving relationship harmony, how to be happy and basically how to live the enlightened life of an enlightened being.

    How much more basic does she need to get before the few still following her realise she's full of crap?

    I surely don't want her messed up life and figured that as soon as I saw more than just videos, but when she opened her life to the public. It became clear as day: I didn't want this woman's life even though mine wasn't great at the time. Now I'm dancing in laurels and the teal of many names charade is even more evident, seeing her life becoming even more of a mess each year... Heck, I should be making self help videos lol

    I can't help but think her glamourisation of victimhood ala emo is the blanket people like to wrap themselves under through her. That's all well and good, but people can stop fooling themselves right about now if they think this is helping them. If they want self help through teal, are they so blind they can't see this woman can't ever help herself, let alone anyone else? Whatever she has she's leeched off others. This blog has all the proof!

    And don't even dream to think her extraterrestrial claims have any validity either. The fact that she lies through her teeth with such conviction doesn't mean she's saying the truth, it just shows her true mental state, and it's kinda creepy.

  53. "The fact that she lies through her teeth with such conviction doesn't mean she's saying the truth, it just shows her true mental state, and it's kinda creepy."

    Exactly. Her only claim to authority is based on the alien stuff and her "extrasensory abilities" she has never once demonstrated. She has no education, no credentials to speak of whatsoever. And zero interest in pursuing either (and no, mary teal, selling your own program that was plagiarized from someone else and twisted through the meat grinder that is you mind is neither valid nor ethical).

    Its bizarre and concerning that she has a following at all, but i think its just is because most of them are young and without a whole lot of life experience. they dont look that deeply into it. It *sounds* good at first and appeals right to the ego, the ones that wake up are ones that grow and realize there is not a hell of a lot of depth to the teaching and begin branching out.They cease being satisfied with the shallow, stagnant, and very repetitive pool. Teal TRIES to keep it interesting by being "controversial" and adding her own sick twist, but she never, ever, ever goes deeper into any one topic. she isnt capable. then they realize that teal is amateurish and even a thief of greater minds, etc etc. I think most that leave teal behind just go quietly, they realize there is more and better out there and dont get to the sickness underneath. which is probably for the best. the ones that speak up were either damaged by her teachings or were effected by people like her in their own lives, and so they recognize the sour taste in the mouth her word choices, mannerisms, and general bullshittery leave behind.

    The thing is though, is that teal is quite open about who her demographic is. Its is people already damaged and hurt, she capitalizes on it. Her most recent FB post is proof of that. It exploitative and because of that it is dangerous. She wants people who come with depression and PTSD, who she can manipulate under the guise of "being one of them". But she is not, and has never been.

    1. Well she was raped, exploited, and tortured by that Mormon Satanist. That's a credential, right?

  54. Nicely said Openers & blairgilbert.

    and she is still playing everybody. Considering that she never is really happy (unless for an hour on stage or in the moment of being the centre of attention) these images are interpreted wrongly by some Tealers and some of the writers here.

    Whenever Teal puts effort in showing off how saaaaaad she is, there is a manipulation going on. Teal is simply shitting her pants right now cause she knows that her "minced meat book" will be published in August and she is realistic enough to know that Sarbdeep will expose.Sarbdeep just knows too much and his analytical mind will find a way to put the information out there to be found and then move on but it will hit her business for sure. His emotional connection to Teal is fully cut - wonderful. He appears is fantastic shape, mentally and physically. Congrats Sarbs - you got a way with a blue eye.

    When you see her sitting there and looking all miserable, she is actually thinking about how to get out of this one. She is also thinking about getting into favours with Benno again, her major business partner who's girlfriend (Lu Cink) she threw publicly under the bus. I think she thought she would be successful to separate both but it backfired. There is also the problem that all mini sparks which were present in Teal towards Ale (based on sex purely) are getting dull and boring to her and Ale is starting giving stupid advices to Tealers.
    ***Face palm***

    "Posted by Dalano Kyle
    23. July on fb ·
    At Teal and Ale's wedding, Ale said he tried to get rid of his feelings for Teal because they were illogical. When that failed he sat with the pain of separation between him and his love and being in that pain is what motivated him and drove to take the steps to be with the one he loved. I fell in love with so many at the Teal Tribe Gathering. It pains to have to leave so soon. And so I will not. I will stay longer in America. I will set the intention and let the details and the pieces come together. Ale told that story to encourage others to follow their hearts and take risks. Consider me inspired."

    Now that the contract with Ale is signed, a big blue sapphire ring is hers forever and a new Tealer elite was created- she is bored out of her mind and has other problems to focus on. She is probably already contemplating how to align the next more famous man. Bet she is already in "email, Skype" contact with the next project man.

    And I don't believe for a minute that Teal enjoyed the camping meeting with her fans. She was bored out of her mind, closed up, inverted whilst all Teal fans were dancing for her attention.

    Check her fb upload in regards to the kids camp site.

    Like a mother hen isn't it. Kids are painting for her. She looks not so much into it whilst standing next to her top guys Blakey and Dalani (the confirmed soul fork by Teal and handy make up artist and handy entertainer)


    Question again: Where was the guy Stefan who won the Teal letter competition to join the holy wedding? Did he manage to get a VISA. If not, What did Cody Singh do with the big chunk of money Tealers were donating FOR HIS FLIGHT TICKET and his flight ticket only????

    I remember the funditcampaign for her silly billboard campaign - it was very questionable for what the gathered money was used for. No word ever from Teal and nb ever seemed to care.
    ***face palm***

  55. I think what we're all missing here, is that teal is very BRAVE. She is courageously marrying a wealthy man and separating him from children. There is no such thing as malevolent intention. She is pursuing her own happiness, which is a positive intention. She is taking the plunge, yet again, despite several failed marriages, which is very, very courageous. People just don't get it.

    "In accordance with my vibration of being blindsided by pain when I feel good, the first two comments that appeared on my timeline today were 'So many weddings Teal – Phew'. And 'Teal is out of control with men, how spiritual. Unfollowing'. I decided it was in alignment for me to delete the comments. But the disapproval and judgment came off the screen as thick as perfume. I felt shame course through my veins. I felt the specialness of the weekend begin to corrode. I felt the aspect of me that needs to be understood screaming to deaf ears. I went to the meditation room to sit with the mineral beings that call it home. And while I was there I came back into alignment with my center again.

    "I came back to my truth that it is better to live life according to bravery than according to shame. It requires bravery to love. It requires bravery to commit yourself to someone after doing so has resulted in losing them before. It requires bravery to try anything again. It requires a special kind of bravery to tell the world you are trying something again, when so many people expect you to fail."

    See? Braaaaaaave!!!

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, cowards who expect a spiritual teacher who does videos on how to have successful relationships to actually have some.

    She has bravely taken the road less travelled. And, when this marriage goes sideways, she will, once again, courageously explain that what was obvious to anyone with eyes – that she never wanted to touch this man, let alone marry him – only occurred because she's a survivor of cult abuse and he's a master of cult abuse who exploited her vulnerabilities and trapped in a beautiful, expensive home. And, that now she's brave enough to move onto the next man, preferably a billionaire.


  56. I've posted a new meme, entitled Teal Lives.

    If you're not familiar with the source material, the iconic John Carpenter film, They Live, here's the big reveal.

  57. Have you seen this article?

  58. Hi guys, I've been lurking a here a while, ever since I saw that TS plans to publish a book called Completion Process, a technique she claims she created. I just read An Open Letter To Teal Swan (from the link above). The article doesn't mention Completion Process. But it set me off, and I feel I should speak up.

    For several years, I've been practicing Completion as taught by Swami Nithyananda. In the process which I know and have been tremendously helped by, we are not led into memories by the facilitator. Yes, we are asked to search for root incidents, but the inquiry is self-led only. There is no questioning by anyone, did this happen, did that happen, no triggering. It just doesn't work that way. It just really sickens me to think that her version of Completion might very well be a warped version of the original process by that name, and looks so according the description on her Amazon pre-order page. I'm thinking of ordering the book so I can see for myself and make comparisons. I'm not interested in hating on anyone, I just want to share what I know based on my experiences of Completion.

    Thanks for your listening, everyone.

    1. Hi, Cynthia. Don't know if you saw, but in the last addendum to this post, I referenced Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda's commentary on this issue. She also has serious concerns that Nithyananda's work has been plagiarized. I have little doubt that teal's new book is not original and know of at least one source she has pilfered from. More details on this will made public presently. Please stand by.

    2. LaVaugh, thank you for addressing my concerns. I just wanted to add that the Amazon Pre-Order page for her Completion Process book now a preview of a few sections of the book (click on Look Inside). It reveals the 18-step process for Completion. I was floored when I read steps 5 and 9, which area "Re-experience the Memory" and "Await Relief". In the Completion process that I practice with Swami Nithyananda, we are asked to "Relive to relieve" the incompletion. Coincidence?

      I think the TS version of Completion is butchering this beautiful and empowering process that so many of us have truly helped by. Completion becomes a way of life for us. Also, I just wanted to add that when we 'relive', this means just sit with whatever memory comes up. If nothing is coming up, then that's ok too. Sometimes the mind wants to believe there are incompletions when there aren't. We never use the word 'trigger'.

      I'm not here to hate on anyone. I just am concerned that this beautiful, empowering process is being butchered and massively misrepresented. And I wanted to share my findings. Thank you for listening.

    3. I read that Nithyananda himself has referred to the ancient Vedic scriptures where he basically dug up the Completion process. He is the one who gives credits where it's due, but when it's pointed out to teal's fans that she copycatted it from him, they blame Nithyananda for being self-centered and think that his process should be free for everyone to use and re-use. But there's a difference when you claim to have invented it and even patent it which shows how jealous and self-absorbed Teal really is, but tealers are blissfully in denial about that one of course.

      Considering this process was already written down in the Vedic scriptures and by Nithyananda himself, I think it would be perfectly possible to sue her despite she already has patented it.

  59. Does anybody know if Ma Nithya Swaroqpapriyananda is well. No video for nearly 3 month - very untypical. Also no sign of her documentary she was talking about. Very strange

    1. Yeah she's fine, living in Canada at the moment and in charge of a local Nythyananada group. The documentary I assume was part of the clips shown throughout the Nythyananda Times videos during Kumbh Mela. She's shown in western clothes and she's narrating throughout.

    2. Thanks lueurviolette for letting me know.

  60. It appears to me the one of the manipulation techniques Teal uses a lot is this: she listens to the "critics" who usually point out her game and then she spins a story around it after considering what a typical new age person (teaser) would focus on. Usually she connects more than one point which her critics brought up. After many people pointed out how miserable she looked and that there was no feedback in regards to the current political situation, she is now telling the story of "getting downloads" and "dark vision for the future"...a well "Teal is worried and sitting there on the camping chair, deep in thoughts about the future of humanity" or so. No she is not miserable cause she married a guy she doesnt love or because she was surrounded by a wild group of kids which don't match her IQ :D

    Tealers snort her blogs like New-Age-Cocaine, doesn't matter what she is writing....and then they fart rainbows in the comment section.

    Great prediction Teal. Wishy Washy, saying nothing but using important sounding words. So very much Teal.

  61. Teal, I just want to say thank you for your latest bird-brained post about nothing. You ARE NOT PSYCHIC, SO SHUT UP!


    You make no sense, and have complicated people's lives beyond reason. Your latest post was just like all of the others of yours, promoting fear and acting like you know something when you don't! And, it's pretty obvious who you are talking about--how can this nation not see that the past is only going to repeat itself and lead us into the same disasters as before? Ok, so you're outing Trump? Just say so. One minute you're for capitalism, the next you say the system has to collapse, you're moving to another country. Well that's a good idea by the time that happens you will be a Casey Anthony and need to move...the Casey Anthony of the spiritual world? Ok, so if you have an opinion just say so and quit acting like you can see the future when you cannot!
    What's the answer then? What's your vote? Hmmm....Hillary Clinton? Well, if you think Trump is just like Hitler that's a good thing...because you are pro-Hitler! O my god. Then the answer is....letting all the terrorists into America and becoming a third world country? I mean, you obviously have not had any real pain touch your life, like someone being the victim of a terrorist attack. Or a shooting. Or anything else. Just because someone wants to tighten our borders doesn't make them Hitler. It makes them sensible--as in, if you can't manage your own shit (your own country,) how the hell are you going to finance and take care of the world. You know, your ship is sinking...but hey! Everyone else get on board! O.My.God. This is as bad as the blog about MH370. You are a spiritual child and want to act like you have worldly tell people vote in one way or another after the crimes you have committed makes me know who you support.
    And please. If you EVER make a book about parenting, I will sue you myself.

    1. (: Emily: I remember after I watched 5-10 videos in early 2012 and I was fascinated by Teal - her videos were simple and she was still married to Mark and had a beautiful boy. It was unknown to me that she wasn’t allowed to be alone with him at this time. I was expressing the wish to write a parenting book?. I was highly neurotic at this time and that’s why fully into Teal. I can't believe I ever thought that. Her shit was working on me well for a while.... feeling like every question can get answered and I kind of choose all this stuff which happened in my life, felt a lot of release cause of her logic…. At this time I also considered that Arcturians look like little green people (Teal quote). I WAS A MESS. I was just a bit faster than some other people who are also now linked to her in business (poor people) to realise that she is one big fat lie.

      It takes the intelligence of a worm to see that USA is f*****ed with the two choices they have and Europe is a mess after the refugees from the war zones and population from Africa are running into Europe. Europe still doesn't understand what their connection is: After the world used the African population as slaves and robbed everything from this continent (still does), these people want a better life. In between you have the black sheep of a terroristic mindset who threaten the sense of security of the people in Europe. The media is useless as usually as fear is planted everywhere. And yes it is freaking crazy that on Teal’s hen night, a lory drives over many people in France. That is a new form of reality which is hard to adjust.
      Unfortunately the culture is so different that a clash is unavoidable and nothing really can be done than to wait for slow motion integration. It will take 2-5 generations until this unbalance in regards to women rights etc will be balanced. Until then you will see on the streets how a syrien refugee is butchering his pregnant wife with a machete on the streets, brothers poor acid over their sisters cause they looked at a man, Terrorist will kill a lot of people because their mind got fucked just as the minds of TEalers.

      All the TEalers who read this blog: I encourage you to ask what happened to the money they donated for Stefan for a flight ticket to the wedding. Am I the only one who questions this? Why does nobody care? *scratching my head in circles* Seems like every word of Teal’s turns into a brain bug.

      I also find it very interesting that her numbers of bookings are so low this year. I am sure she is pissed about this. Ok Spring was busy but there is a looooong stretch without any workshops. Portland will get their dose of Teal soon. Is it possible that some people wake up right now?


      I just had a quick look at her “tarot” seminar, just watched 5 min where she gave you puppy eyes and tried to advertise her deck of cards, explaining that Blake called her out for avoiding to advertise her stuff. HA HA HA. So with the greatest shyness she suggested that people can buy her cards or should buy the cards. I was just pissing my pants cause Teal is an advertising machine. But she never does it directly. She is scanning the mind of her buyers and gives them a nice story so that they buy like sheep. “if you draw this card more often you might consider to put it on your desk or get a large print of it so that you can surround yourself with this frequency” (“buuuuyyyyyy my printsssssss, buyyyyy my prints” is not Teal style although this is what the TEaler will be left thinking after she is finishing fucking with their minds).

    2. Just like her blog post on Brexit where she supposedly is most concerned with immigrants from non-European countries from which ISIS has said they would take advantage of this influx to bring in more jihadists, she is suspiciously more concerned with the feelings of the likes of her alleged abuser, wanting to visit prisons to 'heal' them instead of the victims of ritual sex abuse she has no interest in contacting or protecting them.

      I have always been aware of Teal's big ego and insensitive non-angelic behavior towards others, but was leaning towards believing the sex abuse story.
      Since I have finally read that interview with her alleged abuser "Doc", I've come to believe his side of the story. Before I was never quite sure about that.

      So once again for other sceptics who are reading this, I'd like to point out some inconsistencies that makes me believe she's lying since we can't really verify who is speaking the truth.

      Something that may seem like a detail or not so obvious at first hand and we all know for a fact ,but really stands out for me is this:

      How come Teal has a history of attracting meek, naive, easily to manipulate ‘nice guy’ type of boyfriends/husbands throughout her life considering her story of having been abused and controlled by several men as a young girl?

      The first guy she met after escaping that would become her bf was Blake: a meek guy whom she has always manipulated. It can't be ascribed to coincidence or a 'heavenly intervention' because after him she has consistently attracted nice type of guys that she is in control of: Mark, Fallon, Sarbdeep and now Ale.
      Logically after the abuse she claims to have suffered, being powerless at the hand of several men from a young age on, she would attract similar type of abusive men in her life based on the law of attraction and even for those who don’t believe in that, the reality is that women who have been abused in their childhood by a male figure tend to attract abusive men again and again in their life. It is consistent with “Doc”s side of the story saying she has always manipulated her own parents from the day she was born and they never set boundaries for her, so that is her point of attraction and what she is used to.

      Other inconsistencies:
      how come she was able to forgive her abuser and not her parents?
      How come she is able to be so jealous of other women and deletes interviews she did with people just because they are still friends on fb with her ex Sarbdeep?
      If you have such a great capacity to forgive the person who did the most horrendous things to you, how come you are so revengeful and jealous over the most petty things and towards people who never did anything wrong to her, but who merely stopped treating her like she is the center of their universe and got on with their life and got themselves a girlfriend?

      She claims in the Fox interview that she has scars on her ribcage, pointing to the right side. From all the bikini shoots we have seen of her, I have never seen any evidence of that, neither from the wrist cutting.

      Another thing I find inconsistent: If you have endured the worst forms of sexual abuse, how can you at the same time have the desire to become an obstetrician as Teal has mentioned she has been obsessed with obstetrics since she was four years old (! how did she knew about this medical field at such a young age? ), and one of her career plans was to become an obstetrician. All this has to do with cutting women’s bodies open, exams , surgery on female’s intimate parts. I can only imagine that going through such a training alone would be a most assured way to trigger the hell out of a sexual abuse survivor. But maybe this obsession is rather more evidence of her fantasies about cutting and sexual creepy stuff and another symptom of her mental illness..

    3. Something else:

      If you speak the truth, why would you dramatize the so called truth as evidenced in a picture Ale posted on his instagram of Blake's house she broke into when she escaped her abuser:


      The pic looks creepy as hell and is in black and white with some dirty spots on it that seem to resemble gun shots, making it look old and withered which doesn’t make sense because the pic looks like it’s taken in the fifties or something. It’s most likely taken with a digital camera considering she escaped 12 years ago, so they obviously made the picture look old and creepy on purpose. Unless it is actually an old pic of the house, but definitely doesn’t reflect the timeframe when she broke in there. So why would they photoshop the picture or use an old one that doesn't reflect the correct time frame? It’s not even a pic of the house where the torture happened. But yeah, even if it doesn’t make much sense, it is as Cameron says part of her strategy to play on people’s emotional centers and turn down their logical centers. Before you would even question it and realize things aren’t adding up, people will think “omg that is so horrible”, immediately associating the creepiness of the pic with the horror they’ve been told that Teal allegedly experienced during her childhood.
      That part of the story has always sounded so movie-like apart from the other details of course, even though horrible ritual sex abuse does happen to some people in the real world.

    4. So many GREAT points you make, Layla. Wow.

    5. Thanks Openeyes,

      I always want to know the truth about something so I'm trying to find clues as to what is really going on.

      You said in another comment:
      “Teal TRIES to keep it interesting by being "controversial" and adding her own sick twist, but she never, ever, ever goes deeper into any one topic. she isnt capable.”

      which is also in line with “Doc”’s recollection of Teal's personality not ever finishing anything she started such as her modeling career, her horseback riding etc.

      I read some interesting stuff about hippie parenting that makes me believe this no-boundaries upbringing she had may have had a disastrous effect on her in combination with whatever issue she was already born with.

      Here’s an article about some one who also had hippie parents and describes the not so great experiences he had because of that. Notice their attitude on sexual matters. This might explain some of Teal’s exhibitionist side?

      Some quotes from the author and commentators who were raised in similar ways:

      “Over the years, I had many inappropriate sexual experiences, with different partners and levels of interest on my part.”

      “I had been raised to think that saying no was uncool, and that my body was up for grabs.”

      {Teal has talked about her having so sexual boundaries and having sex with people right away upon meeting them}

      “I had been told for so long I could be anything I wanted to be that I finally figured out I could, by that same token, get over the anger I had for my parents. “

      “ I’ve interviewed a lot of ACHs (Adult Children of Hippies), and we all pretty much agree: Loved the God’s eyes and the baby goats; hated the lack of Lucky Charms, boundaries and discipline.

      But we are all a little bit control-freakish, and we have no patience for people who romanticize the hippie era uncritically”

      “I find it hard to be responsible and accept blame for things myself, ..”

      Another thing I have read is that sociopaths are more prone to seizures than the rest of the population, so her seizures may be real but for entirely other reasons than the ritual sex abuse she would have experienced.

      In her fox interview I also noticed her pupils are quite dilated despite being in those bright lights which normally would contract your pupils and make them smaller. I read there are many reasons why your pupils may dilate apart from the effects of lightning, such as feeling excited, feeling sexually aroused, being in love with the person you’re looking at, lying… I think this may be another symptom of her not telling the truth and of her excitement of being on Fox news of course.

    6. I can't help but add some more thoughts haha.

      Because I’m curious to know, if she is a sociopath, what caused it? Is it purely genetics or might it be linked to a very early trauma such as her birth?
      I read an article about creepy behavior in sociopathic children. One was about a 3 year old boy who threatened his pregnant teacher with a screwdriver and said "I’m gonna stab your tummy and kill your baby in the head!”

      I can’t but wonder if this boy was born with a C-section and was acting out his birth trauma? Considering that Teal’s mother (according to “Doc”) was already afraid of her since she was a baby and she had this weird obsession with obstetrics since she was 4 (despite she claims her abuse started at age 6 so she couldn’t have gotten the inspiration from there if that even happened for real) I have to wonder if maybe she did have a very traumatic birth that may have caused her both psychological trauma and perhaps even brain damage?

      According to Teal, if we may believe her she claims to have had a very traumatizing birth as she wrote in one of her blog posts:

      “My birth was an incredibly difficult and excruciatingly painful, Pitocin induced, vacuum suction delivery.
      And I was not handed to her after I was born.  She had to be sewn back up from a third degree obstetric tear, so I was not comforted when I was born.  Instead, I spent time in the harsh prison of the hospital nursery.
      This post birth separation is actually something we scientifically know effects the bond between mother and baby.  It prevents a great many biochemical processes to take place between them and in their respective bodies. 
      .. “

      Once again, if it is true she was obsessed with obstetrics from age 4, how did she become aware of that medical field at such a young age?
      Considering hippies think they always have to be so open with their kids about everything, perhaps her parents showed her the birth video of how she was born, making her obsessed with obstetrics or they told her all the gory details of her birth from when she was very little? It’s a wild guess of course, but my mind is really looking for clues as to why she is the way she is and where that bizarre OB obsession comes from.

  62. O M G

    1. Wow. Yup, pretty bad. I didn't watch the complete thing, I jumped around some but I can only feel for the poor people who have lived that nightmare with Teal. It's like being on an alien space ship. Yeah, idk. That poor woman in the video making the documentary. And that guy, the cult leader. Ick. Icky icky. Seedy, gross. Lol

  63. Although I keep updated with the happenings of the teal saga mainly through the comments on this blog, as I have removed myself a while back from her updates, I'm not so greatly invested either emotionally or mentally in the teal issue. In fact there are other causes far closer to me at the moment, in which I have been very active of late, of an entirely different topic and with an entirely different audience. I did find it curious that two mornings ago I should have awoken from such disturbing dreams in which teal herself was leading a group of influence, all working with mind control methods to further a selfish agenda to bring her to power. Some of the members of her group were breaking free, but some stayed either out of fear or simply to reap the selfish rewards of the leader's accomplishments. The part that stuck out to me the most from this dream experience was the mind control bit. She had been using sinister methods to get people to do what she wanted, partly through her sexualized appearance, partly through some form of psychology. She was something of a Medusa. Of course people were not aware that they were being worked on, but some would snap out of it and realise what was being done, then plan their escape.

    I know this is just a dream but given the circumstances of its appearance and the events being so akin to reality I thought I'd share.

    In response to the recent posts, I have to say that there are things which make no sense to me personally, but that people in the world do and though completely foreign to me in every way, I've just had to accept them and include them in this mental catalogue of planet Earth and how to survive in it. teal is one of those people whose actions and motives make no sense to me and which at first I doubted, like most people. As I started connecting the dots and seeing a pattern with her, I realised this was clearly someone with sinister motives which were affecting people negatively in a very inconspicuous way. Someone seeking to further self superficially and exclusively at the expense of anyone and everyone, even children who love and need their father.

    I don't judge her by her appearance or how she portrays herself, but based on her actions and words. She'd gotten my interest because of the damage she has caused people, particularly the people who had committed suicide under her advice, which I consider a serious offence that must be seriously looked into. Also the people whom are being negatively led and affected by her "advice", implanting negative memories and so on.

    You've pointed out very good inconsistencies Layla, as LaVaughn and many others. There's an abundance of information here exposing her for what she truly is. And Emily, believe me when I say she's leading a miserable life, no need to wish ill on her as she's already swimming in it and without the help of anyone but entirely out of her own construction. We are essentially connected, one cannot further oneself at the expense of another without it being an empty victory and I can plainly see that teal is queen of empty victories.

    1. That's one telling dream you had, Lueurviolette! Not even symbolic, but quite literal to what is going on.

      You just brought an important issue up that I hadn't been quite aware of yet that she indeed may pose a danger of implanting negative or false memories in her followers. Isn't that how she was treated herself by her therapist Barbara Snow who has been accused by the police of implanting false memories in clients? Now she may be using the technique to do to others what has been done to her.

  64. What good advice, this IS true. However, sometimes I feel the need to shout at her a little or a lot. But you did say it perfectly, how one cannot further oneself at the expense of another without it being an empty victory because eventually it will catch up to them. with narcissists, I tend to think sooner or later because their pride tends to make them put their better judgement aside

  65. This guy Ale needs to be trolled so hard after they break up. Still with the pictures of him and her but none on her pages. What a loser.

    1. I noticed. She also resents him pretty bad. If lack of pictures or mentioning anything about a wedding and a resentful blog a week after the wedding isn't any indication of trouble in paradise, well shiiieeeet.
      This divorce might come a lot sooner than any of us thought.

    2. Read her last blog. She literally said she hates him and her sheep eat it up.

    3. “Now a bitter war is taking place inside me.  I am collateral damage between this war. I want that closeness with him so badly but I hate him for how powerless to him that desperate need makes me.  That side wants to push him as far away from me as I can; as punishment.  Aggressively I almost want him to lose me so he can stop taking me for granted in this moment.  But when that side of me forcefully entertains the idea, the side of me that just wants to be held and never let go sinks into even deeper dependent terror and clinging.”

      She doesn’t hate Ale, she hates that she can’t be the centre of attention for 24 hours of a guy’s mind. Other than that Ale is obsessed with T and constantly starres at her like a creep, he is more or less a numb dude. He loves to have sex all day, he loves to brag about being married to a sociopath and he gives childish advices to Tealtribers. I think he was a great dad until he lost his mind with Teal. Ale is very proud of himself for catching “that girl”, for being loaded and for feeling very spiritual about life :D

      T’s jealousy, which is eating her alive since the day she was born, first in regards to the attention of his dad and then in regards to every men she tried to replace him with, is triggered as soon as the attention is taken from her. She is not capable of a benevolent act towards another being which doesn’t involve the currency of attention towards her. She is jealous of the kids beyond words, so it fits her that Ale cannot see him with her and at the same time she is jealous if he is gone, spending time with his TRUE LOVES.

      After seeing this new upgrade of public teasing (poor lads & lesbians)

      … I am actually waiting for the first tantra shot of T & Gecko. The image will be taken by Blake or Graciela of course. / : and it will get 4000 likes on instagram. Urgghhh.

      Ruthless woman without any conscience and eaten alive by the worst feelings of the human existence. Actually why don’t you start meditating? Not just for pictures though.

    4. lool I just noticed it too, 13 hours ago he posted 3 romantic pics of them together on the beach and she 3 hours later, 3 shots of her alone smiling on the beach. What a bitch!

  66. That blog she wrote certainly explains the look on her face in that picture doesnt it? I think Ale took the picture, during this moment of her 'trying not to bother Ale' with her issues (as she instead writes a public blog about it which he will no doubt see later). She even talked about metaphysical claws and hooks going into him that morning. What a freak, if Ale didnt leave his wife and kids behind, to the point of not even seeing his kids because teal is more important now, i would feel bad for him. But I dont. He is about to learn a very hard lesson, and he can thank teal for all the "expansion" that is yet to come in the destruction of his life and identity.

    She even speaks to Ale's "higher self" instead of talking to him directly. She just assumes authority over his feelings, history, and perspective. Teal knows all. Teal knows you better than you know yourself. Now learn your lesson or be shamed by my legions of sycophants and be reminded constantly the threat of me leaving to punish you for getting ready for work so you can pay for all this lavish shit i am enjoying. ew.

  67. Somewhere in there she writes:
    "Recently, I’ve been experiencing a surprising new openness on behalf of my parents not only to healing but also to writing a blog with me so this dynamic of coexisting differing realities can be explored and exposed to the world."

    I would be very surprised if that were true, but we'll see..hopefully it's because they want to air their side of the story.

    Openeyes: "She even speaks to Ale's "higher self" instead of talking to him directly. She just assumes authority over his feelings, history, and perspective. Teal knows all. Teal knows you better than you know yourself.

    So true! I was thinking when she referred to his 'lower self' not knowing how to connect (which is me thinks rather her own issue she's projecting onto him because she just married a guy she was never interested in and now it's his fault lol)
    he must be feeling pretty humiliated upon reading that.

    It's exactly that she is doing: shaming him in front of her die- hard fans who always chose her side regardless:

    "Oh Teal :5761e0b849919_EmojiSmiley-22:

    Take care of your emotional self. Focus on your happiness.

    I never liked Ale........... I just want to see you happy again. We (your fans) want happy Teal back."

    As been said before, this marriage is unraveling quicker than we may have thought, like wow!

    1. ""Oh Teal :5761e0b849919_EmojiSmiley-22:

      Take care of your emotional self. Focus on your happiness.

      I never liked Ale........... I just want to see you happy again. We (your fans) want happy Teal back."

      The above message was edited by Teal's cronies. They cut out the "I never liked Ale...." part. So, the author went in and changed it to...

      "I know why you're unhappy. You marries a man who walked away from his wife and kids. He will do the same to you. You know this and it causes you anxiety. I don't blame you. "

  68. I wonder if anyone of you have seen this blog? (I can't seem to insert a link anymore)
    I stumbled on it after googling some info on Teal's parents. The blog is apparently from an old friend or acquaintance of her mother, Bobbie Cleave Bosworth with a pic of her when she was younger, she looks a bit like Teal and her brother. The author who’s probably an old hippie himself blogs about 'quirky material culture of Berkeley' and seems to have been impressed about her.

    Saying that “she is really something” and “she was so far ahead of us that it wasn’t even funny”
    "There wasn’t anything that the three of us wouldn’t do for her”

    This makes me think that Teal has inherited some of the starlet qualities that her mother must have (had). Perhaps only Teal was born with a sinister additional quality to that. She did once blog (the-selfless-service-cord) about there being a fame desire characteristic in every generation from her mother’s side “I come from a long line of star personality types.”

    This does depict a bit of a different image of her mother than I initially had. Perhaps she didn’t want to discipline Teal-apart from her hippie beliefs- because she recognized herself in her daughter and didn’t want to restrict her with all the bad consequences as a result. I can already imagine with a leader type personality who’s used to having people look up to her and probably being a know-it-all, she didn’t want to accept any criticism by Doc in the way she raised Teal and it validates his claim of her having been an enabler (I don't think he used that word but I can see why she would have been like that if she has a similar personality like Teal). On another note, I’d suspect that ‘cleopatra’ commentator on Cameron’s blog might be her? Who else who has known Teal personally and isn’t blind to her psychopathy would still love her apart from her parents ?

    1. Hi Layla, great find and I totally agree with your ideas about Bobbie's personality. I also assumed that it must have been the mother or her "ex"(?) close friend Kierstie (she did a video with her about chakra healing a la Teal). This person was smart, could write well and had a certain elegance about it but was not interested in a discussion - therefore never came back after LV didn't agree with bits and bobs. I assume it is for sure a female thinking and sb close enough who got told by T that she is in fact Cleopatra (hang on, did she not claim that she was napoleon as well???)

      Anyhow , very refreshing to see your research and your line of thoughts. Thanks.

    2. Interesting. I googled this Kierstie and am also wondering if she had a fallout with Teal considering they are not fb friends, but she (still) is with Blake, Graciela, Mark, Mackenzie, Flavia and Bonnie. Not with Sarb or Ale. Seems like she only knows the old school “container friends” which makes me wonder if Teal doesn’t want to see her anymore because I can imagine she would be jealous of her, but in that video she talks positively about her.

      She did liked the Teal movie ‘Open Shadow’ and ‘Frequency Paintings by Teal
      ‘ and Teal’s general page on her fb

      You are referring to this video?
      Or another video with Kierstie and her mother?

      I even thought for a moment that ‘cleo’ could be Teal herself, already plotting a potential plan B in case there will be a moment in the future where she can no longer deny the lies she has made and then request compassion for her illness that she is a victim of. Who knows.

      I don’t think it’s Kriestie though, because I read a little bio of her and she grew up in Saint George, Utah but later during college moved to Salt Lake City, so I think she hasn't known her for so long and this Cleo person confirmed the info in the other article you posted about where they spend their summer when T was 15.

      I wonder when Bobbie is going to write an open letter warning the world to not be brainwashed by her daughter though?

  69. found this article written by Bobbie Bosworth about

    "Hugging with True Love"
    -Thay’s Presence in a Mother-Daughter Relationship-
    By Bobbie Bosworth
    #56 Winter/Spring 2011

    The timing is interesting. As far as I remember: Teal founded her business "The Spiritual Catalyst" mid 2011 with first uploads on her Youtube channel and some collaboration with the Spirit Science guy in regards to the "2012" trend. Interesting.

    1. Yes it's ironic also that Bobbie writes "For various reasons, she became very unhappy and directed her unhappiness at those she loved the most."
      assuming that Teal loved her parents so much?

      "How to let her find her own way and yet support her when she was so depressed by the huge problems of this world?
      So still back then not exactly aware that she's more likely mentally ill and bought into her lie she's depressed by the huge problems in this world. As if Teal , out of all people would give a shit?

      Either she was very delusional about her or Bobbie herself is putting up a front here to depict her daughter in that stereotypical altruistic hippie BS.

      Our relationship has gotten much easier
      Oops the irony, just right after she must have written this it would get worse again, because it's obviously not just a 'teen' problem.
      I guess the hippie hugging meditation didn't help then. She does not seem to have much sense of reality, another trait she shares with her daughter unfortunately.

  70. Here is a letter to the Editor by Bobbie Bosworth, titled “Don’t be brainwashed” (19th Aug 2009)

    I assume this frustration is also based on her experience with Teal and the Healthcare system.


    And here is an interesting article about Gordon and Bobbie Bosworth working in the Canyon.

    it sounds so harmonic.

  71. Wow! That's some impressive sleuthing. I had seen that pic of Bobbie before, on another article. The resemblance would be hard to miss wouldn't it? That article on Thay just reads as idealized, very rose-colored glasses feel for me.

    1. Really? Do you still have the link to that other article you found?

      Just seen on instagram, Gecko is still living in oblivion as he posted a new pic of them together with her looking unhappy again. Around the same time she loaded a few of her own without gecko of course.

      I wonder when they are loading pics on social media at the same time. Are they sitting next to each other with their laptop? I can already imagine, Teal setting him up and telling him it's time to post another pic of them and then right after when he did it, she betrays him by posting her solo pic(s) to make him feel bad. So far he probably justifies her behavior because she is a 'very complex woman' who's still suffering from her abuse history so he needs to be extra understanding and working on that connection that will never happen you know. >_<

      I really hope the Consulate of Monaco will kick his ass out once their marriage is in shambles. A naive fool like that shouldn't be holding such a position.

    2. The page I'm thinking of was taken down a while ago, but I was able to find it in the wayback machine. Try this link:

      That pic on Ale's instagram says it all. He looks so content, so pacific. She looks like she's trying to decide whom to kill. And all those pictures of her alone on the beach, that those are the only ones she's posted, he really doesn't see this? Some of us might call that a red flag.

    3. Ok thanks for that. I just saw her parents in a short clip on the trailer of her upcoming movie. You've probably already seen it. I wonder if Bobbie now wants to live her dream through her daughter and play the game along.. perhaps she's a stage mum after all?

      Ugh yeah, Ale's BS detector is obviously not working very well..

  72. A couple of "sad" comments were left on both Ale and Teal's latest instagram photos about how sad they are and why Teal doesn't post any pictures of the both of them.

  73. THIS IS MY PREDICTION, GUYS, (I'VE BEEN HOLDING IT BACK) I've had this feeling ever since she ditched Sarb and met Ale: Teal married Ale out of her ego; everything she wanted; not needed...whereas Sarb could expand her and make her grow (pain,) that was not to her "alighnment," or comfort, so she chose someone submissive, subservient. But Teal has met her match, unfortunately. Whether this goes public or not, I do not know, since Ale is an ally to her "needs." Which would be controlling people, etc. Before long he will realize the shithole he has landed into....and begin to resent her. He is stacking cards all along. Being quiet, submissive, thinking this will get him the ultimate: everlasting love.
    But what he doesn't realize: Teal is a black hole, you can fill it up all you want, it will never be full. But he has invested his whole life, his money, his children. When he realizes this is a sham: (all narcissists are a sham, they cant even realize it themselves, or admit to it, even if it is,) but he will then stack cards against her. And this is why I call her the spiritual Casey Anthony...she won't want to appear to the public with her flying monkeys (see narcissism and terms, because that's what her blog is in its entirety, serving her ego and her needs, even though it has unfortunately for her taken her career down a notch,) because she will fear what Ale will unleash. It is not a genius prediction: (even though I felt this, before all of what happened with Sarbdeep) but, it is true. Ale is her match. He is what she deserves. He is a man who will love her in her entirety, although she cannot love him the same....and when, after all great things have been sacrificed, unearthed, his soul signed away, it will not be returned. (we can see that already, with the instagram pics, the blogs.) Unfortunately, he will stalk, harass, and condemn her with an unfortunate reality of exposing her for the fraudster she is: (Ale believed in her but will be let down) and then, when the shit hits the fan....she will back her "abuser," real or fictional, implanted memories gone bad, to gain the confidence of the public (because she can always claim the memories were implanted) but she wont (or cannot give up, with her narcissism, her disease, her public notirety) so she will suffer in silence for a long time....
    If Ale come out with dirt, I would be utterly shocked and surprised: in a life long chess mate match, with her and him striking a deal of open marriage, to not let things get ugly, but to where to where they would both be "meeting there needs." as Teal often says is so important.


    She has married the ultimate stalker.

  74. Ale is a piece of shit but a different type than Teal. Teal is just doing this for money and fame. In her pictures, she's clearly overwhelmed and like the person who posted in Cameron's blog said, Teal is overwhelmed by the little lie she told that now spun out of control pretty badly. Teal had an objective, ran after that goal, and left a lot of "dead bodies" on her way to attain that goal. She doesn't care who she takes down to get what she wants.
    Ale is just a piece of crap who left his wife and kids to run after a person who cares 0 about him but in his mind he is blind to this.
    I can totally see him turning into the creepy stalker once Teal ditches him, though.
    Pass the popcorn! This is just too much drama and entertainment like a bad soap opera.

    1. Sarbdeep dumped her after having had enough of her ways. He became disillusioned with her after seeing who she really was and though he tried to give her opportunities for growth, realised it wasn't going to happen, so he ran for the hills. She tried to punish and taunt him by going with Ale, the poster boy for mid-life crises, who'd been drooling on her for quite some time in spite of being married. Ale isn't that stupid, he knows she's not really into him, but he thinks he will make her fall for him over time. Men with money tend to think like this, they don't tend to take no for an answer. I have experienced this first hand. But we know that's not going to happen. He is obsessed with her and has been for quite a long time which makes him very creepy and I'd be worried about cutting him loose. Sarbdeep couldn't care less, in fact his opinion of her only sunk lower after that.

      Of course she's just capitalising from everything as much as she can whether things went according to plan or not, and all the while playing the perpetual victim as both part of her self obsessed/emo character and also a means of fuelling the devotion of her audience who love to take pity on her (because they feel sorry for themselves).

      From what I had seen over time, teal is not capable of being happy in a relationship, not one of any kind. The only relationship that has endured time as far as anyone knows is with Blake, and we know what that's like. She's not happy with her devoted Blake, and she cannot be happy with anyone because she's a very miserable person and no matter what she gets, eventually nothing will ever be enough. Even if she gets the man of her dreams, her compulsion towards tearing things apart will take hold and then there's another drama. This is the kind of woman who plays with people in her youth, earns a horrible reputation and then winds up in an apartment with some cats.

    2. No, I wouldn't wish that upon any cats. haha!
      You are certainly right. I did not know that about rich men because I've never been with one but that does not surprise me at all in the least bit. I can totally see Ale not taking "no" for an answer and becoming a psycho after she tries to cut him loose. I wonder what kind of relationship he really has with the rest of her housemates. I wonder if he's the 500 lb white elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. I just don't see him getting along with Graciela and the other people - despite Teal saying that there is a "bromance" going on. A guy like Ale with a lot of money isn't going to want to live a communal lifestyle forever. Little by little, he will pull her away from her friends and keep her isolated - probably in San Francisco or somewhere far from Park City. This is classic for an abusive psycho and I can see this in Ale.
      Teal will never be happy because she denies that true happiness lies with loving yourself, first, which is self-help 101. Her latest quote on her blog is such a huge cry for help. Of course if one doesn't love him / herself, he or she will attract partners who will mirror that. Teal keeps making the same mistakes over and over again because it is a huge cry for attention.
      I'm sure she married Ale to get back at Sarbdeep, too. Except that this time, it's another thing that went to far, for she married the guy and Sarbdeep doesn't give a rat's ass. No one is around to "save her". I guess this is why she looks miserable in all of her pictures.
      I would not be surprised if her communal family tried talking her out of marriage but she decided to go through with this. Well, I'm still waiting for the next blog saying "we've gone our separate ways".
      Pass the popcorn, indeed!

  75. You know you're dealing with a quality piece of literature, when the author markets it in whatever it is she's falling out of here.

    I also see that the Japanese publisher is feeling so confident about her text that they've put her cleavage right on the cover.

    All my years in publishing, all the new age books I worked on, I've never seen the like. This is like some horrible hybrid between self help and romance novels. It's a whole new genre: the new age bodice ripper.

    1. You have to admit she is a terrible model though! She only has one expression, and it isn't even very original (the bedroom eyes). Ha.

    2. In Japan the slightest bit of cleavage is seen very poorly on (real) women, but it's all over anime. No one will take a "spiritual" book with such a cover seriously in Japan. But I mean she's such a preposterous figure, you'd think her whole act is a sarcastic critique on the new age community, but no, it's real, which makes it so ironic.

      A serial bride gold digger, perpetually flashing the audience and even the narcissistic nonsense she writes, her physically impossible and debunked story, the obvious plagiarism... All of it in her audience's faces and yet they still choose to bypass everything and see this woman as some kind of spiritual leader.

      I guess if people are still following L. Ron Hubbard to this day, anything is possible.

  76. Teal is a malignant narcissist, just like the mole on your back you thought was no problem until it gets huge, out of she is.
    I looked at that link of her book with it in Japanese. Wtf? Is she writing soft cover porn? No in Japan looks upon anyone seriously with that kind of book cover. Trust me, I know I took four years of Japanese in high school and was going to major in it in college but took another avenue.
    Is the one in English in her bra as well? As a leading spiritual teacher. You've gotta be shitting me. She is horrible, worse than the plague...
    I mean, in all seriousness, commercializing spirituality. That is NOT what spirituality is, trending with the mainstream to get popular. It just makes me want to barf. She is so crooked, and gives spirituality a bad name. I've said this many times before. I'd make a blog proving points, but I did that awhile ago, and it's just waste of time anymore. The sad thing is, I was with her in the beginning. I believed in her. Then she turned out to be a fraud. The bd thing is...people who have been through less will not see through the bull shit...see, I was ritually abused. I was around Satan worshippers. I was around psychopaths, killers...Teal does not act like a victim, not at all. A victim of her own mind, her own....entitled self. I really endorse other spiritual teachers. Bentinho Massaro, others. Why? well, for one, he doesn't go around posting naked pictures of himself and asking people to feel sorry for him. Albeit to say, I cannot even bring myself to follow him or any other spiritual teacher, even though I did enjoy following Bentinho and others...she turned a hobby into something that is a sore in my back side. So what if she's a narcissist? Well, people that have been through what she has not can tell when she is lying...just like if you climbed Mt. Everest, you can talk to other people who have done it the same. She has not. I was blinded by my own grief. She is a lunatic, a shark, a whore.
    And when I say whore I mean it as in she is exploiting everyone who does NOT want to be exploited. That is worse than a whore. And if she clings to false memories as her excuse, she knows this in her mind, but wouldn't want to be treated in the position she is in. I look forward to every Omni Eros video, every hater, every comment to bring this false spiritual leader down. Because she is not for real and the truth be told, there is not much to the argument that spiritual teachers say about "letting go of polarities, don't speak up and "against" things." You know why? Because although one may, as a spiritual student, say that is truth, they say it from someone who HAS NEVER BEEN THERE!!!!
    this is how I know she's a fake. She cant forgive her parents or Sarb, but yea...she'll forgive a child murderer. Give me a break.
    Teal, why don't you jump off a cliff?
    See, that's the thing...if a child molester or a psychopath endangers your family, or you, really--in their psychopathic minds, the only way they will listen is if they know they can't get away with it. If Teal honestly just said....go murder children, and that was the collective vibration, we never would have gotten past the "dark side of creation." It was the wars and standing up for oneself that created the other side of world War II. Is she honestly going to say...yea, we should just be at peace with Hitler gassing, baking, experimenting, mutilating people? It will all go away, sure.

    go to hell Teal Bosworth


    One horrible picture: Is she looking at herself looking at herself on Instagram, of her softcover porn



  80. I am not calling her Teal Swan anymore, in fact...I don't think will refer to her as Teal at all.
    Maybe Sarb was right. Black Swan is more fitting, or something more appropriate like that: ugly swan, evil minion

  81. Also I will tell you where evil minion fails: so she's supposed to teach others how to overcome horrible abuse, yes?? Well, she a long time ago wrote about how anger is just angry....blah blah blah blah how to get over anger, all about anger. Don't you think an abuse victim will be angry? Well, yes, according to evil minion, ugly swan, just BE angry...that's fine. Picture BEING angry. she wrote a blog about burning her parents house down...well. Yes. Let's teach abuse victims to angry. LETS JUST RETRAIN (AS SHE TALKS ABOUT NEUROLINGINSTICS, AND HOW THE BRAIN SHOULD BE REWIRED,) lets just teach these victims to be fucking angry, as if they're not already....rewire their brains to be fucking horribly ANGRY. that's fine is your mad at your parents, like Teal, but what if you REALLY HAVE HAD A PSYCHOPATHIC ABUSER TORMENT YOU? IT LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER, BUT NOT IN REAL LIFE.
    Unless there's something else she teaches in her completion process or, how to heal the emotional body in her FRAUDULENT BOOK. I'm sorry, but once I realize she said SHE CAME UP WITH IT, I DIDN'T WANT TO GO ANY FURTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really, Blake, Graciella, you all are tools. And Ale. What a piece of shit. Why don't you two "men" grow a pair of balls and stand up to this malignant narcissist, or are you afraid "Mommy" won't like you anymore?

  82. MALIGNANT NARCISSISTS: A little bit:

    (Sssh--I think it was written by Jason Fremont--aka, Blake the sock puppet)

  83. Spreading the legs while promoting her newest sTeal book ... OK
    so Mary Teal. I guess she will always stay a wannabe model with soft porn tendencies. :D

    1. It's just marketing. She's a business woman underneath it all. "Serial Bride seeking upgrade, preferably young and fit but I'm flexible. Fame is a plus. Please send letter and note income along with full body shot."

  84. Ale is showing off his legs too and it got some fur on it eeww :-s

    He's looking too maternal in this pic btw.

    Oh and did you all notice, she's looking for a new container maid? They put the ad out on Graciela's fb page. I guess they'd be worried it wouldn't be such great marketing for teal to publish that slave request on her official page..

    The new maid has to be "committed to a life of self-improvement", meaning she'll have to accept being forced to undergo public therapy with Teal and be force-fed a vegan diet as well, I suppose.

    And 'we prefer candidates that can commit to longer periods of time." So they're also looking for someone who is willing to work overtime. Hmm, what else is new?

    They forgot to mention that the new maid will have to be ready to plug in electrical appliances anytime Teal makes her fake cry face, haha!

    Hmm since it says on the top 'this is a fantastic opportunity to join Teal, Ale & Blake's intentional community and support them in their life mission.' it doesn't mention Graciela, so I assume Graciela is leaving and they are looking to replace her? If that's the case, I wonder what her reason is of leaving, she still seems brainwashed as ever..but whatever, not much seems to be left of Teal's intentional community. It'll be interesting who they're gonna catch next. I hope another Cameron ;-)

    1. Oh my goodness... that Ad!!!!
      What a Diva!

    2. Zombie Witchdoctor of Narcissistic Abuse seeks fresh body to control.


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